SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Nazariyachi : s. Nazariyotchi.nazariyotchi theorist.

Nazarlan  : to fall victim to the evil eye. [nazarlantir ] (v.i.).

Nazd : ~ida in front, next to; in (one's) opinion, in (one's) mind. .

Nazira : a literary work written to resemble or respond to that of another author. (Arabic).

Nazla : mucus. (Arabic).

Nazm : poetry. (Arabic).

Nazmiy : poetical. (Arabic).

Nazokat : refinement, grace. (Arabic).

Nazokatli : graceful.

Nazokatsiz : graceless, inelegant; rude, impolite, indelicate.

Nazokatsizlik : unfriendliness, impoliteness; lack of grace or refinement.

Nazora : look, glance. (Arabic).

Nazorat : supervision, superintendence, control; inspectorate; commissariate, ministry. (Arabic).

Nazoratchi : overseer, supervisor, inspector, examiner.

Nazoratsiz : unsupervised; neglected.nazr niyoz alms, charity.

Nazr : votive offering, usu. Alms or food given to the poor in expectation of God's favor; fee paid for prayers, incantations, etc.; alms, charity. (Arabic).

Nazzora : look, glance. (Arabic).

Ne'mat : blessings, benefaction; food, provender. (Arabic).

Ne ne : what, so many, many many. ~ umidlar bilan kutgan edi What (high) hopes he had waited (for them) with.

Necha necha : (ever) so many.

Necha : how many?.

Nechanchi : which? (lit., how many eth?). ~ sinfda o'qiysiz? Which grade are you in?.

Nechik : what manner of?; for what reason? Har ~ in any case, for whatever reason.

Nechikki(m) : as, since. ~ aytmishlar as they say.

Nechog'lik : how much, to what degree; no matter how much.

Nechov : how many? (of people).

Nechta : how many? (of countable non unit nouns).

Nechuk : s. Nechik. (coll.).

Nechukkim : negaki. (arch.).

Echun : fot what reason?, why? (arch.).

Nechunkim : as, since. (arch.).

Nefrit : nephritis; nephrite, jade. (Russian).

Neft" : oil, petroleum. (Russian).

Neftchi : oil worker.

Nega : what for? Why? ~ deng/desang the reason being (that)...

Negadir : for some reason or other.

Negaki : the reason being (that)...

Negativ : negative. (Russian)

Negiz : basis, foundation; basic or root meaning (of a word).

Negr : negro. (Russian).

Nekbaxt : fortunate. .

Nekbin : optimist. .

Neki : whatever (s. Nimaiki). (arch.).

Nekqadam : auspicious, bringer of good luck (of a person). .

Nekrolog : obituary. (Russian).

Nemis : German. (Russian).

Nemischa : German language.

Nenets : Nenets. (Russian).

Neokolonializm : neocolonialism. (Russian).

Neolit : the New Stone Age. (Russian).

Neolitik : Neolithic. (Russian).

Neologizm : neologism. (Russian).

Neon : neon. (Russian)

Neppa nozin : just fine, pretty well. (dial.).

Neptun : Neptune. (Russian).

Neptuniy : neptunium. (Russian).

Nerv : nerve (s. Asab). (Russian).

Nest nobud : ~ bo'l  to go for naught. ~ qil  to waste.

Net  : to do s.t., to do whatever. ~ay? What can I do? So'ramay ~may without inquiring; without being questioned, unauthorized. (v.t.)

Netto : net (weight, etc.). (Russian).

Nevara chevara : grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Nevara : s. Nabira. (coll.).

Nevrolog : neurologist. (Russian)

Nevrologik : neurological. (Russian)

Nevrologiya : neurology. (Russian)

Nevropatolog : neuropathologist. (Russian)

Nevropatologiya : neuropathology. (Russian)

Nevroz : neurosis. (Russian).

Neylon : nylon. (Russian).

Neytral : neutral. (Russian).

Neytralla  : to neutralize. [neytrallan ] (v.t.).

Neytron : neutron. (Russian).

Nido : cry, sob, wail, shout, etc.; call. (Arabic).

Nifoq : enmity, antipathy. (Arabic).

Nifoqchi : one who spreads discord and enmity.

Nigilist : nihilist. (Russian).

Nigilizm : nihilism. (Russian).

Nigin : ring (s. Uzuk). .

Nigoh : look, glance. .

Nigor : beloved; beauty. .

Nigoron : one who waits earnestly to the point of exhaustion. .

Nihak : ~ ur  s. Nihakila .

Nihakila  : to bother, to pester constantly (with questions, etc.). (v.t.)

Nihol : sprout, shoot. .

Nihon : hidden, concealed. .

Nihoya : end, finish; limit. (Arabic) : nihoyasiz endless, limitless.

Nihoyat : end, finish; limit; extremely; finally, in the end. (Arabic).

Nihoyatda : extremely.

Nihoyati : all in all, only, just.

Nihoyatsiz : s. Nihoyasiz.

Nikel" : nickel. (Russian)

Nikella  : to plate with nickel. [nikallan ] (v.t.)

Nikoh : marriage. ~ to'yi wedding. ~ qil /o'qi  to perform the marriage ceremony. ~ to'g'risidagi guvohnoma marriage license. (Arabic).

Nikohla  : to betroth, to marry (a couple). (v.t.)

Nikohli : betrothed, married.

Nikohsiz : unmarried, out of wedlock.

Nikotin : nicotine. (Russian).

Nil : indigo; copper applicator for applying indigo to the eyes or for making a beauty spot.

Nilgun : indigo colored. .

Niliy : s. Nilgun. .

Nilufar : water lily. .

Nim : half.

Nima : what? ~ gap? What's up? What's happening? ~ uchun? What for? ~ bo'ldi? What happened? What's the matter? ~ qilaman? What should I do? What do you want me to do? ~ qildi? What happened?

Nimaga : What for? Why?.

Nimagaki : the reason being that...

Nimaiki : whatever, it doesn't matter what...

Nimarsa : s. Narsa. (arch.).

Nimcha : vest; (arch.) A unit of weight of app. 400 grams (14 oz.).

Nimchiliq : weak, sickly, puny.

Nimchorak : one eighth. .

Nimdosh : ragged, tattered. .

Nimjon : feeble, weakly. .

Nimkosa : small bowl. Kosa tagida ~ A reason lies at the root of everything. .

Nimposhna : low heel. .

Nimpusti : light pink. .

Nimrang : light in hue, light colored; a type of grape. .

Nimta nimta : in bits and pieces.

Nimta : half of an animal carcass (cut lengthwise). .

Nimtala  : to cut in half lengthwise; to cut up, to chop to pieces. [nimtalan ] (v.t.).

Nimtatir : weak (tea or salt water).

Nimxushk : (slightly) moist.

Nina : needle (s. Igna).

Ninni : baby. (children's speech).

Nippel" : nipple. (Russian).

Niqob : mask. (Arabic).

Niqobdor : s. Niqobli.

Niqobla  : to mask. [niqoblan ] (v.t.).

Niqobli : masked, wearing a mask.

Niqta  : to prod, to spur, to goad (horse, etc.); to knock, to strike; to pack tightly, to pound into place. (v.t.).

Niqtala  : to constantly prod or urge on. (v.t.).

Nisbat : relationship, relative degree or size; ratio. Fe'l ~lari (ling.) Voice. ~ ber  to compare. (Arabic).

Nisbatan : compared to, comparatively. (Arabic).

Nisbiy : relative. ~ sifat comparative adjective. (Arabic).

Nisbiyat : relativity. (Arabic).

Nisbiylik : s. Nisbiyat.

Nisf : half (s. Yarim). (Arabic).

Nish : point (of knife, etc.); stinger; sprout; the pointed end of an egg. .

Nishab : slant, slope. ~ er sloping land. ~ini o'ziga og'dir /to'g'rila  to tip in one's own favor. .

Nisholda : a desert made from whipped egg whites, sugar and soapwort.

Nisholdachi : nisholda maker.

Nishon : mark, sign; target; medal, badge. ~ga ol  to take aim at. ~ qo'y  to leave a mark. .

Nishona : mark, sign; the first fruits of a fruit tree. ~ qil /ko'rsat  to bear the first fruits. .

Nishondor : decorated (with medals). .

Nishonla  : to celebrate (a holiday); to mark, to tag. [nishonlan ] (v.t.).

Nishtar : scalpel; blade, point; stinger. .

Nishxo'rt : dregs of animal feed. ~ga chiqar  to waste, to misuse. .

Nisor : sacrifice; money or other things scattered amongst the people gathered at a wedding or other festivity (s. Chochiq). (Arabic).

Nitrat : nitrate. (Russian).

Nitroglitserin : nitroglycerine. (Russian).

Nitron : synthetic wool material.?? (Russian).

Nitsshechi : Nietzschist?? (Russian).

Nitsshechilik : Nietzschism??.

Nivelir : level. (Russian).

Nivelirovka : surveying. (Russian).

Nivelirovkachi : surveyor.

Nivx : (an ethnic group on the lower Amur and on Sakhalin Island. (??)

Niyat : intention. ~dan qayt  to give up. Yaxshi ~ yarim mol If you have good intentions, you're halfway there. (Arabic).

Niyoz : entreaty, supplication; (rare) alms. .

Nizo : quarrel, feud; enmity, hostility. ~ chiqar  to start a feud. O'rtaga ~ sol  to create hostility (between two parties). ~ urug'ini soch  to sow the seeds of enmity. (Arabic).

Nizolash  to feud, to come to be at odds with one another.nizoli disputed.

Nizom : rules, regulations; law; line, row. ~ tort  to fall into line, to form a line. (Arabic).

Nizomnoma : regulations. .

No'g'oy : Tatar; Noghay. ~ do'ppi a flat topped skullcap. ~ choy milk tea. ~ qoshiq decorated wooden spoon.

No'may : abundant, copious. ~ pul tons of money. Aqchaga ~ loaded with money.

No'mid : hopeless, in despair; sceptical. ~ shayton He who loses hope is lost. .

No'noq : inept, awkward.

No'qi  : to shove, to push. (dial.).

No'sh 1 : ~ ayla /Et  to imbibe. .

No'sh piyoz : winter onion. .

No'xat : chickpea. .

No'xatsho'rak : a dish prepared from chickpeas and meat. .

No'xatsho'rakchi : no'xatsho'rak seller.

No'xta : bridle.

No'xtala  : to bridle. [no'xtalan ] (v.t.).

Noahil : unfriendly, on bad terms. .

Noaniq : unclear, indistinct; vague, ambiguous;questionable, dubious. .

Noaniqlik : abstr. Of noaniq; ambiguity.

Nobakor : bad, shiftless, suspicious. .

Nobop : unsuitable, unsuited, useless; unsound, broken; rotten, good for nothing. .

Nobud ~ bo'l  to be wasted, to be destroyed; to disappear, to be lost, to die. ~ qil  to waste, to destroy; to kill.

Nobudgarchilik : wastage.

Nobudgarlik : s. Nobudgarchilik. (rare).

Nochor : unwillingly, forced, having no alternative; poor, destitute; squalid. .

Nochorlik : lack of choice, necessity; need, want.

Nodarkor : unnecessary. .

Nodir : rare. (Arabic).

Nodon : ignorant, backwards; thick, dull. .

Nodonlik : abstr. Of nodon; stupidity.

Nodurust : not right or true, wrong; off the mark, impertinent. .

Nog'ora : kettledrum. To'ydan keyin ~ missing the boat, late for the party. To'ydan oldin ~ chal /qoq  to announce something before its time. ~ qil  to beat the drum, to proclaim. O'zingga boq  ~ qoq (Arabic).

Nogah : s. Nogahon. .

Nogahon : sudden, unexpected, abrupt. .

Nogahoniy : sudden, unexpected. .

Nogiron : crippled; handicapped. .

Nogironlik : crippledness; handicap, incapacity.

Nogoh(on) : s. Nogahon. .

Nohaq : illegally, unjustly; (in the) wrong. .

Nohaqlik : illegality; injustice, wrong.; wrongdoing.

Noib : assistant, vice . (Arabic).

Noil : ~ bo'l  to realize, to reach. (Arabic).

Noiloj : by force, having no choice, involuntarily. .

Noilojlik : lack of choice, lack of alternative. ~dan to be forced, compulsorily, from lack of alternatives. .

Noinsof : unjust, unfair; pitiless, cruel, inhuman. .

Noinsofgarchilik : inhumane or unconscientious behavior or acts.

Noinsoflik : unfairness; inhumanity; cruelty.

Nojins : of a different constitution or type; bad, of inferior quality. .

Nojo'ya : inappropriate, out of place, unseemly.

Nok : pear. .

Nokas : unscrupulous, rotten; selfish, avaricious. : nokasta s. Nokas.

Nokaut : knockout. (Russian).

Nokdaun : knockdown. (Russian).

Nokzor : pear grove. .

Nol" : zero. ~ ~ ... (o'clock) exactly. (Russian).

Nola : cry; appeal, entreaty. .

Noli  : to complain, to beg, to entreat. (v.i.)

Nolish : complaining; complaint, entreaty.

Nolon : one who laments. .

Noloyiq : inappropriate, unbecoming. .

Nom : name, title; fame. ~ chiqar  to earn a name for o.s., to become famous. ~i bilan in the name of. ~iga in name only; superficially, perfunctorily. ~idan on behalf of. .

Nom nishon, nomu nishon : traces, signs, vestige. .

Nom nishonsiz : w/o a sign or trace.

Noma : writing, letter, dispatch; book, written work. ~i a'mol register of one's deeds kept by angels; (arch.) Register of work performed. .

Noma'lum : unknown; (math) unknown quantity. .

Noma'qul : unacceptable; improper, unreasonable. .

Noma'qulchilik : unacceptable or unreasonable behavior, recklessness, foolhardiness.

Nomahram : (canoncical) stranger forbidden from being in intimate contact with. .

Nomaqbul : unacceptable; unwanted; disagreeable, repulsive. .

Nomard : unscrupulous, despicable, vile; cowardly. .

Nomardlik : cowardice; cruelty.

Nomatlub : unwanted, undesired. .

Nomba nom : s. Nomma nom.

Nomdor : renowned, celebrated.

Nomenklatura : nomenclature; nomenklatura (appointed official). (Russian)

Nomer : number; issue (of publication); size (of clothing); room (in hotel); (arch. Coll.) Hotel; member (of gun crew). (Russian).

Nomerla  : to number. [nomerlan ] (v.t.)

Nomerli : numbered, having a certain number.

Nomina : sample (of object to be sold). (coll.).

Nominal : sticker price, indicated price; at face value. (Russian).

Nomla  : to name. [nomlan ] (v.t.).

Nomli : in the name of, by the name of.

Nomma nom : name by name.

Nomsiz : nameless; unknown, not well known.

Nomuayyan : indefinite. .

Nomunosib : unsuited; improper. .

Nomus or : dignity and honesty.

Nomus : dignity, honor; shame. ~ini erga buk  to drag through the mud. Shunday deyishing ~ Emasmi? Isn't what your saying disgrceful? (+dan) ~ qil  to be ashamed of. ~ deb bil  to consider shameful. (Arabic)

Nomusli : honorable, honest; modest, chaste.

Nomussiz : shameless, dishonorable.

Nomussizlik : shame, disgrace; shamelessness, dishonesty.

Nomutanosib : unbefitting, disproportionate, unmatched. .

Nomuvofiq : inappropriate; improper. .

Nomzod : candidate. .

Non : bread (esp. Flatbread cooked in a tandoor). ~ gadoyi poor, living hand to mouth. ~i butun well off, not in want. ~i yarimta shortchanged, left holding the bag. ~ e  to make a living. ~ ursin .

Non namak : (lit., bread & salt) daily bread; food. .

Non nasiba : daily bread, sustenance.

Non qatiq : ~ bo'l  to be on close terms with.

Nondon : bread box. .

Nonjiyda : a type of oleaster. (bot.).

Nonko'r : ungrateful. .

Nonko'rlik : ungratefulness.

Nonpaz : s. Novvoy.

Nontepki : s. Nonko'r.

Nonushta : morning tea; breakfast, (early) lunch. ~ qil  to breakfast. (lit.).

Nonxo'r : bread eater, bread lover; dependent; goldbricker .

Nonxo'rak : (pre revolutionary school) midday/lunch break; lunch. .

Noo'rin : out of place; baseless, foundless, uncalled for.

Noobod : depopulated, not flourishing. .

Nopok : unclean, vile. .

Noqil : narrator, storyteller. (Arabic).

Noqis : defective, faulty. (Arabic).

Noqobil : incapable; stubborn, intractable. .

Noqulay : uncomfortable; awkward.nor 1 (~ tuya) male dromedary camel.

Nor 2 : birthmark. (Arabic).

Nor 3 : pomegranate (s. Anor). ~ po'st pomegranate husk; s.t. Of this (brownish red) color. .

Nor 4 : fire. (Arabic).

Norasida : underaged, immature; youngster, child. .

Noraso : incomplete; retarded, underdeveloped. .

Norasta : s. Norasida. .

Noravo : undeserved, unworthy; inadmissable, unallowable. .

Norbachcha : baby camel; bootlicker, sponge. (zool.).

Norcha : baby camel.

Nordon : sour. ~ gap/so'z/muomala sharp words. .

Noreal : unrealistic. (Russian).

Norg'ul : big, strong, muscular.

Norin : a dish consisting of finely chopped noodles and meat (usu. Horse meat).

Norinxo'r : norin lover.

Norinxo'rlik : abstr. Of norinxo'r; consumption of norin.

Norizo : s. Norozi. .

Norma : norm, standard; rate. Huquq ~lari legal rights. Ishlab chiqarish ~si (expected) rate of output. (Russian).

Normal : normal. (Russian).

Normala  : to regulate, to normalize. [normalan ] (v.t.).

Normalashtir  : to standardize. [normalashtiril ] (v.t.).

Normalovchi : regulator, regulating.

Normal" : normal. (Russian).

Normativ : norm; normative, corresponding to a norm. (Russian).

Norozi : displeased, upset; unwilling, disapproving, opposed to. .

Norozilan  : to become upset. (v.i. Rare)

Norozilik : displeasure; objection, disagreement, refusal.nos snuff (taken by sniffing, or more commonly, held under the tongue). ~ qovoq a small gourd used for storing snuff. Og'ziga ~ sol  to sit and say nothing.

Nosfurush : snuff seller. .

Noshar'iy : contrary to Islamic law. .

Noshir : publisher, printer. (Arabic).

Noshod : downcast, cheerless. .

Noshoyon : inappropriate. .

Noshud : inept. .

Noshukur : thankless, ungrateful. .

Noshukurchilik : ingratitude, ungratefulness.

Noshukurlik : abstr. Of noshukur; ungratefulness.

Nosilka : stretcher. (Russian).

Nosir : ~ini erga buk  to drag through the mud. (Arabic).

Noskash : one who takes snuff.

Noski : sock(s). (Russian).

Nosog' : unwell. (rare)

Nosoz : out of tune; inappropriate, unsuitable; on bad terms. .

Nosozlik : being on bad terms.

Nosqovoq : gourd used for storing snuff.

Nosvoy : s. Nos.

Nosvoychi : snuff seller.

Nota : note; diplomatic note. (Russian).

Notamom : incomplete, unfinished. .

Notanish : strange, unfamiliar, unacquainted (with).

Notarial : notarial. (Russian).

Notarius : notary. (Russian).

Notavon : weak, enfeebled; helpless. ~ ko'ngil/~ ko'ngilga qo'tir jomashov If only I could be so fortunate.?? .

Notayin : indefinite, unknown; vague, unclear. .

Notekis : uneven.

Notekislik : unevenness; uneven places.notinch unpeaceful, noisy, bustling; troubled.

Notinchlan  : to become upset, troubled. (v.i. Rare).

Notiq : speaker; gifted speaker. (Arabic) : noto'g'ri incorrect, wrong.

Notob : unwell, unhealthy. .

Nov : trough, chute; wooden cistern; aqueduct. .

Novator : innovator. (Russian)

Novatorlik : asbtr. Of novator; innovation.

Novcha 1 : tall.

Novcha 2 : servant, footman.

Novda : stalk, trunk of a sapling.

Novella : novella.

Novjuvon : youth. .

Novnusxa : original. .

Novqiron : s. Navqiron. (coll.).

Novqon : snack (s. Tamaddi). .

Novshadil : ammoniac (s. Nashatir'). (Arabic).

Novut : s. Nobud. (coll.).

Novvos : a 2 3 year old bull.

Novvot 1 : rock sugar. .

Novvot 2 : a wooden rod around which finished material is wound. .

Novvoy : baker of bread in a tandoor. .

Novvoylik : abstr. Of novvoy; bread bakery.

Novvoyxona : bread bakery. .

Novxurush : s. Navqiron. .

Noxin : pick for playing a tanbur. .

Noxosdan : suddenly, unexpectedly.

Noxot : s. No'xot. (coll.).

Noxotak : a type of milk vetch. (bot.).

Noxuna : glanders. .

Noxush : displeased, in a foul mood; unpleasant; indisposed, unwell.

Noyabr" : November. (Russian).

Noyob : rare. .

Noz : flirtatious glances or movements, affected disdain; spoiled, whimsical behavior; touchy. ~ qil  to feign disdain, to glance flirtatiously; to make unreasonable demands (in a spoiled manner). ~ uyqu sweet sleep.

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