SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

O'rdugoh : army encampment.o'rgamchi dial.s. O'rgimchak. O'rgamchik

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O'rdugoh : army encampment.o'rgamchi dial.s. O'rgimchak.

O'rgamchik : training , practice ; apprentice. ~ tarzda for practice, for experience.

O'rgan  : v.t. (+aql ~  to take advice on. [o'rganil , o'rganish ]

O'rgat  : v.t. To teach, to instruct; to accustom, to make used to. [o'rgatil , o'rgatish , o'rgattir ]

O'rgil  : v.i. To give one's all for s.t. ~ay lit., 'I would give my soul!' or 'I would give all I have!'  expresses extreme delight, e.g., qoshingdan ~! Well bless your pretty eyebrows! Aylanib ~  to be crazy about s.t. Qilgan osh, aylanib ham ichasan, ~ib ham yours forever, you can't get rid of it.??O'rgimchak zool.spider. ~ uyasi spider web.o'rgimchakkana zool.spider mite, red spider.o'rik bot.apricot.

O'rikfurush : seller of apricots.

O'rikzor : apricot grove or orchard.

O'rim 1 : harvest.

O'rim 2 : braid, plait; bunch, bundle.

O'rim o'rim : clumps and clumps, bunches and bunches (of hair).

O'rim terim : s. O'rim yig'im.

O'rim yig'im : harvesting, reaping, gathering.

O'rin w/poss ourni : place; seat; position; bed. ~ini bos  to take the place of. Ko'ngli ~iga tush  his heart is back where it belongs, he has recovered. ~iga keltir /~i bilan ~ va payt Ergash gap ~ payt kelishigi locative case. ~ holi adverbial modifier?? [obstoyatel'stvo mesta]. ~ ol /qalbdan ~ ol  to have a place in (s.o.'s) heart. ~iga o't  to replace. ~ida ko'r  to consider, to regard. ~idan tur  to get up. ~idan ol  to remove from one's position. ~ sol  to lay out a bed (of quilts). ~(ni) yig'  to gather together bedding. ~iga in place of, instead of. ~ida instead of. ~ bo'l  to find approval, to be okay. ~ qil  to do properly.

O'rinbosar : deputy, replacement.

O'rindiq : seat, bench.

O'rindosh : deputy; person holding more than one office.

O'rindoshlik : performance of two jobs at once. ~ yo'li bilan by performing two jobs at once.

O'rinla  : v.t. To execute, to carry out; to work out. [o'rinlat , o'rinlash ]

O'rinli :  seater,  person (vehicle); fair, appropriate, worthy; warranted, sensible, proper.

O'rinsiz : inappropriate, uncalled for, out of place.

O'rinsizlik : inappropriateness.o'ris coll.Russian (s. Rus).o'rischa coll.Russian (language) (s. Ruscha).

O'rish : v.n. Of o'r ; warp (of fabric).

O'rkach : (camel) hump.

O'rkachdor : having large humps (camel).

O'rkachlan  : v.i. To bulge, to swell.

O'rla  : v.i. To climb uphill. [o'rlat , o'rlash ]

O'rma : braided, plaited.

O'rmak : loom.

O'rmala  : v.t. To crawl; to seep, to flow. [o'rmalat , o'rmalash ]

O'rmalovchi traktor : caterpillar tractor.

O'rmon : forest.

O'rmonchilik : forestry.

O'rmonli : forested.

O'rmonlik : s. O'rmonzor.

O'rmonshunos : forester.

O'rmonshunoslik : forest science.

O'rmonzor : forested place.

O'rna  : s. O'rnash .

O'rnak : example, model.

O'rnakli : exemplary, model.

O'rnash  : v.i. To be situated, to be found; to establish o.s., to settle down; to become fixed; to become settled, to take up a position. [o'rnashtir , o'rnashtiril ]

O'rnat  : v.t. To place, to install, to put in place, to set up; to establish. [o'rnatil , o'rnatish , o'rnattir ]

O'rog'li : wrapped, bundled, wound with.

O'rol : opening line, opening remark.

O'roq bolg'a : hammer and sickle.

O'roq : sickle. Mashina ~ combine. Chalg'i ~ scythe. Qo'l ~ sickle. ~ o'r  to reap with a sickle. O'tganning ~ini, ketganning ketmonini ol  to trouble everyone one comes across. Qaddini ~ qil  to kneel down in submission.

O'roqchi : sickle maker; harvester, mower, reaper

O'roqchilik : abstr. Of o'roqchi; section of bazaar where sickles are sold.

O'rov : encirclement. ~da qol  to be encircled, to be surrounded.o'roz arch.hope.

O'rta  : v.t. To burn, to agitate. [o'rtan , o'rtantir ]

O'rta miyona : mediocre, medium( sized).

O'rta : middle, center, midst, midsection; space between; space around one, vicinity; middle, central; grade of 'satisfactory'. ~da in the middle, between, among; in the vicinity, nearby; held in common, (shared) among; in the meantime. ~ga tush  to intercede, to act as a go between; to set out to do; to become a reason, to serve as an excuse. ~ ma'lumot secondary education. ~ maktab middle school. ~ (hol) dehqon farmer of average means. ~ hol neither poor nor rich, middle class. ~miz buzilib qoldi We've had a falling out. ~ga ol  to put in the middle, to surround; to call to task or petition as a group. ~ga sol /~ga to'k  to come out with, to say openly. Ikki ~da between a rock and a hard place, thanks to the disagreement. ~mizda qolsin Let this stay just between us. ~dan ko'tar  to get rid of. ~ asrlar the Middle Ages. ~ yoshdagi odam person of middle age. ~ qo'l/~ga ot  to say, to come out with; to throw out (e.g., slogan). ~ga sukut cho'kdi all became silent. ~ga qo'y  to place in the middle; to put forth; to propose. ~ baho fair, satisfactory grade. ~sida between, among; in the middle or center of. ~sidan from the middle of; from among.

O'rtaasrchilik : medievalism.

O'rtacha : medium, medium sized; so so, okay, not bad.

O'rtalik : intervening space, surroundings; intermediate.

O'rtancha : middlemost child.

O'rtapishar : ripening in mid season.

O'rtoq : friend, fellow; comrade; spouse; common, shared.

O'rtoqchilik : friendship, friendliness.

O'rtoqlarcha : in a friendly manner.

O'rtoqlash  : v.i. To become friends; to share (ideas, feelings).

O'rtoqlik : friendship. ~ bilan as friends, amicably. ~dan chiq  to no longer be a friend.

O's  : v.i. To grow; to increase. Ko'ngli ~di to feel relief in one's heart. [o'stir , o'stiril ]

O'sal : chronic or terminal illness; nasty, foul, bad. ~ bo'l  to become very sick, to take a turn for the worse; to be shamed or embarrassed. ~ tort  to feel extremely awkward. ~ qil  to shame.

O'sallash  : v.i. To have one's health deteriorate.

O'sallik : dire health; shame, humiliation.

O'sha o'sha : just like before, the same old.o'sha w/ case endings, o'shan+that, that one. ~ er there, that place. ~ yoqlar (over) there. ~ yoqda over there, on that side. ~ yili that year. ~ kuyi in that manner. ~ning o'zi that very thing. ~nga for that reason. ~nda at that time, moment. ~ndan beri/~nday like that, in that way. ~nday bo'lsa if that's the case. ~ncha(lik) that much, as much.o'shal arch.s. O'sha.

O'shanaqa : s. ~si like that, in that same way.o'shanaqangi coll.s. O'shanaqa.o'shandaqa coll.s. ~si s. O'shanaqasi.o'shandayin coll.s. O'shanday.

O'shandayligicha : (in) the same way, not changed a bit.o'shandoq coll.s. O'shanday.

O'shqir  : v.i. To bark or at, to bellow.

O'shshay  : v.i. To pout, to sulk, to brood; to stare blankly, with confused looks.

O'sim arch. Rare : growth; fine, penalty.

O'simlik : plant.

O'simta : growth, outgrowth, tumor; dendrite.

O'siq : overgrown, grown out or long. ~ qamish long, tall reed.

O'siqcha : s. O'simta.

O'siqlik : abstr. Of ~lik darajasi degree of growth.

O'sir  : v.i. To fart. [o'sirish , o'sirtir ]

O'siriq : fart.

O'sma 1 : ?? [us'ma] (plant from which a kohl like substance is prepared); mascara made from this plant.

O'sma 2 : tumor.

O'smali : lined with o'sma.

O'smir : youth, young teenager (app. 12 16 yrs. Old).

O'smirlik : youth.

O'smoqchila  : v.i. To feign ignorace, to play the fool (to discover information from s.o. Else).

O'smoqla  rare : s. O'smoqchila .

O'spirin : boy, young man.

O'spirinlik : youth, childhood.

O'stir  : v.t. Caus. Of o's ; to grow, to raise. [o'stiril ]

O'suvchan : fast growing.

O'suvchanlik : abstr. Of o'suvchan.

O't 1 : fire. ~ chiqdi fire broke out. ~ qo'y  to light a fire; to set fire to. ~ bilan suvdek like fire and water. ~ ol  to catch fire, to blaze up. ~ chiqqanday said when s.t. Heroic is performed by an unlikely person. ~ga kerosin sep  to pour kerosine on a fire. O'zini ~ga (ham) suvga/~ och  to open fire. ~ ochish nuqtasi weapon emplacement. ~ oldir  to light, to ignite. ~ o'chir  to extinguish a fire. ~ o'chirish komandasi fire brigade, firefighting team. ~ yigit fiery young man. ~iga kuy  to grieve for. ~dek kuy  to suffer greatly.

O't 2 : grass, herbs.

O't 3 : bile, gall; gall bladder. ~i yorildi to be scared nearly to death.

O't  v.i., : v.t. To pass (by, through, over, from, to), to go through; to pass by, to go by, to be over (time); to move (to, on), to go, to transfer; to travel; to cut through (knife); to cross; to surpass, to exceed; to be felt, to affect, to influence, to hurt; (+yorib ~  to split through. Yog'ib ~  to rain and then pass on. Kechib ~  to pass through. Kirib ~  to stop by. Ko'rib ~  to take a look at, to look through. Esiga solib ~  to remind (in passing). To'xta(li)b ~  to pause on, to discuss. Uchib ~  to fly through or by. Uqdirib ~  to emphasize. Ko'z yumib ~  to close one's eyes (for s.t.). Qayd Etib ~  to mention, to point out. Qochib ~  to run off to, to escape to. Olamdan ~  to pass away, to die. Jon jonidan ~  to hurt deeply. Birovning qo'lidan ~  to pass out of one's hands, to no longer be in one's control. Bir qoshiq qonidan ~  to pardon, to spare the life of. Inobatga ~  to be worthy of notice. Kuni ~adi to get by. Ko'zi ~maydi His eyes cannot see (well). Nomeri ~madi His trick didn't work. Yuzidan ~  to be disrespectful of. O'zingizdan ~ar gap yo'q You know all there is to know. Chuv ~maydigan plashchh waterproof raincoat. Nur ~maydigan muhit medium impervious to light. ~gan yil last year. ~gan kuni the other day. 19 yanvarga ~ar kechasi the night of January 18th. Boshqa ishga ~ish munosabati bilan on the occasion of transferring to another job. Gapdan ishga ~  to switch from talk to action. Fikrim ~di my idea was accepted. Undan go'sht ~maydi He can't digest meat. ~maydigan mol goods which do not sell well. Uning ota bobosi ham ishchi ~gan His ancestors were also laborers. Mendan ~di It was my fault. Unga hech gap ~di Nothing you say to him has any effect. Sendan kaltak ham ~maydi Even hitting has no effect on you. Mendan unga yuz so'm ~di He borrowed 100 soum from me. ~maydigan pul invalid money. ~inglar! Come visit! Bunisi ~ib tushdi That went well. Undan ~ar kishi yo'q No one surpasses him. [o'til , o'tkaz , o'tkazil , o'tkazish o'tkiz , o'tkizil , o'tkizish , o'tqiz , o'tqizdir , o'tqizil , o'tqizish ]

O't alaf : (all kinds of) grasses.

O't dalali : grassland/crop rotation. ~ dehqonchilik sistemasi grassland/crop rotation agricultural system. ~ almashlab ekish rotation of grassland and crops.

O't o'lan : grasses.

O't olov : fire and flame, flames; fiery.

O'ta  : v.t. To carry out (duty), to serve as. [o'tal , o'tat , o'tash ]

O'ta  : v.t. To weed. [o'tal , o'tat , o'tash ]

O'ta : impf. Form of ~ ko'rinadigan transparent.

O'tacha rare : s. O'taketgan.

O'taka : ~si yoril  to be frightened nearly to death.
O'taketgan : uncommon, extreme, quite the...

O'tar o'tmas : no sooner had... Gone by that..., within. Bir yil ~ turmush qurdik We were married within a year.

O'tar : herd of sheep.

O'tgan ketgan : passing by; bygone, dead and gone. ~lar passersby; those who have passed on.

O'tgan : past. Part. Of ~ zamon past time; past tense.

O'timli : transitive.

O'timsiz : intransitive.

O'tin  : v.i. To plead, to beg.

O'tin cho'p : firewood, kindling.

O'tin : firewood. ~ yor  to chop firewood.

O'tinch : plea, entreaty.

O'tinchi : woodcutter, seller and gatherer of firewood.

O'tinfurush : firewood seller.

O'tinkash : s. O'tinchi.

O'tinkashlik : abstr. Of o'tinkash; firewood collection.

O'tinxona : firewood shed.

O'tir  : v.i. To sit; to get on (transport), to ride; to occupy a position; to stay, to live; to settle; to suit, to fit; (after V+(i)b) denotes continuous action, e.g., nima qilib ~ibsan? What are you doing? Sizdan so'rab ~armidik? Would we be sitting here asking you? Uyda ~  to stay at home. Poezdga ~  to get on, to take the train. Turmada ~  to lie in prison. [o'tiril , o'tirish , o'tirt , o'tirg'iz ]

O'tirg'ich : seat.o'tirik arch.lie.o'tirik arch.liar.

O'tirish : v.n. Of o'tir ; party, gathering, celebration.

O'tish : v.n. Of o't ; crossing; mutual debt.

O'tkar  : s. O'tkaz .

O'tkaz  : v.t. Caus. Of bir biridan ~ to outdo one another. Muhokamadan ~  to subject to discussion. Tirikchilik ~  to get by. Temir yo'l ~  to build a railway. [o'tkazdir , o'tkazil , o'tkazish ]

O'tkazgich : conductor.

O'tkazuvchan : conductive, conducting.

O'tkazuvchanlik : conductivity.

O'tkinchi : passerby; passing, transitory.

O'tkir : sharp; moving, effective, powerful.

O'tkirla  : v.t. To sharpen. [o'tkirlan , o'tkirlat ]

O'tkirlash  : v.i. To become sharp, to sharpen. [o'tkirlashtir ]

O'tkirlik : sharpness; effectiveness, power.

O'tla  : v.i. To graze; to digress. [o'tlatil , o'tlat , o'tlash ]

O'tli 1 : fiery; passionate, impassioned.

O'tli 2 : grassy.

O'tli shudli : energetic; capable.

O'tloq : pasture.

O'tlov : s. O'tloq.

O'tmas : dull, not sharp. ~ burchak obtuse angle. ~ mol slow moving or non selling item. Fikri ~ dull witted.

O'tmaslan  : v.i. To become dull. [o'tmaslantir ]

O'tmaslash  : v.i. S. O'tmaslan . Aqlini/zehnni/fikrni o'tmaslashtir  to dull the mind. [o'tmaslashtir ]

O'tmaslik : dullness.

O'tmish : the past.

O'tog'asi : leader, elder.

O'toq 1 : weeding.

O'toq 2 : surpassing, superior.

O'tov : yurt. ~ tik  to set up a yurt. Oy ~ tikibdi The moon has rings around it.

O'tparast : fire worshipper.

O'tparastlik : fire worship.

O'tqaz  : v.t. Caus. Of ~gani jo'y topmadi to treat well. Boshga ~  to honor, to treat with great respect; to appoint the head of. [o'tqazdir o'tqazil , o'tqazish ]

O'troq : settled.

O'troqlash  : v.i. To become settled.

O'tsochar : flame thrower.

O'ttiz : thirty.

O'ttizinchi : thirtieth.

O'ttiztacha : around thirty.

O'txo'r : grass loving (animal).

O'txona : firebox.

O'tzor : grassland, pasture.

O'tzorlik : s. O'tzor.

O'xchi  : v.i. To gag, to retch. [o'xchit , o'xchish ]

O'xchiq : gagging noise. ~i tutdi to feel like gagging.

O'xsha  : v.i. To resemble, to look or be like; to seem like; to turn out well. [o'xshal , o'xshat , o'xshatil ]

O'xshamagan :

O'xshash : v.n. Of o'xsha ; similar, same, identical.

O'xshashlik : similarity.

O'xshashsiz : incomparable, matchless.

O'xshat  : v.t. Caus. Of o'xsha ; to liken, to consider similar to; to do well, to do a good job of. [o'xshatil ]

O'xshatish : v.n. Of o'xshat ; likening, comparison, analogy.

O'xshatma : s. O'xshatish.

O'xshovsiz : unsightly, ugly; unbecoming.

O'y  : v.t. To gouge out, to carve out, to hollow out, to scoop out; to bore through; to pinch hard; to engrave, to etch, to chisel. ~ib ol  to put in one's place, to tell off. [o'ydir , o'ydiril , o'yil ]

O'y : thought; intention; aptitude, smarts. ~iga et  to decide, to come to a conclusion. ~ sur  to ponder.

O'ychan : pensive; tranquil.

O'ychanlik : pensiveness; peacefulness, tranquility.

O'ychi : thoughtful, pensive.

O'ydim chuqur : s. O'nqir cho'nqir.

O'ydim chuqurlik : s. O'nqir cho'nqirlik.

O'yin kulgi : fun and games, merrymaking.

O'yin mazax : fun and joking.

O'yin : game, playing; dance; entertainment, fun; joke, joking. Loy ~i playing with mud, making mud pies. ~ buzuqi spoilsport, sourpuss. ~ga tush  to dance. ~ tush  to prance, to dance about. ~ qil  to play a game, to play around, to joke around.

O'yinboz : merrymaker.

O'yinchi : dancer; player; playful.

O'yinchiq : s. O'yinchoq.

O'yinchoq : toy, plaything.

O'yinqaroq : (child) constantly at play.o'yinxona coll.playhouse, theater.

O'yiq : hollowed out, gouged out, grooved; hollow place, pit.

O'yla  : v.t. To think (of, about), to consider. ~b top  to figure out. ~lab chiqar  to think of, to make up. ~b netib o'tirmay to do s.t. W/o sitting and thinking about it. [o'ylan , o'ylantir , o'ylat , o'ylattir , o'ylash ]

O'ylamsira  : v.i. To appear to be thinking; to fall into thought.

O'ylan  : v.i. Reflex. Of o'yla ; to ponder, to consider, to reflect on, to be deep in thought. [o'ylantir ]

O'ylashimcha : in my way of thinking, the way I think.

O'yma : hollowed out, gouged out; carved, engraved; stamped, printed.

O'ymakor : engraver; engraved, etched, chiseled.

O'ymakorlik : engraving, carving; abstr. Of o'ymakor.

O'ymala  : v.t. To make pitted, full of holes; to pinch, to tweak (hard, over and over).

O'ymoq 1 : pit, cavity.o'ymoq 2 dial.thimble (s. Angishvona).

O'yna  : v.t. To play; to dance; to play with, to cajole, to joke with; to jump or prance about, to move about; to move, to vibrate, to be loose. Qalliq ~  to meet secretly with one's fiancee. [o'ynal , o'ynat , o'ynatil , o'ynash ]

O'ynash  v.t., : v.i. Coop. Of o'yna ; to have an affair with.

O'ynash : v.n. Of o'yna ; lover.

O'ynashlik : s. O'ynash.

O'ynoq : playful, dashing, lively.

O'ynoqi : playful, frisky, lively; invigorating; loose, licentious; flirtatious.

O'ynoqilik : playfulness, liveliness; looseness licentiousness.

O'ynoqla  : v.t. To frisk or dash about; to be flirtatious. [o'ynoqlan , o'ynoqlat , o'ynoqlash ]

O'ynovchi : player, dancer.

O'yuvchi : active part. Of o'y ; caustic.

O'z  : v.t. To surpass, to outstrip; to carry on, to continue. Kim ~di o'yna  to race. [o'zdir ]

O'z : own; self. ~ uyim my own house. ~im myself. ~ boshiga by himself. ~ so'zli resolute, steadfast, immovable. ~ ~iga to oneself. ~ ~idan by itself. ~ ~idan ma'lum self evident. ~ ~icha (de ) (to say) to o.s. ~iga kel  to come to o.s. Again, to pull o.s. Together, to be one's old self again; to understand a problem correctly. ~iga ol  to take offense at. ~iga ~i qil  to do s.t. To o.s. ~ida yo'q extremely, out of one's head with (e.g., happiness). ~idan ket  to pass out. ~ingizdan o'tar gap yo'q There's nothing that you don't know about. ~ini ~i eb qo'y  toe eaten up (by grief, etc.). ~ini qo'lga ol  to get control of o.s. ~ qo'li bilan by his own hands. ~ingiz bilasiz It's up to you., As you like. ~ini bos /~ini yo'qotib qo'y  to lose control of o.s., to lose one's head. ~icha just like it is, just the way it was; in one's own way; on one's own, for no reason. Nega kelding?  ~im Why did you come?   No special reason. Bu nima ~i? What is this thing? ~i nima gap? What is the matter/story? O'sha kunning ~ida that very day. ~ ixtiyori It's up to him.

O'zag'on : swift, fleet (outstripping all others).

O'zak : core, pith; root, origin.

O'zakdosh : (word) from a common root.

O'zan : channel, riverbed.

O'zaro : common, shared, private. ~ gap private matter.

O'zbek : Ozbek, Uzbek.

O'zbekcha : Ozbek (language, etc.).

O'zbekchala  : v.i. To speak in Ozbek.

O'zbekchasiga : in Ozbek language or fashion. ~ bu narsaning oti nima? What do you call this thing in Ozbek?

O'zbekchilik : Ozbek customs, ways of doing things, "Ozbek stuff".

O'zbeklik : Ozbekness.

O'zbelgilash : self determination.

O'zbilarmon : know it all.

O'zbilarmonlik : willfulness.

O'zboshimcha : willful, self willed.

O'zboshimchalik : license, willfulness, arbitrariness; unconstrained or unprincipled behavior or goings on.

O'zg'ir : fast, fleet (outstripping others); foremost, leading.

O'zga : strange; stranger; other, different. Undan ~ in addition, furthermore.

O'zgacha : different, in a different way. ~ (qilib) aytganda to put it in other words. ~ bir hodisa unique occurrence.

O'zgalik : difference, distinction.

O'zgar  : v.i. To change. [o'zgarish , o'zgart , o'zgartir , o'zgartiril , o'zgartirish , o'zgartish ]

O'zgarish : v.n. Of o'zgar ; change.

O'zgarishsiz : w/o change.

O'zgarmas : unchanging, constant. ~ tok direct current. ~ miqdor (math) constant.

O'zgartirish : change, alteration.

O'zgaruvchan : variable, shifting, changing, fluctuating, alternating. ~ tok alternating current. ~ yulduzlar variable stars. ~ havo changing weather.

O'zgaruvchanlik : changeableness; inconstancy, variability.

O'zgaruvchi : variable, changing. ~ miqdor (math) variable.

O'zibo'larchilik : indifference, unconcern. ~ yo'li bilan unconcernedly, apathetically. Ishni ~ka tashla  to let s.t. Go its own way.

O'zishmachoq : race, competition.

O'zishuv : v.n. Of o'zish ; race, competition.

O'ziyurar : self propelled. ~ shassi tractor on which various pieces of farm machinery can be mounted ?? [samoxodnoe wassi].

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ta’limi vazirligi
haqida tushuncha
toshkent davlat
Darsning maqsadi
xorazmiy nomidagi
Toshkent davlat
vazirligi toshkent
tashkil etish
Alisher navoiy
rivojlantirish vazirligi
Ўзбекистон республикаси
matematika fakulteti
pedagogika universiteti
таълим вазирлиги
sinflar uchun
Nizomiy nomidagi
tibbiyot akademiyasi
maxsus ta'lim
ta'lim vazirligi
o’rta ta’lim
махсус таълим
bilan ishlash
fanlar fakulteti
Referat mavzu
umumiy o’rta
haqida umumiy
Navoiy davlat
Buxoro davlat
fanining predmeti
fizika matematika
universiteti fizika
malakasini oshirish
kommunikatsiyalarini rivojlantirish
jizzax davlat
davlat sharqshunoslik