SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Dori  : to come around, to show one's face; to come up to; to visit; to be spread; to head or set out towards. [dorit ] Dori darmon

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Dori  : to come around, to show one's face; to come up to; to visit; to be spread; to head or set out towards. [dorit ]

Dori darmon : drugs, medicines, medicaments.

Dorigar : druggist, chemist.

Dorila  : to spray w/ pesticides. [dorilan , dorilat ]

Dorilamon : (Arabic) land of peace.

Dorilaxloq : (Arabic) reformatory.

Dorilbaqo : (Arabic) the everlasting abode, Paradise.

Dorilfano : arch. (Arabic) the perishable abode, this world.

Dorilfunun : (Arabic) university (s. Universitet).

Dorilharb : (Arabic) the country of the enemy, i.e., the lands of the infidels.

Dorilmuallimin : arch. (Arabic) teachers' college.

Dorilxalofat : arch. (Arabic) capital city.

Dorissaltana(t) : (Arabic) the sultan's capital or palace.

Dorissulton : (Arabic) embassy.

Dorivor : curative, medicinal; spice; chemical agent.

Dorixona : druggist's shop, pharamacy.

Doroyi 1 : a kind of silk stuff.

Doroyi 2 : a type of grape.

Dorpech : a decorated cover for clothes hung on a dor.

Doru : obs. S. Dori.

Dorug'a hist. (Mong.) : city magistrate.dorug'ona hist.tax or levy collected by the darug'a.

Dosh 1 rare : s. ~da qaynagan well experienced, hardened.

Dosh 2 : ~ ber /keltir  to stand tough, withstand.

Doshqozon : a type of large cauldron; common property.

Doska : (Russian) blackboard.

Doston : epic, epic poem; story, adventure. ~ bo'l  to become legendary.

Dostonchi : singer of epic songs (s. Baxshi).

Dostonchilik : abstr. Of dostonchi; singing of epic songs.

Dotatsiya : (Russian) government grant, subsidy.

Dotsent : lecturer, instructor (academic rank).

Dotsentlik : post of lecturer. ~ vazifasi lecturer position or duties.

Dov 1 : big, strapping; bold, brave. Yuragi ~ bermadi to not dare, to not have the nerve.

Dov 2 : (Arabic) claim, suit. ~ qil  to lay claim against, to take to court.

Dov 3 : bet, stake. ~ ket  to stake one's all.

Dov darak : s. Dom darak.dov daraxt coll.all kinds of trees.

Dov dastak : s. Dov dastgoh.dov dastgoh coll.stores and shops. ~ni yig'ishtir /ko'tar  to pack up everything and leave, to clear out.

Dovdir : eccentric, spacy. ~ gap nutty, crazy speech, nonsense.

Dovdira  : to be disoriented, dizzy; to babble, to speak nonsense; to lose one's head. [dovdirat ]dovla  coll.to make a claim, to sue. [dovlash ]dovol dial.s. Devor.

Dovon 1 : mtn. Pass; feat; trial.

Dovon 2 : wooden spool used on a traditional loom.dovot arch.inkwell (s. Siyohdon).

Dovruq : fame; rumor.

Dovruqli : famous.dovuchcha dial.unripe apricot (s. G'o'ra).

Dovul 1 : fierce storm, tempest.dovul 2 arch.a large two sided drum. ~ qoq /chal  to play such a drum; to make a lot of noise.

Dovulchi : drummer.

Dovur : until.dovush coll. Dial.noise; voice (s. Tovush).

Dovyurak : fearless, bold.

Dovyuraklik : fearlessness.

Doxil : (Arabic) ~ bo'l  (arch.) To go in, to enter; to be included (in), to be a part of.doxiliy obs.inner, internal (s. Ichki).

Doya : midwife; nanny.

Doyacha : young midwife.

Doyachi : midwife.

Doyachilik : midwifery.

Doyalik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to serve as a midwife; to deliver (child).doyi dial.maternal uncle.

Doza : (Russian) dose, dosage.

Dozala  : to measure out a dose.

Dozator : (Russian) measuring hopper.

Dozor : (Russian) patrol.

Drama : (Russian) drama.

Dramalashtir  : to dramaticize.

Dramatik : (Russian) dramatical.

Dramatizm : (Russian) dramatism.

Dramaturg : (Russian) playwright, dramatist.

Dramaturgiya : (Russian) playwrighting.

Drap : (Russian) heavy woolen material for coats, etc.

Draxma : (Russian) drachma.

Drenaj : (Russian) drainage.

Drenajla  : v.t. To drain.

Drezina : (Russian) trolley, hand car.

Drojji : (Russian) yeast (s. Achitqi, turush, xamirturush).

Drujina : (Russian) brigade.

Drujinachi : brigade member.

Dualism : dub durust coll.very true, right on.

Dualist : (Russian) dualist.

Dualistik : dualistic.

Dualizm : (Russian) dualism.

Dub bot. : (Russian) oak.

Dubb : (Arabic) ~i Akbar the Great Bear (s. Etti qaroqchi).

Dublikat : carbon copy.

Dublyaj : dubbing. ~ qilingan dubbed.

Dublyor : (Russian) understudy, double.dubulg'a hist. Mil.helmet.

Duch : ~ kel /~ kelgan odam anyone you meet, just anybody. ~ kelgan joyda just anywhere. ~ qil  to put or have meet face to face. ~ keltir  to bring together.

Duchma duch : ~ kel  to come face to face with.

Duchor : ~ bo'l  to encounter, to run into; to confront, to be plagued by.

Dud 1 : smoke, fumes. ~ sol  to fumigate, to burn s.t. To drive away insects.dud 2 ono.tooting noise.

Duda : a type of loosely woven white cotton fabric.

Duda  : v.i. To smoke.

Dudama : double edged blade, knife.

Dudburon : chimney.

Dudla  : v.t. To smoke, to cure by smoking; to fumigate. [dudlan , dudlat ]

Dudmol : ambiguous, dubious, uncertain.

Dudmollik : dubiousness, ambiguousness.dudoq lit.lip; mouth; tongue.

Dudula  : to toot.

Duduq : stutterer, lisper. ~ bo'lib qol  to be left tongue tied.

Duduqlan  : to stutter; to speak with a lisp.

Duduqlik : abstr. Of duduq; stammer, stutter.

Dudxona : smokehouse.

Duel" : duel.

Duet : duet.dug coll.s. Duk 1.dugchi coll.s. Dukchi.

Dugoh : the third type of shoshmaqom.

Dugona : friend (between women), partner.

Duk 1 : spool, bobbin, spindle.duk 2 ono.rapping, banging, tapping, thumping noise.

Dukchi : spindle maker.

Dukchilik : spindle making; the spindle makers' section of the bazaar.

Dukilla  : to rap, bang, tap, etc.; to thump (heart).

Dukkak : pod (s. Qo'choq).

Dukkakla  : v.i. To produce pods.

Dukkakli : podded, having pods.

Dukkipeshana : (having a) high forehead.

Duksimon : spindle shaped.dukur ono.clopping noise.dukurla  ono.to clop, to thump.

Dukurma pilla : a double cocoon (silkworm); windfall, blessing.

Duldul : (Arabic) the flying horse (according to C. Asian legend) given to Ali by Muhammad [Duldul was actually a mule].dum dumaloq coll.s. Dum dumaloq.

Dum : tail; stem; debt; test not yet taken. ~ini xoda qilib to raise one's up in the air; (to run away) with the tail between the legs. ~i yulingan musichaday/~i xurjun(da) niether here nor there, shaky, unreliable. ~i tugildi to be fired. ~ini bos  to step on s.o.'s tail. ~ini tug  to fire. ~ini tutqazmaslik/ushlatmaslik to be elusive, slippery.

Duma hist. : (Russian) duma.dumala  coll.s. Yumala . [dumalat , dumalash ]dumaloq coll.round (s. ~ qurt nematode.dumaloqla  coll.s. Yumaloqla .

Dumaloqlik : roundness.dumaxona hist.duma (building).

Dumba : large fatty tail on sheep; buttocks.

Dumba jigar : a dish made from liver and the tail fat of a sheep.

Dumbador : having a large fatty tail.

Dumbali : having a fatty tail; containing fat from the tail of a sheep.

Dumbaloq : ~ osh  to somersault (s. Umbaloq osh ).

Dumbul : sweet, but not yet ripe; still soft (grain); soft in the head; naive, gullible.

Dumcha : dim. Of dum; stem, stipule.dumcha dial.small handleless jug.

Dumchilik : unprincipled imitation [xvostizm]??.

Dumdor : having a tail; vague, indefinite (speech).

Dumg'aza : tailbone, coccyx; the meat attached to this bone on a sheep.

Dumli : (large or fat ) tailed. ~ yulduz comet.

Dumsiz : tailless.

Dunyo 1 : (Arabic) the world, universe; life, the material world. Besh kunlik ~ this passing world. ~yi qo'tir, qo'tir ~ this imperfect world, this world of good and bad. Ikki ~/u ~  bu ~ this world and the next; no way, never. Narigi ~ the next world. ~ yuzuni ko'r  to come into this world, to be born. ~dan o't  to pass from this world, to pass away. Bir ~ a whole lot, tons of. ~ ko'rgan wordly wise. ~ga ustun bo'larmiding You can't live forever. ~ turguncha turing/ikki ~da never, no way, out of the question. ~ni suv bossa, to'pig'idan kelmaydi/~ni tanigan, ~dan xabardor experinced, knowledgable of the ways of the world.

Dunyo 2 : (Arabic) material wealth. ~ yig' /~ga beril  to become obsessed with material possessions.

Dunyo dunyo : tons and tons, lots and lots.

Dunyodor : wealthy.

Dunyolarcha : innumerable amount, lots and lots.

Dunyoparast : materialist, worldly minded.

Dunyoqarash : worldview.

Dunyoviy : (Arabic) worldly. ~ ilmlar secular studies.

Dunyoxo'r : exploiter, extortioner.

Duo : (Arabic) prayer, supplication; verses from the Koran used to ward off evil spirits, etc. ~yi bad, bad ~ curse, evil spell. ~yi xayr prayer of well wishing. ~yi jon prayer for long life and happiness. ~yi salom letter of well wishing. ~ de /~ ketgan/~ qil  to make a prayer.

Duogo'y : one who prays, supplicator; well wisher.

Duogo'ylik : recitation of prayers, invocation of blessing; blessing, benediction.

Duoxon : one who offers prayers; one who recites or writes prayers, verses from the Koran, etc. To drive away evil spirits and cure illnesses (s. Issiq sovuqchi, azayimxon).

Duoxonlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to make a profession of reciting prayers to cure the sick.dup ono.thudding or thumping sound.

Dupoya : anvil like stand used by shoe menders.

Duppa durust : quite decent, proper, etc.dupur ono.clopping, thumping noise.

Dupurla  : to clop (horses' hooves); to thump (heart).

Dur : (Arabic) pearl, jewel; best.

Dur daroz, duru daroz : long, drawn out.

Duradgor : carpenter.duradgorchilik coll.s. Duradgorlik.

Duradgorlik : carpentry. ~ qil  to work as a carpenter.

Durafshon poet. : sparkling like a pearl.

Duragay : cross breed, mixed breed.

Duragayla  : v.t. To cross breed. [duragaylan ]

Duralyumin : (Russian) duralumin.

Durang 1 : tied (game).

Durang 2 : flowered design sewn on the seam of a boot or mahsi.duraya coll.s. Duro'ya.

Durbin : binoculars; looking glass.

Durda : layer of crystallization on the top of jams, preserves, etc.; sediment, dregs. ~ bog'la  to become covered with this layer.

Durday/dek : pearl like, pearly.

Durdona : large gem or pearl; select, choice; priceless, meaningful (words).

Durfishon : s. Durafshon.

Durkun : round, plump, big.

Duro'ya : a type of silken material with both sides woven identically.

Durra(cha) : small kerchief worn by women.

Durri gavhar/javohir/marjon : s. Dur 1.

Durug' : obs. Lie. ~ ayt  to tell a lie.

Durust : upright, decent, proper, straight; Good., Fine. ~gina so fine, quite fine.

Durustla  : v.t. To put right; to do s.t. Properly. [durustlan , durustlash ]

Durustlash  : v.i. (coop. Of durustla ); to improve, to straighten out.

Durustlik : decency, properness.

Dush : (Russian) shower. ~ga tush /qabul qil  to take a shower.

Dushanba : (~ kuni) Monday.

Dushman : enemy.

Dushmanchilik : hostility, opposition; enmity.

Dushmanlash  : to become enemies.

Dushmanlik : (abstr. Of ~ qil  to be an enemy, to be opposed to; to act hostilely towards.

Dushvor : hard, difficult.

Dushvorlik : difficulty.

Dushxona : shower (room, house).

Duto poet. : bent, stooped.

Dutor : a two stringed musical instrument with a long neck.

Dutorbo'yin : long necked (e.g. Horse).

Dutorchi : dutor player; dutor maker.

Duv duv : s. Duv.

Duv : (~ gap a fast spreading rumor, on everybody's lips.

Duvarak : fruit from a year's second harvest; stout, stumpy; runt.duvdoq coll.s. Tuvadoq.

Duvullab : in a rush, all at once.

Duvur : fight, melee.duvva dial.s. Duv.

Duxoba : velvet.

Duxovka : (Russian) oven.

Duxovoy orkestr : (Russian) brass band.duzd arch.thief.

Dvigatel" : (Russian) engine, motor.

Dvijok : (Russian) electric generator.

Dvoryan : (Russian) nobleman.

Dyujina : (Russian) dozen.

Dyuralyuminiy : (Russian) duralumin.

Dyuym : (Russian) inch.

Dyuymlik : inch (length).

E 1 : ah, oh; hey. Rahmat e Thanks so much.; Very good!

E 2 : s. Ey 2.

E'lon : (Arabic) notice, announcement. ~ qil  to announce, to proclaim.

E'lonnoma : announcement, posting.

E'tibor : (Arabic) attention, notice, regard; influence, effect, prestige. ~ga ol  to notice, to consider; to accept. ~dan qol /~ qozon /~i bilan with regard to, concerning.

E'tiboran : (Arabic) (+dan) from, starting from.

E'tiborli : influential, esteemed.

E'tiborsiz : not influential, not held in esteem, inconsequential.

E'tidol : arch. (Arabic) evenness, uniformity.

E'timod : (Arabic) confidence, trust; faith.

E'timodli : trustworthy, worthy of confidence.e'timodnoma arch. Dial.credentials.

E'tiqod : (Arabic) conviction, belief.

E'tiqodli : firm in belief, faithful; (rare) trusty.

E'tirof : (Arabic) confession, acknowledgement, avowal. ~ qil /et  to acknowledge, to admit.

E'tiroz : (Arabic) objection, disapproval. ~ bildir  to voice one's disapproval.

E'tirozlan  rare : v.i. S. E'tiroz bildir .

E'tirozsiz : w/ no objection, unprotested.

E'zoz : (Arabic) respect, honor. ~ qil /ko'rsat  to treat with honor, respect.

E'zoz ikrom : (Arabic) honor and respect.

E'zozla  : v.t. To treat with respect, to honor. [e'zozlan ]

E'zozli : honorable, esteemed.

: v.i. (past only) to be.echkemar zool.monitor lizard(
Echkichi : goatherd.

Echkichilik : goat breeding.

Echkiemar : s. Echkimar.echkiichak bot.small goat's horn.

Echkisoqol : s. Echki soqol.

Efemer : (Russian) ephemeral. ~ o'tlar ephemeral grasses.

Effekt : (Russian) effect.

Effektiv : (Russian) effective, efficacious.

Effektivlik : effectiveness.

Effektli : effective.

Effuziv : (Russian) (geol.) Effusive??

Effuziya : (Russian) (geol.) Effusion??

Efir : (Russian) ether; air. ~ga chiq  to be on the air.

Efirli : ~ o'simliklar volatile oil bearing plants.

Eg  : v.t. To bend, to lower; to bow, to stoop; to take in hand, to break in. Bosh ~  to bow the head, to bow down. [egdir , egil ]

Ega : owner, master; subject. ~si yo'q It doesn't belong to anyone. It ~sini tanimaydi Nobody recognizes anyone.; everyone does their own thing. ~ bo'l  to own, to have; to reach, to gain. ~ chiq  to claim unrightful ownership. Jon ~si living being. O'likning ~si relative of a deceased person. ~m My Lord. ~si noma'lum gap sentence with indefinite subject. ~li owned, belonging to s.o. ~ gap sentence with definite subject.

Egachi singil : (older and younger) sisters.

Egachi : older sister (s. Opa).

Egachilik : ~ qil  to serve as an older sister.

Egalik : ownership, possession; owned, belonging to s.o. ~ qo'shimchalari possessive endings.

Egalla  : v.t. To take possession of, to take over; to master. [egallan , egallash ]

Egar jabduq : harness, gear.

Egar : saddle. ~dan tush  to fall from the saddle; to come down from one's high horse. ~ qosh arched eyebrows; s.o. With such eyebrows. ~ ur  to saddle, to put a saddle on.

Egarchi : saddler.

Egarchilik : saddle making.

Egarla  : v.t. To saddle. ~gan otday ready to go, chomping at the bit. [egarlan , egarlat , egarlattir ]

Egarlog'liq : saddled.

Egarqosh : s. Egar qosh.

Egarsimon : saddle shaped.

Egasiz : unowned, ownerless, vacant. ~ qolgur! Blasted, damn (animal). ~ gap sentence w/o a subject. ~ mulk unowned property.

Egasizlantir  : v.t. To remove from individual ownership. [egasizlantiril ]

Egasizlik : lack of an owner; lack of personal responsibility.

Egat : furrow. ~ och  to furrow.egey dengizi geo.the Aegean Sea.

Egik : bent, bowed; crooked place, bend.

Egil  : v.i. Pass. Of eg ; to put one's back into, to set to work; to bow one's head. [egilish , egiltir ]

Egilik : good, goodness, virtue; good work(s).

Egilma : bent, bowed, curved.

Egiluvchi : flexible.

Egin 3pp. Egni : shoulders, upper back; clothing, outfit.

Egin bosh : clothing, attire.

Egiz(ak) : twins (triplets, etc.). ~ kasb twinned, intertwined professions. ~ tug'  to give birth to twins.

Egma : bent, curved.

Egoist : (Russian) egoist, egotistical person.

Egoistik : (Russian) egotistical.

Egoistlik : egotistical behavior; egoism.

Egoizm : (Russian) egoism.

Egov : file; nagging person.

Egovla  : v.t. To file; to wear down. [egovlan , egovlat ]

Egovlan  : v.i. Pass. Of egovla ; to be smoothed out or sharpened.

Egri bugri : crooked, twisting, winding.

Egri : crooked; awry, askew; indirect. Qo'li ~ crooked, corrupt. ~ dalillar indirect evidence.

Egrilik : crookedness. Gapni ~ka ol /bur  to distort s.o.'s words.

Eh : Oh!

Eha : Uh huh!, Hmm!

Ehe : s. Eha.

Ehha : s. Eha.

Ehhe : s. Eha.

Ehityotkor : careful, cautious.

Ehrom : arch. (Arabic) pyramid.

Ehson : (Arabic) good work(s) or deed(s); banquet, food, or alms given as charity; present, gift. Tabiat ~i gift of nature. ~ qil  to do a good or charitable deed; to sacrifice an animal, hold a banquet, or donate other gifts as religious charity.

Ehsonli : always ready to give charitably, doer of good deeds; pious; generous.

Ehtido : (Arabic) following the right path, unerringness.

Ehtimol : (Arabic) possibility; speculation; possible; perhaps, possibly. Uning kelishi ~ He may come. Har ~ga qarshi just in case. ~dan uzoq emas not out of the realm of possibility.

Ehtimolki : perhaps, possibly.

Ehtirom : (Arabic) reverence, respect. Kamoli ~ va salom bilan with the utmost respect (and greetings). ~ bilan yours respectfully.

Ehtiromli : venerable, revered, respected.

Ehtiros : (Arabic) passion, ambition, greed. ~ bilan with passion or fervor.

Ehtirosli : impassioned, passionate.

Ehtirossiz : dispassionate.

Ehtiyoj : (Arabic) need, necessity. ~ga qarab according to need. ~i yo'q has no need for.

Ehtiyot : (Arabic) caution, prudence. ~ bo'l /~ klapani safety valve. ~ qil  to be careful with; to be sparing with. ~ fondi security fund. Mashinaning ~ qismlari car safety equipment.

Ehtiyotchan rare : s. Ehtiyotkor.

Ehtiyotkorona : carefully, cautiously.

Ehtiyotla  rare : v.t. S. Ehtiyot qil . [ehtiyotlan ]

Ehtiyotlik : precaution, care.

Ehtiyotsiz : heedless, imprudent.

Ehtiyotsizlik : carelessness, lack of caution, heedlessness.

Ehzon : (Arabic) kulbai ~ house of woe.

Ejikila  : v.i. To do thoroughly, in every detail. ~b so'ra  to ask in great detail, to ask in an interrogatory manner.

Ek  : v.t. To sow, to plant. [ekdir , ekil , ekish , ektir ]

Ekan : past part. Of kecha kelsam yo'q ~siz When I came yesterday, you ("apparently") weren't in. Bor ~ This is some., There it is. U charchamas ~ He doesn't ("seem to") get tired.; ("they say") He doesn't get tired.

Ekin tikin : all kinds of crops.

Ekin : crop. ~ maydoni (agricultural) field. Qora ekinlar vine crops (i.e., melons and cucumbers).ekinchi arch.sower, farmer.ekinchilik arch.farming, crop growing.

Ekinli : planted, sown.

Ekinzor : farm field, plantation.

Ekinzorlik : s. Ekinzor.

Ekipaj 1 : (Russian) crew.

Ekipaj 2 : (Russian) (horse drawn) carriage.

Eklektik : (Russian) eclectic.

Eklektiklik : s. Eklektizm.

Eklektizm : (Russian) eclecticism.

Ekliptika : (Russian) ecliptic.

Ekonom : ~ qil  to use economically, to economize on.

Ekonomika : (Russian) economy (s. Iqtisod).

Ekonomist : (Russian) economist.

Ekonomiya : (Russian) economy, savings.

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