South australian endurance riders association inc

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Tuesday 22nd January 2013 @ 7pm

Mount Pleasant Hospital Board Room

1 PRESENT: Melanie Scott, Bob Masters, Julie White, Deb Sheldon, Wendy Grundy, Tony Van Eck, Jodie Luck

Apologies: Kirsty Cordon, Emma Kirby.

2 CONFIRM MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 26th November 2012 : One amendment- Venue at which this meeting was held being Adelaide Hills Council Chambers, Woodside.

Proposed: Bob. 2nd: Julie. Approved.



Mil Lel Starter-9th 10th March

Van Eck Family have submitted a ride application and budget for a ride at Antola. Proposed date 18th /19th of May. Proposed for acceptance Julie. 2nd Bob. Approved. This ride will be added to the Ride Calendar.

Shirley and Steve Ellis’ Easter Bunny Ride on 29th-1st April will offer 2 days of rides.

Deb Sheldon reported that she was unable to offer a ride at Moppa Springs on the 27th/ 28th of April this year now but hoping to offer this ride in 2014. ? Denis and Val Sugars might consider offering a ride on this date.

Other potential proposed rides but WITHOUT applications as yet include:

Jess Aistrope-Tarlee. Date TBA

Denis and Val Sugars- Naracoorte. Date:? 27th 28th April

Stella Harbison- Yunta 1 ? 2 rides Date: ? June long weekend

Jess Shillabeer-Towitta Date: mid June/July

Colin Brown-Sandy Creek. Date: 3/4th August

Karren Laudenbach- Meningie/Coorong . Date ? September

Tania Drever- Mount Crawford Forest Rides 1?2 Dates- not proposed.

There are no ride applications to run the SA State Championships

Julie suggested that ALL SA rides are run and importantly advertised as ‘Come and Try Endurance” options with 5/10km length social rides, possibly run on the Saturday with the view of encouraging new riders.


    1. IN: Christmas Card from ACRM

: Letter from Hon Russell Wortley MLC (Government of SA) regarding new WH&S regulations

:Copy of WAERAs newsletter from Joanne Smith WAERA Newsletter Editor

:Email from Jane Bartlett regarding an online Member Protection Information Officer Course

    1. OUT:- VERA – Dual Affiliation for Mil El

Arrow Order to AERA

Letter to Denis and Val Sugars in response to letter presented at AGM


Newsletter Editor: Jody smith

Forest Liaison: Julie White

Vet Bookings: Deb Sheldon

Horse Welfare: Kirsty Cordon. Proposed Bob 2nd Deb

Ride Trailers: Bob Masters

Point Score: Melissa Bright

Prizes and Trophies: Melissa Bright

Insurance Policies: Lainie Ray/Jodie Luck

Chief Stewards and TPR Register: Melanie Scott

Ride Membership/Bibs: Lainie Ray (Faye Gallagher as back up- non SMC)

Medication Control: Melanie Scott

Ride Stationery: Deb Sheldon Proposed: Julie 2nd Lainie

(Risk Management/Safety) incl.

Horse SA: Emma Kirby

ACRM liaison: Julie White

Public Liaison Officer: Nick Egan (non SMC)

Website and Sashes: Shirley Ellis (non SMC)

  1. CS REPORT- Nil to report

  1. HORSE WELFARE- Nil to report

  1. MEMBERSHIP: 14 adults 1 child 1 non- riding member

We have been advised of the new insurance cover options by AERA. Annual membership will now be offered with an optional personal insurance option by AON. Members who choose not to take up the AON cover MUST sign the document stating that they do not require personal insurance. SAERA will revamp the existing membership form to allow for these changes and new cards will not be issued until all forms are returned signed. The annual premiums will be adjusted according to the optional insurance cover. New membership form will be available shortly on the website for all members (see Action Sheet)

Riding members over the age of 80 are not covered by AON insurance.

11 TREASURERS REPORT: see attached report

All invoices submitted at this meeting approved for payment.

No written reports today

Books to be audited. Auditor to be found. (See Action Sheet)

$10,588.24 net profit for 2012.

Balance in cheque account: $28.876.86 Common Fund: $24,243.80 .Research investing this amount into a higher interest account. (See Action Sheet)


13 RIDE TRAILER (And water trailer): Ongoing (see Action Sheet)

14 NEWSLETTER: see Action Sheet

15 AERA: Nil to report

16 HORSE SA: Ongoing

17 IT AERA SPACE-(See Action Sheet)

18 TOM QUILTY –Kilkivan TQ information and merchandise links to be added to our website. The TQ magazine editors require a report on our 2012 State Championships. (See Action Sheet)

19 INSURANCE: Trailer Insurance




Melissa Longhurst – editor of the QERA Magazine enquired if we would like to submit an article before Friday for the next edition. Nothing available at this time (see action Sheet)

SAERA Facebook page- Next meeting

Government Grant possibilities (see Action Sheet)

NEXT MEETING: MONDAY 18TH 7PM Adelaide Hills Council Chambers, Woodside.




  • Invoice from Jean Sims for water cubes. It was suggested that the may have been offered for free to SAERA but? $50/each ONGOING MEL

  • Update check lists for Ride organisers. Remove SMC’s role in securing CS for ride. Change entry fee to 40km ride to $40. Need to circulate new AON paperwork and include same in ROs checklist. Also need to include Forestry Rules for course marking in the forest-ONGOING MEL

  • The new AERA approved AON insurance policy has arrived. All states have been advised and need to take new policies and rules to the members. Our SAERA membership forms need to be changed to reflect the same. Members who have already paid their annual fees will need to be advised of their options as well as being informed that their membership cards will not be issued until appropriate paperwork received. Our membership forms need to be updated immediately and information put up on the website as soon as possible.


  • We have one member who will be over 80 years of age next birthday. AON will not cover riders over the age of 80. WE need to see what AERAs advice on this situation is and what has been advised to these members in the past. Lainie to contact Sonya Ruprecht for advice LAINIE

  • Budget template needs to be updated to include $2/day Forest Permit/Camping WENDY

  • Update ride entry to include permission box to tick for consent to use photos on SAERA website/newsletter. On hold awaiting new National Entry Forms and add Date of Birth. ONGOING EMMA

  • SAERA Club banner – investigate cost and report back to SMC. Deb reported that the prices were higher than expected. “ Bow Flag” Banners from Signarama costings are- $299 +GST for 2 high or $349 + GST for 3m flag. Best deal at this point was 2 flags ordered for 10% discount. Deb to check that these flags can be easily transported without being damaged and will fit into the trailer etc, and check base weight. Jodie to see if her daughter Maddi is interested in designing a logo that will fit on the flag. DEB/JODIE

  • Sale of SATQ Trailer TONY

  • Ride Trailer. Bob reported that the new trailer should be finished within two weeks BOB

  • Cost of lighting to use at ride base: new stakes for course marking. Speak to Denis Sugars if we can have some more, Rose Ross for the ones out of the SATQ trailer and Tania Drever if she has any. Bob reported that Bunnings have LED column lights on a stand for $219.00. 250W to run and so our SMALL generator could run two sets. Bob hoping to see if he can trial some and see if they are suitable for what we need... regarding course stakes- Tania does have some spares and Bob still needs to contact Rose and Denis. BOB

  • Child Protection Policy ONGOING MEL/WENDY

  • National Ride Standard Funds still to be spent. We have received $1000 worth of arrows this week. The CS vests have been ordered. Do we need new laptops and software? Worth consideration with the funds available and the new database. But we need an IT person to maintain and update them. Also hoping to purchase new set of scales to the value of $700-$1000. Jodie to investigate scale options. Lainie to enquire at Mt Barker Computing re prices/deals on purchasing two new laptops +/- software. ONGOING ALL

  • Our Kilkivan TQ 2012 vet representative was to be James Vowells but unfortunately James was unable to attend. He suggested however that we contact Lidwien Verdegaal. Melanie has spoken to Lidwien and was very pleased to announce at this meeting that despite having to change some overseas commitments that she has agreed to go. Letter to be written to Ieva (AERA) to notify the TQ committee and a letter to Lidwien of thanks JODIE

  • TQ Magazine editor has requested an article on our 2012 State Championships. We will send a revamped version of the article submitted most recently to the QERA Magazine. Jodie will ask Shirley if she is happy to revamp it and send it on. JODIE

  • QERA magazine editor Melissa Longhurst enquired as to whether SAERA had an article to submit for the next issue. Mel to report that nothing at this stage MEL

  • Dept of Sport and Rec are asking for applications for next round of government grants. SMC thought that perhaps Melissa Bright might be interested in putting in an application on our behalf. Julie will ask her. JULIE

  • AERASPACE DATABASE HAS ARRIVED! Deb and Shirley to get together and learn how to use the new system. Shirley has been working on it for a while. The plan will be to run a Ride Secretary Course to educate potential RSs. DEB/SHIRLEY

  • Investment of the NAB Cash Manager Account (earning 2.75%) into a higher interest rate account.( as per AGM) WENDY

  • Our Treasurer Bookwork needs to be audited by an independent reliable person. Jodie suggested her Mum, Carleen who has done this job for horse related clubs before. JODIE

  • Should SAERA have a Facebook page? ONGOING ALL/JULIE

Download 20.41 Kb.

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