SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Ohangdor : s. Ohangli. Ohangdosh

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Ohangdor : s. Ohangli.

Ohangdosh : rhyming, sonorous, harmonious.

Ohangdoshlik : harmoniousness; vowel and consonant harmony.

Ohangli : musical, pleasant sounding, melodious.

Ohanjama coll. : beautiful or astounding adornment, decoration; wonders, marvels.

Ohanrabo : magnet; attractive, enticing, captivating.

Ohista : quietly, gently; barely; slowly, carefully.

Oho : Ah hah.

Ohor : starch. ~ ber  to starch. ~i ketgan/~dan tushgan used, worn out. ~i to'kilmagan/~dan tushmagan still new, unused, crisp; still respected or held in esteem. ~ini to'k  to wear out; to slur, to dishonor.

Ohorla  : v.t. To starch. [ohorlan , ohorlat ]

Ohorli : starched; new, unused.

Ohorsiz : unstarched.

Ohu zool. : antelope, chamois, gazelle. ~ ko'z having big dark eyes.

Oid : (Arabic) pertaining to, concerning. Paxtachilikka ~ maqola an article on cotton growing.

Oila : (Arabic) family; (coll.) Wife.

Oilachilik : family affairs; nepotism.

Oilali : having a family, married.

Oilaviy : (Arabic) adj. Of ~ o'tirish a family get together.

Ojar : Adzharian ??.

Ojiz : (Arabic) weak, feeble; helpless; blind.

Ojiz notavon : weak and feeble.

Ojiza : (Arabic) feminine form of ojiz; (arch. Coll.) Girl, daughter.

Ojizlan  : v.i. To lose strength, to become weak or frail. [ojizlantir ]

Ojizlik : weakness, feebleness.

Ojizona : feeble; weakly, feebly, meekly.

Okean R : ocean.

Okeanshunos : oceanographer.

Okeanshunoslik : oceanography.

Okkupant R : invader, occupier/s. Bosqinchi).

Okkupatsion ~ armiyasi army of occupation.

Okkupatsiya R : occupation.

Okkupatsiyachi : s. Okkupant.

Okrug R : okrug, region, district.

Oksid R : oxide.

Oksidla  : v.t. To oxidize. [oksidlan ]

Oksidlovchi : oxidizer, oxidizing agent.

Oktaedr R : octahedron.

Oktava R : octave.

Oktet R : octet.

Oktyabr" R : October.

Oktyabrist R :

Oktyabryat member of pre Pioneer organization.

Okuchnik : (Russian) hiller.

Ol  : v.t. To take, to get, to receive; to partake; to accept; to remove (hair, etc.); to buy; to cover, to overrun, to fill; (after V (yozib ~  to write down. Etib ~  to reach (someplace). Qarab ~  to take a look (at). Yig'ib ~  to collect, to hoard. Topib ~  to find (on one's own/for o.s.). O'ylab ~  to think about. ~ib ber  to take to s.o.; to buy for s.o. ~ib bor  to take to s.o. ~ib kel  to bring. ~ib sot  to deal or trade in s.t. ~ib tashla  to take out (and throw away), to get rid of. ~ib qol  to keep (for o.s.). ~ qoch  to run away with. ~ib qo'y  to take (and put away). Bag'riga ~  to take into one's arms; to take in. Qo'lini ~  to take by the hand. Qo'ltig'iga ~  to press under one's arm; to take to one's side. Qo'ltig'idan ~  to take by the arm, to hold up by the armpits. Hiqildog'idan ~  to grab by the throat. Yig'im terimni ~  to take in the harvest. Teskarisiga ~  to take the wrong way. Yuz ~  to head towards, to approach. Qalamga ~  to put on paper. Qiyig'iga ~  to go wrongly. [oldir , oldirtir , olin , olish ]ol lit.red, scarlet.

Ola bula : white with spots or dots; spotted, flowered; mixed, jumbled. Ko'zlari ~ having wide open eyes, eyes bulging. Ko'zini ~ qil  to bulge out, roll, or dart one's eyes this way and that.

Ola kula : popping out, darting this way and that (eyes).

Ola pes : splotched, splotchy in color. (having "false leprosy" [pes', lozhnaya prokaza]

Ola qura : splotched, motley.

Ola quroq : patched, patchy; patchwork; motley, hodgepodge.

Ola : pied, variegated, multi colored, patched, splotchy. Oq ~ mostly white with spots or patches. Qora ~ mostly black with spots or patches. ~ chiqdi to have dissension or discord. ~ ko'z (having) large, bulging eyes. ~ qara  to stare with one's eyes bulging out; to eye, to ogle; to look on with evil eyes.

Olabayroq : multicolored, striped, or patched.

Olabo'ji : bogeyman, bogeymonster.olabo'ta bot.goosefoot; saltbush.olabug'a zool.perch.

Olacha : striped thread or woolen material; spotted, splotched.

Olachalpoq : dappled shade; patchy, uneven.

Olachipor : splotched with white.olachiq lit.hovel, shanty.olachoponiston coll.nickname for southern Ozbekistan (where striped chopons are worn).

Olag'on : s. Olg'ir.

Olag'ovur : hubbub. ~ qo'por  to make a hubbub, to make a ruckus.olahakka zool. Dial.magpie (s. Zag'izxon).

Olako'z : bulging eyes; goggle eyed.olako'zan zool.ferret.

Olalan  v.i. Rare : to pop out (eyes); to be torn by discord, to be unsettled.

Olalik : abstr. Of ola; discord, unrest.

Olam : (Arabic) world; universe, cosmos. O'n sakkiz ming ~ all creation, heaven and earth. Yangi ~ new order. Bir ~ its own world; a world of, many. Boshqa ~ something else entirely. Jumla(i) ~ the entire world. Ikki ~da not in this world or the next; no way in hell, never. ~ guliston everything is peaches and cream, everything is a bowl of flowers. ~ga sig'may ketdi to be outside oneself with happiness. Podshohi ~ the king of the world. Husn ~i the world of beauty.

Olam jahon : s. Olam olam.

Olam olam : very much, greatly; a great amount or number, scores, myriad.

Olamgir lit. : world conquering.

Olamoro lit. : world adorning.

Olampanoh : arch. Asylum of the world; his/your majesty.

Olamshumul lit. : worldwide, of worldwide importance.

Olamtob lit. : world illuminating (said of the sun). Oftobi ~ the world illuminating sun; a beauty with a face like the sun.

Olapar : "mottled" (a type of dog).

Olapeslan  : v.i. To become splotchy in color.olapo'choq bot.a type of melon.olapopish zool. Dial.hoopoe (s. Popishak).olaqanot zool.avocet.olaqarg'a zool.hooded crow.

Olaqaroq 1 : messy, sloppy, half done; frantic.

Olaqaroq 2 : a brain disease of horses and horned cattle.

Olaqon : place where the lash of a whip is joined to the handle.

Olaqorong'i : half lit, half dark; shadowy, gloomy.

Olarmon : s. Olg'ir.

Olashovur : ~ yomg'ir rain in intermittent cloudbursts. ~ qor mixed snow and rain. ~ bo'l  to erupt in commotion or a ruckus.

Olasi berasi : property, due; material transaction.

Olasi : something owed, claim, due.

Olat lit. : (Arabic) instrument; (fig.) (reproductive) organ.

Olataroq : motley, many colored.

Olatasir : raucous, rackety; full of commotion, riotous.olato'g'anoq zool.red backed shrike.

Olato'polon : commotion, rioting.

Olay  : v.i. To open wide, to bulge out; to dart this way and that (eyes). [olaytir ]

Olaylik : let's suppose, let's imagine.

Olaytir  : v.t. Caus. Of ko'z(ni) ~  to make s.o.'s eyes pop out, to amaze, to dazzle.

Olazarak : ~ bo'l  to be at sixes and sevens, to be frantic. Ko'zi ~ to have darting or uneasy eyes.

Olcha bot. : sour cherry.

Olchazor : grove of sour cherries.

Olchi : the concave side of a sheep's knucklebone which, when landing upwards, indicates a win (in the game oshiq).

Olchin 1 : one of the Ozbek tribes.

Olchin 2 : ~ to'kmoq a large, long handled mallet.olchoq lit.lowly, vile.

Olchoqlik : lowliness.

Old orqa : front and back, all sides.

Old : front, fore, space in front. Uyning ~i the front of a house; the space in front of a house. O'z ~iga on his own, of his own accord. [~iga bor  to go to see s.o. ~iga tush  to surpass, to exceed, to outstrip. ~ida in front of, in the presence of; compared to. Mening ~imda in front of me; in my presence. Vijdon ~ida out of shame, out of conscience.~idan before, in front of. Ish(ga) boshlash ~idan before starting work. ~idan o't  to pass in front of, to pass before; to go see (for a advice). ~i keti/~i ketini/~i orqasini o'yla  to consider thoroughly, to think about everything. ~i ortiga qaramay recklessly, without thinking of the consequences. ~ini ol  to take preventive measures, to prevent, to head off. Ko'z ~i in front of one's eyes. Saylov ~i pre election (time). Til ~i tovushlari (ling.) Dentals. Egani ~ida, emagani ketida He's well off. He doesn't have any need for anybody. ~ tomon the front side. ~ qo'shimcha prefix (s. Prefiks).

Oldda : s. Oldinda.

Olddan : s. Oldindan.

Oldi berdi : business, transaction(s); ceremonial exchange of gifts before a wedding (s. Oliq soliq).oldi qochdi coll.made up, makebelieve, nonsense.

Oldi sotdi : business transactions, dealings.

Oldi : forerunner, foremost, first, choice, premier; precursor. Kolxozning Eng ~ yigitlari the best young men of the kolkhoz. Qish ~ pre winter; before winter.

Oldin : in front, first, before, ago. U mendan ~ He's before me. Siz kelmasdan ~ before you came. Bundan bir yil ~ one year ago. ~(ma) keyin/~ ketin one after another, one behind the other.

Oldinda : in front, out front, ahead.

Oldindagi : front, foremost, in front.

Oldindan : beforehand, in advance. ~ko'r  to foresee. ~ aytib ber  to predict.

Oldinga : forward.

Oldingi : foremost, in front; first, former, previous. Velosipedning ~ g'ildiragi the front wheel of a bicycle.

Oldiniga : at first, at the beginning, at the outset.

Oldinla  : v.i. To advance, to move forward. [oldinlash ]

Oldir  : v.t. Caus. Of soch ~  to have one's hair cut. Sir ~  to betray a secret. Surat ~  to have one's picture taken. Tish ~  to have a tooth pulled. Yurak ~  to be frightened. U meni ishga ~di He had me hired. Go'shtni mushukka ~ib yuborishdi They let the cat take the meat. O'zini ~  to let oneself waste away. Og'izdagi oshni ~  to lose what one already had in hand. Oling, ~mang Good luck! Go for it! [oldirtir ]

Olg'a : forward. ~ bos  to advance forward.olg'ich dial.taker,  taking. Ko'z ~ sight taking, blinding. Jon ~ soul taking, death dealing.

Olg'ir : adept at catching game; tenacious, tough; thief, swindler.

Olhirot dial. : s. Olxo'ri.

Olibsotar : wheeler and dealer; speculator, black marketeer.

Olibsotarlik : abstr. Of olibsotar; wheeling and dealing.

Olifta : flashy, showy; snobbish, pretentious.

Oliftagarchilik : pretension, showing off.

Oliftalik : pretentious behavior.

Oligarxiya : (Russian) oligarchy.

Olihimmat : (Arabic) magnanimous.

Olijanob : (Arabic) noble, charitable; grand, great, perfect.

Olim : (Arabic) scholar.

Olima : (Arabic) fem. Of olim.

Olimlarcha : in a scholarly fashion.

Olimona : scholar like, scholarly.

Olimpiada : (Russian) olympiad.

Olimpiya : (Russian) ~ o'yinlari the Olympic games, the Olympics.olipta coll.s. Olifta.

Oliq soliq : taxes and duties; payment of the bride price and the negotiations that preceed it.

Oliq sotiq : s. Oldi sotdi.

Olis yaqin : near and far.

Olis : far, distant; long, lengthy. ~ safar a long journey. ~ yo'l a long road or trip. ~ni ko'zla  to think of the future. ~da far away, way off in the distance. ~dagi distant, far off. ~dan from afar. ~ kel  to start from the beginning, to give in detail.

Olish  : coop. Of yoqa ~  to grapple with one another. [olishtir ]

Olish berish : s. Oldi berdi.

Olish sotish : s. Oldi sotdi.

Olishish : v.n. Of olish ; wrangling, fighting.

Olishuv : v.n. Of olish ; wrangle, fight, conflict.

Olisla  : v.i. To move off into the distance; to linger a long time. [olislash ]

Olislik : distance, duration.

Oliy : (Arabic) grand, high, supreme. ~ sovet supreme soviet. ~ bosh qo'mondon supreme commander. ~ sifat high quality. ~ nav high grade. ~ unvon important title. Amri ~/~ farmon supreme order or command. Janobi ~lari his highness, his excellency.

Oliymaqom : (Arabic) great, lofty.

Olkishla  : v.i. To turn a dog on s.o.; to turn people on each other.

Ollo(h) : (Arabic) God, Allah. Yo ~ O God! ~ akbar God is most great!Olma kesak coll.ko'zlari ~ frantic, darting eyes.olma bot.apple. Kekirdak ~si Adam's apple (s. ~ guli pink; apple blossoming time.

Olmaxon : squirrel.

Olmazor : apple orchard.

Olmon arch. (Fr.) : German (s. Nemis).

Olmos 1 : (uncut) diamond; glass cutter; diamond sharp. ~ qilich a diamond sharp sword.olmos 2 bot.buttercup.olmosh gram.pronoun; changeable. ~ detallar replaceable or changeable parts.olmurut dial.pear.

Olomon : crowd, throng. ~ qil  to lynch.

Olov : fire, flame; heat; burner (on stove); passionate, fiery. ~ ko'zlar fiery eyes. ~ nafasli fiery tongued. Ikki ~ orasida/kesakdan ~ chiqqanday said when s.t. Heroic is performed by s.o. Unexpected. Urush ~ini yoq  the light the flames of war. ~day ko'rin  to seem inviting; to seem warm and familiar at first sight.??

Olov otash : flaming hot.olov selli coll.blazing hot.

Olovdon : brazier, fire pit, hearth.

Olovkurak : fire shovel (s. Xokandoz).

Olovlan  : v.i. To flame up; to turn hot or red. [olovlantir ]Olovli Yer geo.Tierra del Fuego.

Olovli : fiery.

Olovxona : fire box (s. Otashxona).

Olqa  : v.t. To wish well.

Olqindi : remnant of a bar of soap.

Olqish : blessing(s), best wishes; applause.

Olqishla  : v.t. To applaud. [olqishlash ]

Olti : six.

Oltiburchak : hexagon. ~li hexagonal.

Oltilik : six (cards); poem having six couplets to each stanza.

Oltin o'rda : the Golden Horde.

Oltin : gold (s. ~ bosh intelligent, sharp. ~ vodiy golden (fertile, prosperous) valley. ~ kuz bountious fall. ~ odam a person of gold. Oq ~ white gold (= cotton). Qora ~ black gold (= oil). Qo'li ~/~ qo'l having a golden touch. ~ qoziq the Pole Star (s. Qutb yulduzi).

Oltinchi : sixth.

Oltingugurt : sulphur.

Oltinla  : v.t. To gild. [oltinlan , oltinlat ]

Oltinlan  : v.i. Pass. Of oltinla ; to shine like gold.oltinqo'ng'iz zool.cockchafer (s. Tillaqo'ng'iz).

Oltinsimon : golden, gold like.

Oltintamg'a : name of an Ozbek tribe.

Oltita : six (of non unit count nouns).

Oltiyoq : hexahedron.

Oltmish : sixty.

Oltmishinchi : sixtieth.

Oltov : (group of) six.

Oltovlon : the six of them (people), as a group of six.

Oltoy : Altay (people).

Olu dial. : s. Olxo'ri.

Olud lit. : sullied, steeped in. Zahar ~ xat a letter dripping with poison.

Oluv : v.n. Of ol ; (math) subtraction.

Olvoli dial. : sour cherry (s. Olcha).

Olxo'ri bot. : plum.

Om : (Arabic) general; common, public. Ruxsati ~ general permission to leave (given to participants at a funeral before the funeral bier procession is started). ~ bo'l  to be known.

Om : (Russian) ohm.

Omad : luck, good fortune. Sizga ~ Good luck! ~(i) keldi to get lucky. ~i ketdi to be unlucky. ~i gap/gapning ~i frank speech or words.

Omadli : lucky.

Omadsiz : unlucky.

Ombor 1 : (Arabic) storehouse, warehouse. Suv ~i water reservoir.

Ombor 2 : water conduit which passes through a wall.

Omborchi : storekeeper.

Ombur : pincers, tongs.

Omi : (Arabic) illiterate, unlettered, ignorant.

Omil 1 : (Arabic) factor, agent, cause.

Omil 2 : (Arabic) skillful, skilled, expert. ~ paxtakor expert cotton picker.

Omil komil : extremely masterful, skilled.

Omilkor : expert, skilled.

Omilkorlik : expertise.

Omillik : abstr. Of omil; skill, proficiency.

Omin : (Arabic) Amen.

Omixta : mixed (with oil/fat); mixed up, intermixed.

Omma : (Arabic) masses, public, common people. ~si the working masses.

Ommabop : suitable for all; popular.

Ommalash  : v.i. To become common or widespread. [ommalashtir , ommalashtiril ]

Ommaviy madaniy : mass cultural ?? [kul'turno massovyy].

Ommaviy siyosiy : mass political??.

Ommaviy : public, common; general. ~ ish a public issue. ~ ravishda on a public or mass scale. ~ tus ol  to become general or common. ~ siyosiy ish a mass political issue?? [politmassovaya rabota].

Ommaviylash  : v.i. To become general or common.omoch arch.plough (traditional C. Asian, pulled by animals). Temir ~ (coll.) Russian style plough. ~ bo'yinturuq a plough and associated harnesses. Taraqa turuq, ~ga bo'yinturuq a lot of ado about nothing.

Omon : (Arabic) safe, sound, healthy. ~ bermay mercilessly.

Omon Eson : safe and sound.

Omon omon : peace, peacefulness (following a truce).

Omonat : (Arabic) deposit, charge; in trust, entrusted to another for safekeeping, temporary use, or delivery to s.o. Else; in a precarious condition, ready to fall down. ~ xat a letter entrusted to another for delivery. ~ topshiriq assignment to be carried out by a third party. ~ uy a house ready to fall down. ~gina turgan tish a very loose tooth. ~ kassa savings bank.

Omonatchi : depositor.

Omonim R : homonym.

Omonimik homonymous.

Omonimika R : the study of homonyms.

Omonimiya R : homonymy.

Omonlash  : v.i. To exchange greetings; (dial.) To say farewell to each other.

Omonlik : health, well being; safe and soundness.

Omonsiz : merciless, harsh, unyielding.

On 1 : ~ hazrat(lar)i that royal personage, his highness or excellency.

On 2 : (Arabic) moment.

Ona formal : mother; form of address for older women. ~si form of address used by a husband for his wife. ~yi zor caring mother. Qayin ~ mother in law (s. Qahramon ~ hero mother (title awarded to Soviet women who had ten or more children). ~ tili mother tongue, native language. Gapning ~si the true story, the gist of the matter. ~dan tug'ma bo'lib pure or well like the day he was born. ~si o'pmagan qiz a pure, untouched virgin. ~ sutiday pok/halol pure or untainted as one's mother's milk.onaboshi coll.home maker, housewife; mother (as a role); leader (in children's games).

Ona bola : mother and child; female and young. ~day (loving) like a mother and child.

Ona bolali : having a mother and family; together with one's mother and family.

Ona bolalik : pertaining to the relationship between a mother and child, maternal.

Onag'ar vulgar : tramp, wench.

Onajon : dear mummy.

Onalarcha : like a mother, maternal(ly).

Onalik : motherhood.

Onaxon : mommy, dear mother; head woman (of a group of women).

Onaxotin : respected older woman; head woman; motor mouthed or know it all girl.

Onda sonda : from time to time.

Ong 1 : intellect; consciousness. Sinfiy ~ class consciousness. ~ bilim education, erudition. ~ bilim darajasi level of education.ong 2 dial.game, wild animal(s).

Ongli : conscious, cognizant; intelligent, discerning; deliberate, considered. ~ ravishda knowingly, mindfully.

Onglilik : awareness; intelligence.

Ongsiz : ignorant, uninformed, undiscerning.

Oniy : (Arabic) immediate, instantaneous.

Onkolog R : oncologist.

Onkologik oncological.

Onkologiya R : oncology.

Ont : oath. ~ ich  to take an oath, to swear.ontar  dial.to turn over, to topple. [ontaril ]

Ontar to'ntar : turmoil.

Ontxo'r : s.o. Who takes oaths and breaks them easily.

Op ochiq : s. Oppa ochiq.

Opa singil : sisters.

Opa uka : (older) sister and (younger) brother; (coll.) Sisters.

Opa : older sister; form of address to older girl or woman, often appended to the person's name.opala(r) ethn.spirits that appear in the shape of women. ~ tegibdi touched by jinns.

Opera R : opera.

Operativ operational, strategic, operation(s); quickly, efficiently.

Operativlik : drive, energy, efficiency.

Operator R : operator.

Operatsiya R : operation.

Operetta R : operetta.

Opich  : v.t. (+ni) to carry on one's back; (+ga) to ride on s.o.'s back. [opichtir ]

Opichla  : v.t. S. Opic . Tishda tishlab, orqada ~b to love and protect s.o. Like the apple of one's eye.

Opichqila  rare : s. Opich .

Opium R : opium (s. Afyun).

Opiy R : opium (s. Afyun).

Opog'oyi : auntie (form of address to older women).

Opoq (clean, good; "big" or "dear" (when following terms of relation). ~ bo'lib qoldingmi? Are you all better now? ~ dada granddaddy.opoqi coll.s. Opog'oyi.opoyi coll.s. Opog'oyi.

Oppa ochiq : wide open(ly).

Oppa oson : very easy, really easy.

Oppa oydin : very moonlit or clear.

Oppon soppon : ~ bo'l  to be finished, settled.

Opponent R : opponent. Rasmiy ~ official opponent/at defense of dissertation).

Oppoq : pure white, pure. ~im my dear. ~ bolam dear child. ~ qiz dear little girl.

Opportunist R : opportunist.

Opportunistik opportunistic.

Opportunistlik : opportunism.

Opportunizm R : opportunism.

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