SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Part 1 : ~ bo'l  to be scalded. ~ qil  to scald. Part 2

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Part 1 : ~ bo'l  to be scalded. ~ qil  to scald.

Part 2 : sharti ketib, ~i qolgan delapidated, on its last legs.part 3 ono.sharp flapping noise (as of a wing). ~ Etib making a loud flapping noise.

Parta : (Russian) schoolroom desk.

Partak bot. : bindweed.

Partaktiv : (Russian) Party activist, active in the Party.

Partav : obs. Light, radiance.

Partbilet : (Russian) party membership card.

Partbyuro : (Russian)

Parter : (Russian) parterre, pit; prone position in wrestling.

Partiya : (Russian) (political) party, the Communist Party; party, group; batch, lot; (mus.) Part; game, set.

Partiyali : party member.

Partiyalilik : party membership.

Partiyasiz : non party member.

Partiyasizlik : not being a member of the party.

Partiyaviy : adj. Of ~ axloq (proper) Party member conduct. Ishga ~ munosabat (proper) Party approach to a matter. ~ siyosiy ishlar Party and political issues. ~ tashkiliy ish organizational and Party issue.

Partiyaviylik : (degree of conformity to) Party spirit; membership in a party. Adabiyotda ~ Party spirit in literature. San'atning ~i (degree of conformity to) Party spirit in art.

Partizan : (Russian) partisan, guerrilla.

Partizanchilik : resistance fighting, guerilla warfare.

Partizanlik : abstr. Of ~ harakati partisan, resistance movement.

Partkom : (Russian) Party committee.

Partner : (Russian) partner.

Partov : ~ er fallow land.

Partvznos : (Russian) Party dues.

Party headquarters?? :

Parvarda : a sweet dish made from flour and sugar.

Parvardigor : the Creator.

Parvarish : care, keeping, nursing; maintenance, upkeep. Texnika ~i maintenance of equipment. Bolani ~ qil  to take care of or raise a child. Ekinlarni ~ qil  to tend the crops. ~ top  to be raised, to be brought up. ~ qil  to care for, to tend, to maintain.

Parvarishla  : v.t. To tend, to take care of, to raise.

Parvarishsiz : neglected, uncared for.

Parvo : care, heed, attention. ~ qil /~yiga keltir  to notice, to pay attention, to heed.

Parvona 1 zool. : moth. ~ bo'l  to swarm around, to encircle, to buzz around.

Parvona 2 hist. : royal decree.

Parvonachi : official who carries out a royal decree.

Parvosiz : heedless; indifferent (s. ~ qara  to look upon indifferently.

Parvoz : flight. ~ qil  to fly.

Parxish : (hort.) Layering.

Pasay  : v.i. To go down, to drop; to decrease; to settle down, to stop carrying on. [pasayt , pasaytir , pasaytiril ]

Pashmak 1 : a sweet formed of fine hair like strands.

Pashmak 2 bot. : a type of Russian thistle.

Pashmaloq : common, ordinary, insignificant.

Pashsha : fly; (dial.) Misquito. Oshga ~ tushdi a meddler has ruined (the business). ~ qo'rib o'tir  to sit twiddling one's thumbs. ~dan fil yasa  or ~ni/~day narsani fil qil  to make a mountain out of a molehill.pashshaqo'nmas bot.a type of sage.

Pashshaxo'rda : obtrusive, bothersome.

Pashshaxona : misquito tent.

Pasport : (Russian) passport; registration certificate (of a vehicle or other item).

Passaj : (Russian) passage, arcade.

Passajir : (Russian) passenger (s. Yo'lovchi).

Passat : (Russian) trade wind.

Passiv : (Russian) liabilities; passive.

Passivlash  : v.i. To become passive.

Passivlik : passivity; passiveness.

Past : low, short; quiet, weak (sound); poor, inferior (quality); lowly, base, mean; down, downstairs. ~ga qo'y Put it down. ~da down, downstairs. Nazari ~ or ~ nazar lowly, mean. Avji ~ underdeveloped; in low spirits. Mashqi ~ in low spirits. Qo'li ~ unlucky, unfortunate; about to lose s.t. ~ kel  to give in, to yield, to cede. ~ tush  to calm down, to regain one's composure. ~ga ur  to put down, to insult. Havo ~ keldi the weather was bad.

Past baland : high and low, short and tall; bumpy, uneven; full of this and that (talk).

Past balandlik : full of ups and downs, bumpy, uneven ground.

Pasta : (Russian) paste. Tish ~si toothpaste.

Pastak coll. : low, squat.

Pastarin : obs. Common, low, base.

Pastkash : lowly, despicable; scoundrel, rat; petty, small minded.

Pastkashlash  : v.i. To stoop low, to become lowly, despicable, or petty.

Pastkashlik : lowliness; pettiness.

Pastki : low, lower; low level, beginning. ~ kurs low level or beginning grade.

Pastla  : v.t. To fall, to drop, to sink, to go down, to descend. ~b uch  to fly low. Samolyot ~ndi the plane descended. Ovozni ~t  to turn down the volume. [pastlan , pastlat , pastlash ]

Pastlash  : v.i. Coop. Of pastla ; to become lowly.

Pastlik : low place, hole; lowland, depression; lowliness, baseness. ~ qil  to be too short or low. Esi ~ half wittedness; craziness.

Pastqam : concealed, secluded; lowly, squalid; low lying.

Pastqamlik : abstr. Of pastqam; concealed or secluded place.

Pasttekislik :

Pasxa : (Russian) Easter; Passover.

Pat 1 : feather; pile, nap. ~ini yul  to pluck; to fleece, to rob, to take to the cleaners. Qitiq ~ini yul  to find s.o.'s soft spot, to butter up.

Pat 2 : (Russian) stalemate (in chess).pat pat ono.putt putt (of engines).

Patak : insole; matted (hair). ~ ildiz fine, hair like side roots. ~iga qurt tushdi to be in a tizzy.patarat coll.~ top  to vanish, to pass away, to (dissipate and) be gone.

Patefon : (Russian) gramophone.

Patent : (Russian) patent.

Patent leather?? :

Patila patila : all messy, completely dishevelled.

Patila : tousled, dishevelled.

Patilla  ono. : v.i. To flutter; to putter, to rattle, to chatter.patinjon dial.s. Potinjon.patir 2 ono.flapping or beating noise (of wings).patir putur ono.fluttering, flapping, or bustling noise.

Patir : (Arabic) ~ non a kind of unleavened bread; (dial.) Fancy raised tandoor bread. ~ ushatish to promise a daughter's hand in marriage. Xamir uchidan ~ only the beginning.

Patirla  ono. : v.i. To flap or flutter; to blink or flash into view (e.g., stars). [patirlat , patirlash ]

Patli : feathered; having a pile or nap.

Patnis : (Russian) (serving) tray. Samovar ~ samovar tray.

Patogenez : (Russian) pathogenesis.

Patolog : (Russian) pathologist.

Patologik : (Russian) pathological; unusual, freak. ~ hodisa freak occurence.

Patologiya : (Russian) pathology.patrak dial.kite (s. Varrak).

Patriarx : (Russian) patriarch.

Patriarxal : (Russian) patriarchal.

Patriarxat : (Russian) patriarchy.

Patron : (Russian) cartridge; holder (for lathe, etc.); lamp socket. O'qlangan ~lar live ammunition.

Patronaj : (Russian) house call, home medical visit.

Patrontash : (Russian) ammunition belt, bandolier.

Patrul" : (Russian) patrol.

Patsifist : (Russian) pacifist.
Patsifistik : (Russian) pacifistic.

Patsifizm : (Russian) pacifism.patta coll.ticket, coupon; i.d. Card, papers. ~sini (qo'lga) ber  to give one one's walking papers. ~si (qo'lga) tegdi to be given one's walking papers.

Pattachi : ticket seller.

Pattoyi : ~ kavushini sudrab qol  to lose everything, to be on the skids.

Pauza : (Russian) pause, interval.

Pavian zool. : (Russian) baboon.

Pavil"on : (Russian) pavilion; film studio.

Paxmay  : v.t. To become tousled or tangled. [paxmaytir ]

Paxmoq 1 : tangled; fluffy, bushy.

Paxmoq 2 : flannel.

Paxsa : packed mud or clay wall; each layer of such a wall. ~ devor a mud wall. Qo'lini ~ qil  to gesticulate with one's hand toward s.o. (while speaking).

Paxsachi : maker of packed mud walls.

Paxsakash : maker of packed mud walls.

Paxsali : made of layers of packed mud.

Paxsazan : arch. S. Paxsakash.

Paxta bot. : cotton; cotton plant. Ipak ~ high quality cotton. ~ tozalash to clean cotton of impurities; cotton ginning. ~ olma a type of early ripening apple. ~ning tagini ishla  to work the soil at the base of a cotton plant.

Paxtachi : (arch.) Rich merchant involved in cotton processing and trade; cotton farmer.

Paxtachilik : abstr. Of paxtachi; cotton agriculture.

Paxtadog' : a hot compress.

Paxtafurush : cotton merchant.paxtak bot.milk vetch.paxtakash hist.buyer of unprocessed cotton who sells it partially processed.

Paxtakor : cotton grower, cotton farmer; cotton growing. ~ erlar cotton growing lands.

Paxtakorlik : abstr. Of paxtakor; cotton growing.paxtalik coll.quilted coat or jacket.

Paxtashunos : cotton specialist.paxtatikan bot.bull thistle.

Paxtazor : cotton field.

Pay : ~ ur  to spread out on the ground.

Pay 1 : tendon; lean, wiry. ~ini qirq  to cripple.

Pay 2 : persistence, effort. ~ida for the purpose of. ~iga tush  to be in pursuit of, to make an effort (towards); to pursue. ~ida yur  to pursue, to be on the trail of. ~ida(n) bo'l  to be in pursuit of.

Pay : arch. Share, part.

Paycha : tovush ~lari vocal cords.

Paychi : sharer, shareholder.

Paydar pay : one after another.

Paydo : ~ bo'l  to materialize, to appear. ~ qil /Et  to produce, to bring forth.

Paydor : muscular.

Payg'ambar : prophet.

Payg'ambarlik : prophethood; foresight.

Payg'om : obs. Good tidings.

Paygir hist. : scroll.

Payhon : ~ qil  s. Payhonla .

Payhonla  : v.t. To trample.

Paykal : field, plot.

Paymon : promise, vow.

Paymona poet. : drinking bowl or cup. ~si to'ldi to have one's time (of death) come.

Payok : (Russian) ration.

Payom : obs. S. Payg'om.

Paypasla  : v.t. To feel, to grope; to cover up.

Paypoq : knitted socks; fetlock (of a bird?? Feathers that cover the claw of a bird).

Paypoqdor : having long feathers covering the foot or claw.

Payqa  : v.t. To sense, to notice; to perceive, to grasp. [payqal , payqash ]

Payraha : wood chips, shavings; path in mud or snow made by many people walking on it; slice. Bir ~ qazi a slice of horse sausage.

Payrov : successor, follower; chosen topic in ~lik qil  to follow or carry out s.o.'s wishes.

Paysa : arch. A unit of measure of app. 50 grams; a five cent piece in the Bukhara khanate.

Paysa paysa : ~ qil  to cover with bites or bumps (e.g., of misquitoes).

Paysal : ~ga sol  to put off, to postpone.

Paysalchi : procrastinator, slacker.

Paysalik : worth or weighing one paysa.

Paysalla  : v.t. To postpone, to put off.

Payshanba : (~ kuni) Thursday.payshanbalik hist.gifts brought to a teacher on Thursday by students at a traditional school.

Payt : time, moment, occasion. ~ ravishi adverb of time. ~ Ergash gap subordinate time clause. ~ini top  to find the right moment. ~dan foydalan  to take advantage of an opportunity.

Paytava : foot bindings (cloths wrapped around the foot and worn inside a boot). ~ quloq dense, thick headed. ~siga qurt tushdi to be frantic, to run around willy nilly.

Payvand : scion; grafting; welding; weld; inseparable. ~ choki welded joint. ~ qilingan rel's welded rails.

Payvandchi : welder.

Payvandi : grafted.

Payvandla  : v.t. To graft; to weld. [payvandlan , payvandlat ]

Payvandlovchi : s. Payvandchi.

Payvandtag : stock (as opposed to graft).

Payvandust : grafted element, scion.

Payvast : joined, contiguous.

Payvasta : interconnected.

Pazanda : master chef.

Pazandachilik : s. Pazandalik.

Pazandalik : abstr. Of pazanda; the art of preparing fine cuisine.

Pech : end of a turban which hangs down.

Pech" : (Russian) stove; oven, furnace, kiln.

Pechak bot. : bindweed. ~ handalak a type of small melon.

Pechakgul : bot. Common morning glory.l

Pechan : adept, quick, sharp.

Pechanlik : sharpness, acumen.

Pechat" : (Russian) seal, stamp. ~ qil  to type (on a typewriter).

Pechatla  : v.t. To stamp; to seal. [pechatlan , pechatlat ]

Pechen"e : (Russian) cookie, biscuit.

Pechka : (Russian) (heating) stove.

Pechkachi : stove maker or repairer.

Pedagog : (Russian) teacher; pedagogue.

Pedagogik : (Russian) pedagogical; educational.

Pedagogika : (Russian) pedagogy. ~ instituti teachers' college.

Pedagoglik : teaching, pedagogy; pedagogical.

Pedal" : (Russian) pedal.

Pedant : (Russian) pedant.

Pedantizm : (Russian) pedantry.

Pedantlik : abstr. Of pedant.

Penitsillin : (Russian) penicillin.

Pensioner : (Russian) pensioner, retired person.

Pensiya : (Russian) pension, stipend. ~ga chiq  to retire.

Penya : (Russian) fine.

Pepel'nitsa coll. : (Russian) ashtray (s. Kuldon).

Percent; interest :

Perekryostka coll. (Russian) : intersection (s. Chorraha).

Peresadka : (Russian) transfer, change (of transport).

Pereval coll. : (Russian) pass (s. Dovon).

Perevod : (Russian) (wire, money) transfer; (coll.) Translation. ~ qil  to make a money transfer; (coll.) To translate.

Perevodchik coll. : (Russian) translator, interpreter (s. Tarjumon).

Pergament : (Russian) parchment.

Perigey : (Russian) perigee.

Perimetr : (Russian) perimeter.

Perimetrik : (Russian) perimetric.

Permanent : (Russian) permanent.

Permendikulyar (Russian) : perpendicular.

Pero : (Russian) tip for an ink pen.

Perron : (Russian) platform (in railway station).

Personaj lit. : (Russian) character.

Personal : (Russian) personnel; personal.

Perspektiv : (Russian) prospective, future.

Perspektiva : (Russian) prospects, future; perspective.

Pes : leukodermia (loss of skin pigmentation); s.o. Afflicted with this disease; wretch, worm.

Pesh 1 : front, front edge. ~ qil  to boast about. ~ keltir  to bring forward as an example.

Pesh 2 : right away, to... Just as soon as... ~ ochilgani ~ terilayapti (the cotton) is being picked just as soon as it opens.

Pesha : obs. Work, job, duty.

Peshana : forehead; fate, destiny; one's wordly possessions. ~ bog'lab ishga kirish  to gird one's loins and set to s.t. ~sini sila  to pat on the head; to take under one's wing. ~mdan ko'rdim Come what may!; That's fate. ~siga sig'madi to be made bereft of. ~si yorug' fortunate, blessed. ~ teri the sweat of one's brow. ~ teri to'k  to toil. ~si sho'r/sho'r ~ unlucky, unfortunate. ~si devorga tegdi to regret one's mistake. ~si ochildi to have a fortunate turn of fate, to take a turn for the better.

Peshanabog' : scarf tied on one's head.

Peshayvon : porch, veranda.

Peshband 1 : arch. Apron (s. Fartuk).

Peshband 2 : arch. ~ qil  to tie s.o.'s hands in front (like a prisoner).

Peshburun : casing, jambs, and lintel of a door or window.

Peshdor : arch. Vanguard, advance troops.

Peshgir : arch. Apron (s. Fartuk).

Peshin : noon(time); noon prayer. Kech ~ late afternoon, early evening. ~ni o'qi  to pray the noon prayer.

Peshinlik : noontime meal.

Peshkash : obs. Present, gift.

Peshla  : v.t. To straighten the blade of (with a hammer). Aqlini ~  to sharpen one's mind. [peshlan , peshlat , peshlatil ]

Peshma pesh : quickly, rapidly, in rapid succession.

Peshmat : a kind of quilted coat.

Peshnop : fatty meat taken from around the navel area of a sheep.

Peshob : urine (s. Siydik).

Peshqadam : leading, foremost.

Peshqadamlik : abstr. Of peshqadam; leadership, supremacy, excellence.

Peshrav lit. : herald, harbinger.

Peshtaham : foul mouthed. Og'zini ~ qil  to use foul language.

Peshtalqin : lead singer.

Peshtaxta : counter.

Peshtoq : portal, elaborate fa?E (esp. To a mosque or other grand building).

Peshvo lit. : leader. Din ~lari religious leaders.

Peshvoz : ~ tur  to stand up to greet s.o. ~ chiq  to go forward to greet s.o.

Peshvozlik : ~ qil  to be the first to speak.

Peso : (Russian) peso.

Pessimist : (Russian) pessimist.

Pessimistik : (Russian) pessimistic.

Pessimistlik : (Russian) abstr. Of pessimist; pessimism.

Pessimiszm : (Russian) pessimism.

Petit : (Russian) brevier.

Petitsiya : (Russian) petition.

Petlitsa : (Russian) tab (on uniform collar).

Petlyurachi : [petlyurovets]??

Petlyurachilik : [petlyurovshchina]??

Petrograf : (Russian) petrographer.

Petrografik : (Russian) petrographic.

Petrografiya : (Russian) petrography.

Peyzaj : (Russian) landscape, scenery.

Peyzajchi : landscape painter.

Phasometer?? :

Phonometer?? :

Phototelegram?? :

Phototelegraph?? :

Pianino : (Russian) (upright) piano.

Pianinochi : pianist.

Pianist : (Russian) s. Pianinochi.

Pich  v.t. Dial. : to cut (cloth); to affix a price; to castrate (s. Bich ).

Picha : a tad, a bit, a little.

Pichan : hay.

Pichanxona : hay shed.

Pichanzor : hayfield.

Piching : caustic remark, gibe. ~ ot /qil  to make an inciteful remark, to make a gibe.

Pichingchi : one who likes taking gibes at others.

Pichir pichir : whispers; whispered speech, mutterings.

Pichir : whispering, whisper.

Pichirla  : v.i. To whisper. [pichirlat , pichirlash ]

Pichoq : knife; blade, cutting edge. ~ tort /o'tmas ~ bilan so'y  to put through unbearable torture (lit. 'To cut with a dull knife'). ~qa ilinmaydi insignificant, not worth mentioning.

Pichoqbozlik : knife fighting.

Pichoqchi : knife maker.

Pichoqchilik : abstr. Of pichoqchi; knife shop, shop where knives are made.

Pichoqla  : v.t. To stab, to knife. [pichoqlan , pichoqlash ]

Pichoqsoz : s. Pichoqchi.

Pidjak : (Russian) jacket, coat.

Pigment : (Russian) pigment.

Pigmentatsiya : (Russian) pigmentation.

Pijama : (Russian) pyjamas.

Piket : (Russian) picket.

Pikirovka : (Russian) transplanting (s. Rasad qil ).

Pil pil : flickering motion.pilch pilch ono.squish squish (e.g., sound made by walking through mud).

Pilchilla  : v.i. To make squishing noises. [pilchillat ]

Pildira  : v.i. To spin, to whir; to toddle, to run with short steps. [pildirat , pildirash ]pildiroq coll.s. Pirildoq.

Pilesos : (Russian) vacuum cleaner.

Pilik : wick; cotton woven into the end of a braid to keep it from unraveling; a kind of votice candle made from a stick with cotton wrapped on the end and dipped in oil; a swab for applying eye makeup.

Pilla 1 : silkworm cocoon; dental abscess. Po'choq ~ cocoon from which the silkworm moth has already emerged. To'q ~ thick walled, mature silkworm cocoon. ~ tort  to process silkworm cocoons for spinning thread.pilla 2 dial.s. Palla.

Pillachi : silkworm breeder.

Pillachilik : abstr. Of pillachi; silkworm breeding.

Pillakash : one who processes silkworm cocoons.

Pillakashlik : abstr. Of pillakash; processing silkworm cocoons; silkworm raising.

Pillapocha : s. Pillapoya.

Pillapoya : rung, step.

Pilorama : (Russian)

Pilot coll. : (Russian) pilot.

Pilotaj : (Russian) pilotage, aeronautics.

Pilotka : (Russian) forage cap.

Pilpilla  : v.i. To flicker, to flutter. [pilpillat ]

Pilta : wick; fuse; a ball of cotton placed on a distaff for spinning thread; paper used to stiffen a collar or the sides of a do'ppi.

Piltakach : a thin metal rod with a handle for inserting paper into a collar or the sides of a do'ppi.

Piltali : made stiff with paper (collar or ~ miltiq matchlock gun.

Pinak : drowsiness. ~ka ket /~ sur to snooze, to drowse; to be lost in thought. ~ini buzmay to pay no attention, to ignore.

Ping'illa  : v.i. To talk nasally. [ping'illat ]

Ping pong : (Russian) table tennis.

Pinhon : hidden.

Pinhona : secret(ly).

Pinhoniy lit. : secret, hidden.

Pinj : bosom, hold, embrace, wing. ~iga ol  to take underwing. ~iga kir /suqil /tiqil  to come close to; to find shelter next to, to enter the protective embrace of.

Pioner : (Russian) pioneer; Young Pioneer.

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