SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Kallakdor : tree whose upper branches have become fat and bunched together from constant harvesting.of each year's growth; (coll.) Big headed, having a fat head. ~ zamburug' mushroom with a large cap.

Kallakkesar : bloodthirsty killer, cold blooded murderer.

Kallakla  : v.t. To prune branches from a tree. [kallaklan , kallaklat ]

Kallapaz : cook and seller of (sheep) heads and innards.

Kallapazlik : abstr. Of kallapaz; place where cooked sheep heads are sold.

Kallapo'sh dial. : cap; do'ppi.

Kallavaram : hairbrained, halfcocked.

Kallavaramlik : hairbrainedness. ~ qil  to do s.t. Halfcocked; to miss an opportunity.

Kallaxom : cattle head with the skin removed; leather made from the head of horned cattle.

Kallaxum : having a very large ("urn like") head.

Kallayi : ~ saharlab early in the morning.

Kalligraf : (Russian) calligrapher.

Kalligrafik : calligraphic.

Kalligrafiya : calligraphy.

Kallik : baldness.

Kalom : (Arabic) word; speech, talk. ~i sharif the Quran, the word of God. Xullas(i) ~ in short.

Kalomullo : (Arabic) the word of God, the Quran.

Kalon dial. : large, great; chief, head. ~ dimog' lofty, haughty.

Kalorifer : (Russian) heater, radiator.

Kalorimetr : (Russian) calorimeter.

Kalorimetriya : (Russian) calorimetry.

Kaloriya : (Russian) calorie. Katta ~ large/kilogram calorie. Kichik ~ small/gram calorie.

Kaloriyalilik : calorie content.

Kalovla  : v.i. To swerve, to reel. [kalovlan , kalovlat ]

Kalta : short. So'zni ~ qildi to make things short, to talk for only a short time. ~ o'yla  to not think things out well. ~ dum s. Aqli ~ dim witted. ~ ish kuni shortened workday. Qo'li ~ broke, out of money. ~ ~ very short or shallow.

Kalta kulta : odds and ends, bits and pieces. ~ taxtalar odds and ends of lumber. ~ gap qil  to speak incoherently. U menga ahvolni ~ qilib tushuntirdi He explained the ins and outs of the situation.

Kaltabaqay : stout, stumpy.

Kaltabin : short sighted.

Kaltabinlik : short sightedness.

Kaltadum : short tailed, bob tailed; (coll.) Wearing Western style clothing.

Kaltafahm : dull witted, slow.

Kaltafahmlik : dill wittedness. ~ qil  to act dull witted.

Kaltak : stick, rod, cane; blow, hit; caning, beating. ~ ye  to take a beating. ~ ostida qol  to take quite a beating. Boshida ~ sindi to get bawled out, to take a whipping. Oq ~, qora ~ carrying sticks and shovels (of a maddened crowd). Qora ~ bilan armed only with sticks.kaltakesak zool.lizard.

Kaltakla  : v.t. To strike with a stick, to cane; (coll.) To whip, to give a whipping.

Kaltakzada : beaten, abused.

Kaltalik : shortness.

Kalvak : dull witted; dolt.kalvars dial.s. ~ qil  to make a fool of.kalxamaj zool.dung beetle; miserly rich man.kalxat zool.kite.

Kalxomak : empty headed; dimwit.

Kam : not much, little, not enough, low, less; seldom; deficiency; minus. Bu ~ This is not enough. ~ bo'lmang Keep it up., Good for you. ~ deganda at the very least, if nothing else. ~ erli dehqon a farmer with insufficient land. ~ ishlatiladigan ibora seldom used expression. ~ miqdor small amount. ~ tajribali inexperienced. Uning sendan qaeri ~? In what way is he less than you? Soat beshta ~ bir It is five minutes of one. O'n baravar ~ ten times less. Suvi ~ daryo a river low in water.

Kam kam : bit by bit, a little at a time.

Kam ketik : s. Kam ko'st.

Kam ko'st : insufficiency, deficiency.

Kamalak : bow. ~ qil  to bend like a bow. ~ bo'l  to arch. ~ arra frame saw.

Kamand : obs. Noose. ~ qil  to noose.

Kamar 1 : belt; (obs.) Back; strength. Xizmat ~ini bog'la  to gird o.s. For a job. Himmat ~ini bog'la  to be immensely generous.

Kamar 2 : gully, hollow, cavern; (bone) socket.

Kamarband : wearing a belt, girt at the waist; ready for service; shoulder belt.

Kamarbasta : (lit.) Ready for service; (hist.) Apprentice who has reached mastership.

Kamay  : v.i. To lessen, to become less; to go down, to diminish. ~ib qolmaydi/biror joyi ~maydi It will not be diminished (in any way). [kamayt(ir) ]

Kamayuvchi : v.n. Of kamay ; minuend.

Kambag'al : poor, needy.

Kambag'alchilik : poverty, destitution.

Kambag'allash  : v.i. To become poor, destitute.

Kambag'allik : poverty.

Kambag'alparvar : caring for the poor, charitable.

Kambag'alparvarlik : charitableness, philanthropy.

Kambala zool. : (Russian) flounder.

Kambar : narrow.

Kambarg : having few leaves, bare.kamchalak bot.a type of iris.

Kamchil : rare, hard to find.

Kamchilik : defect, flaw; deficiency, shortcoming.

Kamchiliksiz : flawless.

Kamchillik : scarcity. ~ qil  to be insufficient.

Kamchiqim : inexpensive, involving little expenditure.

Kamdan kam : seldom, rarely.

Kamdaromad : unprofitable.

Kamdiydor coll. : seldom met, one who is seldom seen.

Kamer : (Russian) chamber (music).

Kamera : (Russian) chamber, room; inner tube.

Kamerton : (Russian) tuning fork.

Kamfahm : dull witted, slow, dense.

Kamfara : (Russian) camphor.

Kamgak : sheltered or secluded place; depression, hollow.

Kamgap : quiet, reticent.

Kamgo'sht : containing little meat; skinny, meagre; scrawny.

Kamhafsala : uninspired, unenthusiastic.

Kamhasalalik : lack of enthusiasm. ~ qil  to show no enthusiasm.

Kamhosil : poor, unproductive.kami  coll.s. Kamay . [kamit , kamitil ]

Kamida : at least.

Kamina : your humble servant.

Kamiyat : (Arabic) quantity, size.

Kamlik : insufficiency, inadequacy, sparseness; small amount; shortage, want. ~ qil  to not be enough. Nimadan ~ing bor? What is it that you're lacking? Uning hech narsadan ~ yo'q He lacks nothing. Aqli ~ feeblemindedness.

Kamnamo : recluse, loner.

Kamob : s. Kamyob.

Kamoblik : scarcity.

Kamol : (Arabic) fullness, completion, perfection. ~ top /~ga yet  to reach perfection. ~ga yetkaz  to bring to perfection. ~ toping/~ga yeting Bravo!

Kamoli : perfect, full, utter; due to. ~ Ehtirom bilan with full respect.

Kamolot : perfection.

Kamomad : loss, deficiency, difference. ~ni qopla  to cover one's losses.

Kamon : bow. Qoshi ~ with arched eyebrows.

Kamoncha : small bow; bow used to drive the shaft of a drill.

Kamonchi : g'ijjak or violin player.

Kamonkash : archer.

Kampaniya : (Russian) campaign.

Kampaniyabozlik : working well only sporadically with low periods inbetween.

Kampaniyachilik : s. Kampaniyabozlik.

Kampir : old woman.

Kampirak : (Russian) crown, top ring on a samovar.kampirchopon bot.Trichodesma incanum (a poisonous plant).

Kampirdahan : (man) having a mouth and chin like an old woman.kampirog'iz dial.pincers.kampirovuz dial.s. Kampirog'iz.

Kampirqursoq bot. : [tortula pustynnaia] Tortula desortorum??

Kampirsoch : s. Kamchalak.

Kamqatnov : seldom traveled.

Kamqon : anemic, bloodless; pale, wan.

Kamqonlik : anemia, anemic condition.

Kamquvvat : weak, forceless; low powered.

Kamquvvatlik : weakness, feebleness.

Kamsavod : poorly educated, uneducated.

Kamsavodlik : lack of education.

Kamshik : broken off, cracked; breach, cleft; missing one or both front teeth.

Kamsit  : v.t. To put down, to belittle; to bring down; to restrict. [kamsitish ]

Kamsoch : thin haired, balding.

Kamsoqol : sparsely bearded.

Kamsuqum : unpretentious, modest, simple.

Kamsut : having little milk, unproductive (cow).

Kamsutlik : unproductiveness (cow).

Kamsuv : having little water, dry, arid.

Kamsuvlik : dryness.

Kamsuxan : reticent.

Kamsuxanlik : reticence.

Kamtar : modest.

Kamtarin : humble. Kaminayi ~ your humble servant.

Kamtarinlik : humbleness.

Kamtarlik : modesty.

Kamtarona : modestly.

Kamxarajat : inexpensive, economical.

Kamxarj : thrifty, frugal, parsimonious.kamxastak bot.mahaleb cherry.

Kamyob : rare, hard to find; low in supply.

Kamzul : (Russian) camisole; sleeveless jacket; waistcoat.kana zool.tick. Taxta ~ bedbug (s. Qandala).kanakunjut bot.castor oil plant.

Kanal : (Russian) canal.

Kanalchi : canal worker.

Kanalizator : (Russian) sewage engineer.

Kanalizatsion : (Russian) sewer , sewage . ~ tarmoq sewar line.

Kanalizatsiya : (Russian) sewerage, sewer system.

Kanalizatsiyachi : s. Kanalizator.

Kanareyka zool. : (Russian) canary. ~ rangi canary yellow.

Kanaxona : place full of ticks; dungeon or jail rife with ticks.

Kanda : discontinuance; absence, non attendance. ~ qil  to cease, to desist.

Kandakor : metal engraver.

Kandakori : engraved.

Kandakorlik : engraving.

Kandidat : (Russian) candidate (for office or Party membership); kandidat, holder of the equivalent of a master's degree.

Kandidatlik : (having a ) kandidat degree; candidacy. ~ minimumi academic requirements for a kandidat degree. ~ staji examination period for becoming a Party member.

Kandidatura (Russian) : candidature.kandik dial.bin.

Kandil : (Russian) a kind of apple (s. Qandil).kandir bot.s. Kendir.

Kanifol" : (Russian) rosin, colophony.

Kanikul : (Russian) (school) vacation, holidays.

Kaniz : bondwoman, female slave; concubine.

Kanizak : young bondwoman or concubine.kanop bot.amberry hemp, kenaf.

Kanopzor : a field of hemp.

Kanor(a) : arch. Edge, limit. Tog' ~ foothills.

Kanoviz : coarse silken fabric.

Kantata : (Russian) cantata.

Kantchi : Kantian.

Kantchilik : Kantianism.

Kantselyariya : (Russian) office.

Kantsler : (Russian) chancellor.

Kaolin : (Russian) kaolin.

Kap katta : quite big, large. ~ odam grown up, grown man or woman.kap coll.s. ~ ot  s. Kapaki 2.

Kapa : hut.

Kapaki 1 : sole leather; patch on the sole of a shoe.

Kapaki 2 : (qilib) ot  to pop a palmful of s.t. Into one's mouth.

Kapalak : butterfly. ~i uchdi to be scared out of one's wits; to blow one's top. ~ini uchir  to scare out of one's wits; to make angry.

Kapcha : small scoop; pendulum.kapchailon zool.Central Asian cobra.

Kapel'meyster : (Russian) bandmaster, conductor. ~ cho'pi conductor's wand.

Kapella : (Russian) (acapella) choir.

Kapgir : a skimmer like spatula; pendulum of a clock.

Kapillyar : (Russian) capillary. ~ namlik capillary moisture/in soil).

Kapital 1 : (Russian) capital.

Kapital 2 : (Russian) ~ remont major overhaul. ~ qurilish major construction.

Kapitalist : (Russian) capitalist.

Kapitalistik : (Russian) capitalistic.

Kapitalizatsiya : (Russian) capitalization.

Kapitalizm : (Russian) capitalism.

Kapitallashtir  : v.t. To capitalize. [kapitallashtiril ]

Kapitan : (Russian) captain. Zangori kema ~i cotton harvester operator.kapla  coll.to pop s.t. From the palm into the mouth (s. Kaftlab ol , kap(aki) ot ).

Kapot : (Russian) hood, bonnet, cowling.

Kappa kappa : og'zini ~ och  to gasp, to open one's mouth wide (like a fish). ~ ye /ot  to shovel or bolt food into one's mouth.

Kappala  : v.t. To shovel or bolt food into one's mouth.

Kappon : grain market.

Kapral : (Russian) corporal.

Kapron : (Russian) a synthetic fiber similar to nylon.kapsan hist., arch.tithe in grain paid to local officials or artisans; alms given to the poor at threshing time; tax paid on grain sold at market.

Kapsanchi : official collector of kapsan.

Kapsula : (Russian) capsule. Kosmik kema ~si space capsule.

Kapsyul" : (Russian) percussion cap.

Kaptar : pigeon. Tinchlik ~i dove of peace. ~ rang blue gray.

Kaptarboz : one who keeps pigeons.

Kaptarxona : pigeon house; place with constant comings and goings.

Kaptenarmus (Russian) : quartermaster sergeant.

Kar : deaf.

Kar soqov : deaf and dumb.

Karabin : (Russian) carbine. ~li soldat carabineer.

Karaim : (Russian) the Karaim.

Karam 1 : cabbage.

Karam 2 lit. : (Arabic) grace, goodness. ~ qil /ayla /Et  to show mercy or kindness.

Karamel" : (Russian) caramel.

Karamzor : cabbage patch.

Karantin : (Russian) quarantine; quarantine station.

Karash : furring (on the tongue). ~ bog'la  to get a furred tongue.

Karashma : flirtatious gesture, coquetry.

Karashmali : flirtatious, coquettish.

Karavot : (Russian) bed; outdoor platform used for sitting or lying on.

Karaxt : senseless, paralyzed, unconscious; dormant, hibernating. ~ pashsha tsetse fly. ~ bo'l  s. Karaxtlan .

Karaxtlan  v.i. Rare : to be stunned, dumb, senseless, to be rooted to the spot.

Karaxtlik : numbness, paralysis; stupor.

Karbid : (Russian) carbide.

Karbol : (Russian) carbolic. ~ kislota carbolic acid.

Karbolka coll. : (Russian) carbolic acid.

Karbonat : (Russian) carbonate.

Karborund : (Russian) carborundum.

Karbyurator : (Russian) carburetor.

Karch : s. Karj.

Karchla  : s. Karjla .

Kardan : (Russian) ?? ~ val ~li uzatma ... Transmission.??

Kardiograf : (Russian) cardiograph.

Kardiografiya : (Russian) cardiography.

Kardiogramma : (Russian) cardiogram.

Kardiolog : (Russian) cardiologist.

Kardiologik : (Russian) cardiological.

Kardiologiya : (Russian) cardiology.

Karel : Karelian.

Kareta : (Russian) carriage, coach.

Karih : obs. (Arabic) loathsome, disgusting. ~ ko'r  to find loathsome, to be repulsed by.

Karikatura : (Russian) caricature; cartoon.

Karikaturachi : caricaturist; cartoonist.

Karilla  : v.i. To caw (s. Qarilla ); to squawk, to blow one's own horn.

Karim : obs. (Arabic) kind, gracious, generous.

Karima : obs. (Arabic) fem. Of karim.

Kariz : subterranean aqueduct marked by a series of wells on the surface.

Karj : slice, piece (of melon); a quarter part of a ~ qil  to cut into slices.

Karjla  : to chop a melon into slices; to fold into four quarters (do'ppi).

Karjli : divided into quarters (do'ppi).

Kark : s. Karkidon.

Karkas : (Russian) frame; framework.

Karki : made of rhinoceros horn or hide. ~ qalqon rhinoceros hide shield. ~ pichoq knife with a handle of rhinoceros horn; any knife with a bone handle.

Karkidon zool. : rhinoceros. ~ ilon (zool.) Long nosed viper. ~ qushlar (zool.) Hornbills.

Karlik : deafness.karmak bot.Siberian sea lavender.

Karmon : (Russian) purse; pocket.

Karmonkesar : pickpocket.

Karnaval : (Russian) carnival.

Karnay : a gigantic (3 m.) Trumpet; any trumpet shaped object : speaker, megaphone, etc. Ishtahasi ~ having a huge appetite. Qo'lni ~ qilib chaqir  to call to s.o. By cupping the hands around the mouth.

Karnaychi : ~dan bir puf easily done, easy as pie, just a flick of the wrist.

Karnaygul : bindweed.

Karniz : (Russian) cornice; ledge.

Karomat : (Arabic) foreknowledge; miracle, miraculous powers. ~ qil  to foretell; to forewarn. ~ ko'rsat  to work a miracle.

Karomatli : having miraculous powers; able to see the future.

Karotin : (Russian) carotin.

Karovka : s. Kirovka.

Karp zool. : (Russian) carp.

Karquloq : deaf eared.karqur zool.capercaillie, wood grouse.

Karra : (Arabic) time, times. Ikki ~ ikki   to'rt two times two is four.karrak bot.?? [kuziniia smolistaia kuchukonosnaia; kuziniia nizbegaiushchaia]karrali math.~ son square of an integer.

Karralilik math : divisibility w/o a remainder.kars kars, kars kurs ono.crunching noise. ~ qil  to crunch.

Karsilla  : v.i. To crunch (between the teeth). [karsillat ]

Karsillama : crunchy.

Kart 1 : s. Kat.

Kart 2 : ~ dumba (pure, uncooked) tail fat of a sheep.

Kart 3 : (Russian) go cart.

Karta : (Russian) map; field; playing card.

Kartech" : (Russian) case shot; grape shot; buck shot. ~ bomba ??

Kartel" : (Russian) cartel.

Karter : (Russian) crank case.

Kartina coll. : (Russian) movie, picture.

Karting : (Russian) go cart race.

Kartingist : (Russian) go cart racer.

Kartochka : (Russian) card.

Kartograf : (Russian) cartographer.

Kartografik : (Russian) cartographic.

Kartografiya : (Russian) cartography.

Kartogramma : (Russian) graph, plot.

Karton : (Russian) cardboard.

Kartoshka : (Russian) potato. ~ kavlagich potato digger.kartoshkagul bot.potato flower.

Kartoteka : (Russian) card file, card catalogue.

Karusel" : (Russian) merry go round.

Karvon : caravan; (arch.) Head of a caravan; (coll.) Trucker.

Karvonboshi : caravan leader; (hist.) Official in charge of court where the emir's camels, horses, and wagons are kept; (hist.) Head of merchants in Bukhara; (hist.) Broker for wagons and pack animals; leader, guide.

Karvonqush : the Pleiades.

Karvonsaroy : caravansaray.

Kas dial. : person.

Kasaba : (Arabic) ~ soyuzi professional guild, union. ~ tashkiloti professional organization.

Kasabachilik harakati : professional movement.

Kasal : (Arabic) sick, ill; diseased; patient; sickness, disease; habit; flaw, bane; dilemma, difficulty; misfortune. Hamyon ~ empty pockets. ~ga uchra /Eski ~ the same old problem. ~ qil  to make sick. ~ bo'l  to get sick. Nima ~ing bor? What is bothering you? What ails you? Uning ~i boshqa His problem is s.t. Else. Uning ~i nima? What's wrong with him? Hamma ~ shunda That's the source of the problem.

Kasallan  : v.i. To become sick.

Kasallik : sickness, disease. ~ varaqasi medical certificate. O'zini ~ka sol  to feign sickness. U ~i tufayli kelomadi He couldn't come because he was sick.

Kasalmand : sickly, chronically ill.

Kasalmand coll. : s. Kasalmand.

Kasalnamo : unhealthy or sickly looking.

Kasalxona : hospital (s. ~ rejim medical regimen.

Kasana : arch. Craftsman hired to work at s.o.'s home; work done by such a craftsman.

Kasanachi : craftsman hired to work at s.o.'s home.

Kasb : (Arabic) craft, skill, trade, profession. ~ Et /Erkin ~ kishilari professional people.

Kasb kor : profession, vocation.

Kasbdosh : colleague, partner in profession.

Kasbiy : (Arabic) professional.

Kashak : upright, post.kashal 1 dial.waiting, yearning. ~ bo'l  to wait for longingly; to worry about.kashal 2 dial.far, distant. ~ ketgan gone abroad or away.

Kashalot zool. : (Russian) cachalot, sperm whale.

Kashanda : smoker, smoking addict.

Kashandalik : smoking (habit).

Kashar : winter quarters for shepherds.

Kashf : (Arabic) discovery, invention. ~ qil /Et  to discover, to invent.

Kashfiyot : (Arabic) discoveries, inventions, findings.
Kashfiyotchi : inventor.

Kashfiyotchilik : inventiveness.kashish lit.priest.

Kashkul : a large engraved copper cup with a handle and lid; beggar's cup.

Kashmir(i) : cashmere; crafty, sneaky, devious.

Kashne : (Russian) scarf, muffler.

Kashnich : coriander.

Kashshof : (Arabic) explorer, discoverer, pioneer; Young Pioneer.

Kashta : embroidered design; embroidery.

Kashtachi : embroiderer.

Kashtachilik : embroidering.

Kashtado'z : s. Kashtachi.

Kashtali : embroidered.

Kashtan bot. (Russian) : chestnut.kasir kasir, kasir kusur ono.crackling or crunching noises.

Kasirla  : v.i. To crunch, to munch.

Kaska : (Russian) helmet.

Kaskad : (Russian) cascade. Gidroelektrostantsiya ~i spillway of a hydroelectic dam.

Kasod : (Arabic) not moving, not selling (item). Bozor ~ slow market, stagnant trade.

Kasofat : (Arabic) unlucky, ruinous; misfortune, calamity; (inv.) Rat, bastard.

Kasofatli : disastrous; ominous.

Kasr 1 : (Arabic) fraction. ~ qoldiq proper fraction.

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