SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Jiyda mayiz : all kinds of dried fruit.jiyda bot.Russian olive, oleaster. ~ qoq  to harvest oleaster fruit by knocking them to the ground; (fig.) To freeze to death, to shiver terribly.

Jiydazor(lik) : a grove of oleaster.

Jiyir  : v.t. To wrinkle, to crinkle. [jiyiril ]

Jiyirchiq : wrinkle.

Jiyirchiqli : wrinkly, wrinkled.

Jiyron : sorrel. ~ qush/qarqara s. Jiyronqush.jiyronqush zool.red heron.

Jiz 1 : ~ Et  to sting. Yuragi ~ Etdi to feel one's heart miss a beat. ~ ~ uz  to sting, to bite.jiz 2 ono.hissing sound.jiz biz ono.hissing and popping; euphemism for (fried) food.

Jizg'in(ak) : singed wool. ~ bo'l  to be singed; to burn up (e.g., with wrath).

Jizilla  : v.i. To hiss and spit; to throb with pain; to lash out at, to speak harshly to. Yuragi ~di to feel one's heart miss a beat. [jizillat , jizillashtir ]

Jizillash  : v.i. To throb, to ache severely.

Jizillat  : v.t. (caus. Of yurakni ~  to make one's heart throb, to make one's heart miss a beat.

Jizza : cracklings. ~ non bread baked with cracklings in it.

Jizzaki : hot tempered, easily provoked.

Jizzakilik : hot temperedness. ~ qilma Dont' be so hot tempered!

Jo : ~ bo'l  to settle; to fit. ~ qil  to place, to settle; to fix into place.

Jo'ja : chick; baby, kid, darling. ~ och  to have chicks hatch. ~ xo'roz young rooster; (fig.) Young stud.

Jo'jabirday : ~ jon (man) with a large household.

Jo'jala  : to have chicks hatch.jo'ka bot.linden, lime tree.jo'lak zool.sheep tick.jo'mak dial.icicle.

Jo'mrak : spout, spigot, faucet.

Jo'n : low quality; common, plain, simple; true, genuine, frank; commoner. ~i bilan gapir  to say all.

Jo'na  : v.i. To set off, to depart. ~! Beat it!, Leave! [jo'nat , jo'natil , jo'nash ]

Jo'nag'ar : mountain track.

Jo'nalish : ~ kelishigi the dative case.

Jo'nari : able, skillful.

Jo'nash  : v.i. (coop. Of jo'na ); to grow, to go well, to take off. [jo'nashtir ]

Jo'nat  : v.t. (caus. Of jo'na ); to send off, to see off; to manage, to swing.

Jo'ng : dromedary camel; large, huge; quiet, subdued.

Jo'niga/dan : about, concerning.

Jo'nlikcha : simply, merely.

Jo'pla  : v.t. To pick out, to decide on, to think of. Og'iz ~  to be on the verge of saying s.t.jo'q dial.no (s. Yo'q).

Jo'qchilar : speakers of Qipchaq dialects, i.e., people that say "jo'q" instead of "yo'q" (s. "j" lovchilar).jo'r 1 zool.calandra lark.

Jo'r 2 : accompaniment. ~ bo'l  to accompany, to chime in with. ~ qil  to play (an instrument) in accompaniment; to combine, to unite.

Jo'ra 1 : fellow, chum; fellows at a social gathering.

Jo'ra 2 : pair of lengths of silk material.

Jo'raboshi : one of a group of fellows who acts as the host at a social gathering; ringleader, boss.

Jo'raboshilik : abstr. Of jo'raboshi.

Jo'ralik : fellowship, camaraderie, friendship; serving as a jo'raboshi.jo'rchi zool.carrion crow.

Jo'rilla  : v.i. To murmur (water).

Jo'rlash  : v.i. To chime in together, to accompany one another (music); to be in unison, to be united.

Jo'rttaga : intentionally, on purpose; out of spite.

Jo'sh  : to rage, to seethe, to boil; to be excited or agitated over.

Jo'sh : ~ ur  to rage, to seethe. ~ga kel  to seethe, to boil over.

Jo'shla  : v.i. To be in a rapture over.

Jo'shqin : raging, seething, heaving.

Jo'va : a type of rolling pin that is fat in the middle; roller(s).

Jo'vala  : to roll with a rolling pin; to roll.jo'xori bot.sorghum; corn, maize.

Jo'xorikor : farmer or farm growing sorghum or corn/maize. ~ rayonlar corn/sorghum growing districts.

Jo'xorikorlik : sorghum/corn cultivation; sorghum/corn plantings, fields.

Jo'xoripoya : sorghum/corn stalk; sorghum/corn field.

Jo'xorizor : sorghum field.

Jo'ya : ~si bilan to the point, plainly, clearly.

Jo'yak : furrow between agricultural plots. ~ tort /ol  to dig such a furrow.

Jo'yali : plain, straightforward, sensible.

Jo'yasiz : inappropriate, out of place; nonsensical.

Jobajo : ~ bo'l  to be in place, to be neat and tidy. ~ qil /Et  to put everything in its place, to make neat and tidy.

Jodi : (manual) hay cutter.

Jodu : witchcraft, sorcery. ~ ko'zlar bewitching eyes.

Jodugar : witch, sorcerer.

Jodugarlik : witchcraft. ~ qil  to practice witchcraft.

Johil : (Arabic) ignorant; stubborn, obstinate.

Johillik : ignorance.

Johilona : ignorantly, in an ignorant or backward manner.

Joiz : (Arabic) allowable, permissible, appropriate.

Jola : tear(s).

Jolib : obs. (Arabic) drawing, attracting.

Jom : copper platter; goblet, wine glass; bell. ~ ur  to ring.

Joma : apparel.

Jomado'z : arch. Tailor, seamstress.

Jomakor : work clothes.

Jomashov : a ceramic basin for washing clothes.

Jome : (Arabic) masjidi ~ congregational mosque (where Friday prayers are held).

Jomiul ulum : obs. (Arabic) fountain of knowledge.jon dil, jonu dilheart and soul.

Jon : soul; life; body; energy, zeal, vigor, strength; dear, darling; thanks be. ~im bilan with glee, gladly. ~imni ham ayamayman I won't spare even my life. ~ boricha with all one's strength. ~i bor alive; not unfounded, worth considering. ~dan boshqa everything but the kitchen sink (lit., "everything but a (human) soul"). ~ ber  to pass away, to die; to give in; to be true to. ~ kirdi to come back to life; to revive, to be reinvigorated. ~ kuydir   to put all of one's energy into s.t.; to pity, to feel sorry for. ~ ol  to take s.t.'s life; to torment. ~i uzil  to die. ~i chiq  to die; to be scared to death. ~i halqumiga/~(i) ~ini koyit  to work o.s. Hard. ~ saqla  to save one's soul/hide/life. ~ hovuchlab fearing for one's life, very cautiously. ~(i)ga ora kir  to lend life to, to save from destruction. ~dan bezor qil /~dan to'y  to be sick of life, to want to kill o.s. ~i yo'q lifeless; weak, powerless, useless. ~ olib, ~ ber  to sacrifice o.s. For, to give all one has. Bir ~, bir tan bo'lib as one, united. ~ akaga ~ bormi You betcha!, Oh, would I love to! ~ achchig'ida/~im bilan With pleasure. ~ deb gleefully, willingly; with pleasure. ~ koshki if only... ~i kir  to take pleasure in, to enjoy; to lighten up. ~(i)ga tegdi to get on s.o.'s nerves, to bother; to be fed up with. ~dan o't  to penetrate, to cut deep (e.g., cold).

Jon hol : ~iga qo'ymay to leave no choice, regardless of the circumstances.jon jahd, jonu jahd~ bilan with all one's might and main.jon tan, jonu tanbody and soul.

Jonag'ar : mountain trail.

Jonajon : dearest; most honorable, most noble.

Jonbaxsh : life giving, resuscitating.

Jonboz : one who stakes his life; devoted, dutiful.

Jonbozlik : self sacrifice.

Jondor : s. Jonzod.

Jondosh poet. : soul mate; harmonious, united.

Jonfig'on : denotes s.o. As poor as a churchmouse.

Jonib : obs. (Arabic) side, direction; place.

Joniq  coll. : v.i. To carry on, to be in a tizzy (as if about to lose s.t.).

Jonivor : beast, animal; poor beast; man, creature.

Jonkash : one who loves work more than his own life; eager beaver; masochist, workaholic. ~ jafokash completely devoted to; concerned, solicitous.

Jonkashlik : industriousness, diligence. ~ bilan diligently, sparing no effort.

Jonkuyar : devoted; devotee.

Jonkuyarlik : devotion.

Jonlan  : v.i. To come to life; to revive. [jonlantir , jonlantiril ]

Jonlanish : revival.

Jonli : alive, living; energetic, lively, active. ~ tilda in the colloquial language.

Jonlilik : liveliness, vivacity.

Jonliq : sacrifice, animal designated for sacrificing.

Jonon : beautiful woman, beauty; beautiful, wonderful, superb; my dear, my precious. ~ kosa a high quality china bowl.

Jonona : beloved, lover, mistress.

Jonoqi olma : an early ripening and flavorful red apple.

Jonsarak : confused, perplexed, bewildered; fidgety, restless.

Jonsaraklik : abstr. Of ~ bilan absentmindedly, in a daze.

Jonsiz : lifeless; weak, frail; spiritless, dull; still, empty. ~ arqon flimsy rope.

Jonsizlan  : v.i. To become lifeless, etc. [jonsizlantir ]

Jonsizlantir  : v.t. (caus. Of jonsizlan ); to anaesthetize.

Jonsizlik : lifelessness; weakness, frailness.

Jonzod : living thing/soul.

Joriy : (Arabic) current, present. ~ qil  to bring about, to put into action; to make current, to introduce.

Joriya : obs. (Arabic) female slave, concubine.

Josus : (Arabic) spy (s. Shpion, razvedchik).

Josuslik : spying, espionage. ~ qil  to spy on; to work as a spy.jovchi arch.s. Sovchi.jovli(q) dial.all, the whole; all at once; completely, entirely; wholesale. ~si all of them, the whole.

Jovulla  : v.i. S. Javra  1. [jovullash ]

Joy 1 : place, location, spot; part, aspect; outlying area; seat; home; bed; family, home. ~ a delicate, touchy subject. ~ ol  to find a place in s.o.'s heart. ~ topolmay qol  to be extremely upset, distraught. ~iga keltir /hushini ~iga keltir  to bring s.o. Around, to get s.o. Off of their high horse. ~da unexpectedly, at an unexpected moment. ~ini topdi to fall into place, to settle in. Hamma narsa ~idami Is everything alright?, Is everything fine? ~ sol /qil  to lay out bedding.

Joy 2 : at one's ease, with no rush; late. ~roq turaman I get up late.

Joyla  : v.t. To install, to place, to put in place, to situate; to pack, to load. ~  to lodge in one's heart. [joylan , joylat , joylash , joylashtir , joylashtiril ]

Joylan  : v.i. (pass. Of joyla ); to be situated, to be positioned.

Joylash  : v.i. To settle, to find a place, to lodge, to become situated.

Joylashtir  : v.t. (caus. Of joylash ); to situate, to place.

Joyli 1 : to have a house and home; to have a family.

Joyli 2 : due to misconduct in a holy place (sickness).

Joylovchi : v.n. Of joyla ; packer.

Joynamoz : prayer rug.

Joyravo dial. : street clothes.

Joysiz 1 : having no place to call home, homeless.

Joysiz 2 : out of place, uncalled for.

Jozib : arch. (Arabic) attracting, alluring.

Joziba : (Arabic) pulling, attraction, allure. Er ~si gravity.

Jozibador : attractive; alluring.

Jozibali : s. Jozibador.

Jozibasiz : unattractive.

Jubba dial. : (Arabic) a cotton filled, quilted, shirt like winter garment.

Juda < : very, quite. ~ bo'lmaganda/~ bo'lsa/deganda at the very most.judayam
Judo : ~ bo'l  to be separated, to be made bereft of; to sever. ~ qil /Et /ayla  to separate; to sever.

Judolik : separation.

Jufay : as a pair, in pairs.

Juft : pair; even (number); pair of lengths of silk material. Yulduzi ~ tushgan lucky, blessed. ~i pok/~ bo'lsin make it a pair (auspicious number when giving things); Encore! ~ kuchlar dipolar forces. ~ so'zlar hyphenated words. ~ tushgan two of a kind. ~ ayt  to give s.o.'s name complete with titles.

Juftak : ~ni rostla /ur /ot  to make tracks, to beat it, to high tail it out.

Juftla  : v.t. To pair, to put in pairs. Boshini ~  to marry (off). [juftlan , juftlash , juftlashtir ]

Juftlash  : v.i. To pair up. [juftlashtir ]

Juftlik : abstr. Of juft [parnost', chernost'].

Jug'rofiy : (Arabic) geographical (s. Geografik).

Jug'rofiya : (Arabic) geography (s. Geografiya).jugud coll.jew (s. Yahudiy, yevrey).

Juhud : Jew(ish) (s. Yahudiy).

Jujun(cha) (Ch.) : tussore (fabric).jujuq dial.child, baby.

Jujur coll. : (Russian) person on duty (s. Dejurniy).

Jul : a coarse hand woven woolen material; horse blanket. ~ arqon coarsely braided rope.

Juldur : tattered, worn, in shreds.juldurvoqi coll.tattered.

Jum'a : arch. (Arabic) s. Juma.

Juma : (Arabic) Friday (=~ kuni); the Friday prayer.

Jumak dial. : s. Jo'mrak.

Jumalik : Friday , something held on Friday.jumard dial.s. Juvonmard.

Jumaxshanba coll. : Thursday.jumbish coll.s. Jinbush.

Jumboq : riddle.

Jumhuriyat : (Arabic) republic.

Jumla : (Arabic) sentence, phrase; totality, sum, whole. ~i ~i jahon the whole world.

Jumladan : in sum, in all.

Jumodilavval : (Arabic) 5th month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

Jumodiloxir : s. Jumodissoni(y).

Jumodissoni(y) : (Arabic) 6th month of the Islamic lunar calendar.jumrushqa bot.sweet clover.jumur dial.a pointed felt hat.

Jun : wool, hair (s. Bola chaqa po'stakning ~ini yeydimi You have to think about the wife and kids. ~li wooly; hairy.

Junbish : motion, agitation. ~ga kel /kir  to enter into motion, to become agitated; to heave, to swell, to roil.

Junjay  : s. Junji .

Junji  : v.i. To huddle, to hunch (from cold, etc.). [junjit ]

Junjik  : s. Junji .

Junun lit. : (Arabic) jinns, demons; insanity.jup coll.s. Juft.

Jur'at : (Arabic) boldness, courage. ~ Et  to find courage, to dare.

Jur'atlan  : v.i. To dare, to pluck up courage.

Jur'atli : courageous.

Jur'atsiz : timid, cowardly.

Jur'atsizlik : cowardliness.

Jurnal : (Russian) journal, magazine. ~da chiqar  to publish in a journal or magazine.

Jurnalist : (Russian) journalist.

Jurnalistika : (Russian) journalism.

Jurnalistka : (Russian) female journalist.

Jussa : (Arabic) body; build, size.

Jussador : big bodied, large.

Jussali : big bodied;  bodied. Kichkina ~li petite, small in stature.

Jut 1 : s. Yut.

Jut 2 : (Russian) jute.juva dial.s. Jo'va.

Juvillash  : v.i. S. Jimirlash .

Juvoldiz : large, curved packing needle.

Juvon : young married woman; young divorcee or widowed woman; girl/unmarried woman who has lost her virginity.

Juvona dial. : 2 3 year old calf (s. Novvos).

Juvonbaxt : obs. Propitious, fortunate.

Juvonmard : obs. Courageous, fearless; noble, generous, magnanimous.

Juvonmarg : one who dies young; bastard, devil. ~ bo'l  to die at a young age; to be wasted.

Juvonso'xta : s. Juvonmarg.

Juvoz : oil press; (water driven) rice mill. ~ hayda  to run an oil press (by driving the horse or ox that turns it).

Juvozkash : oil press operator or owner; miller (of rice mill).

Juvozkashlik : abstr. Of juvozkash; oil pressing.

Juvozxona : building housing a watermill or oil press.juyruk dial.speedy, fast (horse).

Juz : (Arabic) (arch.) Part, section (esp. Of the Koran); bundle, quire (of paper).

Juz'iy : (Arabic) trifling, insignificant.

Juz'ya hist. : (Arabic) tax paid by non Moslems.

Juzdon : folder.

Juzgir : arch. S. Juzdon.juzla  arch.to bind sections of a book.

Jvachka coll. : (Russian) s. Saqich.

Jyuri : (Russian) panel of judges.

K"yat : (Russian) kyat.Ka'ba geo.the Ka'aba; shrine, focus of devotion.

Kabardin : Kabardin?? (native of Kabardiya Balkariya ASSR).

Kabel" : (Russian) cable.

Kabelchi : cable maker or installer.

Kabi : such as, like. O'z otasi ~ like his father.

Kabina : (Russian) cab, booth, cockpit.

Kabinet pol. : (Russian) study, consulting room; laboratory; (pol.) Cabinet.

Kabir : (Arabic) great, large.

Kabisa : (Arabic) ~ yili leap year.

Kabk : obs. (s. Kaklik).

Kabob : (Arabic) kabob. Ko'ksi ~ bo'ldi to feel grief or pain. ~ bo'l  to be roasted, scorched; to burn up.

Kabobchi : kabob maker, kabob man.

Kabobpaz : s. Kabobchi.

Kabobpazlik : kabob cooking and selling; place where kabobs are sold.

Kabobxona : (Arabic) kabob house, place where kabobs are sold.

Kabutar lit. : s. Kaptar.

Kachkil : a decorated, covered hourglass shaped copper vessel; s. Kashkul.

Kachkul : s. Kashkul.

Kadar : obs. (Arabic) grief, remorse, misery.

Kadet 1 : (Russian) cadet.

Kadet 2 : (Russian) Cadet (Constitutional Democrat).

Kadi : gourd, pumpkin, esp. Small dried gourd used to store nos.

Kadmiy : (Russian) cadmium.

Kadr 1 : (Russian) frame, exposure; still.

Kadr 2 : (Russian) cadre; personnel. ~lar bo'limi personnel department.

Kadu : s. Kadi.

Kafan : (Arabic) burial shroud. ~ taxta funeral bier.

Kafando'z : shroud maker.

Kafangado : destitute, penniless. ~ bo'l  to be stricken penniless. ~ qil  to ruin utterly.

Kafanla  : v.t. To shroud (a corpse). [kafanlan ]

Kafanlik : (enough) material for making a shroud.

Kafe : (Russian) cafe

Kafedra : (Russian) podium, pulpit; sub department, sub faculty.

Kafil : (Arabic) witness, avower, attestor; guarantor, bailsman, surety. ~ bo'l /~ga ber  to entrust to the custody of. ~ga ol  to bail out. ~ini ol  to accept responsibility for.

Kafillik : bail, security; vow, promise, guarantee.
Kafolat : (Arabic) guarantee, security. ~ ber  to vouch for.

Kafolatnoma : letter of guarantee; bail bond.

Kafsh : obs. S. Kavush.

Kafshdo'z : obs. S. Kavushdo'z.

Kaft : palm; the entire face of the hand. Bir ~ a palmful, a little, a dash. ~da ko'tar  to hold in one's palm; to honor, to venerate. ~da turgandek yaqqol ko'rin  to be as plain as day.

Kahrabo : amber.

Kaj : obs. Awry; crooked, askew. ~ga ur  to bend; to alter.

Kajava : a square basket or litter mounted on pack animals. ~ qorin having a distended belly; gluttonous, insatiable.

Kajbahs : obtuse, unreasoning.

Kajraftor : s. Charxi ~ inconstant (lit., backward turning) wheel of fortune.

Kajrav : obs. Crooked, wayward. ~ falak inconstant fate.

Kak raz coll. : (Russian) just, exactly.

Kaka baby language : sweets, candy. Qumaloqni ~ de /hisobla  (lit., to call sheep pellets "candy") to confuse bad with good.

Kakadu zool. : (Russian) cockatoo.

Kakao : (Russian) cocao.

Kakilla  : v.i. S. Kakirla .kakir kakir ono.warbling or chirping sound of a kaklik.

Kakirla  : v.i. To warble. [kakirlat ]kakku (qush) zool.cuckoo.kaklik zool.rock partridge.

Kakra  : v.i. To feel or taste bitter.kakra bot.Russian knapweed; bitter.

Kaktus bot. : (Russian) cactus.

Kal : mange; baldness; bald; bald spot. ~ning nimasi bor?  Temir tarog'i bor! Expression used to make fun of a selfish person. ~ yer barren land.

Kal"ka : (Russian) tracing paper;(traced) copy; loan translation, calque.

Kal"kala  : v.t. To trace; to make a loan translation.

Kal"kulyator : (Russian) calculator.

Kal"kulyatsiya : (Russian) calculation.

Kal"tsiy : (Russian) calcium.

Kalaka : ~ bo'l  to be made a laughing stock. ~ qil  to make into a laughing stock.

Kalamenka : (Russian) a kind of linen cloth, calamanco.

Kalamush : rat; filcher.

Kalapatra dial. : sloppy worker. ~ ish shoddy work.

Kalapatralik : sloppiness.

Kalava : skein. ~ non bread baked in the shape of a skein, with a hole in the middle. Chigal ~ tangle, snarl. So'zning ~si chuvaldi to get off the subject, to go off in tangents. ~ning uchini yo'qot  to lose the thread of, to lose track of.

Kalavachi : skeiner.kalavacho'p tech.reel.

Kalavala  : v.t. To wind in skeins. [kalavalan ]

Kalavaxona : skeining room or shop.

Kaldira  : v.i. To blather (s. Galdira ).kaldoni obs.Chaldean.

Kalendar" : (Russian) calendar.

Kalibr : (Russian) caliber; gauge.

Kalibrla  : v.t. To calibrate. [kalibrlan ]

Kalibrlovchi : calibrator.

Kalid : obs. S. Kalit.

Kalima : (Arabic) word; saying. ~yi shahodat the profession of faith in Islam. ~ keltir  to state the profession of faith; to become Muslim. Tili ~ga kelmay qoldi to not be able to say the profession of faith; to be speechless.

Kalimago'y : a Muslim who continually repeats the profession of faith.

Kalish : (Russian) a low sided rubber overshoe, usu. Worn with puchuq ~ snub toed overshoe. O'zbekcha ~ overshoe with a pointed toe.

Kalit : key.

Kaliy : (Russian) potassium.kaljo'rchi zool.carrion crow (s. O'laksaxo'r).

Kalla : head; brains, smarts. ~ sol  to cook the head and entrails of an animal. Qovoq ~ dunderhead, pumpkinhead. Kuydirgan ~ having a smirk on his face. ~ pishdimi? Did you get enough sleep? ~yi saharlab/~ tashla  to dive headfirst. ~ qil /ur  to knock with one's head.

Kalla pocha : the head and shanks of an animal.

Kallabuzar : a small knife.

Kallador : large headed.

Kallak : (tree) with its upper branches chopped off or pruned; head, top. ~ ur  s. Kallakla .

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