SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Musson : (Russian) monsoon. Mustabid

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Musson : (Russian) monsoon.

Mustabid : (Arabic) tyrant, despot.

Mustahab : (Arabic) ~ qil  to wash one's genitalia as part of one's ablutions.

Mustahiq : obs. (Arabic) worthy, deserving.

Mustahkam : (Arabic) sturdy, strong, durable.

Mustahkamla  : v.t. To strengthen, to brace, to fortify, to reinforce; to substantiate, to authenticate.

Mustahkamlik : strength, firmness, durability.

Mustajob : (Arabic) answered, accepted.

Mustamlaka : (Arabic) colony.

Mustamlakachi : colonial.

Mustamlakachilik : colonialism.

Mustaor lit. : (Arabic) figurative, metaphorical. ~ imzo pseudonym.

Mustaqil : (Arabic) independent.

Mustaqillik : independence.

Mustasno : (Arabic) excepted, excluded.

Mustasnosiz : w/o exception.

Musulmon : Muslim.

Musulmonchilik : Muslim lifestyle and customs; Islam.

Musulmonlik : abstr. Of musulmon; being a Muslim; Islam.

Muta  : v.t. To split, to cut up, to chew up; to feed off of, to eat up (another's wealth).

Mutaassib : (Arabic) fanatical; fanatic, zealot; (arch.) Conservative.

Mutaassir : obs. (Arabic) influenced.

Mutafakkir lit. : (Arabic) thinker.

Mutakabbir : obs. (Arabic) arrogant, haughty, proud.

Mutakabbirona : proudly, arrogantly.

Mutanosib : (Arabic) proportional; symmetrical.

Mutanosiblik : proportionality; symmetry.

Mutaraddid : obs. (Arabic) hesitating, irresolute, undecided.

Mutasaddi lit. : (Arabic) lesser official; director, manager; responsible individual.

Mutavalli hist. : (Arabic) proprietor of a religious foundation.

Mutavoze : obs. (Arabic) modest, humble.

Mutaxassis : (Arabic) specialist, expert.

Mutaxassislik : speciality; expertise.

Mute lit. : (Arabic) subservient, obedient.

Mutlaq : (Arabic) absolute, complete. ~ hokimiyat absolute monarchy.l

Mutlaqo : (Arabic) absolutely; (not) at all.

Mutolaa : (Arabic) intense reading, study, poring over.

Mutoyiba lit. : (Arabic) joking, jesting.

Mutrib : obs. (Arabic) singer musician.

Muttaham : (Arabic) crook, cheat, swindler. ~ bo'l  to become a swindler; to be cheated out of, to lose. ~ qil  to consider s.o. A cheat; to cheat s.o. Out of s.t.

Muttahamchilik : s. Muttahamlik.

Muttahamgarchilik : swindling, cheating.

Muttahamlik : abstr. Of muttaham; cheating, trickery, swindling.

Muttasil : (Arabic) continuous, unbroken.

Muvaffaq : (Arabic) successful, victorious. ~ bo'l  to be successful, to achieve.

Muvaffaqiyat : (Arabic) success.

Muvaffaqiyatli : successful.

Muvaffaqiyatsiz : unsuccessful.

Muvaffaqiyatsizlik : failure.

Muvaqqat : (Arabic) temporary.

Muvofiq : (Arabic) suitable, appropriate; in accordance with. Qonunga ~ in accordance with the law. Maqsadga ~ desired, in accordance with the original aim, expedient.

Muvofiqlash  : v.i. To adapt, to conform. [muvofiqlashtir , muvofiqlashtiril ]

Muvofiqsizlik : lack of correspondence; inappropriateness, unsuitability.

Muvozanat : (Arabic) balance.

Muvoziy : arch. (Arabic) parallel (s. Parallel).

Muxammas : (Arabic) pentagon; stanza consisting of five lines. ~ qil /bog'la  to turn another poet's g'azal into a work consisting of five line stanzas.

Muxbir : (Arabic) reporter, correspondent. ~ a'zo corresponding member.

Muxlis : (Arabic) devotee, follower; buff.

Muxobara obs. (Arabic) : correspondence; communication.

Muxolafat : obs. (Arabic) disparity, discrepancy, difference.

Muxolif lit. : (Arabic) opposed; opponent, adversary.

Muxtasar : obs. (Arabic) concise, brief; abridged version.

Muxtor : (Arabic) independent, autonomous.

Muxtoriyat : arch. (Arabic) autonomy. Qo'qon ~i a short lived autonomous government centered in Khoqand just after the 1917 revolution.

Muxtoriyatchi : autonomist.

Muyassar : (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to be attained, to be achieved; to be realized.

Muyulish : s. Muyush.

Muyush : corner.

Muz : ice; icy weather. ~ davri ice age.

Muzaffar : (Arabic) victorious.

Muzaffariyat lit. : (Arabic) victory.

Muzaffarona : victoriously.

Muzakkar gram. Arch. (Arabic) : masculine.

Muzaxona : museum (s. Muzey).

Muzayyan : (Arabic) adorned, decorated, embellished.

Muzd : arch. Remuneration, pay.

Muzey : (Russian) museum.

Muzika : (Russian) music.

Muzikachi : musician.

Muzikali : musical.

Muzikant : (Russian) s. Muzikachi.

Muzikashunos : musicologist.

Muzikashunoslik : musicology.

Muzikaviy : musical.

Muzikaviylik : musicality.

Muzla  : v.i. To freeze. [muzlat , muzlatil ]

Muzli : icy.

Muzlik : glacier. Glacial age.

Muzloq : land frozen or covered with ice.

Muzofot : arch. (Arabic) province.

Muzokara : (Arabic) discussion, talk.

Muzokarachi : discussant.

Muzqaymoq : ice cream (s. Morojniy).

Muzxona : ice cellar; refrigerator.

Myasorubka : (Russian) meat grinder.na 1 what. ~ chora What can you do?, What recourse is there? (arch.)

Na 2 : ~...~ neither...nor. ~ xat bor, ~ xabar There is neither news nor a letter. .

Na'lat : damn(ed) (s. La'nat). (coll.).

Na'matak : a variety of dogrose. .

Na'ra : thundering noise, boom, crash, bang. ~ tort /ur  to boom, to thunder, to roar; to bellow. (Arabic)

Nabi : prophet. (Arabic).

Nabira : grandchild. .

Nabor : typesetting. (Russian).

Naborshchik : typesetter. (Russian).

Nabotot : the plant world; botany. (Arabic)

Nabototshunos : botanist (s. Botanik).

Nachal"nik : boss, chief, head, superior. (Russian).

Nadim : companion, intimate, confidant; advisor (to a king). (Arabic).

Nadima : close (female) friend, intimate, confidant. (Arabic)

Nadomat : regret, remorse; sadness, grief; slander, insult; (coll.) Ugly, unsightly. (Arabic)

Naf : benefit. (Arabic).

Nafaqa : living expenses; money given as a gift; alimony; stipend. (Arabic).

Nafar : individual, person. O'n ~ odam ten individuals, ten people. .

Nafarmon : dark blue, violet blue. .

Nafas : breath, breathing; moment, second; voiced intention; ill omened speech; breath or blowing considered to have healing power. ~ ol  to take a breath, to breathe. ~oldir  to give a breather. ~ingni chiqarma! Not a peep! (Arabic).

Nafasdosh : like minded person, buddy. (rare)nafaslik bir ~ momentary.

Nafis : fine. ~ san'at fine arts. ~ adabiyot fine literature. : (Arabic)

Nafisa : fine (feminine). Sanoyi ~ fine arts; theatre. : (Arabic) nafislash  to become refined; to become artistic. (v.i.)Nafislik fineness; elegance.

Nafosat : fineness, grace, refinement. (Arabic).

Nafrat : hate, abhorrence, disgust. (+dan) ~ qil  to hate, to abhor. (Arabic) : nafratlan  to be disgusted by, to abhor, to detest. [nafratlantir ] (v.i. +dan)nafratli hateful, disgusting.

Nafratomuz : hateful. .

Nafs : appetite, greed (for material things); carnal desire, lust. ~ bandasi selfish person. ~i buzuq/yomon insatiable, greedy. ~i o'lik/tiyiq abstemious, self controlled. ~iga o't tushdi (Arabic)

Nafsambir :s. Nafsilamr. (coll.).

Nafsilamr : true, truthful; truly, in truth. (Arabic).

Nafsiz : of no benefit, useless.

Nafsoniyat : pride, self esteem. (Arabic).

Naftalin : naphthaline. (Russian).

Nag'al : metal heel  or toe plate attached to a shoe to keep it from wearing out. (Arabic).

Nag'ma : harmonica; (arch.) Music, melody; carrying on, trouble; headache, bother, aggravation. (Arabic).

Nag'machi : nag'ma player; musician.

Nag'magar : musician. .

Nagan revolver. : (Russian) nah ~ ur  to degrade, to insult.

Nahang : shark (s. Akula); monster, maneater; the Year of the Fish in the 12 year animal calendar (s. Baliq yili). .

Nahor : daytime; daybreak; before breakfasting. Laylu ~ day and night. (Arabic).

Nahori s. Nahorlik. .

Nahorlik : breakfast.

Nahot(ki) : really? Is it possible? How could...? God forbid that... ~ sizga yomonlikni ravo ko'rsam? How could I possibly wish you ill?

Nahr : river (s. Daryo). (Arabic).

Nahrulhayot : the river of life. (Arabic).

Nahs : ritually unclean; filthy; (coll.) Unlucky, unsuccessful. (Arabic).

Nahv : syntax. (Arabic).

Nahviy : syntactical. (Arabic).

Nainki : really? Is it possible? How could...? ~ shuni bilmasang! How could you not know that? ~ shunday desam! How could I have said that? Could I really have said that? .

Najas : excrement; dirt, filth; dirty, filthy. (Arabic).

Najib : noble, worthy. (Arabic).

Najjor : carpenter. (Arabic).

Najjorboshi : foreman. (arch.).

Najosat : excrement; dirt, filth. (Arabic).

Najot : salvation, escape. (Arabic).

Najotkor : savior, liberator. .

Najotsiz : desperate, helpless.

Nakaz : mandate (of desired candidates). (Russian).

Naki : the reason being... (coll.).

Nalat : damn(ed) (s. La'nat). (coll.).

Nam : moisture; moist, damp, humid. ~ yuqtirmas thick skinned. .

Namak : salt (s. Tuz). .

Namakdon : saltcellar. .

Namakob : salty water. .

Namat : felt rug or mat. .

Namgarchilik : wet or muddy weather.

Namiq  : to become damp. (v.i.).

Namit : ugly, unattractive. (dial.).

Namla  : to moisten, to dampen. [namlan ] (v.t.).

Namli : moist, damp.

Namlik : abstr. Of nam; moisture, dampness. Kiyim ~ida dazmolla  to iron clothes while still damp.

Namoyanda : representative. .

Namoyish : demonstration. .

Namoyishchi demonstrator.

Namoyishgoh : place of demonstration. .

Namoyishkorona : expressly, making a show of it. .

Namoyon : evident, manifest, apparent. ~ bo'l  to appear, to come into sight. ~ qil  to show, to make manifest. .

Namoz : prayer, ritual worship. Bew waqt namaz five daily prayers. ~ o'qi  to pray one's prayers. ~ kuni first day of a holiday, on which a large congregational prayer service is held. .

Namozgar : the afternoon prayer; late afternoon time. .

Namozgoh : large public prayer place. .

Namozlik : (clean) clothes which can be worn during prayer.

Namozshom : the sunset prayer; evening time. Dilini/ko'nglini ~ qil  to make one feel sour. .

Namozshomgul : common four o'clock; dame's rocket. (bot.)

Namozxon : one who performs his prayers regularly. : namsiz dry, lacking moisture, not humid. ~ havo dry air.

Namuna : sample; example, model. .

Namunali : exemplary.

Namunaviy : s. Namunali. .

Namxush : s. Nimxushk. .

Nanay : Nanay.

Naoborot : on the contrary. (Russian).

Naq : exactly, just, right, very; almost; quite, entirely; otherwise. Kecha ~ shu vaqtda yesterday just at this time. ~ ouzi he himself. ~ yiqila yozdim I nearly fell over. ~ terga tushirib yubordi made him break out all o (Arabic).

Naqadar : however, however much; so, so very (much). Toshkent tongotari ~ go'zal Sunrise in Tashkent is so very beautiful. Sidiqjon ~ xursand bo'lsa, Kanizak shu qadar xafa However happy Sidiqjan was, that's how sad Kanizak was. (i.e., Sid naqarot refrain (of a song). (Arabic).

Naqb : underground passageway, tunnel. (Arabic).

Naqd : (for) cash; ready. (Arabic).

Naqdina : cash. .

Naql : (folk)tale; folk wisdom. ~ qil  to narrate, to recount; to move, to transport. (Arabic).

Naqlan : by tradition, according to tales. (Arabic).

Naqliyot : transport; transportation. (Arabic).

Naqqosh : painter, decorator, engraver. (Arabic).

Naqsh : engraved or painted design. ~ olma a type of apple. (Arabic).

Naqshdor : decorated, engraved, painted. .

Naqshin : s. Naqshdor. .

Naqshinkor : s. Naqshdor. .

Naqshkor : decorated, engraved, painted; painter, decorator. .

Naqshla  : to decorate with paintings or engraved designs. (v.t.)

Naqshli : s. Naqshdor.

Nar : male. .

Nargis : narcissus, daffodil. .

Nari beri : hustling and bustling, in a rush; slapdash. ~ bo'l  to be on bad terms with one another.

Nari : on the far side of, after; away, back, over there. Sal ~roqda/~da a bit farther (beyond). ~ tur Stand back. Ko'zdan ~, ko'ngildan ~ out of sight, out of mind. ~ borsa/~si bilan.

Naridan beri : hustling and bustling, in a rush; slapdash.

Narigi : the far (one), the next (one).

Nariyoq s. Naryoq.

Narkotik : narcotic. (Russian).

Narkoz : narcosis, anesthesia. (Russian).

Narkozla  to anesthetize. (v.t.).

Narodnik : narodnik, populist. (Russian).

Narodniklik : narodnik movement, populism.

Narodovolets : member of the Narodnaya volya movement. (Russian).

Narsa : thing. Bir ~ bo'ldimi? Did something happen? Hech ~ Emas It's nothing.

Narvon : ladder (s. Shoti); (dial.) Elm. .

Narx : price. ~ qo'y  to affix a price. ~ chiqar  to increase the price. .

Narx navo : prices.

Naryad : assignment, commission, order; detail (group of soldiers). (Russian).

Naryoq : the other, opposite, or far side.

Narzan : a kind of mineral water. (Russian).

Nas : s. Nahs. (coll.).

Nasab : origin, roots. (Arabic).

Nasabdor : s. Nasabli. .

Nasabdosh : relation, relative. .

Nasabdoshlik : relationship, relatedness.

Nasabli : belonging to a certain lineage. Oliy ~ high born.

Nasabnoma : pedigree, genealogy, genealogical tree. .

Nash'a : pleasure, enjoyment, delight. ~ qil  to enjoy, to take delight in; to shock, to amaze. (Arabic)

Nash'ali : delightful.

Nash'u namo : joys, wonders; flourishing, development. .

Nasha : hemp; marijuana; hashish. ~ urug' moyi hemp seed oil. (+ga) ~ qil  to stun, to startle. (Arabic).

Nashagul : cut leaf coneflower. (bot.).

Nashapoya : hemp plant stalk; hemp field. .

Nashatir" : ammoniac. (Russian).

Nashavand : hashish smoker. .

Nashavandlik : (habitual) hashish smoking.

Nashida : song, hymn. (Arabic).

Nashr : printing. (Arabic).

Nashriyot : publishing house. (Arabic).

Nashriyotchi : worker in a publishing house; publisher.

Nashriyotchilik : publishing, publication.nashvati a type of pear. (bot.)

Nasib : s.t. Assigned or rewarded as one's lot, destiny, fate, etc. ~ bo'l /qil /Et  to be awarded as one's lot, to receive by the grace of God. ~ bo'lsa God willing. : (Arabic)

Nasiba : lot, fate, share. (Arabic).

Nasibali : fortunate, blessed.

Nasibasiz : unfortunate, not blessed.

Nasihat : counsel, advice. (Arabic) : nasihatchi counsellor, advisor.

Nasihatgo'y : counselor, advisor. .

Nasihatgo'ylik : abstr. Of nasihatgo'y; giving counsel, advice.

Nasihatomuz : advisory, in an advising tone or manner. .

Nasim : breeze. (Arabic).

Nasiya : credit; s.t. Promised to be done. Va'dalaringiz hammasi ~ All your promises are empty talk. (Arabic)

Nasl nasab : lineage, family background.

Nasl : family, lineage, blood; (future) generation; breed, species. Naslini ~  to defile the bloodline; to sully the family reputation. (Arabic).

Naslan : in terms of lineage. (Arabic).

Naslchilik : breeding, improvement of stock.

Nasldor : pedigree, purebred; (rare) noble, blue blooded. .

Nasldosh : relation, of the same blood or species. .

Nasliy : pertaining to lineage, breed, etc. (Arabic).

Naslli : pedigree, purebred.

Naslsiz : infertile.

Nasoro : Christian. (Arabic).

Nasos : pump. ~ stantsiyasi pumping station. (Russian).

Nasr : prose (writing). (Arabic).

Nasriy : (in) prose. (Arabic).

Nasroniy : Christian. (Arabic).

Nastr(o)enie : spirits, mood, temper. ~mni buzma! Don't ruin my temper! (Russian)

Nasva : s. Nasiba. (coll.)

Natija : result; conclusion. ~ga kel  to come to a conclusion. (Arabic).

Natijada : as a result.

Natijala  : to bring to an end, to come to a conclusion over. [natijalan ] (v.t.)

Natijali : fruitful, conclusive.

Natijasiz : futile; inconclusive.

Natriy : sodium. (Russian).

Natsialnost : nationality, ethnicity. (Russian).

Natsionalizatsiya : nationalization. (Russian).

Natura : natural setting or object; kind. ~ bilan to'la  to pay in kind. ~dan suratga ol  to photograph or depict from life. (Russian).

Natural : in kind; natural. ~ daromad profit in kind. ~ xo'jalik barter economy. (Russian).

Naturalist : naturalist. (Russian).

Naturalistik : naturalistic. (Russian).

Naturalizm : naturalism. (Russian).

Nav : kind, grade, sort. Bir ~i so so; good, well. (Arabic).

Navara : s. Nabira. .

Navbahor : early spring. .

Navbat : time; place, turn (in line); line, queue; duty, shift. Birinchi ~da in first place. ~da tur  to stand in line. Bir ~ one time, once. (Arabic)

Navbatchi : person on duty; guard, sentry.navbatchilik being on duty, shift work.

Navbatdagi : next, next in turn; (standing) in line.

Navbatlash  : to rotate shifts, to take turns. (v.i.)

Navbatma navbat : in turns, taking turns.navha crying, wailing. (arch.)

Navigatsiya : navigation. (Russian).

Navisanda : writer, author. .

Navjuvon : young man, youth. .

Navkar : (hist.) Soldier; worker, servant. .

Navli : high grade, high quality; pertaining to a certain grade or type. Past ~ papiros low quality Russian cigarettes.

Navnihol : sapling. .

Navo : tune, melody; name of the 2nd type of maqom; (rare) plaint, cry. .

Navoiyshunos : a specialist in the works of Alisher Nawaiy.

Navoiyshunoslik : study of the works of Alisher Nawaiy.

Navozanda : musician. .

Navozish : kindness, courtesy; pampering, babying. ~ qil /ko'rsat  to bestow kindness, to show courtesy; to play, to make music. .

Navqiron : in the prime of youth, strapping, ruddy. .

Navro'z : Persian New Year (March 21st); springtime. ~ bayrami celebration of Persian New Year. ~i ajam name of a classic folk tune. .

Navro'zlik : money, etc. Collected from pupils for the navro'z holiday. (hist.)

Nax : s. Naq. (coll.).

Nay : pipe, tube; a type of flute. .

Nayaki : drawing through a tube or pipe; s.t. Drawn through a tube or pipe. ~ qil /tort  to suck, to draw through a pipe (esp. Hashish or opium). .

Naycha : small tube, pipette; bobbin.

Naychala  : to produce nodules (of vine plants). (v.i.).

Naychi : flutist, flute player.

Naylaram : s. Naylayin.

Naylayin : What am I to do? (poet.).

Nayman : name of a Turkic tribe.

Naynov : tall, lanky. .

Nayrang : sleight of hand or conjuring trick; trickery, dodge, scheme. .

Nayrangboz : sleight of hand master, conjurer; trickster. .

Nayrangbozlik : abstr. Of nayrangboz; trickery, sleight of hand.

Nayshakar : sugarcane. (bot.)

Nayson : mid spring, April. .

Nayza : spear, lance, pike; bayonet; stinger; needle sharp. ~ni irg'itish javeline throwing. .

Nayzabardor : spearman. .

Nayzabarg : needle (as on conifers); arrowhead. (bot.)

Nayzaboz : (expert) spearman; carper, fault finder. .

Nayzabozlik :spearmanship, spear fighting; carping, fault finding.

Nayzadast : carrying a spear or pike. .

Nayzaqora : a type of Russian thistle. (bot.)

Nazar nafas : the evil eye.

Nazar : look, glance; opinion, view. ~(i)(ga) ilmaydi to ignore, to not heed. ~ga ol /~da tut  to consider, to take into account. ~dan qol  to fall from favor. Nuqtai ~ point of view. +dan qat (Arabic).

Nazar pisand : ~ qilmaslik to disregard, to ignore, to snub. .

Nazaran : compared to, in comparison to. (Arabic).

Nazariy : theoretical. (Arabic).

Nazariya : theory. (Arabic).

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