South Park Surgery ppg meeting Minutes 18/04/2016 Actions

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South Park Surgery

PPG Meeting Minutes



Present: 3 members of the PPG (MP, SM, IJ), Katie Taylor, Carol Rowley (lead for patient participation – CCG)

Apologies: 1 member of the PPG (RF)

Minutes approved from last meeting

Listening Events

Carol Rowley advised meeting that the CCG has planned two Listening Events to discuss the future of the practice. The events are going to be held at Reigate Baptist Church, at lunchtime and the other early evening, to discuss with patients their ideas and views on how they wish the Surgery to operate after March 2017 when the contract with IMH ends. Carol explained that the meeting would be a relaxed forum with ideas being floated/shaped allowing as many patients as possible to express their views. Carol expressed that the CCG has not made any decisions concerning the future of the Practice at present.

IJ agreed that 2 forums would be beneficial to reach out to as many patients as possible. It was agreed that the PPG should be present at both forums to promote the PPG.

Improving patient participation

Long discussion around how to get more patients engaged with the PPG. IJ suggested a letter to patients asking for their views and experiences at the Surgery. Holding more frequent meetings was put forward – SM felt that patients would not have the time to attend these. It was agreed to promote the PPG at the Listening Events to try to attract more members. SM suggested that previous meeting minutes should be displayed and comments from patient’s encouraged. Katie agreed to a PPG Notice Board in Reception for the PPG to display information, open letters encouraging comments and minutes. This will involve input from the PPG and the Surgery.

Katie to arrange notice board/PPG

PPG Terms of Reference

Long discussion on the role of the PPG and how to improve communications between members. Katie asked Carol for guidance on how the PPG should operate as it was felt that the group were struggling to decide what would be achievable as a group. It was agreed that the group should meet to agree Terms of Reference, to agree simple and clear objectives. Carol suggested two main aims for the group, firstly to support the Practice with its day to day operation, secondly to be a collective voice to the CCG. Once agreed by the group the Terms of Reference will be submitted to the Practice Manager. Carol advised group to avoid involving own personal problems.

Carol explained to group that it is important for PPG to understand their role for their goals to be achieved. The ultimate goal is to express patient view and improve patient experience. The meeting agreed.

The group agreed to meet on Wednesday 27 April at the Surgery to draft Terms of Reference. Katie agreed that the group could use a room at the surgery. MP agreed to bring along all relevant paperwork to discuss with other members.

IJ requested to see examples of other group’s Terms of Reference. Carol agreed to email examples to the group.

The meeting agreed that once the Terms of Reference have been consolidated, agendas with broad areas for discussion and an Action Plan could be formulated by the group. Katie proposed that ‘Areas of Concern’ could form the basis of the Action Plan.


Carol Rowley


MP asked Katie if the Surgery had been inspected by CQC. Katie advised that there has been no inspection as of yet. Inspections are being carried out in the area at present and all local surgeries will be inspected by the end of August 2016. Carol added that it was good news that the Surgery had not been inspected to date as this implies that the Surgery is not a priority case. Carol explained to the meeting that the PPG’s role would be to relay patient concerns and experiences.

MP asked Katie to clarify the IMH’s role. Katie confirmed that IMH took over Malling Health in April 2015. Malling Health presently operate the contracts but HR/Payroll/Accounts are managed by IMH who are located in Manchester.

SM advised that there had been an enquiry from another patient to join the PPG. This patient works full time. Katie asked group to discuss at their planned meeting on 27 April how to accommodate this patient to enable him to attend meetings. Katie requested that group feed back their thoughts.


Next meeting date to be agreed on 27 April.


Download 16.62 Kb.

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