SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Ins jins : (Arabic) demons and jinns. Insho

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Ins jins : (Arabic) demons and jinns.

Insho : (Arabic) essay. ~ qil  (arch.) To build, to construct.

Inshoollo(h) : (Arabic) God willing.

Inshoot : (Arabic) building, construction; works, constructions.

Insof : (Arabic) conscience, fairness. ~ qil  to behave conscientiously, to have a heart. ~ga kel  to become conscientious, to take pity.

Insofan : (Arabic) conscientiously.

Insofli : just, fair, conscientious.

Insofsiz : unjust, unfair; cruel, cold blooded.

Insofsizlik : unfairness; inhumanity; cruelty.

Inson : (Arabic) human being, man. ~i komil ideal human being.

Insoniy : (Arabic) human, humanistic.

Insoniyat : (Arabic) humanity, mankind.

Insonlik : humanness; humanity, compassion.

Insonparvar : humanitary.

Insonparvarlik : love for mankind, humanitarianism.

Inspektor : (Russian) inspector.

Inspektorlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to serve as inpspector; to inspect.

Inspektsiya : (Russian) inspection; inspectorate.

Instantsiya : (Russian) instance.

Instinkt : (Russian) instinct.

Instinktiv : (Russian) instinctive.

Institut : (Russian) institute, institution; college.

Instruktaj : (Russian) instructing; briefing.

Instruktiv : (Russian) instructional.

Instruktor : (Russian) instructor.

Instruktsiya : (Russian) instructions, directions.

Instrumental : (Russian) instrumental.

Instsenirovka : (Russian) dramatization.

Insul"t : (Russian) stroke.

Insulin : (Russian) insulin.

Integral : (Russian) integral.

Integrallash : (Russian) (math) integration.

Integratsiya : (Russian) integration.

Intellekt : (Russian) intellect.

Intellektual : (Russian) intellectual.

Intelligent : (Russian) intellectual, member of the intelligentsia.

Intelligentsiya : (Russian) intelligentsia.

Intendant : (Russian) quartermaster.

Intensiv : (Russian) intensive.

Intensivlash : intensification.

Intermediya : (Russian) interlude.

Internat : (Russian) boarding house; boarding school.

Internatsional : (Russian) international.

Internatsional : (Russian) the "Internationale" (socialist organization). Birinchi ~ the First International (1864).

Internatsionalchilik : internationalism.

Internatsionalist (Russian) : internationalist.

Internatsionalistik (Russian) : internationalist(ic).

Internatsionalizatsiya (Russian) : internationalization. ~ qil  to internationalize.

Internatsionalizm : internationalism.

Internatsionallashtirish : internationalization.

Interpolyatsion : (Russian) interpolative.

Interpolyatsiyalash : interpolation.

Interpolyatsiyalovchi : interpolator.

Interv"yu : (Russian) interview.  dan ~ ol  to interview s.o.  ga ~ ber  to give s.o. An interview.

Interval : (Russian) interval.

Intervent : (Russian) interventionalist.

Interventsiya : (Russian) intervention.

Interventsiyachi : s. Intervent.

Intiboh arch. Poet. (Arabic) : wakefulness, vigilance.

Intiho : (Arabic) end; limit.

Intihosiz : boundless, w/o end.

Intil  : v.i. To reach out towards; to strive for, to seek, to aspire to. [intiltir ]

Intilish : striving, aspiration.

Intilma : markazga ~ kuch centrifugal force.

Intiluvchi : markazga ~ nerv centripetal nerve.

Intim : (Russian) intimate.

Intiq  : v.i. To rush, to hurry.intiq dial.s. Intizor.

Intiqom : (Arabic) revenge, vengeance.

Intixob : obs. (Arabic) election, selection. ~ Et /qil  to elect, to select.

Intizom : (Arabic) order, discipline. ~ ustavi disciplinary regulations.

Intizomli : orderly, disciplined, regular.

Intizomsiz : disorderly, undisciplined.

Intizomsizlik : indiscipline; disorderliness, irregularity.

Intizor : (Arabic) expecting, waiting anxiously for. ~ qil  to make anxious for, to make wait expectantly.

Intizorlik : abstr. Of ~ tort  to be anxious, impatient.

Intonatsion : (Russian) intonational.

Intonatsiya : (Russian) intonation.

Intriga : (Russian) intrigue; plot.

Intrigachi : intriguer, schemer.

Intuitsiya : (Russian) intuition.

Invalid : (Russian) invalid; disabled person.

Invalidlik : disablement. ~ nafaqasi disability assistance.

Inventar" : (Russian) stock; equipment; appliances; inventory.

Inventarizatsiya : (Russian) inventory making, stock taking. ~ qil  to take inventory.

Inversiya : (Russian) inversion.

Ion : (Russian) ion.

Iona : (Arabic) donation, offering; assistance, aid, relief.

Ionizatsion adj. : (Russian) ionization.

Ionizatsiya : (Russian) ionization. ~ qil  to ionize.

Ionlash  : v.i. To ionize. [ionlashtir ]

Ionlashuv : ionization.

Ionlovchi : ionizing. ~ apparat ionizer.

Ionosfera : (Russian) ionosphere.

Ip : thread, string, line; tie. ~ gazlama cotton cloth. ~ Esholmaydi cannot be a match to, cannot match. ~idan ignasigacha from head to toe, thoroughly. ~ni uzib yerga tashla  to take care of, to fix once and for all.

Ipak : silk.

Ipakchi : silk merchant; silk manufacturer or breeder of silkworms.

Ipakchilik : silkworm breeding, sericulture.

Ipakday : silken, smooth; gentle.

Ipakfurush : silk merchant.

Ipakli : silken.

Ipaklik : silk clothing.

Ipcha : dim. Of ip; fiber, strand, filament.

Ipiltiriq : extremely thin, skinny, scraggy.

Ipir ipir : in shreds, in strands, in clumps (e.g., curdled milk, soot, etc.).iplos coll.s. Iflos.

Ipor : musk. ~ bez musk gland.

Iporgul : bot. Marjoram flower??.

Ippodrom : (Russian) hippodrome, racecourse.

Iq : taste, liking. Bu ~im suyadigan odam this is a man of my taste. Olmaga ~im tushdi I had a craving for apples. Ovqatni ~i suyib ye  to eat with appetite.

Iqbol : (Arabic) good fortune; fate. ~i baland having a bright future.

Iqdom : arch. (Arabic) measure, action; start, commencement. ~ qil  to commence, to undertake.

Iqlim : (Arabic) climate. Yetti ~ the seven continents

Iqlimiy lit. : (Arabic) climatic.

Iqlimlash  : v.i. To acclimatize. [iqlimlashtir ]

Iqlimshunos : climatologist.

Iqror : (Arabic) recognition, acknowledgement; declaration. ~ bo'l /qil  to acknowledge, to admit.iqta hist.land bestowed for military service.

Iqtido : arch. (Arabic) to follow, to imitate. ~ qil  to follow the imam's actions while praying.

Iqtidor : (Arabic) power, strength, ability.

Iqtidorli : powerful; capable.

Iqtidorsiz : incapable.

Iqtisod : (Arabic) economy; economics. ~ qil  to economize (on), to save (on).

Iqtisodchi : thrifty, economical person; economist.

Iqtisodiy : (Arabic) economic.

Iqtisodiyat : (Arabic) economics.

Irg'a  : v.t. To nod, to shake (e.g., the head). [irg'at ]

Irg'al  v.i. Dial. : to rock or bounce from side to side.

Irg'at  : v.t. To shake, bounce, rock.irg'ay bot.cotoneaster.

Irg'ayzor : a stand of irg'ay bushes.

Irg'i  : v.i. To leap. ~b (~b tush  to jump up, to leap (in fright, etc.). ~b chiq  to bulge out. Ariqdan ~  to leap across a ditch. [irg'it , irg'ish ]

Irg'ishla  : v.i. To bounce, to jump up and down. [irg'ishlat ]

Irg'it  : v.t. Caus. Of irg'i ; to toss, to pitch; to bounce. [irg'itil , irg'itish ]irga dial.s. O'choq boshi.irgamchik coll.disgusting, revolting.

Irgan  v.i. Coll. : to be disgusted or revolted by.

Irganch : disgusting, revolting.

Iri  : v.i. To decay, to rot, to spoil; to suppurate. [irit ]

Irilla  : v.i. To growl, to snarl. [irillat , irillash ]irim sirim, irim chirim(all kinds of) superstitions.

Irim : superstition, superstitious act. ~ qil  to do s.t. For good luck, etc. ~ uchun or ~ qildim for good luck. ~iga for superstition's sake.irin arch.lip.

Iris bot. : (Russian) iris.

Irjay  : v.i. To smirk. [irjayt(ir) ]

Irjayt(ir)  : v.t. Caus. Of irjay ; to twist into a scowl or smirk.irkil  dial.to feel shy, to act bashfully.

Irkit : filthy.

Irmoq : tributary; river, waterway.

Iroda : (Arabic) will, will power.

Irodali : strong willed, resolute.

Irodasiz : weak willed, irresolute.

Irodasizlik : lack of willpower.

Iroq 1 : distant.

Iroqi 1 : a type of embroidery.

Iroqi 2 : ~ sovun a scented soap.

Irq 1 : (Arabic) stock, breed; race.irq 2 dial.face; cheek.

Irqan : (Arabic) racially, as a race.

Irqchi : racist.

Irqchilik : racism.

Irqiy : (Arabic) racial.

Irratsional : (Russian) irrational.

Irreal : (Russian) unreasonable.

Irregulyar : (Russian) irregular.

Irrigator : (Russian) irrigation expert; irrigator.

Irrigatsion adj. : (Russian) irrigation.

Irrigatsiya : (Russian) irrigation.

Irrigatsiyalash : s. Irrigatsiya.

Irshay  : v.i. To smirk. [irshaytir ]

Irshod : (Arabic) showing the right way, true guidance; (hist.) Document granting power to intitiate others into a Sufi order. ~ qil /Et  to direct, guide, teach the right way; to be pious.

Irsiy : (Arabic) hereditary, inherited. ~ belgilar hereditary features or marks.

Irsiyat : (Arabic) heredity.

Irvay  : v.i. To slump, to sag; to smirk. [irvaytir ]

Irvaytir  : v.t. Caus. Of irvay ; to twist into a smirk (mouth).

Irvit(i) : ~ quti a kind of small ornate box. ~ yong'og'i pine nut.

Irvot : puny, tiny.

Is 1 : scent, odor. ~i yo'q (It's) scentless. ~ini ol  to smell, to scent. ~ini chiqar  to give of a/its scent. ~ini chiqarmay without leaving a trace, without letting anyone have a whiff of what's going on. Odam ~i yoqmagan unsociable.

Is 2 : smoke, fumes; soot. ~ chiqar  to cook and give away hot food in order to please the spirits or jinn. ~ bosgan coated with soot, sooty; old, delapidated.

Isbot : (Arabic) proof, evidence; confirmation. ~qil /Et  to prove, to give proof.

Isbotla  : v.t. To prove, to provide evidence; to confirm. [isbotlan ]isfarak bot.larkspur; a type of apricot.

Isfihon : ~ qilich a type of sword made in Isfahan.

Ish 1 : work, job, business, task; matter, affair, thing. Uy ~i homework. ~ yoqmas lazy; shirker. ~ katta great job, outstanding work. ~ ko'rgan experienced. ~ ko'rsat  to serve; to act up. ~ tashlash strike. ~ tashlovchi striker. ~ chiqar  to have good results. Bundan hech ~ chiqmadi This didn't turn out at all. ~ga layoqatli/~ ko'rsat  to perform (a job) well; to play a trick. ~ga boshla /~dan ol  to dismiss, to get rid of. ~dan chiq  to leave one's job; to break down, to become unusable. ~dan chiqar  to dismiss, to fire; to damage, to make unusable. ~dan qol  to become unfit for work; to stand idle. ~dan qo'y  to hinder, to distract. ~ ber  to come in handy, to prove useful; to serve. ~ joyida everything is all right. Uning ~i joyida He's doing well. Uning sizda ~i bor He has some business with you., He needs you for something. ~ ko'r  to serve or function as; to undertake. Unga ~im tushdi I needed him for something. ~(ga) buyur  to order work done. ~ga sol  to put to work, to put to good use. ~ga tushir  to set going. ~lar mudiri affairs manager of. ~ning tagi loyqa shady, questionable business. ~ni xom/~ning ko'zini bil  to know one's stuff, to know the ins and outs of, to know how to do well. ~ning ko'zini top  to figure out, to learn the ins and outs of. ~ ko'p things are busy, much to do. ~ chatoq there is a problem; things are going badly. Bu bizning ~imiz Emas This is not our business. ~ni pishir  to come to an agreement.

Ish 2 : piece of leather or material (sufficient for making a complete garment, etc.). ~ bich  to cut out (material, etc.). ~ tik  to sew or stitch.ish 3 dial.s. Shish.ish  dial.s. Shish .

Ishbay : piece work.

Ishbilarmon : expert, competent worker; know it all.

Ishbilarmonlik : expertise; pretension.

Ishbop : suitable for work.

Ishboshi : foreman, boss, work leader.

Ishboshqaruvchi : manager, director.

Ishbuzar : s. Ishbuzuqi.

Ishbuzuqi : hinderer, marplot.

Ishchan : hard working.

Ishchanlik : abstr. Of ishchan, diligence.

Ishchi : worker, laborer. ~lar sinfi the working class.

Ishchinamo : resembling a worker.

Ishg'ol : (Arabic) ~ qil /Et  to occupy, to take over.ishgir dial.adroit, adept.

Ishkal 1 : (Arabic) problem, hindrance, difficulty. To'rt ~i but everything is hunky dory.ishkal 2 dial.cord made of straw or reeds.

Ishkalchi : troublemaker.ishkallik dial.suitable for making cord.

Ishkom : grape trellis (s. Valish).

Ishkomsimon : trellis like.

Ishla  v.i., : v.t. To work; to function; to make. ~b ber  to produce, to make. ~b chiqar  to produce. ~b chiqarish production. ~b chiq  to come up with, to produce. [ishlan , ishlanil , ishlat , ishlatil , ishlattir , ishlash ]

Ishlan  : v.i. Pass. Of ishla ; to be worked, decorated (with). [ishlanil ]

Ishlat  : v.t. Caus. Of ishla ; to use.

Ishli : having work, employed.

Ishlov : v.n. Of ~ ber  to hoe; to polish, to finish.

Ishon  v.i. /ga/ : to believe; to entrust (with); to trust; to rely on. [ishonil , ishontir ]

Ishonarli : believable.

Ishonch : belief, faith, certainty, trust. ~im komil I have full faith that..., I firmly believe that... ~ hosil qil  to be sure; to convince.

Ishonchli : trustworthy, believable.

Ishonchsiz : untrustworthy, unreliable.

Ishonchsizlik : disbelief; lack of trust.

Ishoninqira  : v.i. S. Ishonqira .

Ishonmovchi : disbeliever, skeptic.

Ishonmovchilik : disbelief, skepticism.

Ishonqira  : v.i. To almost believe.

Ishontir  : v.t. Caus. Of ishon ; to make believe; to convince, to persuade.

Ishontirarli : convincing.

Ishora : (Arabic) gesture, sign. ~ barmoq index finger. ~ Et /qil /ber  to indicate, to point; to gesture.

Ishorala  v.t. Rare : to mark. [ishoralan ]

Ishorat : (Arabic) s. Ishora.

Ishpech : sewing bag.

Ishq : (Arabic) love; passion. ~ savdosi love passion, pangs of love.

Ishqa  : v.t. To rub. Burnini yerga ~  to rub s.o.'s nose in the dirt. [ishqal ]

Ishqal  : v.i. Pass. Of ishqa ; to stick together.

Ishqala  : v.t. To rub together, to grind, to chafe; to rub in. [ishqalan , ishqalat , ishqalash ]

Ishqalan  : pass. Of ishqala ; to chafe, to pester.

Ishqalanish : v.n. Of ishqalan ; friction.

Ishqiboz : enthusiast, fan. ~ bo'l  to become crazy about, to become a fan of.

Ishqibozlik : enthusiasm, passion.

Ishqilib < ish qil  : whatever the case, anyhow, in a word.

Ishqir  : v.i. To snort (s. Pishqir ).

Ishqivoz : s. Ishqiboz.

Ishqiy : (Arabic) romantic.

Ishqor : alkali; alkaline solution, lye; potash.

Ishqoriy : alkaline.

Ishqorla  : v.t. To make alkaline.

Ishqorli : alkaline.

Ishrat : (Arabic) amusement, enjoyment, pleasure; revelry. ~ qil  to enjoy o.s., to make merry.

Ishratgoh : s. Ishratxona.

Ishratparast : pleasure seeker, merry maker.

Ishratxona : house of pleasure.ishsh ono.sound made to stop a donkey.

Ishshay  : v.i. To grin. [ishshaytir ]

Ishshaytir  : v.t. Caus. Of tishini ~  to grit one's teeth. Sovuq ~ib ketdi the cold made one's teeth chatter.

Ishsiz : idle; unemployed. ~ qol  to be left w/o work.

Ishsizlik : idleness; unemployment.

Ishtaha : (Arabic) appetite. ~ och  to increase the appetite. ~ni bo'g' /~si karnay insatiable, voracious, having a big appetite. ~ga kir  to work up an appetite.

Ishtahali : having a good appetite.

Ishtahasiz : having no appetite.

Ishtarapla  : v.i. To do s.t. Energetically, vigorously.

Ishtiboh : obs. (Arabic) doubt, suspicion. ~ qil /~ga tush  to doubt.

Ishtirok : (Arabic) participation. ~ Et /qil  to participate, to take part in, to join.

Ishtirokchi : participant.

Ishtirokiyun : obs. (Arabic) communist. ~ firqasi the Communist Party.

Ishtiyoq : (Arabic) enthusiasm, eagerness.

Ishtiyoqli : eager, enthusiastic.

Ishtiyoqmand : s. Ishtiyoqli.

Ishtiyoqsiz : unenthusiastic.

Ishton : (Russian) underpants, drawers; trousers worn by women underneath their dresses.

Ishtonbog' : drawstring on a pair of drawers.

Ishtonchang : wearing only one's underpants; (dial.) S. Ishtonsiz.

Ishtonsiz : having no underwear; destitute.

Ishva : (Arabic) amourous glance; coquetry.

Ishva noz : flirtations, coquetry.

Ishvakor : s. Ishvali.

Ishvali : coquettish; charming, lovely.

Ishxona : workplace; shop.

Isi  : v.i. To heat up, to grow warm. [isin , isit ]

Isin  : v.i. To warm o.s.

Isirg'a : earring; dewlap.isiriq bot.wild rue (used as a fumigant and believed to drive away spirits, germs, etc.). ~ sol  to fumigate with wild rue.

Isiriqchi : one who makes a living by carrying around a censer of isiriq and wafting the smoke on others' clothes, shops, etc.; seller of isiriq; poor person.

Isiriqchilik : abstr. Of isiriqchi.

Isiriqdon : copper censer used by an isiriqchi.

Isiriqzor : thicket of wild rue.

Isit  : v.t. Caus. Of isi ; to heat up, to warm.

Isitma sovutma : intrigue aimed at making others enemies or friends of each other.

Isitma : fever; term used for various illnesses such as malaria, typhus, etc.; re heated (food); efforts to warm up s.o. Towards another. ~ chiqar  to have a temperature, to run a fever.

Isitmala  : v.i. To suffer from a high fever.

Iska  : v.t. To sniff, to smell. Yelkasi yer ~magan (wrestler) whose shoulder has never touched the ground. [iskat , iskash ]

Iskabtopar : midge; (coll.) Mosquito.

Iskana : chisel. ~ payvand a graft inserted into a notch made with a chisel.

Iskanja : press; vice; constraint, straits, grip (of crisis, etc.). ~ga ol  to grip in a vice or press.

Iskart : measure, mean, norm, standard.

Iskovuch : (~ it) bloodhound, sleuth hound; sleuth.iskrachi hist.member of a revolutionary organization connected with the Iskra newspaper in pre revolutionary Russia.

Isla  : v.t. To smoke, to cure by smoking. [islan , islat ]

Islan  : v.i. Pass. Of isla ; to putrefy.

Island : Icelander. ~ tili Icelandic (lang.).

Isli : fragrant. ~ boshoq (bot.) Sweet vernal grass.

Isliq : felt flap of the yurt which covers the smoke hole.

Isliqi : dirty, filthy.

Isloh : (Arabic) renovation, reform. ~ga kel  to be reconciled. ~ qil /Et  to reform.

Islohchilik : s. Islohotchilik.

Islohot : (Arabic) reform. Yer ~i land reform.

Islohotchi : reformer, renovator.

Islohotchilik : reformism.

Islom : (Arabic) Islam.

Islomiya : (Arabic) Islamic. Millati ~ the Islamic peoples. Sho'royi ~ a counter revolutionary organization in C.A. of early Soviet years.

Islomiyat : (Arabic) Islamic religion; the Islamic world.islovot(xona) coll. Arch.brothel.islovotchi arch.proprietor.of a brothel : pimp; madame.

Ism : (Arabic) name. ~ ber /~ noma'lum anonymous. ~i xos (gram. Arch.) Proper name. ~i om (gram. Arch.) General name. ~i boru, jismi yo'q It has a name, but no entity.ismaloq bot.a type of spinach.

Isman : (Arabic) by name.

Ismat : (Arabic) honor, purity, unsullied reputation.

Ismdosh rare : one having the same name (s. Adash).

Ismla  : v.t. To name. [ismlan ]

Ismli : having the name of. ~ son concrete number.

Ismlik : list of names; catalogue.

Ismsiz : nameless. ~ son abstract number.

Isnod : (Arabic) shame, disgrace; shameful act. ~ keltir  to shame, to humiliate. ~ga qol  to be disgraced, to end up with a bad name.

Isotrop : (Russian) isotropic.

Ispan : Spanish.

Ispancha : Spanish (lang.).

Ispand sipand : s. Isiriq.ispixon coll.s. Isfixon.

Ispolkom : (Russian) s. Ijrokom.

Isqirt : filthy, foul.

Isqot rel. : (Arabic) money set aside to be given away as alms as compensation for one's misdeeds; ceremony or feast held for such purposes on behalf of the deceased. ~ingga qo'y invective used when angry about s.t. Belonging to s.o. Else.

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