SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Matbuot : (Arabic) (the) press. ~ byurosi press bureau. ~ konferentsiyasi press conference. Match

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Matbuot : (Arabic) (the) press. ~ byurosi press bureau. ~ konferentsiyasi press conference.

Match : (Russian) match, game.

Matematik : (Russian) mathematician; mathematical.

Matematika : (Russian) mathematics.

Material : (Russian) material.

Materialist : (Russian) materialist.

Materialistik : (Russian) materialistic.

Materializm : (Russian) materialism.

Materik : (Russian) continent.

Materiya : (Russian) matter; material.matin dial.s. Metin.

Matkatak : a shepherd's hut built of stone.

Matlab : (Arabic) wish, desire; purpose.

Matlub lit. : (Arabic) desired, wished for, demanded.

Matlubot : (Arabic) ~ kooperatsiyasi consumers' cooperative.

Matlubotchi : worker in a consumers' cooperative.

Matn : obs. (Arabic) text.

Mato : (Arabic) cloth, material; article, item.

Matoh coll. : (Arabic) possession, item, material good.

Matonat : (Arabic) resistance, fortitude; courage.

Matonatli : courageous, resolute.

Matrap : (Arabic) a long handled net for catching birds.

Matras : (Russian) mattress.

Matriarxal : (Russian) matriarchal.

Matriarxat : (Russian) matriarchy.

Matritsa : (Russian) die, mold; matrix.

Matros : (Russian) sailor, seaman.

Matroska : (Russian) sailor's jacket.

Mauzer : (Russian) Mauser.

Mavchuda : (Arabic) being, existence.

Mavhum : (Arabic) abstract.

Mavhumot : obs. (Arabic) abstraction; fantasy.

Mavj : (Arabic) swell, ripple, billow; glimmer; wave. ~ ur  to swell, to surge; to wave; to be agitated.

Mavjlan  : v.i. To undulate, to surge, to rise in waves; to glimmer; to show, to gleam. [mavjlantir ]

Mavjud : (Arabic) existing, existent; available, present.

Mavjudiyat : obs. (Arabic) creation, the universe; existence.

Mavjudlik : presence; existence.

Mavjudot lit. : (Arabic) creation, the universe, life.

Mavlono : (Arabic) master, lord (title of respect).

Mavlud : (Arabic) feast celebrated on Muhammad's birthday; birthday celebration and feast; birth.

Mavoza : arch. (Arabic) barter, trade.

Mavqe 3pp. ~i : (Arabic) status, position, station.

Mavr : (Russian) Moor.

Mavrid : (Arabic) place; moment, time.

Mavsum : (Arabic) season.

Mavsumiy : (Arabic) seasonal.

Mavsumli : s. Mavsumiy.

Mavze 3pp ~i : (Arabic) locality, district, neighborhood.

Mavzoley : (Russian) mausoleum.

Mavzu 3pp. ~i : (Arabic) subject, topic.

Mavzun lit. : (Arabic) comely, well proportioned, well built.

Maxchi : Machist.

Maxchilik : Machism.

Maxdum hist. : (Arabic) title of a spiritual or clerical leader.

Maxfiy : (Arabic) secret, undercover.

Maxist : (Russian) Machist.

Maxizm : (Russian) Machism.

Maxluq : (Arabic) creature; hideous, ugly.

Maxluqot : (Arabic) creatures; all creation.

Maxmur : obs. (Arabic) intoxicated, inebriated; languid (eyes).

Maxorka : (Russian) a kind of low grade tobacco; hand rolled cigarette.

Maxovik : (Russian) flywheel.

Maxraj : (Arabic) denominator; (arch.) Place of articulation. Umumiy ~ common denominator.

Maxsar bot. (Arabic) : safflower.maxsimcha coll.effeminate.maxsum coll.s. Maxdum.

Maxsus : (Arabic) special, particular, certain, specific.

Maxsuslash  rare : v.i. To become specialized. [maxsuslashtir , maxsuslashtiril ]

Maxzan lit. : (Arabic) treasury, treasure house.maxzum coll.s. Maxdum.

May : wine.

May : (Russian) May. Birinchi ~ bayrami May Day.

Mayak : (Russian) s. Mayoq.

Mayatnik : (Russian) pendulum.

Mayda : small, tiny; minor, secondary; insignificant, unimportant; small change. ~ qadam mincing steps; (slang) gay, homo.

Mayda chuyda : odds and ends, bits, this and that.

Maydagap : lover of petty talk.

Maydala  : v.t. To break or split apart, to break up; to get change for (money); to pour or drink little by little; to rain or snow lightly. [maydalan , maydalat , maydalash , maydalashtir ]

Maydon : lot, plot (near house); field; square. Qiz ~ conceited and brazen girl. ~ga kel  to come into existence. ~ga tashla /~ga chiq  to come into being; to be realized; to be published. ~dan ko'tar  to dispatch, to take out.

Maygun poet. : wine colored, scarlet.

Mayib : (Arabic) hurt, crippled, blessed; disturbed, touched.

Mayiblan  : v.i. To be crippled or injured.

Mayin : soft, smooth; fine, pleasant.

Mayinlash  : v.i. To become soft or smooth.

Mayish  : v.i. To bend, to bend (over), to become doubled over.

Mayiz : raisin. Tut ~ dried mulberries.

Mayizday : nice, gentle, friendly.

Mayka : (Russian) sleeveless undershirt, tank top.

Mayl : (Arabic) inclination, bent; preference, will; (gram.) Mood. O'z ~iga qo'y  to leave s.t. Up to s.o.

Mayli : fine, okay, will do, well. Bu ham ~ ku... Well, this is fine too (=this doesn't matter either), (but)...mayliga coll.s. Mayli.

Maymun : (Arabic) monkey, ape. ~ yili the ninth year in the 12 year animal calendar. ~ bozor zoo, madhouse. ~ emaydi overabundant, going to rot. Holiga ~lar yig'laydi in an extremely pitiable condition ("enough to make even monkeys cry").maymunchak dial.raspberry (s. Xo'jag'at).maymunjon bot.blackberry vine.mayna zool.mina bird; butt or a joke or ridicule.

Maynaboz : raiser of mina birds; clown, jokester; trickster.

Maynabozchilik : clowning; trickery.

Maynabozlik : abstr. Of maynaboz.

Mayoq : (Russian) lighthouse; beacon, guiding light.

Mayor : (Russian) major.

Mayovka : (Russian) May Day meeting; spring outing, picnic.

Mayparast : obs. Wine lover; drunkard.mayqut zool.warbler.mayril  dial.to be bent over, stooped.mayriq dial.stooped, bent.

Maysa : sprout, new growth (of grass, crops).

Maysazor : newly green field, field full of sprouting plants.mayta dial.dry, fallow land.maytar  dial.to hurt, to upset.

Mayxo'r : drinker, boozer.

Mayxo'rlik : drinking, drunkenness.

Mayxona : tavern, drinking house.

Mayya : (Russian) a type of thin fabric.??

Mayyit lit. : (Arabic) corpse.

Maza : taste, flavor, savor; pleasure, enjoyment. ~ qil  to relish s.t., to enjoy o.s. ~si yo'q bad tasting; bad, no good; not enjoyable. ~si ketdi/~ yo'q I don't feel well.

Maza bemaza : nonsense, balderdash, trash.maza matra usu. Neg.taste, flavor; meaning; logic. Bu ovqatda ~ yo'q This food ain't got no flavor. ~si yo'q gap utter nonsense.

Mazali : tasty, good tasting.

Mazammat : obs. (Arabic) blame, reproach. ~ yuklat  to heap blame on.

Mazasiz : flavorless; bad tasting, unsavory.

Mazax : (Arabic) ridicule, mockery.

Mazaxchi rare : scoffer; jokester.

Mazaxla  : (Arabic) to ridicule, to mock.

Mazaxo'rak : lover, buff, devotee, addict. ~ bo'l /~ka o'rgan  to acquire a taste for; to become hooked on or habituated to.

Mazaxomuz : (half) mockingly.

Mazdakchilik : name of a popular, anti aristocratic and anti clerical uprising in Iran in the 5 6 cc.??

Mazdur : obs. Hired laborer.mazgil coll.s. Manzil.

Mazhab : (Arabic) sect; faction, splinter group; manner, mode of conduct.

Mazhabchi : member of a sect, sectarian.

Mazhabchilik : sectarianism.

Maziyat : obs. (Arabic) excellence, superiority.

Mazkur : (Arabic) (above)mentioned.

Mazlum : (Arabic) oppressed, wronged.

Mazluma : (Arabic) wronged (woman).

Mazmun : (Arabic) content, meaning, significance. Kitobning ~i the book's contents.

Mazmunan : (Arabic) in content, in meaning; evidently...

Mazmundor : (Arabic) meaningful, full of meaning.mazmuni coll.s. Mazmunan.

Mazmunli : meaningful.

Mazut : (Russian) fuel oil.

Me'da 1 lit. : (Arabic) stomach. ~ga (zig'ir yog'dek) teg  to annoy, to get on one's nerves. ~ga o'tirmaslik to not sit at all well with s.o.

Me'da 2 : (Arabic) herpes.

Me'mor : (Arabic) architect (s. Arxitektor).

Me'morchilik : architecture, building design and construction.

Me'morlik : abstr. Of me'mor; architecture.

Me'roj : (Arabic) ascent to heaven, esp., the Prophet Muhammad's ascent to heaven.

Me'yor : (Arabic) standard, measure, norm. ~ni bil  to know the limits, to know what is appropriate. Har narsaning ~i bor everything has its limits.

Mebel" : (Russian) furniture.

Mebelfurushlik : selling or trading in furniture.

Mebelsozlik : furniture making.mechal coll.rickets; suffering from rickets.

Mechkay : voracious, insatiable; rickets.

Medal" : (Russian) medal.

Medal"on : (Russian) medallion.

Medalli : medalist; awarded with a medal.

Mediana : (Russian) median.

Mediator : (Russian) pick (s. Noxin).

Medikament : (Russian) medicine, medications.

Meditsina : (Russian) medicine (as a science).

Medpunkt : (Russian) firstaid station.

Medsestra : (Russian) nurse.

Meduza zool. : (Russian) jellyfish.

Megajin zool. (Mong.) : sow.

Mehmon : guest.

Mehmondo'st : fond of having guests, hospitable.

Mehmondo'stlik : hospitality.

Mehmondor : one who has guests, host.

Mehmondorchilik : hospitality.

Mehmondorlik : abstr. Of mehmondor; hospitality.

Mehmonxona : guesthouse, hotel; guestroom.

Mehnat : (Arabic) work, labor. ~ kuni workday (as a unit of payment). ~ daftarchasi notebook in which a worker's hours are recorded. ~ markasi counter showing amount to be paid for finished work.

Mehnatchan : hard working.

Mehnatchi : worker, laborer.

Mehnatkash : working; worker; hard working.

Mehnatsevar : work loving, industrious.

Mehnatsevarlik : industriousness.

Mehr : love, fondness; mercy, compassion. ~i tosh/~iga to'y /qon  to revel in s.o.'s company, to be delighted at seeing s.o.

Mehr muhabbat, mehru muhabbat : love and kindness.

Mehribon : graceful, kind, nice; sympathetic.

Mehribonlik : kindness; sympathy.

Mehrigiyo(h) bot. : mandrake? Turnsole?? [anosma shchetinistaya]; one who inspires love or compassion.

Mehrli : full of love and kindness.

Mehrob : (Arabic) the niche in a mosque that indicates the direction of the Ka'aba in Mecca.

Mehtara dial. : waterskin.

Mehvar : obs. (Arabic) axis.

Meliorativ : (Russian) meliorative.

Melioratsiya : (Russian) melioration, land improvement.

Melodik : (Russian) melodic(al).

Melodiya : (Russian) melody (s. Kuy, ohang).

Melodrama : (Russian) melodrama.

Melodramatik : (Russian) melodramatic.

Membrana : (Russian) membrane; diaphragm.

Memorandum : (Russian) memorandum.

Memorial : (Russian) memorial.

Memuar : (Russian) memoirs.

Men"shevik : (Russian) Menshevik.

Men"shevistik : (Russian) Menshevistic.

Men"shevizm : (Russian) Menshevism.

Men : I. ~ga qara Look. Look here. ~ga qolsa as far as I'm concerned; if it were up to me.

Meniki seniki : mine and yours. ~ youq None of this "yours mine" stuff.

Meniki : mine.

Menimcha : in my opinion, in my mind.meningcha lit.s. Menimcha.

Meningit : (Russian) meningitis.

Menman : s. Manman.

Mensi(ma)  v.t. Neg. Only : to ignore; to look down on, to act condescendingly towards.

Mensimaslik : scorn, condescension, condescending attitude.

Mentol : (Russian) menthol.

Menyu : (Russian) menu.

Menzurka : (Russian) measuring glass, graduated cylinder.

Mergan (Mong.) : sharpshooter; archer.

Merganchilik : sharpshooting.

Merganlik : abstr. Of mergan.

Meridian : (Russian) meridian. Osmon ~i celestial meridian.

Merinos : (Russian) merino (sheep).

Merkantilist : (Russian) mercantilist.

Merkantilizm : (Russian) mercantilism.

Merkuriy : (Russian) Mercury.

Meros : (Arabic) inheritance; legacy.

Merosxo'r : heir, inheritor; successor.

Merov : dull, dense.

Mertik : chipped, broken off at the edge.

Mesh : a large skin for storing water, kumiss, etc.; soft sheep leather used for lining shoes, etc.

Meshat coll. : (Russian) ~ qil  to bother, to disturb (s. Xalaqit ber ).

Meshchan : petty bourgeois; Philistine, bougeois, narrow minded.

Meshchanlik : abstr. Of meshchan; philistinism, narrow mindedness.

Meshkob hist. : waterskin carrier, water seller.meshkobchi coll.s. Meshkob.meshkobqush zool.pelican (s. Birqozon, saqoqush).

Mestkom : (Russian) local (trade union) committee.

Metafizik : (Russian) metaphysician; metaphysical.

Metafizika : (Russian) metaphysics.

Metafora : (Russian) metaphor (s. Istiora, majoz).

Metaforik : (Russian) metaphorical (s. Majoziy).

Metall : (Russian) metal.

Metallchi : metal worker.

Metallist : (Russian) metal worker.

Metallizatsiya : (Russian) metallization.

Metallmas : non metal.

Metallografiya (Russian) : metallography.

Metalloid : (Russian) metalloid.

Metallshunos : [metaloved]??

Metallshunoslik : [metalovednost']??

Metallurg : (Russian) metallurgist.

Metallurgiya : (Russian) metallurgy.

Metamorfik : (Russian) metamorphic.

Metamorfizm (Russian) : metamorphism.

Metan : (Russian) methane.

Metara : s. Mehtara.

Metastaz : (Russian) metastasis.

Metateza : (Russian) metathesis.

Meteor : (Russian) meteor (s. Uchar yulduz).

Meteorit : (Russian) meteorite.

Meteorolog : (Russian) meteorologist.

Meteorologiya : (Russian) meteorology.

Metil : (Russian) methyl.

Metilen : (Russian) methylene.

Metin : (Arabic) pick(axe); hard, tough.

Metis : (Russian) metis, cross breed, hybrid; half breed, of mixed blood.

Metizatsiya : (Russian) crossbreeding.

Metod : (Russian) method.

Metodik : (Russian) methodical, orderly.

Metodika : (Russian) methodology, methods, procedures.

Metodist : (Russian) methodologist.

Metodolog : (Russian) methodologist.

Metodologik (Russian) : methodological.

Metodologiya : (Russian) methodology (as a science).

Metonimik : (Russian) metonymical.

Metonimiya : (Russian) metonymy.

Metr : (Russian) meter; meter stick.

Metraj : (Russian) area or length in meters.

Metrik : (Russian) metric; metrical.

Metrika 1 : (Russian) birth certificate.

Metrika 2 : (Russian) metrics.

Metrla  : v.t. To measure with a meter stick.

Metro : (Russian) subway.

Metrolog : (Russian) metrologist.

Metrologik : (Russian) metrological.

Metrologiya : (Russian) metrology.

Metropoliten : (Russian) s. Metro.

Metropoliya : (Russian) metropolis (of an empire).

Meva : fruit; sweets, candy. ~ga kir  to begin producing fruit.

Meva cheva : all sorts of fruit; fruits and such; fruits, sweets, etc.

Mevachilik : fruit growing; fruit selling.

Mevador : orchard.

Mevafurush : fruit seller.

Mevali : bearing fruit; fruitful.

Mevasiz : fruitless; without fruit.

Mevazor : orchard.

Mexanik : (Russian) mechanic; mechanics expert; mechanical.

Mexanik haydovchi : driver mechanic.

Mexanika : (Russian) mechanics.

Mexanist : (Russian) mechanist.

Mexanistik : (Russian) mechanistic.

Mexanitsizm : (Russian) (phil.) Mechanism.

Mexanizator : (Russian) specialist in mechanization; machine or equipment servicer.

Mexanizatsiya (Russian) : mechanization.

Mexanizatsiyalash  : v.i. To become mechanized. [mexanizatsiyalashtir , mexanizatsiyalashtiril ]

Mexanizatsiyalash : mechanization.

Mexanizatsiyalashtirish : mechanization.

Mexanizm : mechanism.

Mezana : (Arabic) gallery where the call to prayer is proclaimed.

Mezbon : host.

Mezon : (Arabic) (arch.) Scales; Libra; the seventh month of the solar calendar (Sept. 22  Oct. 21).

Mezoziy : (Russian) Mesozoic.

Mi : (Russian) (mus.) Mi.

Mif : (Russian) myth.

Mifik : (Russian) mythical.

Mifologik : (Russian) mythological.

Mifologiya : (Russian) mythology.

Migren" : (Russian) migraine.

Miirzaxona : office of scribes.mijg'ala  dial.v.t.s. Mig'ila .

Mijg'ila  : v.t. To rumple, to crumple. [mijg'ilan ]

Mijg'ov : slacker, dawdler.

Mijg'ovlan  : v.i. To become sluggish or slack.

Mijgon lit. : eyelash (s. Kiprik).

Mijig' : crinkled, rumpled.

Mijig'la  : v.t. S. Mijg'ila . [mijig'lan ]

Mijja : eyelash (s. ~ qoqmasdan w/o getting a wink of sleep.

Mijoz : permanent client or dealer; regular customer or visitor.mijoz coll.s. Mizoj.

Mikrob : (Russian) germ, microbe.

Mikrobiolog : (Russian) microbiologist.

Mikrobiologik (Russian) : microbiological.

Mikrobiologiya (Russian) : microbiology.

Mikroelement (Russian) : microelement??.

Mikrofil"m : (Russian) microfilm.

Mikrofon : (Russian) microphone.

Mikroklimat : (Russian) microclimate.

Mikroklimatik (Russian) : microclimatic.

Mikrometr : (Russian) micrometer.

Mikrometrik : (Russian) micrometric.

Mikrometriya : (Russian) micrometry.

Mikron : (Russian) micron, micrometer.

Mikroorganizm (Russian) : microorganism.

Mikroskop : (Russian) microscope.

Mikroskopik : (Russian) microscopic.

Mikstura : (Russian) liquid medicine, mixture.

Mil 1 : (Arabic) barrel (of gun).

Mil 2 : (Arabic) arrow (of compass); hand (of clock).

Mil 3 : (Russian) mile.

Mildira  : v.i. To trickle.

Militarist : (Russian) militarist.

Militaristik : (Russian) militaristic.

Militarizatsiya : (Russian) militarization.

Militarizm : (Russian) militarism.

Militsioner : (Russian) militiaman; policeman.

Militsiya : (Russian) militia; police (force); (coll.) Policeman.

Militsiyaxona : police station.

Milk 1 : gums. Ko'z ~i roots of the eyelashes. Tirnoq ~i cuticle.

Milk 2 : edge, border (of material).

Milkak : infected cuticle [panaritsii]??.

Millat : (Arabic) nation, people, nationality.

Millatchi : nationalist.

Millatchilik : nationalism.

Millatdosh : person of the same nationality.

Milliard : (Russian) billion.

Milliarder : (Russian) billionaire.

Milligramm : (Russian) milligram.

Millimetr : (Russian) millimeter.

Million : (Russian) million.

Millioner : (Russian) millionaire.

Millionlab : in millions; by the millions.

Milliy : (Arabic) national, ethnic, traditional.

Milliyat : obs. (Arabic) nationality.

Milliylashtir  : v.t. To nativize, to nationalize. [milliylashtiril ]

Milod : (Arabic) the birthday of Jesus Christ; the Christian Era.

Milodiy : (Arabic) pertaining to the Christian Era, A.D.

Milt milt : ~ qil /Et  to flicker.

Milt : flicker, glimmer.

Miltilla  : v.i. S. Militira .

Miltiq : rifle, gun.

Miltiqbozlik : shooting, firing guns; exchange of fire.

Miltiqsoz : gunsmith.

Miltiqsozlik : gunsmithing, rifle making.

Miltira  : v.i. To flicker or glimmer; to be glimpsed fleetingly. [miltirat ]

Mim : (Arabic) the letter "m" in the Arabic alphabet.

Mimika : (Russian) mimicry.

Mimikriya : (Russian) mimicry.

Mimit children's speech : teeny, tiny.

Mimoza bot. : (Russian) mimosa.

Min  : v.t. To mount, to get on, to ride; to drive; to ascend. [mingiz , mindir , mindiril ]min dial.fault, wrong.

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