SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Hasip : dish made of sheep intestines stuffed with rice. Hasipfurush

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Hasip : dish made of sheep intestines stuffed with rice.

Hasipfurush : seller of hasip.

Hasrat : (Arabic) grief, sorrow, pain. ~ qil  to spill out one?S grief; to complain about. ~ chek /tort  to undergo pain.

Hasrat nadomat : (Arabic) grieving and lamenting. O'z taqdiridan ~ qil  to lament one?S fate.

Hasratlan  : v.i. To grieve, to be in anguish; to lament, to complain.

Hasratlash  : v.i. To share grief with one another. [hasratlashish ]

Hasratli : grieved, afflicted, anguished.

Hassa : (Arabic) cane, walking stick.

Hassakash : one who stands at the gate and greets guests to a wedding, funeral, etc.; one that precedes a funeral bier carrying a cane (usu. Children or other relatives).

Hassakashlik : abstr. Of hassakash.

Hassos : (Arabic) perceptive.hasti coll.s. Hazrat.

Hatla  : v.i. To leap, to bound, to step over. Ostona ~b ko'chaga chiqmagan always confined to the home (of women). [hatlat , hatlatil , hatlash ]

Hatto : (Arabic) even, to the extent that, so much so that.

Hattoki : s. Hatto.

Havas : (Arabic) desire, urge. ~ qil  to desire. ~i kel  to feel urge or desire. ~ bilan w/ desire, eagerness.

Havaskor : enthusiast, fan, devotee; avid.

Havaskorlik : interest, enthusiasm.

Havaslan  : v.i. To feel inspired, to filled with enthusiasm. [havaslantir ]

Havasli : desirous, eager.

Havasmand : s. Havasli.

Havo 1 : (Arabic) air; atmosphere, sky; weather; climate. ~ aloqasi aerial communication. ~ rang sky blue. ~ jangi air war. ~ hujumi aerial attack. Harbiy ~ kuchlari military air forces. ~ kemasi airship. ~ past keldi There was a lot of cold weather. Ochiq ~da in the open air. ~ga ket  to be all for nothing. ~ga sovur  to throw to the winds.

Havo 2 : (Arabic) airs. ~si osh  to begin to put on airs.

Havo 3 : (Arabic) melody, air. Birovning ~sini ol  (coll.) To learn how to take advantage of s.o.'s weaknesses. Ishning ~sini ol  to get the hang of doing something.

Havodor 1 : airy.

Havodor 2 : money given to musicians at a wedding, etc.

Havodor 3 : full of airs, lofty.

Havol : loose, airy, fluffy; lightly.

Havola : (Arabic) entrusted, commissioned; dispatch, transmission. ~ qil  to entrust or consign to; to send, to transfer; to air (broadcast).

Havola  : v.i. To rise into the air. ~b upward, skyward, high in the sky.

Havolan  : v.i. To rise into the air; to put on airs. [havolantir ]

Havolat  : v.t. To raise aloft. ~b aloft.

Havoli : airy; full of airs.

Havollan  : v.i. To become loose or fluffy.

Havon : (Arabic) brace, strut.

Havoyi : light sky blue; lofty; flighty; easy, light; empty, hollow (promise). ~ raqamlar made up numbers.

Havoyilash  : v.i. To become proud, lofty; to become soft, to become used to easy work.

Havoza : scaffold(ing); turret, watchtower; trellis.

Havz lit. : (Arabic) s. Hovuz. ~i Kavsar name of a pond in Paradise.

Havza : (Arabic) basin; reservoir; deposit.

Hay'at : (Arabic) staff, committee, commission, board; astronomy. ~i riyosat executive committee. ~i ta'limiya educational board. ~i tahririya editorial board. Ilmi ~ astronomy.

Hay hay hay : s. Hay hay.

Hay hay : s. ~ sol  to hoot, to howl, to make a racket.

Hay huv : ~ qil  to shout and carry on.

Hay : hey!; yeah, well.

Hayajon : (Arabic) excitement, nervousness. ~ga kel  s. Hayajonlan .

Hayajonlan  : v.i. To become excited or nervous, to be filled with excitement. [hayajonlantir ]

Hayajonli : excited, nervous; exciting.

Hayal : ~ o'tmay just a moment later, in no time at all. ~ qil  s. Hayalla .

Hayalla  : v.i. To tarry. [hayallash ]

Haybarakalla : enthusiastic but empty support, approval, or cheering.

Haybarakallachi : one who enthusiastically supports work he will not have to carry out; enthusiastic praiser of the status quo.

Haybat : (Arabic) awesome appearance, awfulness.

Haybatli : horrible, awful, awesome; imposing.

Hayda  : v.t. To drive (off, away), to herd; to plow; to distill. [haydal , haydat , haydattir , haydash ]

Hayda haydachilik : urging workers to work faster regardless of the poor quality of the work being done.

Haydalma qatlam : tilled layer of soil.

Haydar : (Arabic) braid on both temples. ~ kokil beautiful braids.haydarkokil zool.a type of duck?? (with a braid like crest on its head).

Haydovchi : active part. Of hayda ; driver; card placed on top of a pair in the game beshko'tarar.

Hayf : (Arabic) what a waste!, what a shame!, Fie! ~i kel  to pity. Ket  so much hard work gone to waste.

Hayfki(m) : such a pity, what a shame.

Hayfsan : reprimand.

Hayfsin  : v.i. To feel pity for.

Hayhayla  : v.i. To yell out "hay! Hay!" (while shooing, herding, or dissuading s.o. From doing s.t.). [hayhaylat , hayhaylash ]

Hayhot : alas! Woe is me!Hayhotday/dek coll.barren, empty.hayinchak dial.swing (s. Arg'imchoq).

Hayinchalak : s. Hayinchak.

Hayiq  : v.i. To fear, to be afraid of, to have trepidations about. [hayiqish , hayiqtir ]

Hayit : (Arabic) feast day, holiday; mourning on a feast day for s.o. Dead less than a year. Katta ~ feast at the end of Ramadhan (s. Ro'za ~i). Kichik ~ Feast of the Sacrifice (s. Qurbon ~i).

Hayit ma'raka : holiday, celebration.

Hayitla  coll. : v.i. To celebrate a holiday. [hayitlash ]

Hayitlik : present given on a holiday.

Haykal : (Arabic) statue; a type of woman's necklace.

Haykalcha : dim. Of haykal.

Haykalchi : s. Haykaltarosh.

Haykallash  : v.i. To walk with arms around each others' waists or shoulders.

Haykaltarosh : sculptor.

Haykaltaroshlik : abstr. Of haykaltarosh.

Hayo : (Arabic) shame. ~ qil  to feel shame.

Hayoli : modest, decent.hayon arch.profit.

Hayosiz : shameless.

Hayosizlarcha : shamelessly.

Hayosizlik : shamelessness.

Hayot : (Arabic) life; living, alive. Birovga ~ bag'ishla  to bring s.o. Into the world; to save s.o.'s life. ~dan mahrum Et  to deprive s.o. Of life; to put in jail. ~ kechir  to spend one's life. ~ vaqtida while still living.

Hayot mamot : (Arabic) life and death.

Hayotbaxsh : lifegiving.hayotcha coll.private garden plot.

Hayotchan : living; life like.

Hayotiy : (Arabic) life , living; vital, critical.

Hayotiylik : vitalness.

Hayotlik : abstr. Of ~ida while alive, while living.

Hayotsiz : lifeless.

Hayotsizlik : lifelessness, inanimateness.

Hayqir  : v.i. To bellow, to roar, to scream. [hayqirish ]

Hayqiriq : roar, yell, scream. [hayqirish ]hayqiroq coll.loud, noisy, roaring.

Hayrat : (Arabic) surprize, astonishment. ~ barmog'ini tishla  to be overcome by astonishment. ~da qoldir  to amaze, to astonish, to shock. ~da qol  to be amazed, astonished, shock. ~ bilan qara  to look in amazement. ~ga solib qo'y  to shock, to astonish.

Hayratbaxsh : s. Hayratomuz.

Hayratlan  : v.i. To be suprized or astonished. [hayratlantir ]

Hayratomuz : astonishing, amazing.

Hayron : (Arabic) amazed, astonished; bewildered, perplexed. ~ bo'l  to be amazed; to be perplexed. ~ qol  to be amazed, astonished.

Hayrona : (Arabic) fem. Of hayron.

Hayronlik : astonishment, bewilderedness.

Hayt huyt : ~ deguncha in no time at all.

Hayt : s. Hayyo hay.

Hayto hayt : s. Hayyo hay.

Haytovur : in any case; it's good that, it's wonderful that; luckily, fortunately.

Hayvon : (Arabic) beast, animal. Ish ~i beast of burden. Obi ~ the water of life. ~i notiq talking beast, man.

Hayvoniy : (Arabic) beastly, animal.

Hayvonlarcha : bestially, like an animal.

Hayvonlash  : v.i. To become like an animal.

Hayvonlik : bestiality, grossness, brutality.

Hayvonot : (Arabic) animals, beasts. ~ bog'i zoo.

Hayvonsifat : beastly, brutal, crude.

Hayvonzod : son of an animal.

Hayyo hay : giddy up! ~ deb/deya jo'na  to set off with great enthusiasm.

Hayyo hu : s. Hayyo hay.

Hayz : (Arabic) menstrual period. ~ ko'r  to have a menstrual period.

Hazar : (Arabic) aversion, avoidance. ~ qil  to avoid; to detest.

Hazarchi : squeamish, fastidious.

Hazil : (Arabic) joke. O'rtoqlik ~i well meaning caricature. ~! Or ~ qildim Just joking. ~i yo'q no joke.

Hazil huzul : jokes, joking and jesting.

Hazil mazax : joking and poking fun.

Hazil mutoyiba : joking and jesting, joking and banter.

Hazilakam : joking, not serious. ~ deb o'yla  to think s.t. Is a joke. U ~ qo'rqmadi He was really scared.

Hazilakamiga : as a joke, easy as pie.

Hazilkash : jokester, s.o. Fond of jokes. Men senig ~ing Emasman Don't joke around with me.

Hazilkashlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to joke around.

Hazillash  : v.i. To joke.

Hazilmand : s. Hazilkash.

Hazilnamo : s. Hazilomuz.

Hazilomuz : (seemingly) jocular, playful, witty; (half )jokingly.

Hazilsimon : s. Hazilomuz.

Hazilvon : s. Hazilkash.

Hazin : (Arabic) sad, mournful.

Haziniyat lit. : (Arabic) gloom.

Hazir coll. : (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to avoid.

Hazm : (Arabic) digestion. ~ qil  to digest well; to be patient, to endure well (problem). ~i taom s.t. Digestive.

Hazmli : easily digested, salubrious.

Hazor lit. : thousand.

Hazor bahazor : thousands and thousands.

Hazor hazor : thousands and thousands.

Hazoron : thousands.

Hazrat : (Arabic) majesty, holiness, greatness (as title for great, usu. Religious figures). ~lari his holiness, his worthiness. ~i oliylari his excellency. ~i inson man, humankind.

He ha : uh ho!

He he he : he he he (low laughter).

He he : s. He ha.

He : hey!; eh. ~ yo'q, be yo'q w/o giving a reason, w/ no explanation.

Hech : no, none at all, not at all; never; nothing at all ~ bo'lmaganda or ~ bo'lmasa at least. ~ vaqt/~ joy/~ jahonda where in the world?, when.have you ever...? ~ kim/~ kimi yo'q He has nobody. ~ nima/~ narsadan ~ narsa yo'q for no reason at all. ~ narsa qilmaydi It's okay., It's no problem. ~ qayer/~ qayoqqa qaramay w/o looking around. ~ qaysi not one. ~ qanday not any kind, of no kind. ~ qancha nothing worth mentioning. ~ qachon never. ~ga chiq  to be for naught. ~ gap Emas It's nothing., It's a cinch. ~ farq qilmaydi It doesn't make any difference. ~ balosi yo'q He doesn't have a thing. ~.. Yo'qmi? Aren't there any...? ~ zog' not a soul.

Hechqisi : ~ yo'q It's nothing at all.

Hechqursa : at least, if nothing else.

Heh ha : s. He ha.

Heh he : s. He ha.

Heh : heh (derisive).

Hemiri : ~ ham yo'q penniless.hemiricha coll.s. Hemirilik.hemirilik coll.not worth a penny, worthless.

Hey : s. He.

Hez : impotent man; weak, irresolute, wimpy man.

Hezalak : s. Hez.

Hezalakchalish : s. Hezalak.

Hezimkash : s. Hezalak.

Hezlik : impotence; wimpiness, cowardliness.

Hezumkash : arch. Woodcutter, gatherer of firewood.hi hi ono.hee hee.

Hibs : arch. (Arabic) imprisonment, confinement. ~ga ol  to imprison.

Hibsxona : prison.

Hid : scent, smell, odor. ~ ol  to smell out. ~i chiqadi It'll become known. ~ini bil  to find out about.

Hiddat : (Arabic) passion, vehemence, sharpness.

Hiddatlan  : v.i. To become furious, full of passion.

Hidla  : v.t. To smell, to sniff. [hidlat , hidlash ]

Hidlan  : v.i. To be off, to become smelly. [hidlantir ]

Hidli : fragrant, smelly.

Hidoyat : (Arabic) the right path.

Hidsiz : odorless.

Hifz : arch. (Arabic) ~i sihhat health care; hygiene. ~i himoyat protection, shelter.

Hijjala  : v.i. To pronounce haltingly, syllable by syllable or word by word; to pore over.

Hijo : arch. (Arabic) syllable (s. Bo'g'in).

Hijob : (Arabic) veil.

Hijola  : s. Hijjala .

Hijrat : (Arabic) exodus, emigration; Muhammad's emigration from Mecca to Medina in 622 (the Hijra, which became the starting date of the lunar Islamic calendar).

Hijriy : (Arabic) pertaining to the Hijra calendar.

Hijriya : (Arabic) s. Hijriy.

Hijron : (Arabic) separation, exile.

Hijronzada : one who suffers from exile or separation.

Hikmat : (Arabic) wisdom; wise saying; inner meaning, lesson; physics, natural philosophy. Ilmi ~ physics, natural philosophy.

Hikmatli : wise.

Hikoya : (Arabic) story; short story. ~ qil  to tell a story.

Hikoyachi : storyteller; story writer.

Hikoyachilik : story writing.

Hikoyanavis : story writer.

Hikoyanavislik : abstr. Of hikoyanavis; story writing.

Hikoyat : arch. (Arabic) s. Hikoya.

Hil hil : ~ pish  to simmer; to cook until tender.hilla coll.s. Hiyla.

Hilol : (Arabic) crescent moon.

Hilp hilp : ~ qil  s. Hilpira .

Hilpilla  : s. Hilpira . [hilpillat ]

Hilpira  : v.i. To flutter, to wave. [hilpirat ]

Hilva : (Arabic) having a smart figure; (dial. Bot.) Mint (s. Yalpiz).

Hilvalik : abstr. Of hilva.hilvilla  coll.s. Hilvira .

Hilvira  : v.i. To become thin, to waste away; (coll.) S. ~b turgan/qolgan/ketgan emaciated, thin.

Him : s. Himm.

Himar  : v.t. To roll up. [himaril ]

Himm : hmm.

Himmat : (Arabic) magnanimity, generosity; endeavor, effort. Birovning ~iga ko'z tik  to look for favors from s.o. ~ qil  to be generous; to make an effort.

Himmatli : charitable, generous, considerate, thoughtful.

Himmatsiz : callous; niggardly.

Himo 1 : help.himo 2 coll.sign, gesture (s. Imo).

Himoya : (Arabic) support; defense, protection. ~ qil  to defend. ~ga qo'y  to submit for defense (e.g., dissertation).

Himoyachi : defender, protector; counsel for the defense.

Himoyasiz : defenseless.

Himoyat : (Arabic) s. Himoya.

Himoyatli : generous, munificent.

Hind : American Indian; (coll.) Indian (s. Hindi).

Hindi : (East) Indian.hindu arch.s. Hindi.hingilla  coll.s. Hiringla . [hingillash ]

Hingir hingir : s. Hiring hiring.hiq ono.hiccuping or sniveling sound.

Hiqichoq : hiccup. ~ tut  to get the hiccups.

Hiqildoq : throat; Adam's apple. ~idan bo'g'  to grab s.o. By the throat, to squeeze (s.o.).

Hiqilla  : v.i. To hiccup; to whimper, to snivel; to pester; to aspire to.hiring hiring ono.giggling or sniggering sound.

Hiringla  : v.i. To giggle, to snigger. [hiringlash ]hirovul hist.vanguard.

Hirs : (Arabic) passion, desire, lust. ~ qo'y  to have a desire for.

Hirsli : intent, determined, desirous; lustful, passionate.

His(s) : (Arabic) feeling, sense. ~ Et /qil  to feel, to sense, to perceive.

His hayajon : feelings, excitement; confusion. ~ undovlari exclamatory utterances.

His tuyg'u : feelings, sensations.

His : s. His(s).

Hisli : perceptive.

Hisob : (Arabic) counting, calculation; count, number; account, inventory, stock taking, registration; score; (arch.) Arithmetic; nearly, practically. Og'zaki ~ oral estimate. ~i yo'q beyond count, innumerable. Yo'q ~ practically none. ~ yurit  to take an accounting of. O'rta ~da on the average. ~ga ol  to take into account, to consider. ~ qil  to tally up, to figure. ~dan adash  to miscalculate. ~iga on behalf of, in place of; because of. ~ Emas That doesn't count. ~ga olmaganda w/o considering. O'ziga ~ ber  to account to o.s. ~ini qo'y  to listen to an accounting of one's actions. ~ini qil  to bring o.s. To do, to manage to do. ~ni och  to get the first point (in a game). Bir ~da in one way of reckoning. Yil ~i chronology. ~ ol  to take an accounting of.

Hisob kitob : (Arabic) accounts, accounting. ~ qil  to figure accounts, to tally things up.

Hisobchi : accountant; tally clerk; meter.

Hisobchilik : accountancy.

Hisobdon : one good at accounting or figuring.

Hisobdor : accountable (to).

Hisobla  : v.t. To figure, to estimate; to tally, to calculate; to consider. [hisoblan , hisoblat , hisoblash ]

Hisoblash  : v.i. Coop. Of hisobla ; to settle accounts, to settle a matter; to go along with, to comply with.

Hisoblash : ~ makinasi calculator; computer (s. Elektron hisoblash makinasi).

Hisobli : numbered, limited; responsible, accountable, keeping accounts, mindful of debts.

Hisobot : (Arabic) account.

Hisobsiz : not taken into account; innumerable, beyond count.

Hisori : from Hisar.

Hissa : (Arabic) share, part, portion; time. ~ qo'sh  to make a contribution, to do one's part. ~sini chiqar  to make up for itself. Uch ~ ko'p three times more. Ikki uch ~ oshir  to increase by two or three times.

Hissador : contributor, particpator; shareholder.

Hissamand : accomplice, associate; s. Hissador.

Hissiy : (Arabic) sensory.

Hissiyot : (Arabic) feelings, sensations.

Hissiyotchi : sentimental person.
Hissiyotli : sensitive, perceptive.

Hissiz : unfeeling, insensitive.

Hiyla : (Arabic) trick, deception; stratagem, plot. ~i shar'iy superficially legal stratagem for doing s.t. Disallowed by the shariah.

Hiyla makr : (Arabic) trickery, deception.

Hiyla nayrang : tricks, stratagems.

Hiylachi : s. Hiylagar.

Hiylagar : trickster, swindler, cheat.

Hiylagarlik : trickery, cheating, guiles.

Hiylakor : s. Hiylagar.

Hiylakorlik : s. Hiylagarlik.

Hiylakorona : guilefully, cleverly.

Hiylali : tricky, sly.

Hiylasiz : aboveboard, honest, open.

Hmm : s. Himm.

Ho' ho' o' : oh ho ho!

Ho' : yon, that yonder; ho!Ho'kiz zool.ox.

Ho'l : wet; juicy. ~ qil  to moisten; to soak.

Ho'lla  : v.t. To moisten, to make wet. Tomoqni ~  to wet one's throat. [ho'llan ]

Ho'ng ho'ng : s. Ho'ngir ho'ngir.

Ho'ngilla  : s. Ho'ngra .

Ho'ngir ho'ngir : sobbing sounds.

Ho'ngra  : v.i. To sob loudly. [ho'ngrash ]

Ho'p : Up! Jump!

Ho'pla  : v.i. To sip; to use, to consume. [ho'plash ]

Ho'plam : sip.

Ho'ppak 1 : hitting with hands clenched together. ~ ol  to hit with the hands clenched together; to get back at, to get revenge.ho'ppak 2 coll.fluffy, bulging cotton boll.ho'shshay  dial.to pout, to sulk (s. O'shshay ).

Ho'v : yon.

Ho'y : hey!

Ho : hey!; huh?; o hoh!; (children's speech) no.

Hodis : arch. (Arabic) olam ~ suddenly, unexpectedly.

Hodisa : (Arabic) event, occurence, happening.

Hofiz : (Arabic) master singer.

Hofiza : (Arabic) memory.

Hofizlik : abstr. Of hofiz.

Hojat : (Arabic) need, necessity, want; call of nature. ~i ravo bo'l  to have one's need fulfilled. ~ini chiqar /ravo qil  to fill s.o.'s need.

Hojatbaror : provider of one's needs, benefactor.

Hojatbarorlik : abstr. Of hojatbaror.

Hojatmand : needy.

Hojatravo : arch. S. Hojatbaror.

Hojatxona : lavatory, toilet.

Hoji : (Arabic) hajji (pilgrim to Mecca).

Hojib : arch. (Arabic) gatekeeper; chamberlain.

Hojido'ppi : fez.

Hojixona : wayside resting place for pilgrims to Mecca.

Hokazo : (Arabic) and so on, etcetera.

Hokim hist. : (Arabic) governor, ruler; ruling, dominant, master. ~i mutlaq absolute ruler.

Hokimiyat : (Arabic) authority, command, regime, government.

Hokimlik : power, rule; domination. ~ qil  to rule over, to govern; to dominate.

Hokimona : domineering.

Hol : (Arabic) state, condition, circumstances; health, well being; (gram.) Adverbial. ~i tang in straitened circumstances. ~ tuli outward manifestations of inner feelings. Ahli ~ (obs.) Compassionate. Arzi ~ ayla /~iga voy God help...! Aks ~da otherwise. U ~da in that case. ~dan toy  to faint from exhaustion. ~ so'ra  to ask about one's well being. Yotgan ~da while lying down.

Hol(i) baqudrat : to the best of one's ability, as much/well as one can.

Hol ahvol : (Arabic) ~ so'ra  to ask after s.o.'s well being.

Hol baqudrat : s. Hol(i) baqudrat.

Hol jon : ~iga qo'ymay not taking no for an answer, one way or another.

Hol qudrat : (Arabic) s. Hol(i) baqudrat.

Holanki rare : while, whereas (s. Vaholanki).

Holat : (Arabic) state, condition. O'lar ~ state of near death. Boshlang'ich ~ original state. Tinchlik ~i state of peace. Harbiy ~ martial law. Harakat ~i or ~i harakat state of motion. ~dan ket  to become weak, to lose one's health. ~ ravishi adverb of condition??

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