SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Nozanday : just fine, not bad. Noz firoq, nozu firoq

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Nozanday : just fine, not bad.

Noz firoq, nozu firoq : capricious or spoiled behavior. ~ qil  to act disdainfully, to set off in an (apparent) huff. .

Noz istig'no, nozu istig'no : affected and capricious behavior.

Noz ne'mat : fruits and bounties, plentiful victuals and viands.

Noz qarashma, nozu qarashma : dalliance, coquettish looks and glances.

Nozanin : well proportioned and beautiful (girl or woman). .

Nozik : fine, delicate; sensitive; graceful; tiny, decorative beads. ~ tabiat/tabiati ~ delicate or sensitive nature. Ko'ngli ~ faint hearted, sensitive. ~ did/didi ~ having refined or superb taste. .

Noziklik : abstr. Of nozik.

Nozilash  : to become fine, elegant, or sensitive; to become delicate or tricky (situation). (v.i.).

Nozir : overseer, superintendent; inspector. (Arabic).

Nozlan  : to dally; to act capriciously. (v.i.)Nuchuk what manner?, what kind? (coll.).

Nufus : population (s. Aholi). (Arabic).

Nufuz : personal influence, weight, or power. (Arabic).

Nufuzli : influential (person).

Nujum : ilmi ~ astrology. (Arabic).

Nuqra : silver. (poet.).

Nuqs : defect, imperfection. ~i urdi to have an effect. (Arabic).

Nuqson : imperfection, defect; shortcoming. (Arabic)

Nuqsonli : defective, imperfect.

Nuqta : point. Ko'p ~ ommission points. Ikki/qo'sh ~ colon. Urinish ~si point of contact. Tayanch ~si fulcrum. ~i nazar point of view. ~li vergul semicolon. (Arabic)

Nuqul : entirely, from top to bottom, every inch; constantly, always. (Arabic)

Nur : light; ray, beam. Ko'z ~i the light/apple of one's eye. ~ alo (ustiga) alo ~ even better yet. ~ kasali radiation poisoning. Ko'z ~ini to'kib to work diligently. (Arabic).

Nura  : to become worn out or delapidated; to become weathered; to fall apart. [nurat ] (v.i.).

Nurafshon : brilliant. .

Nurash : v.n. Of nura ; weathering.

Nurlan  : to shine; to radiate, to beam. [nurlantir ] (v.i.)

Nurlantir  : caus. Of nurlan ; to irradiate. (v.t.).

Nurli : radiant, shining, brilliant.

Nuroniy : shining with light; of noble appearance.

Nursiz : dim; pale, lifeless; lackluster.

Nursizlan  : to grow pale. (v.i.).

Nusqa : s. Nusxa. (coll.).

Nusrat : help, aid; victory. ~ top  to be victorious. (Arabic).

Nusxa : example, specimen; copy, draft; issue, printing; pattern, design; type; mug, face. Asl ~ original copy. Do'ppi ~si pattern for a do'ppi. ~ngni ko'rsatma Don't show your face (around here). (Arabic).

Nutq : speech. ~ qobiliyati speaking ability. Og'zaki ~ spoken language, colloquial speech. ~ tovushlari speech sounds. ~ so'zla  to deliver a speech. (Arabic)

O' : Oh!, Hey!.o'bdan dial.well, thoroughly (s. Obdan).

O'ch 1 : revenge, vengeance. ~ ol  to get revenge. Menda ~ing bormi? Do you have something against me?

O'ch 2 : in love with, mad about, hungry for.
O'ch  : v.i. To go out, to be extinguished; to fade, to disappear; to become quiet; to be expelled. Rangi ~di The color has faded. [o'chir , o'chiril , o'chirish , o'chirtir ]

O'ch adovat : vengeance and enmity.

O'chakish  : v.i. To be on bad terms; to work against, to try to get on the nerves of one another. [o'chakishtir ]

O'chinqira  : v.i. To fade somewhat.

O'chiq : extinguished, out (fire), off (lamp); faded.

O'chir  : v.t. Caus. Of o'ch ; to extinguish, to put out. Ro'yxatdan o'chir  to remove from the list. [o'chiril , o'chirish , o'chirtir ]

O'chirgich : extinguisher; eraser.

O'chiruvchi : o't ~ firefighting ; firefighter.

O'chlik : greed, hunger, passion.

O'choq : usu. Mud built stove for cooking food in a cauldron; a kind of fireplace; (fig.) Hearth, origin. ~ boshi cooking area, area or room where the stove is located. ~qa unna  to set to cooking a meal.

O'dag'ayla  : v.i. To yell, to shout, to holler. [o'dag'aylan , o'dag'aylash ]

O'g'il 3pp o'g'li : son; boy. ~ to'yi circumcision feast (s. ~ bola son; tough, manly. Gapning ~ bolasi truest, most proper words or ideas. ~ bola gap a man's word, swear to God.

O'g'il qiz : sons and daughters, boys and girls, children; young people.

O'g'ilcha : small boy.

O'g'illik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to act like a boy; to be a son to.

O'g'ilsiz : sonless.

O'g'ilsizlik : sonlessness.

O'g'ir : wooden mortar for pounding grain. ~ dasta large wooden pestle.

O'g'irla  : v.t. To steal; to kidnap. Gap ~  to eavesdrop. Joy ~  to take up (needed) space. Fikr ~  to steal the ideas of; to distract. [o'g'irlan , o'g'irlat , o'g'irlash ]

O'g'irlik : abstr. Of o'g'ri; stealing, thievery; stolen.

O'g'irliqcha : s. O'g'rincha.

O'g'it : fertilizer; starter, ferment, leavening; strength. ~ ber  to fertilize. Mahalliy ~ natural fertilizer.
O'g'itla  : v.t. To fertilize. [o'g'itlan ]

O'g'itlagich : manure or fertilizer spreader.

O'g'itli : fertilized. Yuragi ~ full of strength, energetic.

O'g'iz : Oghuz (name of large Turkic group and their languages). ~ shevalari Oghuz dialects (of Ozbek; spoken mainly in western Ozbekistan).o'g'lon lit.son; brave young man; epithet denoting royal lineage.

O'g'ri : thief, robber, crook. Gap ~si eavesdropper. ~ keti quvush crime doesn't pay.

O'g'riboshi : leader of a group of thieves.

O'g'rilik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to steal; to make a living from stealing.

O'g'rincha : sneakily, secretly; secret. ~ kasb secret skill.

O'g'rinchasiga : sneakily, secretly.

O'g'rivachcha : son of a thief.

O'g'rixona : den of thieves.

O'gay : step  (relative). ~ bola stepchild. ~ ko'z bilan qara  s. O'gayla .

O'gayla  : v.t. To treat as a step relative, to abuse, to be inconsiderate towards. [o'gaylan ]

O'gaylik : step relationship; behavior or treatment as a step relative (i.e., abusive or inconsiderate).

O'gir  : v.t. To turn around; to toss (playing piece); to dedicate (money, etc.) To the spirit of a saint, then pour over the head of others (for good luck or to bring success). Boshidan suv ~ib ich  to show the utmost respect to. Kalima ~  to make the Muslim declaration of faith. [o'giril , o'girtir ]

O'girig'li :

O'girma : a method of sewing; a design sewn by this method.

O'git nasihat : advice and guidance. ~ qil  to offer advice, guidance.

O'git : advice, guidance.

O'gitla  : v.t. To advise, to counsel.

O'h : Oh!, Agh!

O'hho' : s. O'ho' 1. For re alphabetizing  see o't  for lots of items shorth listing in alphabetichal order.

O'ho' 1 : Oh oh!, Ahah!O'ho' 2 ono.coughing sound. ~ ~ qil  to cough, to hack.

O'jar : stubborn, bullheaded, obstinate; uncontrollable.

O'jarchasiga : s. O'jarona.

O'jarlik : stubbornness, obstinacy.

O'jarona : stubbornly, obstinately.o'kcha dial.heel (s. Poshna).

O'kil : proxy (for bride or groom at a betrothal ceremony).

O'kin  : v.i. To feel sorrow or remorse, to regret. [o'kintir ]

O'kin : ~ga tush  to feel sorrow or remorse.

O'kinch : regret, remorse.

O'kinchli : sorry, regretful, remorseful.

O'kir  : v.i. To wail; to bellow, to howl. [o'kirish , o'kirtir ]

O'kirik : howl(ing), wail(ing).

O'kra  : v.i. To wail, to sob.

O'kran  : v.i. To snort.

O'ksi  : v.i. To feel pangs of sorrow, regret, or grief, to sorrow, to grieve. [o'ksin , o'ksintir , o'ksit ]

O'ksik : sorrowful, grieved; grief, sorrow.

O'ksiklik : sorrow, grief.

O'ksin  : s. O'ksi .

O'ksiniq : sorrow, grief, sadness.

O'ksiz : orphaned; poor, helpless; grievous, sorrowful.

O'ksizlan  : v.i. S. O'ksi .

O'ksizlik : orphanhood; loneliness; misfortune, misery.

O'ktam : forcible, influential; generous; affable, likeable.

O'ktamlik : generosity; sociability; influence, forcefulness.

O'l  : v.i. To die; to die (down, away, etc.); to go bad; (after V+(may ~! Stop ...ing and drop dead! ~diga chiqar  to announce as dead. Ajaldan besh kun burun ~  to die an untimely death. Nomusga ~  to die from shame. Eti ~  to feel numb; to become unafraid of, inured; to become unfeeling. ~ganning kunidan having no other choice. ~ganning ustiga ko'mgan one misfortune on top of another. ~ib tur /~ib, charchab to be dead tired. ~ib netib qol  to have some disaster befall one. ~ib tirilib or ~ib qutulib tooth and nail, hammer and tongs; by the sweat of one's brow. ~magan mening jonim i've endured worse than this., This is nothing. ~sinki shunday bo'lsa There is no way that it can be this way. ~ a! Hey hey!, a hah! ~ay agar I swear to God (lit., 'May I die if...'). Voy ~ay! Oh my God! ~ma(ng)! May you live long! ~masam! Well, i'll be! ~gan ish dead issue, bygone thing. ~gan tsement cement which has gone bad. ~maydigan mol product which never loses its value. ~maydigan hunar skill which is always in demand. ~ deydigan odam/~dim ~dim deguncha until the very last moment; a very little bit at a time. ~masning kuni in order not to die, to preserve one's life. ~sa o'ligi ortiq incomparably better. [o'ldir , o'ldiril , o'ldirtir ]

O'la o'lguncha : for the rest of one's days.

O'laksa : corpse, carcass; half dead.

O'laksaxo'r : carrion eater, scavenger; vulture; freeloader, parasite.

O'lan 1 : grass.

O'lan 2 : song (esp. One sung at a wedding or other celebration).

O'lanchi : singer.

O'lanzor : field, meadow.

O'larcha : extremely, terribly, horribly.

O'larday : s. O'larcha.

O'larligin : until nearly dead.

O'larmon : greedy, voracious; hooked on, crazy about.

O'larmonlik : greed, uncontrollable desire. ~ qil  to show greed towards; to desire uncontrollably.

O'laroq lit. (as, being, in the capacity of. Birinchi martaba ~ for the first time.

O'lasi : ~ qilib ur  to beat until nearly dead.

O'lat : plague. ~ teg  to have the plague strike.

O'lcha  : v.t. To measure, to gauge; to assess, to weigh. O'z gazi bilan ~  to measure according to one's own yardstick. [o'lchan  o'lchanil , o'lchat , o'lchash ]

O'lchagich : measuring device.o'lchak dial.s. O'lchov.

O'lcham : size, dimensions.

O'lchov : measure, measuring; dimensions.

O'lchovli : bound, finite, limited; measured.

O'lchovsiz : unmeasured; immeasurable, immense.

O'lda jo'lda : messy, in chaos.

O'ldir  : v.t. Caus. Of sirkalab ~  to marinate in vinegar. Etini o'ldir  to numb, to anesthetize. [o'ldiril , o'ldirtir ]

O'lganda : after one is dead, i.e., never; at the very least.

O'lgu(n)day : until nearly dead; extremely, terribly.

O'lguncha : s. O'lgunday.

O'lgur : damn, blasted.

O'lik : dead; corpse, carcass; non living; lifeless; gone bad, unusable; atrophied. ~dek uxla  to sleep like the dead. ~ini bir pul qilib without a thought for o.s., without sparing o.s. ~ ko'tar  to carry a corpse on a bier to the graveyard for burial. ~ tabiat the inorganic world. ~ Et atrophied flesh. Yaraning ~i lump of dead flesh within a wound.

O'likxona : morgue (s. Murdaxona).

O'lim yitim : death and loss.

O'lim : death. ~ jazosi death penalty. ~ to'shagida yotibdi on one's deathbed.

O'limlik : money or goods set aside to cover the costs of funeral rites.

O'limnoma : death sentence.o'limsa dial.corpse, dead body.

O'limsaxo'r : s. O'laksaxo'r.

O'limtik : dead body, corpse; half dead; greedy, insatiable.

O'limtiklik : greediness, insatiability.

O'lja : prey,quarry; booty, spoils. ~ qil /ol  to capture, to carry off.

O'lka : country; province.

O'lkashunos : student of a certain region's culture and economy.

O'lmas : undying, eternal; never losing its value (product).

O'lmaydigan : s. O'lmas.

O'lpon : land tax.

O'lponchi : tax collector.

O'lsa yitmas : durable, tough.o'ltang dial.water distributor, weir.o'ltir  arch.s. O'tir . [o'ltirish ]

O'ltirish : s. O'tirish.

O'mar  coll. : v.t. To run off with, to filch. [o'maril , o'martir ]

O'mboq do'mboq : bumpy.o'mgak coll.s. O'mgan.

O'mgan : breast.

O'mganla  : v.i. To forge ahead. [o'mganlat ]

O'mildiriq : breast strap attached to a saddle??

O'miz : shoulder.

O'mrov : breast, chest.

O'mrovdor : s. O'mrovli.

O'mrovla  : v.i. To push or forge ahead.

O'mrovli : broad chested.

O'n : ten.

O'naqay : right handed; convenient, handy, easy; right(hand). ~ Etik right boot. ~ oshiq knucklebone from the right leg of an animal.

O'nboshi : commander of ten men; brigade leader.

O'nboshilik : abstr. Of o'nboshi.

O'ng 1 : right, right hand. ~ ko'zi bilan qara  to treat well. ~ ko'zing chap ko'zingga oshna bo'lmaydigan (a time when) even friends can't be trusted.

O'ng 2 : reality. Ko'z ~i qorong'ilashdi his sight became blurry. Ko'z ~ida in front of one's eyes. Ko'z ~idan o'tdi to pass before one's eyes. ~ kel  to come true.

O'ng 3 : front, top, face (of an object); right occasion, chance. Ish ~idan keldi things worked out well. Orqa ~iga qaramasdan without looking, haphazardly. Orqa ~ini ol  to put o.s. In order.

O'ng'al  : v.i. To right o.s., to straighten out.

O'ng'almas : irremediable, irreparable.o'ng'ar  coll.s. O'ngla .

O'ng'aril  : v.i. Pass. Of o'ng'ar ; to get better, to get well.

O'ng'ay : convenient, opportune; easy, simple.

O'ng'aylan  : s. O'ng'aylash .

O'ng'aylash  : v.i. To become easy.

O'ng'aylik : convenience, ease.

O'ng'aysiz : awkward, uncomfortable.

O'ng'aysizlan  : v.i. To feel awkward or uncomfortable. [o'ng'aysizlantir ]

O'ng'aysizlik : uncomfortable or awkward feeling or position.

O'ng  1 : v.i. To fade. [o'ngit ]

O'ng  2 : v.i. To improve, to straighten out.o'ng so'l, o'ngu so'lright and left, on all sides.

O'ng ters : front and back, all sides. ~iga qarab looking at all sides, considering all angles.

O'ngar  : v.t. To hoist on one's shoulders; to carry over one's saddle or behind the saddle on a horse; to put right, to improve, to straighten out. [o'ngaril , o'ngarish ]o'ngchilik arch.rightist tendencies, conservatism.

O'ngir : hollow, pit, cavity.

O'ngla  : v.t. To set straight, to straighten out. Nafasini ~  to catch one's breath. Og'zini ~  to make ready to say s.t. Es hushini ~  to collect one's thoughts. O'zini ~  to straighten o.s. Out, to get a hold of o.s. [o'nglan , o'nglat , o'nglash ]

O'nglash  v.t. : v.i. Coop. Of o'ngla ; to swing to the right.

O'nglik 1 : convenience, handiness.

O'nglik 2 : truth, veracity.

O'nglik 3 : rightism, rightist tendency.

O'ngmagan 1 : unsuccessful; failure, unlucky person; (dial.) Inapt.

O'ngmagan 2 : not faded, fresh.

O'ninchi : tenth.

O'nlab : tens, dozens; ten at a time.

O'nlar xonasi : decimal point.

O'nlarcha : (in) tens, dozens.

O'nli : decimal . ~ kasr decimal fraction. ~ tarozi metric balance.

O'nlik : unit of ten; ten (of cards). ~ kasr decimal fraction.

O'nqir cho'nqir : bumpy, rough, pitted.

O'nqir cho'nqirlik : rough or bumpy place.

O'nqir : hole, hollow.o'nqov coll.chance, opportunity, possibility. ~i yo'q not at all possible. ~ini qil  to pull off.

O'nta : ten (of countable, non unit nouns).

O'ntacha : around ten.

O'ntalab : in tens, dozens.o'ntalik coll.pack of ten; ten so'm bill.

O'p  : v.t. To kiss. Onasi ~magan chaste, innocent. [o'pish , o'ptir ]o'pich dial.kiss (s. O'pish, bo'sa).

O'pir  : v.t. To knock down, to smash through, to destroy; to decimate. [o'piril ]

O'pirilish : v.n. Of o'piril ; breakdown, disintegration.

O'pish : v.n. Of o'p ; kiss (s. Bo'sa).

O'pka 1 : lung. ... Desa ~si ko'rinadi sensitive, ready to cry or break down at the slightest provocation. ~si yo'q or ~sini qo'ltiqlagan fussy, whining; braggart, boaster. ~si og'ziga tiqilib to be in a flutter (with excitement or alarm). ~si to'ldi on the verge of crying. ~si to'lib yig'la  or ~sini tutolmay yig'la  to break down crying. ~ngni bos! Calm yourself! ~sini rostla  to take a erst. ~sini tut  to stop o.s. From crying. ~sini qo'ltiqlab chop /yo'talaverib ~si tushdi to cough one's lungs out (i.e., violently).

O'pka 2 : resentment, bitterness. ~ saqla  to feel resentment.

O'pka gina : grudge, resentment, hostility.o'pkachi coll.easily upset, touchy.

O'pkala  : v.i. (+dan) to feel resentment towards, to bear a grudge against. [o'pkalash ]

O'pkali : resentful, bitter.

O'pkasiz : free of fighting, trouble; braggart, boaster.

O'poq : o'tirsa , ~, tursa so'poq de  to find fault with.

O'pqin : swirl, whirl, eddy; s. O'pqon.

O'pqinlik : bottomless well.

O'pqon : underground chasm or hole (formed by the earth giving way under or next to a water channel); bottomless pit. Ichingda ~ing bormi?/~ing ochildimi? Do you have a hollow leg?

O'pqonlik : bottomless pit.

O'q 1 : arrow; bullet, shell. ~ yog'dir  to rain down bullets or arrows upon. ~ tovushi shot, report. ~ e  to take a bullet, to be hit. ~ing o'zganmi? Are you better than everyone else? ~day fast as a bullet; strong, straight.

O'q 2 : shaft, axle; axis; main, principle. ~ ariq main canal. ~ ildiz tap root. ~ poya main stem.

O'q dori : ammunition.

O'q yoy : bow and arrow; (dial.) Rainbow.o'qaloq zool.gadfly larva.

O'qaloqla  : v.i. To stamp, to thrash about (as when a gadfly larva bores through the skin).

O'qchi  : s. O'xchi .

O'qchi : maker of arrows; rifleman, gunner.

O'qdon : quiver (s. Sadoq); ammunition case; cartridge chamber. ~ kamar bandolier, ammunition belt.

O'qi  : v.t. To read; to study; to recite (esp. Prayers, etc.) ; to give (lecture); to work on, to win around. Duo ~  to recite a prayer, to make a prayer. Namoz ~  to perform one's prayers. ~b ber  to read to. ~gan educated. [o'qil , o'qit , o'qitil , o'qittir , o'qish ]

O'qimishli : erudite, learned.

O'qish o'rganish : learning and study.

O'qish yozish : reading and writing.

O'qish : v.n. Of ~ga ketyapsizmi? Are you going to school? ~ga kir  to start school.

O'qit  : v.t. Caus. Of o'qi ; to teach. [o'qitil , o'qittir ]

O'qitish : teaching.

O'qituvchi : teacher, instructor.

O'qituvchilik : abstr. Of o'qituvchi.

O'qla  : v.t. To load (gun). [o'qlan , o'qlat , o'qlash ]

O'qli 1 : loaded.

O'qli 2 :  axled.

O'qlog'i : rolling pin.

O'qloq : s. O'qlog'i.

O'qlov 1 : v.n. Of o'qla .o'qlov 2 dial.s. O'qlog'i.

O'qra : s. O'qaloq.

O'qray  : v.i. To glare, to scowl. [o'qrayish , o'qrayt , o'qraytir ]o'qsochar arch. Coll.machine gun.

O'qta  : v.t. To point.

O'qtal  : v.t. To threaten with, to hold out as if to strike with. [o'qtalish ]

O'qtin o'qtin : from time to time, every so often.

O'quv : v.n. Of ~ soati class period. ~ yili school year. ~ plani curriculum.

O'quvchi : reader; student, pupil (of grammar school).

O'quvchilik : abstr. Of o'quvchi; student days.

O'r 1 : pit; trench; dropoff.

O'r 2 : stubborn; ignorant.

O'r  1 : v.t. To gather, to harvest. [o'rdir , o'ril , o'rish ]

O'r  2 : v.t. To braid, to weave. [o'rdir , o'ril , o'rish ]

O'r  3 v.i. Dial. : s. O'rla .

O'ra  : v.t. To wrap, to cover; to roll up; to surround, to encircle. Pilla ~  to weave a cocoon. [o'ral , o'ralish , o'raltir , o'ran , o'rantir , o'rat , o'rash ]

O'ra o'ra : lots of (lit., 'pits and pits full').

O'ra : pit for storing root crops. Chigit ~ small pool used for soaking cottonseeds before planting.

O'ral  : v.i. Pass. Of o'ra ; to be busy with; to wind around, to become entwined. [o'ralish , o'raltir ]

O'rala  : s. O'rla .

O'ralash  : v.i. To mill around; to teem, to throng; to get underfoot; to wrap o.s. (in s.t.); to be occupied, busy, or tied down doing s.t.

O'ralish  : v.i. Coop. Of o'ral ; to be occupied (s. O'ralash ).

O'ram 1 : ball, skein, coil; packet, bundle, roll; enough to wrap, or roll or twist at one time. Bir ~ maxorka one cigarette worth of loose tobacco.o'ram 2 dial.neighborhood, district.

O'rama : square pieces of thinly rolled dough rolled together and fried in oil ??; wound, wrapped around. ~ belbog' girdle, sash.

O'ramala  : v.t. To wrap, to swathe.

O'rash  v.t., : v.i. Coop. Of o'ra ; to cling to, to climb, to wind around.o'rda hist.horde, confederation; headquarters or head camp (of Turkic or Mongol confederation). Oltin ~ the Golden Horde.o'rdak zool.duck.

O'rdalik : resident of a horde; official of a horde.o'rdu arch.troops, army.

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sinflar uchun
o’rta ta’lim
maxsus ta'lim
таълим вазирлиги
vazirligi muhammad
fanlar fakulteti
ta'lim vazirligi
tibbiyot akademiyasi
Toshkent axborot
махсус таълим
haqida umumiy
umumiy o’rta
Referat mavzu
ishlab chiqarish
fizika matematika
pedagogika fakulteti
universiteti fizika
Navoiy davlat