SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

O'zlash  : v.i. To feel close to, to get along with; to be understood, to be assimilated. [o'zlashtir , o'zlashtiril ] O'zlashtir

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O'zlash  : v.i. To feel close to, to get along with; to be understood, to be assimilated. [o'zlashtir , o'zlashtiril ]

O'zlashtir  : v.t. Caus. Of o'zlash ; to master, to grasp, to assimilate; to take for o.s., to appropriate. [o'zlashtiril ]

O'zlashtirish : v.n. Of o'zlashtir ; assimilation, mastery; opening (of barren lands).

O'zlashtirma gap : indirect speech.

O'zlashtirmovchi : incomprehending, not making progress (in studies).

O'zlashtiruvchi : v.n. Of o'zlashtir ; making progress (in studies).

O'zlik : self. ~ nisbati reflexive voice. ~ olmoshi reflexive pronoun.

O'zog'(i) yili : the year before last.

O : Oh!; Ah!; Oh oh!

Ob pref. : water : used in constructions such as ~i diyda, ~i yovg'on, etc.; amalgam, silvering (paint used on the back of a mirror). ~ bo'l  to become soggy. ~ ber  to paint (with amalgam).

Ob'ekt : (Russian) object; objective; establishment, works. Qurilish ~i construction works. Harbiy ~ military objective.

Ob'ektiv : (Russian) objective.

Ob'ektivist : (Russian) objectivist.

Ob'ektivizm : (Russian) objectivism; objectivity.

Ob'ektivlik : objectivity.

Oba : embroidered design with straight edges.

Obaki 1 : a type of grape.

Obaki 2 : s. Obakidandon.

Obakidandon : a type of sugar candy.

Obba : Hey hey! My my!; Aw! For crying out loud!Obbaholam coll.perhaps, possibly, it could be.

Obbo 1 : Hey hey! My my!; Oh! Well well!

Obbo 2 final o long : word used as a lullaby. ~ qil Go to sleep. ~ ayt  to lull a baby to sleep.

Obbola  : v.t. To lull a baby to sleep saying "obbo."

Obdan : really (well); very (much); thoroughly, soundly, all the way. ~ savala  to give a sound licking. ~ to'y  to be completely full.

Obdasta : ewer for washing the hands and face. ~ samovar a local, ewer shaped style of samovar. ~ tut  to hold the ewer for s.o. To wash themselves. Puchuq ~ half witted busybody.

Obdastagardon : a method for catching a thief in which a string is tied around the neck of a ewer full of water, the ewer is spun around, prayers are recited, and whoever the spout of the ewer is pointing towards when it stops is considered the thief.

Obdira  : v.i. To sit blankly, to be dazed, vacant. [obdirash ]obdish dial.tea kettle.

Obdor : obs. Clear, shiny, bright; beautiful, beaming; fine, sharp, ornate (knife); daubed with poison (arrow).obdov coll.slope (of a roof).

Obed coll. : (Russian) lunch; lunchtime (= ~ vaqti). ~ qil  to have lunch. ~dan keyin in the afternoon. ~lash  to have lunch together.

Obelisk : (Russian) obelisk.

Obgardon : a large ladle used by cooks.

Obi 1 : s. Oba.

Obi 2 : excess in weight of a loaf of bread over that of flour used; profit made from using false measurements.

Obi diyda : tears. ~ qil  to shed tears.

Obi havo : weather. ~ byurosi the weather bureau.

Obi hayot : the water of life; (life giving) water.

Obi novvot : a sweet type of apricot; a type of melon.

Obi otash : rules, ins and outs (esp. Of cooking s.t.).

Obi rahmat : blessed water, water which falls as a blessing.

Obi ravon 1 : running water; bountiful; bountiousness.

Obi ravon 2 dial. : a type of thin printed cloth.

Obi taom : food, victuals; dishes; first and second courses.

Obi tob : point of readiness. ~iga kel  to ripen, to be ready.

Obi yovg'on : soup without meat or fat; meagre food in general.

Obi zamzam : water from the well of Zamzam in Mecca.

Obid : obs. (Arabic) devout worshipper.

Obida 1 : obs. (Arabic) fem. Of obid.

Obida 2 : (Arabic) monument, gravestone; archeological relic.

Obinon : a thin type of raised bread (made chiefly for sale at bazaars and for use at large celebrations).

Obivatel" (Russian) : Philistine.obivatelchilik coll.Philistinism.

Obivatellarcha : like a Philistine.

Obivatellik : Philistinism.

Objuvoz : watermill. Qoshini ~ qil  to raise one's eyebrows in turn.

Objuvozchi : miller.

Objuvozxona : mill house.

Obkash : yoke (for carrying water). ~ bo'lib ket  to be bent over, stooped. Boshimni barkash, elkamni ~ qilib working hard, putting one's shoulder to the wheel.

Obkom : (Russian) oblast committee.

Oblast" : (Russian) oblast, province (s. Viloyat).

Oblastlararo : inter oblast.

Obligatsiya : (Russian) bond.

Oblijrokom (

Oblomovchilik : oblomovism (sluggishness and indecision).

Obmotka : (Russian) puttee.

Obnus : (Arabic) ebony.

Obod : flourishing, bustling, teeming; equipped with all amenities;  grad,  ville,  burg, e.g. Leninobod Leninabad (now Xo'jand).

Obodlash  (v.i.) : to flourish, to become a teeming or bustling place; to become equipped with all amenities. [obodlashtir ]

Obodon : s. Obod.

Obodonchilik : provision or construction of amenities.

Obodonlik : prosperity; bustle; flourishing or bustling places; equipping with public services and utilities. ~ bo'limi department of public services and utilities.obog'a arch.great grandchild; distant relative.

Obor  (v.t.) : to take to (s. Olib bor ) [oboril , oborish , obortir ]

Oborot : (Russian) circulation, turnover; phrase, expression.

Obosh children's speech : finished, done.

Oboyma : (Russian) (cartridge) clip; race, ring (e.g., for holding bearings).

Oboz mil. : (Russian) transport.

Obpartov : drainage channel.

Obraha : small canal (which passes through the courtyards of neighboring houses).

Obraz : (Russian) character; image.

Obrazli : graphic, picturesque.

Obrazlilik : imagery; picturesqueness.

Obrez : covered basin in the floor over which one washes himself.

Obro'(y) : respect, esteem, honor; honorific person. ~i bir (uch) pul bo'ldi/~i ketdi/~ini ketkaz /to'k /tushir  to lose respect. Obro' ol  to take advantage of every opportunity; to show proper hospitality (said of an indigent person).

Obro'(y)li : esteemed, respected.

Obro'(y)siz : despised, disrespected.

Obro'(y)sizlan  : v.i. To lose respect, to lose face. [obro'(y)sizlantir , obro'(y)sizlantiril ]

Observatoriya : (Russian) observatory.

Obshchina : (Russian) community. ~ eri common land.

Obtova dial. : s. Obdasta.

Obuna : subscription.

Obunachi : subscriber.

Obxona : ablution room; (hist., Bukhara khanate) especially dark and dank dungeon .

Obyazatel"niy : (Russian) of course, sure.

Obzor : (Russian) survey, review.

Obzorchi : columnist, contributor.

Och 1 : hungry; hunger; too narrow (to fit in an opening). ~dan o'l  to die of hunger. ~dan och extremely hungry. ~ nahor half starved. ~ yalang'och naked and hungry. Sop ~ keldi the handle was too small (for the hole).

Och 2 : light (in color). ~ ko'k light blue.

Och  : v.t. To open; to open up, to unfold, to uncover; to turn on; to discover; to reveal; to unveil, to let cast off the veil; to brighten; to strengthen, to develop (e.g., appetite); to hatch (egg). Yuragini ~  to reveal one's feelings. Amerika ~  (lit., to discover America) to reveal s.t. Already known as news. ~di qil  to solve a matter in public. Qorni ~ He is hungry. Kishi fikrini kitob ~adi Books expand your mind. [ochil , ochiltir , ochir , ochiril , ochish , ochtir , ochtiril ]ochambiti bot.shepherd's purse (s. Jag' jag').

Ochar : jam made from fruit, esp. Quinces.

Ocharchilik : hunger, starvation.

Ochatqi : starved, gaunt.

Ochered" R : volley, salvo; (coll.) Line, queue.

Ocherk R : essay.

Ocherkchi : essayist.

Ocherkist R : s. Ocherkchi.

Ochig'i : the truth, the fact of the matter; in truth, actually. ~ni aytganda to tell the truth, actually.

Ochig'icha : as it was open/on before. Eshik ~ qoldi The door stayed open as it was. Masala ~ qoldirildi The matter was left open as before.

Ochil  : v.i. Pass. Of ~ib gapir  to say what's on one's chest. Chehrasi ~di to cheer up. ~ib yozilib/ko'ziga manzara ~  to have a vista open before one's eyes. Havo ~adi The weather will clear up. [ochiltir ]

Ochin to'qin : on a half empty stomach.

Ochinqira  : v.i. To feel somewhat hungry, to begin to feel hungry.

Ochiq  : v.i. To go or feel hungry. [ochiqtir ]

Ochiq chochiq : messy, sloppy.

Ochiq oshkor : openly.

Ochiq oydin : clear, plain, straightforward.

Ochiq yorug' : s. Ochiq oydin.

Ochiq : open, opened; clear (weather); openly, frankly; frank, straightforward; bright, cheerful; unveiled. ~ Eshik with open doors. ~ gapir /~ ko'ngil/ko'ngli ~ open hearted. Yuzi ~ rude, ill mannered. Boshi ~ unwed (girl); unsold. Masalani ~ qoldir  to leave a matter open. ~ havo clear weather. ~ havoda in the open air. ~ xat an open letter. Chakagi ~ talkative.ochiqarli coll.wanting food, barren.

Ochiqcha : s. Ochiqchasiga.

Ochiqchasiga : openly, straightforwardly; shamelessly.

Ochiqdan ochiq : open, plain; openly, plainly.

Ochiqgo'y rare : frank, forthright.

Ochiqlik : abstr. Of ko'zim ~ida while I'm still alive (lit. While my eyes are still open).ochiqlovchi arch. Gram.attribute (s. Aniqlovchi).

Ochir  : v.t. Caus. Of jo'ja ~  to have chicks hatch. Ko'z ~maydi tonot let s.o. Open their eyes; to harangue, to give no peace. [ochiril , ochirish]ochki R coll.eyeglasses (s. Ko'zoynak).

Ochko R : point (in scoring).

Ochko'z : greedy, insatiable.

Ochko'zlik : greed, insatiability. ~ qil  to be greedy.

Ochlik : hunger, starvation. ~ e'lon qil  to hold a hunger strike.

Ochofat : insatiable.ochqa  dial.s. Ochiq .

Ochqich : opener, key (s. Kalit).

Octoberist?? :

Odam : (Arabic) man, person. ~ bolasi/~ bo'l /~ga aylan  to become a well grown person; to get well, to be one's self again. ~ bo'lmaydi wretched, incorrigible, a lost cause. ~ qil  to raise well; to turn around, to make a man or responsible person of. Odam ato/Odam alayhissalom Adam. Odam otadan qolgan ancient.

Odambop : suitable for human use; inhabitable.

Odamfurush : slave trader.

Odamfurushlik : abstr. Of odamfuruw; slave trading.

Odamgarchilik : humaneness, humanity, philanthropy. ~ qil /~dan chiq  to lose one's humanity.

Odamiy : (Arabic) human.

Odamiyat lit. : (Arabic) the human race; humanness.

Odamiylik : humanness.

Odamjon : thoughtful, considerate person.

Odamkush dial. : man killer, murderer; executioner.

Odamlarcha : like a human being.

Odamlik : abstr. Of odam; humanness. Sadqayi ~ (ketsin)! To hell with you (you sub human)!

Odamovi : loner, recluse.

Odamoxun : benevolent, noble, compassionate person.

Odamparvar : philanthropic (s. Insonparvar).

Odamparvarlik : philanthropy (s. Insonparvarlik).

Odamsar : smart, intelligent; bald headed.

Odamsevmas : minsanthropic.

Odamshavanda : admirable, noble, respectable. ~ qil  to make s.o. A respectable person.

Odamsifat : (Arabic) s. Odamsimon.

Odamsimon : human like, humanoid.

Odamsiyoq dial. : (Arabic) s. Odamsimon.

Odamtaxlit : (Arabic) s. Odamsimon.

Odamxo'r : man eating, cannibal(istic). ~ ot extremely wild horse.

Odamxo'rlik : abstr. Of odamxo'r; cannibalism.

Odamzod : human being; the human race.

Odat : (Arabic) habit; custom. ~dan tashqari unusual, exceptional.

Odatan : (Arabic) usually, ordinarily, commonly.

Odatda : usually; habitually, customarily, commonly.

Odatdagi : usual, customary.

Odatdagicha : as usual, as always.

Odatdagiday : as usual.

Odatiy : (Arabic) customary; usual, common.

Odatlan  : v.i. To make a habit, to get into the custom of, to get used to. [odatlantir , odatlantiril ]

Oddiy : (Arabic) normal, regular, usual, ordinary; simple, common. ~ askar common soldier. ~ kasr common fraction. ~ moddalar simple elements. ~ odam ordinary man.

Odekolon : (Russian) eau de Cologne.

Odil : (Arabic) just, fair..

Odillik : justness; justice, fairness.

Odilona : justly, fairly; just, fair.

Odim : (Arabic) step (in walking); pace; manner of walking, behavior. ~ ol  to take a step. ~ ot /~ qo'y  to walk; to step foot on. ~ini tezlat  to quicken one's pace. ~da/~ joyda/~ini sanab bos  to go at a slow pace.

Odimla  : v.i. To walk, to take steps, to pace; to go (at a certain pace); to pace out, to measure in paces.

Odimlovchi Ekskavator : self propelled excavator.

Odmi : (Arabic) plain; simple.

Odmigarchilik : plainness, modesty.

Odob lrnd. : (Arabic) (good) manners, etiquette (s. Adab).

Odobli : well mannered (s. Adabli).odoq coll.end, finish. ~i the end or finish; at least.odosh coll.finished, done.

Ofarin : Congratulations! Good for you!

Ofat : (Arabic) disaster, misfortune.

Ofatijon : ravishing woman.

Ofatli : catastrophic, disastrous.

Ofitser : (Russian) officer.

Ofitsiant R : waiter.

Ofitsiantka R : waitress.

Ofiyat : obs. (Arabic) health.

Ofoq : obs. (Arabic) horizons, all regions of the world. Yagonai ~ unique in the world. Zabardasti ~ the greatest in the world.

Oftob : sun, sunlight; sunlit place. ~da in the sun(light). ~ga chiq  to come out into the sunlight or the open. ~ ur  to get sunstroke. (orqasiga)~ tegdi to be blessed with success, to begin doing well. ~ chiqdi The sun came out.

Oftoba dial. : ewer (s. Obdasta).oftobachi hist.water bearer.

Oftobchuvoq : pleasant spring sunshine.

Oftobi dial. : sun dried fruits.

Oftobli : sunny.

Oftobparast : sun worshiper; (dial.) Sunflower.

Oftobparastlik : abstr. Of oftobparast; sun worship.

Oftobro'y : s. Oftobro'ya.

Oftobro'ya : facing the sun; pleasant spring sunshine.

Oftobshuvoq : s. Oftobchuvoq.

Oftobtig'a : exposed to direct rays of the sun.

Og'  : v.i. Crotch (of clothing).?? [motnya]

Og'  : v.i. To lean, to list; to hang to one side; to stray, to veer; to incline. Kun ~di to pass into the afternoon (time). Tun ~di to pass beyond midnight. Boshi ~ib unwittingly, by chance. Ko'ngli ~di to feel inclined towards; to lose one's senses. Hushi ~di orhushidan ~di to lose one's senses. [og'dir , og'ish , og'ishtir ]

Og' :

Og'a ini(gar)chilik : brotherhood.

Og'a ini : brothers.

Og'a : older brother (s. Haram ~si chief (eunuch) guard of the harem. Eshik ~si chief gatekeeper. Yurt ~si the leader of the people. ~ millat senior or major nationality (in relation to minority nationalities). ~miz ulug' rus xalqi our older brother, the great Russian nation (formerly part of the Ozbek S.S.R. national anthem).og'acha hist.maidservant, esp. One who serves at the door of a khan or rich man.

Og'alik : abstr. Of og'a; big brotherness.og'aliq hist.close advisor to a khan.

Og'ayni : buddy, chum, pal. To'rt ~ name for the first four months of the Islamic calendar (qirq ~ a type of rose; a kind of small, extremely hot red pepper.

Og'aynichilik : s. Oshna og'aynigarchilik.

Og'aynigarchilik : s. Oshna og'aynigarchilik.

Og'aynilash  : v.i. To befriend one another, to become buddies.

Og'aynilik : abstr. Of og'ayni; friendliness, friendship.

Og'dir  : v.t. Caus. Of shamol kemani ~di The wind overturned the ship.

Og'il : barn, animal shed.

Og'ilxona : s. Og'il.

Og'ir : heavy; hard, difficult; deep (sound); slow; serious, solemn, grave. ~ atletika weight lifting and wrestling. ~ini engil qil  to lighten s.o.'s burden. ~ bo'l Control yourself. ~ gap difficult problem; unpleasant talk. ~ karvon slow moving, slow working. ~ ko'ch  to entail much difficulty, to not go easily. ~ sanoat heavy industry. ~ tank heavy tank. Qulog'i ~ hard of hearing. Havosi ~ joy place with stuffy, difficult to breathe air. ~ bot /teg  to hurt deeply, to upset.og'irbo'y dial.pregnant (s. Og'ir oyoq).

Og'irchilik : difficulty, adversity.

Og'irlash  : v.i. To become more heavy, serious, difficult, etc. Kallasi ~di to become dizzy in the head. [og'irlashtir ]

Og'irlat  : v.t. To make heavier, to increase the load.

Og'irlik : weight, heaviness; difficulty; seriousness, solemnity. Kallang ~ qilayaptimi Do you feel like giving up on life? (birovga) ~ini ort  to get on s.o.'s back, to be carried by s.o. Else; to be a burden to s.o. Else. O'zini ~ka sol /~ qil  to control o.s.

Og'iroyoq : pregnant.

Og'irsin  : v.i. To find difficult; to hurt.

Og'ish  : v.i. Coop. Of ~may unfalteringly, undeviatingly. [og'ishtir ]

Og'ish : v.n. Of oramizda ~imiz bor We are mutually indebted.

Og'iz 1 : mouth, muzzle; opening, entrance. Baloning ~i fearsome, dreadful. Ikki ~ gap a word or two. Darvoza ~i entranceway (to the gates of a city or castle). Katta ~/~i katta big talker. ~i bilan ish bitiradigan able to talk his way through anything. ~i bilan yuradigan rumor spreader, gossiper. ~ bog'lar (dial.) Ceremony for getting consent from the bride's family and setting the wedding engagement. ~i buzuq/~i kuy  to burn one's tongue. ~ kuygan burned, cheated. ~i ochiq not fasting. ~i bormaydi to not have the nerve to say s.t. ~i ochilib qoldi to be astonished. ~ och  to open one's mouth, to speak; to break the fast in the evening (during Ramadhan). ~ sol  to ask for s.o.'s son or daughter in marriage; to boil beestings. ~ing qani desa, qulog'ini ko'rsatadi dull as a doornail, ignorant as can be. ~i qulog'iga etdi to smile from ear to ear. Ellik ~ gap tons of gossip or talk. "olma pish, ~imga tush" deb o'tir  to sit by and expect things to get done by themselves. Ona suti ~iga keldi to split a gut, to sweat blood. ~ingga yog'/~iga kuchi etmaydigan to not be able to control one's mouth, loose lipped. ~ga ol  to take in, to eat; to mention. ~ga siqqanicha to one's hearts content, to one's fill. ~iga/~i tegdi to take food or drink. ~ga tush  to be on everyone's lips. ~ga ur /~ga qara /~ingga qarab gapir! Watch your mouth!~da in word or on paper only. Bir ~dan with one voice. ~dan ~ga ko'ch /gapi ~idan tushib ketadigan blundering speaker. ~ingdan chiqarma Don't say a word of this to anyone. ~ini poyla  to await s.o.'s words. ~ining suvi keldi to have one's mouth water. ~ining tanobi qochdi to beam with joy. ~ suti beestings.og'iz 2 3pp. ~ia cheese made from beestings of a cow.

Og'iz burun : mouth and nose, face. ~ o'pish  to become very close, to settle one's differences and become close again. ~i moyla  to grease, to buy off (esp. Through treating to a meal).

Og'izlik : (horse's) bit (s. Suvluq).

Og'izma og'iz : from mouth to mouth.

Og'ma : unreliable, two faced; inclined, slanting.

Og'machi : unreliable; two faced; deviationist. So'l ~lar left wing deviationists ?? [levye uklonisty]

Og'machilik : unreliableness, undependableness; (political) deviation.og'maxon zool.hamster.og'och lit.tree (s. Daraxt).

Og'oz : obs. ~ qil /Et /ayla  to commence, to set to.

Og'ri  : v.i. To hurt, to ache; to become sick. Ko'ngli ~  to be heartsick. Joni ~  to suffer. [og'rit , og'ritish , og'rish ]

Og'rin  : v.i. To do s.t. With difficulty or grudgingly; to become upset over. [og'rintir ]

Og'riq : pain, ache, aching, hurting; sick, ill, hurting; heartache, suffering. ~ tishning davosi ombur The cure for a hurting tooth is a pair of pliers. Yurak ~i heartache. Bosh ~i qil  to give a headache.

Og'riqsiz : painless.

Og'riqsizlantir  : v.t. To make painless; to anesthetize.

Og'riqsizlantiruvchi : pain killer, anesthetic.

Og'rit  : v.t. Caus. Of bosh ~  to give a headache.og'u lit.poison (s. Zahar).

Og'ula  : v.t. To poison. [og'ulan ]

Og'uli : poisoned; poisonous.

Og'ush lit. : embrace, bosom. ~ qil  (arch.) To embrace.

Og'zaki : oral; empty, hollow. ~ gap empty words. ~ nutq spoken language, oral speech. ~ jang a war with words.

Ogoh : aware, informed, cognizant; attentive, alert.

Ogohlantir  : v.t. To alert, to inform, to warn. [ogohlantiril ]

Ogohlantirish : v.n. Of ogohlantir ; alert, warning, notice.

Ogohlantiruv : s. Ogohlantirish.

Oh afg'on, ohu afg'on : crying and wailing, screaming and moaning.oh fig'on, ohu fig'onwailing, moaning, and carrying on.

Oh ho : s. Oho.

Oh nola, ohu nola : s. Oh afg'on.

Oh zor, ohu zor : s. Oh afg'on.

Oh : ah! Oh!; sigh, groan. ~ chek /tort /ur  to sigh or groan. ~ voh sighs, groans, wailing. ~ voh qil /tort  to wail, moan.

Ohak : lime. ~ suti whitewash?? [izvestkovoe moloko]

Ohaki : ~ namat a type of low quality felt treated with lime milk.

Ohakla  : v.t. To whitewash; to lime; to tan with lime. [ohaklan , ohaklat ]

Ohakli : made of or containing lime. ~ suv lime water.

Ohaktosh : limestone.

Ohang : harmony, harmonious sound(s); tune, melody; tone, intonation. Ming ~ga sol  to hem and haw, to make all sorts of noises, to try anything (e.g., to avoid work).

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