SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Mubolag'a : (Arabic) hyperbole; exaggeration. Mubolag'ali

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Mubolag'a : (Arabic) hyperbole; exaggeration.

Mubolag'ali : hyperbolic; exaggerated, full of exaggeration.

Mubolag'asiz : w/o exaggeration, unexaggerated.

Muborak : (Arabic) auspicious; blessed, holy, sacred. ~ bo'lsin Congratulations, Good luck with your (new) ...

Muborakbod lit. : congratulations.

Muboraknoma hist. : royal decree or proclamation.

Muboraza : obs. (Arabic) struggle, conflict.

Muboriz : obs. (Arabic) combatant.

Muboshir : arch. (Arabic) inspector; chief, director.

Mubtalo : (Arabic) stricken, afflicted; in love with. ~ bo'l  to be overcome by, to be stricken with; to be enchanted by. ~ qil /Et /ayla  to afflict, to bring down on; to entrance.mucha arch.body part; (gram.) Part of speech (s. To'rt ~ legs, arms, eyes, and ears.

Muchal : method of reckoning according to a 12 year animal cycle (mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, fish, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, dog, chicken), beginning on the 22nd of March of each year; the year of one's birth according to this reckoning.muchchi dial.kiss.

Mudabbir lit. : (Arabic) efficient, organized; able, proficient.

Mudarris : (Arabic) teacher at a madrasah.

Muddaiy : obs. (Arabic) plaintiff, accusing party.

Muddao : (Arabic) real purpose, true intention. Ayni ~ just what the doctor ordered.

Muddat : (Arabic) (set) time; period, term; expiration date. O'qish ~i study period.

Muddatli : having a set time or term. Qisqa ~ kurs a short term course.

Muddatsiz : having no expiration date, indefinite, permanent.

Mudhish lit. : (Arabic) terrible, dreadful.

Mudir : (Arabic) director, manager. Maktab ~i school principal.

Mudira : (Arabic) woman director or manager.

Mudirlik : directorship.

Mudofaa : (Arabic) resistance, repelling, defence. ~ qil  to repulse; to defend.

Mudofaachi : defender.

Mudofaachilik : defence. ~ taktikasi defence tactics.

Mudofe 3pp. ~i lit. : (Arabic) defender.

Mudom lit. : (Arabic) always, continually, constantly.

Mudoxala lit. : (Arabic) interference, intervention.

Mudra  : v.i. To drowse, to feel drowsy. [mudrat , mudrash ]

Mudroq : drowsiness; drowsy.

Mufassal : (Arabic) thorough, complete.

Mufattish : obs. (Arabic) inspector.

Mufid : obs. (Arabic) beneficial.

Muft : obs. Free.

Mufta : (Russian) joint, coupling.

Mufti : (Arabic) mufti.

Muftxo'r : obs. Freeloader (s. Tekinxo'r).

Mug' : obs. Magus, Magian, Zoroastrian; publican, wine seller.

Mug'anniy : (Arabic) singer, singer who signs accompanied by his own playing.

Mug'ay  : s. Mung'ay .

Mug'bachcha : son of a fire worshipper; son of a wine seller; handsome youth, Adonis.

Mug'ombir : (Arabic) crafty, sly, cunning; conniver, sneak.

Mug'ombirlik : abstr. Of mug'ombir; slyness, cunning.

Mug'ombirona : cunningly, deceitfully.

Mug'on obs. : fire worshippers, Magdians, Zoroastrians.

Mug'oyir : (Arabic) contrary, adverse.muguz arch.horn. ~ parda cornea. ~li horned. ~siz hornless (dial.) Polled.

Muhabbat : (Arabic) love; passion. ~ qouy  to grow fond of or attached to. Ularda bir biriga ~ tug'ildi They developed a liking or fondness towards each other.

Muhammadiy : Muhammadan.

Muhandis : (Arabic) engineer (s. Injener).

Muhaqqaq : (Arabic) true, authentic; indisputable, indubitable, sure.

Muharram : (Arabic) the first month of the Arabic lunar calendar.

Muharrir : (Arabic) editor; author, writer.

Muharrirlik : abstr. Of muharrir; editing.

Muhayyo : (Arabic) ready.

Muhib : obs. (Arabic) lover, devotee; friend. Kitob ~i book lover.

Muhim : (Arabic) important; serious.

Muhit : (Arabic) environment; atmosphere; ocean (s. Okean).

Muhlat : (Arabic) time period or limit. ~li urgent, dated, having a set time limit.

Muhmal : (Arabic) vague, indefinite, unclear.

Muhofaza lit. : (Arabic) protection, preservation; memory, ability to memorize.

Muhofazakor arch. : conservative.

Muhofazakorlik : conservatism.

Muhofazat rare : (Arabic) s. Muhofaza.

Muhofiz lit. : (Arabic) protector, defender.

Muhojir : (Arabic) emigrant, fugitive.

Muhokama : (Arabic) discussion, talks, deliberation; idea, opinion.

Muhoraba : obs. (Arabic) war, battle.

Muhosara : obs. (Arabic) siege, blockade.

Muhr : arch. (Arabic) signet ring, stamp, seal; reverse side (of coin). Tilingga ~ bosilganmi? Has a cat got your tongue?

Muhra : (Arabic) the back, blunt side of the head of a tool.

Muhrdor : keeper of the seals.

Muhrla  : v.t. To stamp, to seal with a stamp. Tilni ~  to seal s.o.'s mouth shut, to keep them from talking. [muhrlan ]

Muhrli : stamped, sealed.

Muhrona : fee paid to one who stamps or seals documents.

Muhtaram : (Arabic) esteemed, respected, dear.

Muhtasham lit. : (Arabic) magnificent, splendid; grand, majestic.

Muhtasib hist. : (Arabic) superintendent of weights and measures; official in charge of public adherence to Islam.

Muhtoj : (Arabic) in want, needy.

Muhtojlik : want, need.

Mujalla : obs. (Arabic) (literary) journal.

Mujarrad lit. : (Arabic) simple, pure, unmixed; single, unmarried.

Mujassam lit. : (Arabic) embodied; embodiment.

Mujassamlan  : v.i. To be embodied (in).

Mujassamlash  : v.i. To come to be embodied (in).

Mujda poet. : good tidings.

Mujgon : s. Mijgon.

Muji  : v.t. To gnaw on.mujik coll.Russian peasant.

Mujmal : (Arabic) vague, unclear, obscure; unreliable, indolent; unhealthy, weak, fragile.

Mujmallik : abstr. Of mujmal.

Mujodalaviy : arch. (Arabic) dialectical (s. Dialektik).

Mujrim lit. : (Arabic) culpable, guilty.

Muk : ~ tush  to sit with one's legs curled underneath; to do s.t. Diligently.

Mukaab : obs. (Arabic) cube; cube shaped.

Mukallaf lit. : (Arabic) invited.

Mukammal : (Arabic) complete, perfect. ~ suratda completely, perfectly.

Mukammallash  : v.i. To become whole, complete; to reach perfection. [mukammallashtir , mukammallashtiril ]

Mukammallik : completeness, perfection.

Mukarram lit. : (Arabic) honored, respected.

Mukarrir : arch. (Arabic) instructor who conducts repetition drills in a madrasah.

Mukka : ~ bilan/dan yiqil /tush  to fall to one's knees, to fall face down. ~dan ket  to sit with one's legs curled underneath; to toil away at. S.t.

Mukkala  : v.i. To sit hunched over, to sit bent over, to prostrated o.s.

Mukkay  : v.i. To toil away at s.t., to be preoccupied; to sit hunched over.

Mukofot : (Arabic) prize, reward.

Mukofotla  : v.t. To reward; to award a prize to. [mukofotlan ]

Mukolama : obs. (Arabic) speaking, speech; study method wherein students orally recite the content of the previous lesson(s) to each other. ~ tilida orally.

Mul"tfilm : (Russian) cartoon film.

Mul"tiplikatsion (Russian) : multiplicational.

Mul"tiplikatsiya (Russian) : multiplication.

Mulk : (Arabic) property; (obs.) State, dominion. Ko'chmas ~ immovable property. ~i Hind India. Ko'ngliga ~ qil  to make up one's mind to do s.t.; to harbour (e.g., resentment); to contemplate.

Mulk amlok : property, possessions, real estate.

Mulkchi : wealthy, propertied.

Mulkchilik : ownership. Xususiy ~ private ownership.

Mulkdor : rich, wealthy, propertied; landowner.

Mulkdorlik : wealth; propertiedness.

Mulkiy : (Arabic) proprietary.

Mulkparast : (Arabic) materialist, lover of material possessions.

Mulla : (Arabic) mullah. ~ bo'l  to become a mullah; to acquire learning. ~ qil  to educated at a madrasah; to educate; to rail at. ~ jiring cash, change, brass. ~ mingan Eshakday extremely mild, submissive.

Mullabachcha : s. Mullavachcha.

Mullaka : form of address to an educated older male; (dial.) Older brother in law (in relation to the daughter in law).

Mullanamo : mulla like.

Mullavachcha : student in a madrasah; child of a mullah or member of the ulama.

Mullo : (Arabic) s. Mulla.

Mulohaza : (Arabic) consideration, reflection, thought. ~ qil /~ yurit /~ga bor  to consider, to ponder over.

Mulohazali : considerate; with due consideration.

Mulohazasiz : w/o consideration, thoughtless.

Mulohazasizlik : inconsideratness.

Muloqot : obs. (Arabic) meeting.

Muloyim : (Arabic) soft, pliant; gentle.

Muloyimlash  : v.i. To soften.

Muloyimlik : softness; gentleness, kindness.

Mulozamat : (Arabic) courtesy, politeness.

Mulozamatli : courteous, polite.

Mulozim : (Arabic) court attendant; attendant, servant.

Mulzam : (Arabic) reduced to silence, beaten in an argument.

Mum : wax. Oq ~ paraffin. Qora ~ cobbler's wax. ~ tishla  to hold one's mouth shut.

Mumiyo : mummy; a waxy substance used for treating broken bones.

Mumiyola  : v.t. To mummify. [mumiyolan ]

Mumkin : (Arabic) possible; allowed, permitted; maybe, perhaps; (after V+(i)w) indicates ability or possibility : kirish ~mi? Can one come in? Bo'lishi ~ perhaps, could be.

Mumkinlik : possibility; occasion.

Mumla  : v.t. To wax, to coat with wax. [mumlan ]

Mumsik : (Arabic) avaricious.

Mumtoz lit. : (Arabic) exceptional.

Munajjim : (Arabic) astrologist; (obs.) Astronomer.munaqa coll.like this (s. Bunday).

Munaqangi : such (s. Bunaqangi).

Munaqqash : obs. (Arabic) ornamented with a painted or engraved design.

Munaqqid : obs. (Arabic) critic (s. Tanqidchi).

Munavvar lit. : (Arabic) bright, illuminated.muncha coll.this much, so (much) (s. Bir ~ several, some.munchalik coll.this much, so much (s. Bunchalik).

Munchoq : bead. Do'lana ~ ko'z ~ Eshak ~munda dial.here; hither; s. Bunda.

Mundarija : (Arabic) contents (e.g., of book).munday coll.s. Like this (s. Bunday).

Mundir : (Russian) full dress uniform.mundoq coll.like this (s. Bunday).munfail obs.shy, bashful, easily embarrassed.

Mung'ay  : v.i. To weep, to suffer grief.mung obs.grief, sorrow.

Mungla(n)  rare : v.i. To despair, to become dejected. [munglantir ]

Mungli : sorrowful, woeful.

Mungray  rare : s. Mung'ay .

Munis : obs. (Arabic) confidant, companion.

Munitsipalitet : (Russian) municipality.

Munitsipalizatsiya (Russian) : municipalization.

Munkar nakir : (Arabic) the two angels that question the dead as to their faith.

Munkay  : v.i. To become hunched over. [munkaytir ]

Munki  : v.i. To stumble. [munkit ]

Munkilla  : v.i. To become stooped with age.

Munkir : arch. (Arabic) one who denies or refuses to acknowledge s.t.

Munofiq : (Arabic) hypocrite; hypocritical, two faced.

Munofiqlik : hypocrisy, deception.

Munofiqona : deceitfully, deceptively.

Munojot : (Arabic) inward supplication for God's favor; a poem written as a supplication to God; name of a classic folk melody.

Munoqasha : obs. (Arabic) dispute, discussion, argument.

Munoqashachilik : debate; argument, altercation.

Munosabat : (Arabic) relations, ties; relationship; occasion, pretext. Yubiley ~ bilan on the occasion of the anniversary.

Munosabatdor : pertinent, related, connected.

Munosabatsiz : unrelated.

Munosib : (Arabic) suitable, proper, befitting.

Munozara : (Arabic) discussion, disputation, deliberation.

Munozarali : under discussion, being discussed or deliberated.

Munqariz : obs. (Arabic) declining, regressing.

Munshiy hist. : (Arabic) scribe.muntaloq bot.serpent root, scorzonera.

Muntazam : (Arabic) regular, regularly; planned, orderly, systematic. Gazetalarning ~ kelib turishi regular delivery of newspapers.

Muntazir lit. : (Arabic) waiting expectantly.muntola bot.scorzonera.

Muohada : arch. (Arabic) treaty.

Muolaja lit. : (Arabic) (medical) treatment. ~ qil  to treat.

Muomala : (Arabic) behavior, treatment; dealings. ~ga kel /~dagi pul money involved in the transaction.

Muomalali : polite, well behaved; possessing a certain kind of behavior, e.g., xush ~ odam a person with a pleasant character.

Muovin : (Arabic) assistant, deputy; (arch.) Helper, assistant.

Muqaddam : (Arabic) previously, earlier, before. Bundan ikki yil ~ two years previously.

Muqaddas : (Arabic) holy; sacred.

Muqaddasot lit. : (Arabic) sacred things; holy of holies.

Muqaddima : (Arabic) forward, introduction, prologue.

Muqarnas : (Arabic) fretted capital of a wooden column.

Muqarnaschi : carver of muqarnas capitals.

Muqarrar : (Arabic) definite, inevitable, inevitable; established.

Muqim : (Arabic) permanent resident, native; permanent. Gapni ~ qil  to arrange s.t.; to make or come to an agreement.

Muqobala : obs. (Arabic) opposition, resistance; objection.

Muqobil : (Arabic) opposed, contrary; counterbalanced, counter.

Muqom : (Arabic) rhythmic movement, dance step or figure.

Muqova : binding, cover.

Muqovachi : s. Muqovasoz.

Muqovachilik : abstr. Of muqovasoz; binding.

Muqovala  : v.t. To cover, to bind (book). [muqovalat ]

Muqovamat : obs. (Arabic) opposition, counteraction, resistance. ~ ko'rsat  to show signs of opposition.

Muqovasoz : binder.

Muqovasozlik : abstr. Of muqovasoz; binding; bindery.

Muqoyasa : (Arabic) comparison.

Murabba 3pp. ~  : (Arabic) quatrain; four sided, square.

Murabbiy lit. : (Arabic) trainer, educator.

Murabbiya lit. : (Arabic) female trainer.

Murabbo : (Arabic) jam, preserves.

Murakkab : (Arabic) complicated, complex, intricate.murakkabgullilar bot.composite family (of flowering plants).

Murakkablash  : v.i. To become complicated. [murakkablashtir ]

Murch : (black) pepper.

Murchdon : pepper dish, pepper shaker.

Murda : corpse, body.

Murdasho'y : washer of the dead.

Murdaxona : household in which someone has died; morgue.

Murdor : dead carcass, carrion; polluted, impure; dirty, foul, slimy (person).

Murdorlik : abstr. Of murdor; foul deeds, misdeeds, dirty business.

Murdorxo'r : carrion eating; bloodthirsty, corrupt, stopping at nothing to become rich.

Murg' : the year of the chicken (s. Tovuq yili).

Murg'ak : new, green, immature (leaf, etc.).

Murid : (Arabic) disciple, follower, pupil. ~ ovla  to go from settlement to settlement collecting alms from followers or the faithful (said of a religious figure).

Murod : (Arabic) aim, intention; wish, desire.

Murod maqsad : goal, aim; wishes.

Murodbaxsh : granter of one's wishes. ~ kun lucky day.

Murofaa : (Arabic) hearing, trial; (obs.) Altercation, quarrel.

Murojaat : (Arabic) address, call, plea. ~ qil  to address, to appeal, to speak to; to turn to.

Murojaatnoma : appeal, address, proclamation.

Muroqaba : (Arabic) contemplation, meditation.

Murosa : reconciliation.

Murosa madora, murosayu madora coll. : reconciliation; finding a middle course.

Murosachi : broker, peace maker, reconciler.

Murosachilik : peace making, peace brokering, appeasement.

Murosasiz : ruthless, merciless.

Murosasoz : s. Murosachi.

Murosasozlik : s. Murosachilik.

Mursak : a short sleeved women's robe.

Murshid : (Arabic) master, spiritual (esp. Sufi) leader.murt dial.moustache (s. Mo'ylov).

Murtad : (Arabic) apostate; turncoat; disgusting.

Murtak 1 : fetus, embryo.

Murtak 2 : inflammation of the tonsils.murut dial.s. Murt.

Muruvvat 2 : (Arabic) munificence, generosity.

Muruvvat1 : (Arabic) pin, key (of clock).

Muruvvatli : munificent, generous.

Muruvvatsiz : ungenerous, ignoble.murvat arch.screw (s. Vint); winder, pin, key (of clock).

Musaddas : arch. (Arabic) hexagon (s. Oltiburchak).

Musaffo lit. : (Arabic) pure, fine, clear; immaculate.

Musallah : obs. (Arabic) armed.

Musallas : (Arabic) (arch.) Triangle (s. Uchburchak); a kind of verse consisting of three lines; a kind of homemade wine boiled to a third part; a kind of manufactured non alcoholic wine.

Musannif : obs. (Arabic) composer, compiler, author.

Musbat : (Arabic) positive.

Mush : the year of the mouse of the 12 year animal cycle (s. Sichqon yili).

Mushak 1 : muscle (s. Muskul).

Mushak 2 : (fireworks) rocket.

Mushak 3 : ~ sabzi a type of carrot.

Mushakboz : one who fires off fireworks.

Mushakbozlik : firing off fireworks.

Musharraf : (Arabic) honored, exalted.

Mushavvash lit. : (Arabic) anxious, uneasy, disordered; confused.

Mushfiq lit. : (Arabic) compassionate, full of compassion.mushk anbar, mushku anbarmusk and incense.

Mushk : musk.

Mushkul : (Arabic) difficult, hard; difficulty; problematic. ~ini oson qil  to free of difficulties.

Mushkulkushod : prayer or rite meant to solve difficulties.

Mushkullash  : v.i. To go awry, to go bad, to be beset by troubles.

Mushkulot : (Arabic) difficulties, problems; musical prelude to a maqom.

Mushohada lit. : (Arabic) observation.

Mushoira : (Arabic) a contest between two or more poets.

Mushshay  : v.i. To huddle o.s. Up (s. Shumshay ).

Musht : fist; punch.

Mushtak : tiny; price paid for the use of a scale.

Mushtarak lit. : (Arabic) common, communal.

Mushtariy 1 : arch. (Arabic) Jupiter (s. Yupiter).

Mushtariy 2 : obs. (Arabic) subscriber; customer, client.

Mushtday : fist like or fist sized; little, young, tiny.

Mushtipar : weak, helpless.

Mushtla  : v.t. To punch, to hit with the fist; to knead. [mushtlash ]

Mushtlash  : v.t. Coop. Of mushtla ; to fist fight.

Mushtlash : v.n. Of muwtla ; fist fight.

Mushtlashish : fist fighting.

Mushtoq : (Arabic) yearning, longing or impatient for.

Mushtoqlik : yearning, longing.

Mushtoqona : with great earnestness or impatience.

Mushtuk : mouthpiece of Russian cigarette.

Mushtum : s. Musht; name of a satirical magazine.

Mushtumzo'r : arch. Wealthy landowner, landlord; violent, fierce, aggressive.

Mushuk : cat. Bunga ~ ham oftobga chiqmaydi This isn't worth yoiur time. Ola ~ o'tdi They've had a falling out. Something happened between them.

Musibat : (Arabic) calamity, misfortune.

Musibatli : calamitous.

Musicha : dove.

Musiqa : obs. Music (s. Muzika).

Musiqachi : musician.

Musiqiy : arch. Music; musical.

Musiqiylik : music, musicality.

Muskat : (Russian) muscat grape.

Muskul : (Russian) muscle.

Muskulli : muscular.

Muslim rare : (Arabic) Muslim. ~ ahli/ahli ~ the Muslim nation.

Muslimin : arch. (Arabic) Muslims.

Muslin : (Russian) muslin.

Musoada : obs. (Arabic) aid, assistance. ~ qil  to allow, to permit; to wait, to linger, to tarry.

Musobaqa : (Arabic) contest, competition. Sotsialist ~ socialist emulation.

Musobaqachi : contestant.

Musobaqadosh : co competitor or contestant.

Musobaqalash  : v.i. To compete in a friendly way.

Musodara : (Arabic) confiscation, requisition.

Musofir : (Arabic) traveler; stranger, wayfarer; wanderer; strange, foreign. ~ Ellarda among foreign peoples, in strange lands.

Musofirchilik : being a stranger in a strange land.

Musofirlik : abstr. Of musofir; s. Musofirchilik.

Musofirxona : guesthouse or guestroom.

Musohaba : obs. (Arabic) conversation; interview.

Musohala : obs. (Arabic) blunder, slip.

Musohib : obs. (Arabic) conversation partner.

Musolaha : obs. (Arabic) reconciliation, truce making.

Musovida : obs. (Arabic) rough draft.

Musoviy : obs. (Arabic) equal.

Musovot : obs. (Arabic) equality (s. Tenglik).

Musovotchi : member of the musovotchilar.

Musovotchilar : name of a political movement in Azerbaijan in the early 20th century.

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