SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Gipnotizm : (Russian) hypnosis. Gipnoz

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Gipnotizm : (Russian) hypnosis.

Gipnoz : (Russian) hypnosis.

Gipnozchi : hypnotist.

Gipnozlash : hypnosis, hypnotizing.

Gipofiz : (Russian) hypophysis.

Giposul"fit : (Russian) hyposulfide.

Gipotenuza : (Russian) hypotenuse.

Gipoteza : (Russian) hypothesis.

Gipotoniya : (Russian) hypotonicity.

Gips : gypsum; plaster of Paris.

Gipsla  : to set in a cast; to fertilize with gypsum.

Gir : boshi ~ aylan  to have one's head spin. ~ aylana/~ aylan  to go around, to circle around; to surround, to encircle. ~ atrof on all sides. ~ ur /tashla  to spin (of a kite).

Gir gir : ~ aylan  to spin around and around. Boshi ~ aylandi to have one's head spin, to be quite dizzy.

Gira tech. : vice (s. Taxtakach, tiski).

Giranda dial. : skilled, talented; hard working.

Gird : arch. Border, edge; surroundings. ~ini ol  to surround, to encircle.

Gird(i)bod : whirlwind, tornado.

Girdak rare : round.

Girdig'um : ~ kelgan stocky, hefty.

Girdikapalak : ~ bo'l  to surround, to flit around (like butterflies), to be like bees on honey.

Girdob : whirlpool, eddy, vortex; whirlwind; environs, surroundings. ~ patnis a large round tray.

Girgitton : My my my! ~ bo'lay Well, i'll be! ~ bo'l  to dote or fuss over, to wait on hand and foot.

Giribon : collar; throat.

Giriftor : ~ bo'l  to come across, to encounter; to be entranced by, to be spellbound, to be caught up in.

Girih : arch. Clenched (teeth); long and narrow (eyes).

Girish : string (on a bow). ~ top  to get along, to be on good terms.

Girra : ~ qil  to choke, to strangle.girvat coll.s. Girdibod.

Girya : crying; name of a folk melody.

Giryon poet. : crying, tearful.

Giryona : ~ bo'l  to cry, to shed tears.

Gistolog : (Russian) histologist.

Gistologik : (Russian) histological.

Gistologiya : (Russian) histology.

Gitara : (Russian) guitar.

Gitarachi : guitar player.

Giyo(h) : plant, herb; drug (opium, marijuana, etc.).

Giyo(h)siz : devoid of vegetation, bare.

Giyo(h)vand : drug addict; habitual drug user.

Gladiator : (Russian) gladiator.

Gladiolis : (Russian) gladiolis.

Glisser : (Russian) speed boat.

Glitserin : (Russian) glycerine.

Globus : (Russian) globe.

Glyukoza : (Russian) glucose.

Gnoseologik : (Russian) gnosiologist.

Gnoseologiya : (Russian) gnosiology.

Go'dak : infant, nursling.

Go'daklik : infancy.

Go'dakona : infantile, childlike.

Go'ja (osh) : a kind of hot cereal, usu. Made from sorghum or wheat.

Go'jaxo'r : lover of go'ja.

Go'l : gullible, na?. ~ qil  to fool; to make look a fool.

Go'lax : the fire stove of a bathhouse; one who stokes this stove. ~dan chiqqan (arch.) Low class person. O'ttiz ikki ~ga o't qo'ygan (derogatory) done anything and everything.

Go'laxi(y) : the fire stoker in a bathhouse.

Go'laxxona : the stove room of a bathhouse.

Go'llik : gullibility; naivete. O'zini ~ka sol  to play the fool.

Go'los : dark brown.

Go'ng : dung, manure.

Go'ngla  : v.t. To fertilize with manure. [go'nglan ]go'ngqarg'a zool.rook.

Go'ngxona : manure pit.

Go'niya (Greek?) : (try ) square.

Go'psangi dial. : a large stone mortar; oaf, brute.go'r yor coll.this and that, household stuff.

Go'r : grave; tomb. ~i amir Tamerlane?S tomb in Samarqand. ~ azobi the agonies of death; punishing, extremely difficult. ~ azobida with great difficulty. ~ kafan qil  to bury with all the customary rites. Ota ~i qozixonami? Is it worth all this trouble? Qay(si) ~ga Which way? Where to? Where in hell? Hammasi baribir ~ To hell with all of ?Em. (o'z) ~iga tort  to lead s.o. Into one?S own pit, to pull s.o. Down with o.s. ~iga g'isht qala  to talk about behind one?S back. Bir oyog'i to'rda, bir oyog'i ~da/ yo'lidan ~i yaqin with one foot in the grave. ~dami/~nimi Not at all! What in hell are you talking about? Qay(si) ~da Where in hell...? ~ga great, fine.  sa ~ga Edi It would be great if..., If it would only...

Go'riston : graveyard.

Go'ristonlik : s. Go'riston.

Go'rkov : gravedigger.

Go'rkovchi : s. Go'rkov.

Go'rso'xta : wretch (lit., ?May you be born in the grave.?).

Go'sfand lit. : sheep. ~ yili s. Qo'y yili.

Go'sha : corner, nook, secluded place.

Go'shanga (Mong.) : white tent erected as nuptial chamber inside a house.

Go'shanishin : obs. Hermit, mystic.

Go'shanishinlik : seclusion, reclusiveness; the life of a hermit.

Go'sht : meat, flesh. Qip qizil ~ nothing but skin and bones; destitute, down and out. Bir birining ~ini ye  to be constantly at each other?S throats. ~ini bir burdadan qil  to beat the living daylights out of. ~ingni yeyman I?Ll eat you alive! I?Ll have you for breakfast! Noma'qul buzoqning ~ini yebsiz You?Ve put your foot in your mouth this time.

Go'shtdor : meaty, fleshy.go'shtgirlik arch.physical education (s. Badan tarbiya).

Go'shtli : meaty; containing meat.

Go'shtqo'ydi : a type of meat somsa.

Go'shtsiz : meatless; skinny.

Go'shtxo'r : meat lover.

Go'sxo'r : na?, gullible person. ~ qil  to dupe.

Go'yanda : singer, songster.

Go'yo(ki) : as if, as though. Bulbuli ~ a fantastic nightingale that sings well and can speak like a man; a gifted speaker.

Go'zal : beautiful. ~ adabiyot fine literature. ~ san'at fine art.

Go'zallash  : v.i. To become beautiful; to improve. [go'zallashtir ]

Go'zallik : beauty.go'zar bot.flowering maple, abutilon.go coll.s. Goh.

Goh : sometimes, at times, from time to time, now?, now?

Goh goh : from time to time, every so often.

Gohi(da) : at times, sometimes.

Goho : s. Gohida.

Gol : (Russian) goal. ~ ur  to hit a goal.

Golland : (Russian) Dutch. ~ pechi large heating stove, usu. Built into the wall of a house.

Gollandka : (Russian) dutch girl.

Golubtsi : (Russian) stuffed cabbage rolls.

Gomgilak : catapult, slingshot.

Gonorar : (Russian) honorarium, payment for published work.

Gorchichnik : (Russian) mustard coated cloth or paper used as a kind of poultice.

Gorchitsa : (Russian) mustard (s. Xantal).

Gorelka : (Russian) burner.

Gorilla zool. : (Russian) gorilla.

Gorizont : (Russian) horizon.

Gorizontal : (Russian) horizontal, level.

Gorizontal" : (Russian) horizontal (line).

Gormon : (Russian) hormone.

Gorn 1 : (Russian) bugle.

Gorn 2 : (Russian) furnace, forge.

Gornchi : bugle player.

Gorodki : (Russian) a game similar to skittles played by throwing a stick at some pins standing in a square.

Gorodovoy : (Russian) Tsarist regular policeman.

Gospital" : (Russian) (military) hospital.

Gotik : (Russian) Gothic.

Gotika : (Russian) Gothic architecture.

Gotoval"nya : (Russian) (set of) drawing utensils.

Gov : big, huge; beast, animal, oaf. ~ kaptar wood pigeon.

Govgum dial. : dusk, twilight.govkurmak bot.cockspur.

Govmichcha : sty (in the eye).

Govmish : dairy cow.govpechak bot.hedge glorybind.

Govron : a large shepherd?S staff.govsagon bot.a type of Russian thistle, saltwort.

Gradus : (Russian) degree.

Gradusnik : (Russian) thermometer.

Graf : (Russian) earl; count.

Grafa : (Russian) column.

Grafik : (Russian) diagram, graph; chart; graphic artist; graphic(al).

Grafika : (Russian) graphic arts.

Grafin : (Russian) decanter, carafe.

Grafinya : (Russian) countess.

Grafit : (Russian) graphite.
Graflik : title of count; county.

Grafolog : (Russian) graphologist.

Grafologiya : (Russian) graphology.

Grajdan : (Russian) citizen. ~lar urushi civil war.

Grajdanlik : citizenship.

Gramm : (Russian) gram.

Grammatik : (Russian) grammatical.

Grammatika : (Russian) grammar.

Grammofon : (Russian) gramophone.

Granata : (Russian) grenade.

Granatomyot : (Russian) grenade launcher.

Granatomyotchi : operator of a grenade launcher.

Granit : (Russian) granite.

Granka : (Russian) galley (proof).

Gravyura : (Russian) engraving, etching, print.

Grechixa bot. : (Russian) buckwheat.

Gregorian kalendar" : Gregorian calendar.

Grek : (Russian) Greek.

Grelka : (Russian) hot water bottle.

Grenada : Grenada.

Grenadyor : (Russian) grenadier.

Greyder : (Russian) grader.

Grif 1 : (Russian) griffin.

Grif 2 : (Russian) stamp.

Grifel" : (Russian) slate pencil.

Grim thea. : (Russian) make up.

Grimchi : make up artist.

Grimxona : make up room.

Gripp : (Russian) influenza.

Grossmeyster : (Russian) chess champion.

Gruppa : (Russian) group.

Gruppaboz : manipulator, one who plays groups or cliques off of one another to his own advantage.

Gruppabozlik : manipulating groups or cliques to one's own advantage.

Gruppachi : s. Gruppaboz.

Gruppala  : to group, classify, organize. [gruppalan , gruppalashtir ]

Gruzin : (Russian) Georgian.

Gruzincha : the Georgian language.

Gruzovik : (Russian) truck, lorry.gruzovoy mashina coll.truck, lorry.

Guam : (Russian) Guam.

Guash" : (Russian) gouache.

Guber coll. : (Russian) s. Gubernator.

Guberna coll. : (Russian) s. Gubernya.

Gubernator : (Russian) governor.

Guberniya : government; province (of Tsarist Russia and early USSR).

Gubir arch. Coll. : (Russian) s. Gubernator.

Gudok : (Russian) siren, whistle; signal.

Gudron : (Russian) tar.

Gudronla  : v.t. To tar. [gudronlan ]

Guftugo' : obs. Talk, gossip; advice.

Gugurt : math(es); matchbox. ~ cho'pi matchstick. ~ chaq  to strike a match.

Gugurtcho'p : matchstick.

Guhar : obs. S. Gavhar.gujum dial. Bot.a type of elm. (s. Bujun).

Gul : flower; rose; (flowered) pattern, design; spot, blemish, scar (from measles, etc.), rash. Qizil ~ red flower, rose. Qora ~ hollyhock flowers. Tuvak ~ potted flower. ~ tashla  to become covered with ice crystals (said of glass); to become covered with spots of mold. O'n ~idan bittasi ham ochilmagan still in the prime of life.

Gul gul : multicolored, cheery, bright. ~ ochil /yon /yashna  to blossom gloriously; to open up, to shine.

Gula 1 : part of a textile factory [remizka]?

Gula 2 : carbon copy, print, tracing. ~ ko'tar /ko'chir  to trace, to copy.

Gulabardor : copyist, scribe.

Gulandom : slender, graceful.

Gulbadan : slender, graceful (like a flower).

Gulbahor : springtime, time of blossoming.

Gulband 1 : hilt, saber guard.

Gulband 2 : flowerstalk.

Gulbarg : petal.

Gulbarra : a type of silken material.

Gulbeor bot. : purslane.

Gulbog' : flower garden; garden, park.

Gulbuta : flower bush (e.g., rose bush).

Gulchambar : wreath, garland.

Gulchehra : s. Gulyuz.

Gulchelak : watering can.

Gulchi : grower or seller of flowers.

Gulchilik : abstr. Of gulchi; floriculture; growing and/or selling of flowers.

Gulchin : the upper heel of a boot or panjara ~ ornate, florid. ~ imzo florid signature.

Gulchinor : name of a card game.

Gulchiroy rare : s. Gulyuz.

Guldasta : bouquet of flowers; minarets on either side of the entrance of a mosque.

Gulday/dek : beautiful like a flower. ~ hunar

Guldon : flower vase.

Guldor : flowered, covered with flowery designs.

Guldur shaldir : thundering and crashing noises.guldur ono.rumbling noise (of thunder, etc.).

Guldura  : v.i. To rumble. [guldurat , guldurash ]guldurak dial.thunder.gulduros ono.thundering, rumbling.

Gulfurush : flower vender.

Gulg'uncha : flower bud.gulgay dial. Arch.arch (of foot).

Gulgun : red, vermilion, reddish; pink; flower like, beautiful.gulhamishabahor bot.marigold.

Guliston poet. : land of flowers, blossoming or flourishing land. Olam ~ ?And everything will be peachy keen, hunky dory, etc.gulkaram bot.flowering cabbage.

Gulko'rpa : a type of embroidered wall hanging.

Gulkor : engraver of decorations in alabaster (naqsh).gulkosa bot.calix (of a flower).

Gulla  1 : v.i. To flower; to blossom or flourish. [gullat ]

Gulla  2 : v.i. To become covered with mold or spots. Og'zidan ~  to let the cat out of the bag, to let out secrets. Qo'li(ng)dan ~gur May your/his arms be broken. [gullat ]

Gullat  : v.t. Caus. Of gulla ; to make prosper.

Gulli : having or containing flowers; covered with a spotted or floral pattern; covered with spots (of mold, etc.).

Gulmohi zool. : trout.

Gulmoy coll. : s. Gulmohi.

Gulnor bot. : pomegranate flower; anything of this (reddish brown) color.

Gulob : rosewater; a drink made of rosewater; wine.

Gulobchi : maker or seller of rosewater.

Gulobi : rose colored, pink.

Gulqand : candied conserve of roses.

Gulqaychi : gardening shears.

Gulqog'oz : flowered wallpaper.gulqoqi bot.dandelion.

Gulra"no bot. : yellow dogrose.

Gulro' poet. : s. Gulyuz.

Gulruxsor poet. : s. Gulyuz.gulsapsar bot.German iris.

Gulshan : flower garden; flourishing place.

Gultoj : corolla.

Gultojbarg : petal.gultojixo'roz bot.cock's comb.guluta dial.s. Gulvata.

Guluzor : s. Gulyuz.

Gulxan : bonfire.

Gulxanchi : one who lights a bonfire and warms himself around it.

Gulxayri bot. : mallow, hollyhock.

Gulxona : flowerbed; greenhouse.

Gulyor rare : belle, beauty; a song sung to one?S beloved.

Gulyuz : flower faced, beautiful.

Gulzor : flowerbed, flower garden.

Gum 1 : hole, pit; deep.

Gum 2 : ~ bo'l  to disappear. ~ qil  to make off with without a trace; to get rid of, to dispose of.gum gum ono.boom boom!, kaboom! Ko'nglim ~ ketyapti My heart is pounding.

Gumanist : (Russian) humanist.
Gumanistik : (Russian) humanistic.

Gumanistlik : humanism; humaneness.

Gumanitar : (Russian) humanitarian.

Gumanizm : (Russian) humanism.

Gumashta hist. : commercial agent; henchman.

Gumbaz : dome, cupola; stout, portly, obese (person).

Gumbazday/dek : big or round like a dome.

Gumbazsimon : dome shaped.gumbur ono.loud booming noise; strong, sturdy. Ish ~ business is booming.

Gumburla  ono. : v.i. To boom, rumble, or roar. [gumburlat ]

Gumburlama : booming, thundering.

Gumdon : ~ bo'l  to disappear. ~ bo'lgur! Be lost! ~ qil  to get rid of, to do away with.

Gumon : doubt, suspicion. ~ qil  to doubt or suspect. ~ olmoshi indefinite modifier (e.g., ~ fe'li aorist verb (e.g., qilar).

Gumona coll. : fetus.

Gumondor : having suspicions, suspecting, doubtful.

Gumondorlik : suspiciousness.

Gumonlan  : v.i. To suspect or doubt.

Gumonsira  : v.i. To have suspicions, to begin to have doubts about.

Gumroh lit. : stray, deviant; seduced, led astray, lost. ~ bo'l  to be led astray, to get o.s. Lost.

Gumrohlik : error, straying, deviance.

Gumron rare : s. Gumdon.

Gumruk : customs, duty.

Gumrukxona : customhouse.

Gumur  dial. : v.i. To pound or race (heart). Ko'nglim ~ib ketyapti My heart is pounding.

Gunafsha bot. : s. Binafsha.

Gung : dumb; deaf and dumb.

Gungalak : s. Gung.

Gungur gungur : s. Gangur gungur.gungursday/dek coll.strapping, hulking, big, husky.

Gungurt : dark (brown); dull, dim.

Gunoh : sin, misdeed, transgression. ~idan o't /~ini kechir  to forgive. ~ga bot  to be steeped in sin. ~ni yuv  to expiate of one's transgressions. ~ ish sinful or wrongful act.

Gunohkor : guilty, at fault. ~ qil  to incriminate.

Gunohli : guilty; sinner.

Gunohsiz : blameless, innocent, sinless.

Gunohsizlik : innocence.gup ono.popping or banging noise, bam!, boom!, bong! ~ Etib making a banging or popping noise; suddenly, forcefully, with a bang.

Gupchak : hub (of a wagon wheel).

Gupchakday : round, fat. ~day shish  to swell up like a ball.

Gupilla  ono. : v.i. To rattle, bong, bang; to hit one?S nose (scent). [gupillat ]guppa adv.~ yiqil  to fall with a crash. ~ uch  to fall flat.

Guppi : a thick quilted coat.

Gupsar : arch. An animal skin filled with air and used to ford rivers.

Gupur  : v.i. To foam; to roil or boil.gur ono.whirring, whooshing, or bustling noise.

Guras guras : in swarms, in droves.

Gurilla  : v.i. To blaze, to rush, to swoosh, to roar (fire); to blossom, to bloom, to explode in blossoms. [gurillat ]gurji coll. Arch.s. Gruzin.

Gurkira  : v.i. To bloom, flourish, or thrive. [gurkirat ]

Gurpaklash  : v.i. To romp, to frolic, to tumble about.

Gurra : s. Gur.gurs ono.clanking or banging noise.

Gursilla  ono. : v.i. To clank or bang. [gursillat ]gursketdi bot.a type of easily cut melon.

Guru(n)ch : (husked, uncooked) rice.

Guruh : group; gang, pack. Qora ~lar reactionary, ill intentioned groups.

Guruhboz : s. Gruppaboz.

Guruhbozlik : s. Gruppabozlik.

Guruhla  : v.t. S. Gruppala .

Gurung : animated discussion; discussion circle; a type of regular gathering between friends (s. Chig'atoy ~i an intellectual circle active in the early 1900?S concerned with language and literature issues.

Gurunglash  : v.i. To have a friendly discussion, to chat.

Gurvak bot. : a type of early ripening melon.

Gurzi : mace; sledgehammer.

Gusenitsa : (Russian) caterpillar tread.

Gushna : strong, tough, great.

Gustox lit. : insolent, impudent, shameless.

Gustoxlik : insolence, impudence.

Gusur gusur : s. Gurs.

Gutalin : (Russian) boot oil.

Guttapercha : (Russian) guttapercha.guv ono.whooshing or whooming sound.

Guvala : ball of dried mud used as building material. ~ bosh oblong head; having an oblong head.guvalak dial.s. Guvala.
Guvilla  : v.i. To make a whooshing or roaring sound. [guvillat , guvillash ]

Guvoh : witness; proof. Yolg'on ~ false witness. ~ qil  to use as a witness.

Guvohlantir  : v.t. To testify, to attest to; to call forth a witness. [guvohlantiril ]

Guvohlik : abstr. Of ~ka tort  to use as a witness. ~ qil  to bear or serve as a witness.

Guvohnoma : official paper, certificate, identification card.

Guvran  : v.i. To gurgle or babble (baby).

Guzar : local business and shopping district, usu. Located at a crossroads; lane; district, quarter (Bukhara).

Guzargoh : shopping district; quarter.

Gvardiya : (Russian) guard(s). Yosh ~ communist Youth Guard. Keksa ~ a kind of hall of fame for notable figures in a trade or profession. Qizil ~ the Red Army, Red Guard. Oq ~ the White Army.

Gvardiyachi : member of a guard (s. Gvardiya).

Ha a : uh huh; ah!, aha!.

Ha ha : hey hey!; uh huh.

Ha hu : ~ deguncha in a jiffy.

Ha : yeah, uh huh, yes, right; hah!, ho!; huh?; hmm, hey. ~ deb over and over, again and again, incessantly. ~ deganda right away. ~ demay in a short while, in no time at all.

Hab : (Arabic) pill (s. Tabletka).habada dial.s. Habata.

Habash : (Arabic) Abyssinian; negro.

Habashbashara : negroid.

Habashiston geo. : Abyssinia.

Habata : (Arabic) wasted. ~ qil  to waste.habba arch.yeah, right.

Habib : (Arabic) friend; lover, beloved.

Habs : (Arabic) s. Hibs.

Had 3pp haddi : (Arabic) border; limit, bound. ~dim sig'maydi It's beyond me. ~im sig'adi It's within my means., I am able. ~ddan tashqari excessive, extreme. Nima ~ding bor? What right do you have? ~ddan osh  to go too far, to exceed the bounds.

Had hisobsiz : s. Hadsiz hisobsiz.

Had : (math.) Term. Ko'p ~ multinominal. Bir ~ monominal.

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