SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Liqang liqang : s. Liq liq.

Liqildoq : wobbly, shaky.

Liqilla  : v.i. To become loose, to jiggle; to wobble, to falter. [liqillat ]

Liqir liqir : ~ qil  s. Liqilla .

Liqqa liqqa : ~ yut  to eat in gulps, to gobble up.

Liqqoq : watery, flaccid (grapes).

Lira 1 : (Russian) lira.

Lira 2 : (Russian) lyre.

Lirik : (Russian) lyric(al).

Lirika : (Russian) lyric poetry.

Liriklik : lyricalness; lyricism.

Lirizm : lyricism.

Lison : (Arabic) tongue, language.

List : (Russian) leaf (in printing), sheet.

Listaj : (Russian) number of sheets (in a book).

Liter : (Russian) travel warrant.

Literli : designated with only a letter; hush hush (room).

Litiy : (Russian) lithium.

Litograf : (Russian) lithograph.

Litografik : (Russian) lithographic.

Litografiya : (Russian) lithography.

Litr : (Russian) liter.

Litrlab : in liters; liter by liter.

Litsey : (Russian) Lyceum; lycé.

Litvacha : Lithuaninan (lang.).

Litvalik : Lithuanian.

Livit : a group of fifty strands of fibers (textile manufacture).

Livitchi : worker that separates a skein of thread into groups of fifty.

Lo'k zool. : a large, small headed dromedary camel; lead camel; female camel.lo'kcha zool.young camel.

Lo'k lo'k : ~ qil  s. Lo'killa .

Lo'kidon coll. : bolt, bar; catch, fastening, latch.

Lo'killa  : v.i. To gallop, to run; to run around doing s.t. To no effect. [lo'killat ]

Lo'kki : fast running.

Lo'la bolish : cylindrical cushion, bolster.

Lo'li : Central Asian gypsy; hot tempered, quarrelsome (usu. Of women).

Lo'lilik : abstr. Of lo'li; hot headedness, quarrelsomeness.

Lo'livash poet. : enchanting.

Lo'mboz : clump of mud used in wall construction.lo'mbozday coll.clod, oaf; huge. ~ qulf a huge lock.

Lo'nda lo'nda : chunks, hunks, big pieces; concisely, point by point.

Lo'nda : piece, bit, ball; concise, brief. ~ go'sht boneless piece of meat.

Lo'p : ~ Etib suddenly.

Lo'pchik : swab.

Lo'ppak : mature, full, ripe (usu. Cotton).

Lo'ppi : chubby, plump, stout. ~dan kelgan heavyset.

Lo'q lo'q : throbbing, pulsing. ~ qilib s. Lo'qilla .

Lo'q : ko'zini ~ qilib to stare fixedly.

Lo'qilla  : v.i. To beat fiercely, to throb. Tomiri ~  to have one's pulse race. [lo'qillat ]

Lo'ttiboz : puppeteer; juggler; swindler, cheat.

Lo'ttibozlik : abstr. Of lo'ttiboz; cheating, swindling.lo'ya dial.s. Loviya.

Lo?Ttivoz : s. Lo?Ttiboz.

Loaqal : (Arabic) at least.

Lobar : pleasant, friendly.

Lobid : (Arabic) lozim va ~ necessary and indispensible.lochin zool.falcon; go getter, bold, courageous.

Lochira : a type of unleavened bread.

Lodon coll. : ignorant, stupid (s. Nodon).

Lof qof : ~ ur  to brag for nothing, to brag too much.

Lof : exaggeration, overstatement; rashness; boasting, bragging. ~ ur /~ desa olaqopni olib yuguradi app., He takes things too far; His tongue knows no bounds.

Lofchi : storyteller, liar; boaster, braggart, show off.

Lofchilik : abstr. Of lofchi.

Log'ar lit. : thin, wasted.

Logarifm : (Russian) logarithm.

Logarifmik : (Russian) logarithmic.

Logik : (Russian) logician; logical.

Logika : (Russian) logic.

Lohas : (Arabic) unwell, sluggish, weakly.

Lohaslan  : v.i. To become unwell, to become feeble or sluggish.

Loja : (Russian) (theater) box.

Lojuvard : lapis lazuli; azure. ~ ko'k azure blue.

Lok : gum lac, varnish, lacquer.

Lokaut : (Russian) lockout.

Lokin : (Arabic) s. Lekin.

Lokla  : v.t. To varnish, to lacquer. [loklan , loklat ]

Lokomotiv : (Russian) locomotive.

Lol : mute, speechless. Tili ~ bo'ldi to be dumbfounded. Qil /Et /qoldir /qilib qo'y  to dumbfound, to leave speechless.

Lola bot. : tulip; red, scarlet.

Lolagul : s. Lola.

Lolagun : scarlet.lolaqizg'aldoq bot.a type of wild poppy.??

Lolarang : red like a tulip, scarlet.

Lolazor : field, bed of tulips.

Lom : (Arabic) the letter "L" in Arabic. ~ demay to say nothing at all. ~ deya olmay qol  to be at a loss for words, to be speechless.

Lom mim : (Arabic) the letters "L" and "M" in Arabic. ~ demay w/o saying anything at all.

Lomakon : (Arabic) having no place of abode.

Lombard : (Russian) pawnshop.

Lop(pa) loyiq : a perfect fit, perfectly suitable.

Lop : ~ Etib in a flash, in a twinkling.

Lopilla  : v.i. To rock, to sway; to lumber, to trudge, to heave o.s. ~b yon  to blaze. [lopillat ]

Loqayd : (Arabic) indifferent, unconcerned.

Loqaydlik : indifference, unconcernedness.

Lord : (Russian) lord. ~lar palatasi the House of Lords.

Lors lors : ~ qil  to quiver, to tremble.

Lorsildoq : puffy, hot, and soft (bread straight out of the tandoor); swelling, bulging.

Lorsilla  : v.i. To swell, to quiver, to tremble, to undulate; to be flushed all over.

Los : waste silk fibers.losh dial.corpse, carcass.

Los? Zool. : (Russian) elk.
Losos" zool. : (Russian) salmon.

Lot : (Arabic) Lat, name of an Arabian pre Islamic idol.

Lot manot : (Arabic) Lat and Manat (pre Islamic idols worshipped in Mecca); idols.

Lotereya : (Russian) lottery. Pul buyum ~si lottery for money or household goods. ~ yut  to win the lottery.

Lotin : s. Latin.

Loto : (Russian) lotto.

Lotok : (Russian) hawker's stand or stall.

Lotsman : (Russian) pilot.

Lov lov : ~ yon  to burn fiercely, to blaze; to glimmer, to dazzle.

Lov : ~ Etib to blaze up, to flash.lova coll.s. Lava.lovdan dial.a thin silken material.

Loviya bot. : bean(s).

Lovulla  : to blaze, to burn fiercely; to blow up with anger; to turn bright red.

Loy : mud; clay. ~ bo'l  to be or get muddy; to be embarrassed, to feel awkward. Mis qozonda ~ tovoq said of two things which are incongruous. Ishning tagi ~ to have unfortunate consequences. Suv boshidan ~ to be muddled by those in power. ~ga bula /ishi bitdi  Eshagi ~dan o'tdi said of s.o. Who is ungrateful and snobbish after his troubles are over.

Loyamut obs. (Arabic) : undying.loychaqir dial.bits of mud clinging to clothing.

Loygar(chi)lik : muddy conditions.

Loyig'icha : properly, adequately.

Loyiha : (Arabic) plan, scheme, design; draft.

Loyihachi : s. Loyihalovchi.

Loyihala  : v.t. To plan, to draw a draft. [loyihalan ]

Loyihalashtir  : v.t. To draw up plans for, to plot out a design. [loyihalashtiril ]

Loyihalovchi : planner, designer.

Loyiq : (Arabic) worthy, deserving; suitable, appropriate; fitting.

Loykash : one who mixes or carries mud (e.g., for building construction); (mud) brick maker; a type of trowel.

Loykashlik : working with mud (as construction material).

Loyla  v.t. Rare : to muddy. [loylan , loylat , loylash ]

Loyli : muddy.

Loyqa  : v.i. To become muddied or sullied. [loyqat ]

Loyqa : muddy, dirty; silt; mess, disaster. Ishning ~si chiqdi It turned out a mess.

Loyqalan  : v.i. S. Loyqa . [loyqalan , loyqalantir ]

Loyqat  : v.t. To muddy, to stir up mud from the bottom; to make a mess of s.t. [loyqalan , loyqalantir ]

Loytuvoq : earthenware lid for an oven (o?Choq).

Loyxo'rak zool. : sandpiper; snipe; (dial.) Earthworm.

Loyxona : hollow for mixing mud or from which mud is taken.

Lozim 1 lit. : (Arabic) necessary, requisite. Qilishi ~ He must do.

Lozim 2 : (Arabic) women's pyjama style drawers (s. Ishton).lozimanda coll.s. Lozimomada.lozimi dial.s. Lozim 2.

Lozimlik : abstr. Of lozim; suitable or enough for making women's drawers.

Lozimomada : presents such as clothes, food, etc. Taken when attending a celebration or paying a visit.

Lub : (Russian) bast fiber.

Lubkor : one who cultivates fiber plants (e.g., hemp).

Luchchak : punk, low life, hood; heckling comment. ~ tashla / ~ shaftoli a fuzzless type of peach.

Lug'at : (Arabic) dictionary; lexicon.

Lug'atchi : lexicographer, compiler of a dictionary.

Lug'atchilik : lexicography.

Lug'aviy : (Arabic) literal. ~ tarjima literal translation.

Lungi : towel wrapped around one's waist in a bathhouse; apron worn by a customer in a barbershop.

Lunj : the lower face, the lower lip and chin area; the oral cavity, mouth. ~i osildi to have a long face, to frown.

Lunoxod : (Russian) lunar research vehicle.

Lupa : (Russian) magnifying glass (s. Zarrabin).

Lupchak : s. Luchchak.

Luqma : (Arabic) mouthful, bite, morsel; retort, rejoinder. ~yi halol s.t. Earned by one's own labor. Og'zidan ~ni yutolmaydi maladroit, goofy, clumsy.

Luqmon : (Arabic) (~i hakim) sage regarded as the father of medicine; sage, wiseman.

Lutf : (Arabic) grace, dignity; pun. ~ ayla /qil  to do someone a kindness.

Lutf karam, lutfu karam : (Arabic) grace and generosity.

Lutfan lit. : (Arabic) kindly, graciously.

Lutfi : (Arabic) full of grace.

Lutfkorlik : kindness, graciousness.

Lutfkorona : kindly, graciously.lux bot.reed mace, cattail (s. Qo?G?A).

Luza : (Russian) (billiard) pocket.

Luzum lit. : (Arabic) necessity.

Luzumsiz : unnecessary.

Lya : (Russian) la (mus.).

Lyapis : (Russian) lunar caustic, silver nitrate.

Lyuks : (Russian) deluxe, luxury.

Lyumpen proletariat (Russian) : Lumpenproletariat.

Lyustra : (Russian) chandelier.

Ma'bad : obs. (Arabic) temple.

Ma'buda : (Arabic) goddess, female deity.

Ma'dan : arch. (Arabic) mineral; metal; ore.

Ma'danchi : miner.

Ma'jun : arch. (Arabic) a paste made of opium and other ingredients.

Ma'lum : (Arabic) known, recognized, established; certain. ~ingiz your humble servant; as you know.

Ma'lumki : as you know...

Ma'lumot : (Arabic) education; information, news.

Ma'lumotli : educated.

Ma'lumotnoma : handbook.

Ma'lumotsiz : uneducated.

Ma'mur 1 : (Arabic) official, officer.

Ma'mur 2 : (Arabic) prosperous, thriving.

Ma'murchilik : prosperity, bounteousness.

Ma'muriy : (Arabic) administrative.

Ma'muriyat : (Arabic) administration.

Ma'muriyatchilik : poor administration, misadministration.

Ma'nan : (Arabic) spiritually, morally; in sense or meaning. ~ va jisman spiritually and physically.

Ma'naviy : (Arabic) spiritual; moral. ~ qiyofa moral aspect.

Ma'ni coll. : (Arabic) meaning; brains, smarts.

Ma'no : (Arabic) meaning, sense. Bundan ~ chiqmaydi This is of no use. ~ ber  to understand, to interpret. ~ chiqar  to reach a conclusion. ~ga o?Zgacha ~ kir  to take on a different meaning.

Ma'nodor : meaningful.

Ma'nodosh : synonymous.

Ma'noli : meaningful, significant; serious.

Ma'nosiz : meaningless.

Ma'nosizlik : meaninglessness.

Ma'qul : (Arabic) acceptable, agreeable, reasonable; Fine, Good. ~ qil  to compel, to force acceptance. O'zinikini ~ qil  to get one's own idea accepted, to have one's way.

Ma'qulla  : v.t. To accept, to find acceptable, to support. [ma'qullan , ma'qullat , ma'qullash ]

Ma'qullik : acceptability, acceptedness.

Ma'ra  : v.i. To bleat; to moo, to low. Eb turib ~di to never be satisfied. [ma'rash ]

Ma'raka : (Arabic) funeral rites; celebration; battle, battlefield; campaign.

Ma'rifat : (Arabic) education.

Ma'rifatchi : one who strives for education; enlightened.

Ma'rifatparvar : supportive of education; enlightened.

Ma'ruf : obs. (Arabic) well known, renowned.

Ma'ruza : arch. (Arabic) speech, lecture (s. Doklad).

Ma'ruzachi : speaker, lecturer.

Ma'shuq lit. : (Arabic) in love; lover, beloved.

Ma'shuqa lit. : (Arabic) (woman) lover, beloved.

Ma'sum : (Arabic) innocent, blameless; modest, chaste.

Ma'suma : (Arabic) chaste girl or woman.

Ma'sumona : modestly.

Ma'tal : (Arabic) in waiting.

Ma'vo : obs. (Arabic) place of refuge, shelter; abode.

Ma'yub : obs. (Arabic) culpable, guilty.

Ma'yus lit. : (Arabic) despairing, in despair, woeful.

Ma'yuslan  : v.i. To despair, to become dejected. [ma'yuslantir ]

Ma'yuslik : despair, dejectedness.

Ma'yusona : dejectedly, despairingly.

Ma'zirat : obs. (Arabic) forgiveness, pardon.

Ma'zul : obs. (Arabic) dismissed, discharged.

Ma'zur : (Arabic) pardonable.

Ma : here, here you go (said when handing s.t. To s.o.).

Maalmamnuniyat : obs. (Arabic) with pleasure.

Maataassuf obs. (Arabic) : unfortunately; We regret.

Mablag' : (Arabic) amount, sum of money; assets.

Mabodo : should, lest, in case; perhaps.

Machchoyi : s.o. From Matcha region in Tajikistan. ~ sayil aimless ambling.machit coll.s. Masjid.

Machta : (Russian) mast; tower, pylon.

Madad : (Arabic) aid, assistance.

Madadkor : helper, protector.madang arch.wooden latch; thickened base of an old grape vine.

Madaniy : (Arabic) cultural; cultured, civilized; domesticated, cultivated.

Madaniy maishiy : cultural domestic, i.e, relating to domestic life. ~ xizmat domestic services.

Madaniy maorif : s. Madaniy oqartuv.

Madaniy ommaviy : cultural and public.

Madaniy oqartuv : cultural and educational.

Madaniy tarbiyaviy : s. Madaniy oqartuv.

Madaniyat : (Arabic) culture, civilization.

Madaniyatli : civlized, cultured.

Madaniyatsiz : uncivlized, uncultured. ~lik lack of culture.

Madaniylash  : v.i. To become cultured or civilized. [madaniylashtir ]

Madda : (Arabic) pus (s. Yiring); pangs of the heart.

Maddala  : v.i. To become infected.

Maddoh : (Arabic) maker of lectures on religious subjects in public places; eulogist.

Madh lit. : (Arabic) praise, eulogy. ~ qil /~ini o'qi /kuyla  to sing s.o.'s praises, to eulogize.

Madhiya lit. : (Arabic) eulogy.

Madhiyachi : eulogizer.

Mador : (Arabic) strength, vigor.

Madorsiz : feeble, weak.

Madorsizlan  : v.i. To lose strength, to become enfeebled.
Madrasa : (Arabic) madrasah, Islamic religious school.

Mafaatli : useful, advantageous, beneficial.

Mafhum : obs. (Arabic) concept; meaning.

Mafkura : (Arabic) ideology.

Mafkuraviy : (Arabic) ideological.

Maftun : (Arabic) enchanted, entranced, bewitched, spellbound.

Maftunkor : enchanting, spellbinding.

Mag'iz : kernel, pith, meat (of a nut); gist; edging, piping. ~ini chaq  to comprehend the gist of. Sariq ~ bug'doy a type of wheat. Harom ~ spinal cord. Ko'rpa ~i edging on a quilt.

Mag'lub lit. : (Arabic) defeated, vanquished.

Mag'lubiyat : (Arabic) defeat.

Mag'ora : arch. (Arabic) cave, grotto; caves.mag'ra  coll.s. Ma'ra .

Mag'rib : obs. (Arabic) the west.

Mag'rur : (Arabic) proud, vain

Mag'rurlan  : v.i. To become proud. Yutuqlar bilan ~  to become proud over success. [mag'rurlantir ]

Mag'rurlik : pride.

Mag'rurona : in a proud way, haughtily.

Mag'zava : wash water; shiftless and constantly complaining person.

Magar : obs. Provided that; only, but for; should, if.

Magazin : (Russian) store; magazine.

Magazinchi : clerk, store keeper.

Magistral : (Russian) main, chief.

Magistral" : (Russian) main, main line. Suv ~i water main.

Magma : (Russian) magma.

Magmatik : (Russian) magmatic.

Magnat : (Russian) magnate.

Magnetizm : (Russian) magnetism; magnetics. Er ~i the earth's magnetic field.

Magneto : (Russian) magneto.

Magnezit : (Russian) magnesite.

Magneziya : (Russian) magnesia.

Magnit : (Russian) magnet. ~ anomaliyasi magnetic deviation caused by iron ore deposits. ~ bo'roni magnetic storm. ~ meridani magnetic meridian. ~ strelkasi magnetic needle. ~ qutbi magnetic pole.

Magnitla  : v.t. To magnetize. [magnitlan ]

Magnitli : magnetic.

Magnitofon : (Russian) tape player/recorder.

Magniy : (Russian) magnesium.

Magnoliya bot. : (Russian) magnolia.

Mahal : (Arabic) time; outlying place, the countryside. Besh ~ namoz o'qi  to pray five times a day. ~lardan kelgan vakillar representatives from the countryside.

Mahalkom : local trade union committee (s. Mestkom).

Mahalla : (Arabic) quarter, district, neighborhood.

Mahallachilik : local or neighborhood goings on.

Mahallalalik : resident of a particular neighborhood.

Mahalliy : (Arabic) local, regional.

Mahalliychilik : regionalism.

Mahalliylashtir  : to nativize, to indigenize.

Mahbub lit. : (Arabic) beloved, darling.

Mahbuba lit. : (Arabic) (female) beloved, sweetheart.

Mahbus : (Arabic) prisoner; incarcerated.

Mahdud : obs. (Arabic) limited, circumscribed.

Mahfil : obs. (Arabic) assembly, gathering, meeting.

Mahkam : (Arabic) tough, firm, solid, durable, strong, tight; resolute; sharp, on the ball; tightly, firmly.

Mahkama hist. : (Arabic) court of law; office, corporation.

Mahkamachilik : working only for one's own corporate interests.

Mahkamla  : v.t. To tighten, to cinch, to make firm. [mahkamlan , mahkamlat ]

Mahkum : (Arabic) condemned, sentenced; subjugated; doomed.

Mahkumlik : being doomed or condemned.

Mahliqo : fair as the moon, beautiful.

Mahliyo : (Arabic) mesmerized, enraptured.

Mahmadona : know it all; precocious talker.

Mahmadonalik : abstr. Of mahmadona.

Mahobat lit. : (Arabic) greatness, majesticness; dread, fear.

Mahobatli : majestic; full of dread or fear.

Mahol : impossible; difficult.

Mahorat : (Arabic) skill, expertise, art.

Mahoratli : skillful, deft.

Mahpora poet. : fair as the moon.

Mahr hist. : (Arabic) dowry, marriage settlement. Onang ~iga tushganmi? Since when is this yours?, Since when does this belong to you?

Mahram arch., hist. : (Arabic) secretary in the khanates of Khiva and Bukhara; trusted servant; confidant; person within the forbidden degrees of marriage and who can therefore associate with unveiled members of the family; dancing boy (s. Bachcha).

Mahrum : (Arabic) deprived, dispossessed, divested, denied. Huquqdan ~ bo'l  to be denied one's rights.

Mahrumlik : deprivation.

Mahshar : (Arabic) the last judgement.

Mahshargoh : place of the last judgement.

Mahsi : sole  and heelless leather boots worn with overshoes.

Mahsichan : wearing only mahsi (w/o overshoes).

Mahsido'z : maker of mahsi.

Mahsul : (Arabic) product, result; crop.

Mahsuldor : productive, fertile, high in yield.

Mahsulli rare : s. Mahsuldor.

Mahsulot : (Arabic) product, goods.mahtal coll.awaiting, expectant.

Mahv : (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to be decimated. ~ qil /Et  to decimate.

Mahvash poet. : beautiful as the moon.

Mahzun : obs. (Arabic) full of sorrow.

Maishat : (Arabic) daily living, making a living; partying, fun and games, wine, women, and song.

Maishatboz : playboy, carouser, wastrel.

Maishatbozlik : carousing, partying, recklessness.

Maishatgoh : house of pleasure.

Maishatparast : playboy, carouser, pleasure lover.

Maishiy : (Arabic) domestic, social. ~ sharoit living conditions. ~ jihatdan buzilish social decay. ~ ~ xizmat social services.

Maiyat : arch. (Arabic) court, retinue.

Majaq : ~ bo'l  or ~i chiqdi to be smashed to bits, to be trashed. ~ qil  to smash to smithereens, to trash.

Majaqla  : v.t. To smash to bits, to squash, to total. [majaqlan ]

Majbur : (Arabic) forced, compelled. ~ qil  to force (s.o. To do s.t.). Ketishga ~man I must go., I'm forced to go.

Majburan : (Arabic) forcibly, by compulsion, not willingly, involuntarily.

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