SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Ko'pas coll. : arch. (Russian) merchant, rich man.

Ko'pay  : v.i. To increase, to multiply; to breed, to reproduce; to be multiplied. [ko'payish , ko'paytir ]

Ko'payish : increasing; breeding, reproduction.

Ko'paytir  : v.t. Caus. Of uchni ikkiga ~  to multiply three by two. Qo'l yozmani ~  to copy a manuscript. Gapni ~  to talk too much or too long; to create a fuss or stir.

Ko'paytirish : v.n. Of ~ jadvali multiplication table.

Ko'paytiruvchi : multiplier.

Ko'paytma math : multiple.

Ko'paytuvchi math : multiplier, factor.

Ko'payuvchi math : multiplicand.

Ko'pburchak : polygon.

Ko'pchi  : v.i. To puff up, to swell; to rise (dough). [ko'pchit ]

Ko'pchilik : majority, most; many people; people, everyone. ~ ovoz bilan with a majority vote. Sizlar ~mi? Are there a lot of you?, Are you many?

Ko'pdan ko'p : very many; most; most often.

Ko'pik : foam; froth, film, skin; spittle.

Ko'pikla  : v.i. To become foamy, to be covered with foam, froth, etc. [ko'piklan , ko'piklat ]

Ko'pincha : usually, often; frequently.

Ko'pir  : v.i. To foam, to froth; to foam at the mouth. [ko'pirt(ir) ]

Ko'pirtir  : v.t. Caus. Of og'iz ~  to foam at the mouth about s.t.; to talk bombastically.ko'pkari dial.a game played on horseback in which players struggle for possession of a headless goat or calf carcass (= Afghan buzkashi) (s. Uloq).

Ko'plab : many at once, a bunch at a time, in a bunch; in bulk.

Ko'plash  : v.i. To mass, to group together; to do s.t. As a large group, en masse, or jointly.

Ko'plik : abstr. Of ~ son plural number. ~ son jihatidan ~ numerical superiority.ko'ppak dial.a type of mongrel watchdog; dog, son of a bitch.

Ko'prik : bridge.

Ko'ptirma : leavened, puffy, full of bubbles (bread).

Ko'r  : v.t. To see; to look at, to check; to experience, to undergo; to attain, to achieve, to be blessed with; (+eb ~  to try eating; (after V+  icha ~ma Don't dare drink it!. Tuya ~dingmi, yo'q describes people's unwillingness to help s.o. Even when they can. Yuz ~mas bo'lib ket  to come to the point of not being on speaking terms. ~ib chiq  to take a look at, to look over. [ko'rgaz , ko'ril , ko'rin , ko'rish , ko'rsat ]

Ko'r ko'rona : blindly, without thinking.

Ko'r : blind. Siyosiy ~ politically blind.

Ko'ra 1 : (+xulosaga ~ according to the decision. Undan ~ bu yaxshiroq This is much better compared to that.

Ko'ra 2 : a trough shaped grill for kabobs; charcoal pit; flower vase; (dial.) A spoutless tin pitcher.

Ko'rak : cotton plants frostbitten before opening.

Ko'rfaz : bay, gulf, inlet.

Ko'rgazma : display, exhibition, show, demonstration.

Ko'rgazmali : visual; graphic, based on demonstration. ~ qurollar visual aids. ~ dars demonstrative lesson.

Ko'rgilik : lot, fate; consequences.

Ko'rik : test, examination; show, display. ~ka qo?Y  to display.

Ko'rimli : pleasant looking, comely.

Ko'rimsiz : unattractive, homely.

Ko'rin  : v.i. Pass. Of ko'ziga hech narsa ~maydi He sees nothing; He becomes blind (e.g., with rage).

Ko'rinarli : visible, conspicuous. Ko'zga ~ significant, worthy of notice.

Ko'rinish : appearance; view, scene.

Ko'rish  : v.i. Coop. Of ~guncha! See you later!. [ko'rishtir ]ko'rk lit.beauty.ko'rkalamush zool.mole rat.

Ko'rkam : comely, beautiful; splendid, picturesque.

Ko'rkamlash  : v.i. To become beautiful or splendid. [ko?Rkamlashtir ]

Ko'rkli rare : beautiful (s. Ko?Rkam).

Ko'rksiz : unbeautiful, homely, unattractive.

Ko'rlarcha : blindly.

Ko'rlik : blindness.

Ko'rma ko'raki : dizzy, too blind to see his nose in front of his face.

Ko'rmana : a present given when seeing a new bride or baby for the first time.

Ko'rnamak : ungrateful.

Ko'rnamaklik : ungratefulness, ingratitude. ~ qil  to act ungratefully.

Ko'rolmaslik : enviousness.

Ko'rpa : quilt. ~ ko'tardi (dial.) Servant, orderly. ~ yostiqni ko'tar  to pack up and leave; to be exiled (i.e., relocated). ~ yostiq/~ga qarab oyoq uzat  cut your coat according to the cloth. Bir ~da katta bo'l  to grow up together.

Ko'rpabop : suitable for quilt making.

Ko'rpacha : quilt used for sitting on or for bedding.

Ko'rpalik : suitable or sufficient for making a quilt.

Ko'rsat  : to show, to indicate; to demonstrate. Ishda o?Zini ~  to show one?S worth in work. [ko'rsatil , ko'rsatish ]

Ko'rsatish olmoshi : demonstrative pronoun.

Ko'rsatma : directive, instructions. Rahbar ~lar ber  to give leading directives.

Ko'rshapalak zool. : bat.ko'rsichqon zool.mole.

Ko'sa : very thinly bearded or beardless; bare (land). Aldar ~ a character in folktales noted for his shrewdness.

Ko'sak : cotton boll. ~ qurti (zool.) Boll weevil??

Ko'sakla  : v.i. To develop bolls (cotton plant).
Ko'sanamo : thinly bearded looking, nearly beardless.

Ko'shk : pavilion; mansion, palace.

Ko'st rare : excess.

Ko't vulgar : ass, asshole, rear end.

Ko'tak arava : a low, small wheeled cart.

Ko'talang : too weak to stand up after laying down (of livestock).

Ko'tar  : v.t. To lift, to raise, to pick up; to carry; to bear, to support; to endure; to make rise (e.g., in revolt); to do away with; to take on loan. Qo'l ~  to raise one's hand. Xirmon ~  to gather the harvest. Burnini ~  to hold one's nose up high. Gap ~maydi touchy. Zamon(a) ~maydi to be inappropriate or unfit for the times. Uy ~  to empty out a house and give it an overall cleaning. Qaddini belini ~  to right o.s. [ko'taril , ko'tartir ]

Ko'tara : wholesale, in bulk. ~ savdo qil  to do business wholesale; to blurt out s.t. Whether it's polite or not.ko'taram dial.s. Ko'talang.

Ko'tarasiga : all at once; on a wholesale basis.

Ko'targich : lift, hoist. Suv ~ water raising engine. ~ moslama lifting device.

Ko'taril  : v.i. Pass. Of ko'tar ; to rise up, to ascend, to go up; to fly; to slip (from mind, memory); to be dispelled.

Ko'tarinki : animated, lively, high spirited.

Ko'tarinkilik : good spirits, enthusiasm. Ruhiy ~ high spirits. Siyosiy ~ political enthusiasm.

Ko'tarma : elevated; elevatable; mound, platform, embankment. ~ ko'prik drawbridge; bridge with arches. Temir yo'l ~si railroad embankment.ko'tarmachi arch.peddler.

Ko'tlik : diaper.

Ko'toh rare : short; lacking.

Ko'tohlik : shortness; lack, deficiency; wrongdoing.

Ko'y : arch. Road, way; matter, affair, concern; way, wise, manner. Nimaning ~ida yuribsiz? What matter are you pursuing? Shu ~i in this manner, in this wise.

Ko'ylak : shirt; dress. Bitta ~i ikkita bo'ldi to be better off financially. ~ ishton underclothes. ~ga sig'may ketdi (lit., to not fit into one's skin) to become extremely obese; to be overjoyed. ~ni ortiq/ko'proq yirtgan old timer.

Ko'ylakbop : suitable for making a dress or shirt.

Ko'ylakchan : in one's shirtsleeves.

Ko'ylakli : wearing a dress or shirt.
Ko'ylaklik : enough material for a dress or shirt; material suitable for making a dress or shirt.ko'ynak coll.s. Ko'ylak.

Ko'z ko'z : ~ qil  to show off s.t.

Ko'z ko'zla  : s. Ko'z ko'z qil .

Ko'z quloq : ~ bo'lib tur  to keep an eye on; to be on the lookout for.

Ko'z : eye; glance, sight; hole, opening. ~ gavhari lens (of an eye). ~ oldi/~ ko'rmagan, quloq Eshitmagan joylar places no one has ever seen or heard of. ~ oldi qoraydi/mana o?Zining yuzi ~i a spitting image. ~ nurini to'k  (to work) unflaggingly (usu. Study, writing, sewing, etc.). ~ tashla  to throw a glance. ~ tik  to stare fixedly; to aim at, to shoot for. ~i tush  to have one's eyes fall on s.t. ~ yugurtir  to run one's eyes over s.t. ~dan kechir /~dan kechirib chiq  to take a quick look at. ~dan qochir  to lose sight of; to hide from sight. ~ini olmadi/~dan qol  to lose one's sight; (fig.) To blind o.s. ~ni oladi to blind, to dazzle. Uzukning ~i the stone of a ring. Xurjunning ~i either pouch of a donkey bag. Yomon ~ the evil eye; evil look. Qora ~ very dark brown eyes; child. ~i och greedy. ~ ochiq cognizant, aware, discerning; alive, living. ~i tirik alive. ~i tor selfish. ~i qattiq insolent, shameless. ~ bo'ya  to delude (s. ~i et  to realize. ~i ilin /~ oldiga/~ oldiga keltir  to picture. ~ ochib ko'rgan first spouse. ~ ochib yumguncha in the blink of an eye. ~i ochildi to see the light. ~i ochiq ket  to die with regrets or unfulfilled wishes. ~i pish(i)  to become become experienced; to become jaded. ~ tagiga/~ teg  to be touched by the evil eye. ~ tut  to keep one's sights on; to long for. ~i to'rt bo'ldi to wait with extreme longing. ~i o'yna  to have one's eyes on, to covet. ~ yoshi qil  to cry; to beg plaintively. Ko'rgani  ~i, otgani o'qi yo'q (or : ko?Rarga ~i, otarga o?Qi?) Not to be able to stand the sight of. To'rt ~ tugal safe and sound, in good health. O'zi yo'qning ~i yo'q said when cheating on s.o. Behind their back. ~ga dori a welcome sight. ~ga il  to take into consideration. ~iga ishonmaslik to not believe one's eyes. ~ga ko'ringan well known, recognized. ~ga surt  to wipe against one's eyelids out of respect. ~ga urgandek (to buy an item) at first sight, without shopping around or bargaining. ~ga cho'p sol /~ga yaqin attractive. ~ingga qara Watch out. ~da tut  to keep in mind, to work towards. ~ini (moshday) ochib qo'y  to open s.o.'s eyes; to give s.o. A licking. Qulog'ini kar, ~ini ko'r qilib ol  to pretend to have not seen or heard anything. Qo'shning ko'r bo'lsa  ~ingni qis When in Rome, do as the Romans do. ~ining oqu qorasi the apple of his eye. ~ining paxtasini chiqar  to open one's eyes wide open, to show the whites of one's eyes.

Ko'za 1 : a large earthenware pitcher for carrying or storing water.ko'za 2 coll.one who is not fasting.

Ko'zanak rare : cell, pore, hole, small opening. Asalari inining ~lari the cells of a beehive. ~li ko?Mir porous coal.

Ko'zbo'yamachilik : eye wash, deception.

Ko'zbog'chi : s. Ko'zboylag'ich.

Ko'zbog'lovchi : s. Ko'zboylag'ich.ko'zboylag'ich coll.conjurer, magician; swindler.

Ko'zday : very close. ~ og'ayni bosom buddy.ko'zgu lit.looking glass.

Ko'zik  : v.i. To undergo misfortune due to the evil eye.

Ko'zla  : v.t. To aim for, to strive for. Uzoqni ~  to think of the future.

Ko'zli : having eyes, holes, etc.; sharp, astute.

Ko'zmunchoq : evil eye bead.

Ko'zoynak : eyeglasses (s. ~ taq  to wear glasses.

Ko'zoynakli : wearing glasses. ~ ilon (zool.) Spectacled cobra.

Ko'zsiz : having no eyes, holes, etc.; blind.

Ko?Chatchi : seller or provider of seedlings.

Ko?Chatchilik : selling seedlings.

Ko?Chirgich qog?Oz : carbon paper.

Ko?Kay : soul, spirit.ko?Ksag?Iz bot.Russian dandelion.ko?Kto?Von bot.spurge, euphorbia.ko?Ngalak dial.bow. ~ ot  to shoot a bow.ko?Ngilchak coll.s. Ko?Ngilchan.

Ko?Ngilchanlik : good nature, good heartedness; spinelessness.

Ko?Ngilsizlan  : v.i. To become depressed, downcast.

Ko?Paytiriluvchi : s. Ko?Payuvchi.

Ko?Pcha : ~ ko?R  to consider excessive or too much.ko?Pchik 1 hist.deed of purchase.ko?Pchik 2 hist.saddle pad.

Ko?Pgina : quite a few.

Ko?Pikli : foamy, frothy.

Ko?Pirtirma : inflated, exaggerated.

Ko?Rgaz  : s. Ko?Rsat .

Ko?Rish : v.n. Of ko?R ; sight, vision; optic.

Ko?Rkamlik : beuty, splendor.ko?Rqush zool.scops owl.

Ko?Rsatkich : marker; index; showing; pointer. Yaxshi ~larga Erish  to make a good showing.ko?Zaxo?R coll.s. Ko?Za 2.ko?Ztikan bot.cornflower; Iberian starthistle.

Koalitsion : (Russian) coalition . ~ shartnoma the coalition charter.

Koalitsiya : (Russian) coalition.

Kobal"t : (Russian) cobalt.

Kobili : ~ sho'rva a type of soup.made of eggs, meat, and vegetables.

Kochegar : (Russian) stoker.

Kochegarka : (Russian) stoke hole, stoke hold.

Kod : (Russian) code.

Kodein : (Russian) codeine.

Kodeks : (Russian) code; codex. Axloq ~i moral code.

Koeffitsient : (Russian) coefficient.

Kofe : (Russian) coffee (s. Qahva).

Kofein : (Russian) caffeine.

Kofi : obs. (Arabic) sufficient.

Kofir : (Arabic) infidel, non believer; misbeliever, non Muslim.

Kofirlik : unbelief, infidelity; apostasy.

Kofta : (Russian) (women's) jacket.

Koftukov : digging and searching, thorough examination. ~ qil  to look for; to get to the bottom of.

Kofur : (Arabic) camphor.

Kohin lit. : (Arabic) priest; soothsayer, diviner.

Koinot : (Arabic) the universe, the world, all creation.

Kojux : (Russian) housing, jacket, casing.

Kokain : (Russian) cocaine.

Kokil : braid; a fake braid put on children's heads to ward off the evil eye; tassle.

Kokos : (Russian) coco (tree). ~ yong?Og?I coconut. ~ moyi coconut oil.

Koks tech. : (Russian) coke.

Koksla  : v.t. To coke. ~nuvchi ko?Mir coking coal. [kokslan ]

Kolba : (Russian) retort (laboratory vessel).

Kolbasa : (Russian) sausage.

Kolchedan : (Russian) pyrites.

Kolenkor : (Russian) calico.

Kolledj : (Russian) college.

Kollegial : (Russian) joint, collective.

Kollegiallik : collective action or decision making.

Kollegiya : (Russian) board, collegium; college.

Kollej : (Russian) private secondary school.

Kollektiv : (Russian) collective, group, body.

Kollektivchi : collectivist.

Kollektivchilik : collectivism; collectiveness.

Kollektivizm : (Russian) collectivism.

Kollektivlash  : v.i. To collectivize. [kollektivlashtir , kollektivlashtiril ]

Kollektivlik : collectivism.

Kollektor : (Russian) manifold; collector; commutator.

Kollektsioner : (Russian) s. Kollektsiyachi.

Kollektsiya : (Russian) collection.

Kollektsiyachi : collector.

Kollodiy : (Russian) collodion.

Kolloid : (Russian) colloid. ~ ximiya colloidal chemistry.

Kollokvium : (Russian) oral examination.

Kolonist : (Russian) colonist (s. Mustamlakachi).

Koloniya : (Russian) colony (s. Mustamlaka).

Kolonka : (Russian) fountain, spout, spigot; (gasoline) pump; column.

Kolonna : (Russian) column.

Kolontitul : (Russian) running tile.

Kolontsifr : (Russian) page number.

Kolxoz : (Russian) kolkhoz, collective farm.

Kolxozchi : kolkhoz member, kolkhoz farmer.

Kolxozchilik : abstr. Of kolxozchi; collective farm life; collective action.kolxozlararo adj.inter kolkhoz.

Kolxozlash  : v.i. To be organized into collective farms. [kolxozlashtir ]

Kolyaska : (Russian) carriage, victoria, barouche; baby carriage, stroller; side car.

Kom 1 : maw. ~iga tort  to draw into its maw, to devour.

Kom 2 : obs. ~ ol  to achieve, to realize (aim).

Koma : chiseled groove or indentation (in woodwork).

Komanda : (Russian) command; order; brigade; team.

Komandadosh : co commander.

Komandadoshlik : sharing of command.

Komandir : (Russian) commander, commanding officer.

Komandirovka : (Russian) official or business trip; mission; (coll.) Travel permission document. ~ puli travel allowance. ~ qil  to send on a trip.

Kombayn : (Russian) combine.

Kombaynchi : combine operator.

Kombaynsozlik : combine manufacturing.

Kombinat : (Russian) industrial complex; school complex tied to an establishment.

Kombinatsiya : (Russian) combination; women's undershirt.

Kombinezon : (Russian) overalls.

Komediya : (Russian) comedy. ~li comic.

Komediyabop : humorous, suitable for comedy.

Komediyachi : comedian; comic actor.

Komendant : (Russian) commandant; supervisor, warden.

Komendatura : (Russian) commandant's office.

Kometa : (Russian) comet. ~ yog?Dusi tail of a comet.komi ethn.Komi.

Komil : (Arabic) complete, full; mature.

Komintern : (Russian) Comintern.

Komissar : (Russian) commissar.

Komissariat : (Russian) commissariat.

Komissarlik : commissariat.
Komission : (Russian) adj. Of ~ magazin commission shop.

Komissiya : (Russian) commission.

Komitet : (Russian) committee.

Kommersant : (Russian) merchant; businessman.

Kommuna : (Russian) commune.

Kommunal : (Russian) communal; municipal. ~ xo'jalik municipal economy.

Kommunar : (Russian) communard.

Kommunikativ (Russian) : communicative.

Kommunikatsion (Russian) : communicational.

Kommunikatsiya (Russian) : communication.

Kommunist : (Russian) communist.

Kommunistik adj. (Russian) : communist.

Kommunizm : (Russian) communism.

Kommutator : (Russian) commutator; switchboard.

Kompaniya : (Russian) group, party; company.

Kompartiya : (Russian) Communist Party.

Kompas (Russian) : compass.komperensiya coll.s. Konferentsiya.

Kompleks : (Russian) complex; set. ~ brigada all inclusive brigade.

Komplekt : (Russian) (complete) set, kit.

Komponent : (Russian) component.

Kompost : (Russian) compost.

Komposter : (Russian) punch, punching device (for tickets). ~ qil  s. Komposterla .

Komposterla  : v.t. To punch (ticket). [komposterlan ]

Kompot : (Russian) compote (stewed fruit and its juice).

Kompozitor : (Russian) composer.

Kompozitorlik : abstr. Of ~ talanti talent for composing.

Kompozitsiya : (Russian) composition.

Kompress : (Russian) compress.

Kompressor : (Russian) compressor.

Komron : obs. Successful, fortunate.

Komronlik : success, fortune.

Komsomol : (Russian) Komsomol (Young Communist League); Komsomol member.

Komsomolka : (Russian) female Komsomol member.

Komsomollik : Komsomol membership.

Kon : mine, quarry; lode, deposit, source; wealth, bonanza. ~i zarar source of trouble.

Kon" : (Russian) horse (gymnastics).

Kon"ki : (Russian) skates. ~ uch /ot  to skate.

Kon"kichi : skater.

Kon"yak : (Russian) brandy.

Konchi : miner.

Konchilik : abstr. Of konchi; mining.koncho?P bot.celandine.

Kondensator : (Russian) condenser.

Kondensatsiya : (Russian) condensation.

Kondensatsiyala  : v.t. To condense. [kondentsiyalan ]

Konditer : (Russian) confectioner; confectionery.

Konduktor : (Russian) conductor.

Konferanc?E : (Russian) master of ceremonies.

Konferents zal : (Russian) conference chamber.

Konferentsiya : (Russian) conference.

Konfet : (Russian) candy, sweets.

Konfiskatsiya : (Russian) confiscation, seizure (s. Musodara).

Konflikt : (Russian) conflict, clash. ~li full of conflict.

Konfliktchi : belligerent party, instigator of conflict.

Konglomerat (Russian) : conglomeration; conglomerate.

Kongress : (Russian) congress.

Kongressmen : (Russian) congressman.

Konkret : (Russian) concrete, specific.

Konkretlash  : v.i. To become concrete. [konkretlashtir ,  ]

Konkretlashtir  : v.t. Caus. Of konkretlash ; to render concrete, to give concrete expression to. [konkretlashitiril]

Konkretlik : concreteness.

Konkurentsiya : (Russian) competition.

Konkurs : (Russian) competition, contest. ~ imtihonlari competitive (e.g., entrance) examinations.

Konserva : (Russian) canned goods, preserves. ~ qil  to preserve, to jar or can.

Konservachi : cannery or packing plant worker.

Konservativ : (Russian) conservative.

Konservativlik : conservativeness.

Konservatizm : (Russian) conservatism.

Konservator : (Russian) (pol.) Conservative.

Konservatoriya : (Russian) conservatory.

Konservatorlik : conservatism.

Konsilium med. : (Russian) consultation.

Konsolidatsiya : (Russian) consolidation.

Konsonans : (Russian) consonance.

Konsonantizm : (Russian) consonant system.

Konspekt : (Russian) synopsis, summary, abstract. ~ qil  to make an abstract of.

Konspektiv : (Russian) concise; summary.

Konspirativ : (Russian) secret, clandestine.

Konspirator : (Russian) conspirator.

Konspiratsion adj. (Russian) : conspiratory.

Konspiratsiya : (Russian) conspiracy.

Konstitutsion : (Russian) constitutional.

Konstitutsiya : (Russian) constitution.

Konstruktiv : (Russian) construction , structural; constructive.

Konstruktor : (Russian) constructor, designer.

Konstruktsiya : (Russian) design; construction.

Konsul : (Russian) consul.

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