Smallfield Surgery Wheelers Lane Smallfield

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Smallfield Surgery

Wheelers Lane


Surrey RH6 9PT

Statement of Purpose

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A. Confidentiality Notice

This document and the information contained therein is the property of Smallfield Surgery.

This document contains information that is privileged, confidential or otherwise protected from disclosure. It must not be used by, or its contents reproduced or otherwise copied or disclosed without the prior consent in writing from Smallfield Surgery.
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Smallfield Surgery

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Dec 2015

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Jul 2018

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Dec 2015

Dr M Bosch

Dr M Mueller

Updated for registration of Dr M Bosch as registered manager


July 2016

Christine Earwaker

Dr M Bosch


Smallfield Surgery – Statement of Purpose


This is a Statement of Purpose for Smallfield Surgery which sets out the following information:

  • The legal status of our service.

  • The full name of our service and practice manager & details of where our services are provided.

  • Our mission statement & vision

  • Our aims and objectives in carrying out our service.

  • Our services provided.

  • The range of service users which ours services are intended to meet.

2.Legal status of our service

Smallfield Surgery is a General Practice Partnership open to all patients living within our Practice boundary in Smallfield and the surrounding areas. We work in partnership with our patients and our Patient Participation Group (PPG) to provide care for our patient population.

We are a General Medical Services (GMS) Practice offering Primary care services for the diagnosis and prevention of disease. We help patients to manage their health and prevent illness. Our clinicians assess, diagnose, treat and manage illness. They carry out screening for some diseases and promote general health and wellbeing. Our clinicians act as a patient’s advocate, supporting and representing a patient’s best interests to ensure they receive the best and most appropriate health and/or social care. Our clinicians also provide the link to further health services and work closely with other healthcare colleagues. They may also arrange hospital admissions and referrals to other services and specialists and they link with secondary (hospitals) and community services about patient care, taking advice and sharing information where needed. They also collect and record important information from other healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of our patient population.

Our clinicians are also involved in the education and training of doctors, practice staff and other healthcare professionals.

Smallfield surgery is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The practice’s main address and contact details are:

Smallfield Surgery, Wheelers Lane, Smallfield, Horley, Surrey. RH6 9PT

Telephone: 01342 843 822

Fax: 01342 844 080

Outside surgery hours: Telephone: 111


Practice Manager: Mrs Christine Earwaker

3.Our mission statement

To help improve the health, well-being and lives of those we care for.

4.Our surgery’s vision

In order to provide a quality primary care service we endeavor to;

  • To work in partnership with our patients, other appropriate service providers and staff

  • To be honest, reliable and trustworthy.

  • To be competent to run our service.

  • To be physically and mentally able to run our service.

To achieve this we will work within local and national governance, guidance and regulations.

5.Our aims and objectives

  • To provide a quality, safe, professional Primary Health Care General Practice services to our patient population

We will deliver this through;

  • Focusing on prevention of disease by promoting health & wellbeing, offering care and advice to our patient population

  • Working in partnership with our patient population, their families and carers, towards a positive experience and understanding, involving them in decision-making about their treatment and care.

  • Being a learning organisation that continually improves what we are able to offer our patient population. Learning includes being responsible for our continuing professional development, offering learning opportunities for all of our staff, learning through review of significant untoward incidents and learning through review of patient feedback etc

  • Treating our patient population as individuals and with the same respect we would want for ourselves or a member or our family. Listening to and supporting patients to express their need/s and enabling patients to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control

  • Working in partnership with other health & social care organisations, when appropriate, to tackle the causes of, as well as provide the treatment for ill health.

  • Encouraging our patient population to communicate with us either directly or through our PPG. This would be through talking to us, participating in surveys, and providing feeding back and on services that we offer

  • Ensuring all staff have the competency and motivation to deliver the required standards of care and ensuring that all members of the team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently.

  • Taking care of our staff by offering them support to do their jobs and to protect them against abuse

  • Having a zero tolerance on all forms of abuse

  • Providing our patient population and staff with an environment which is safe and friendly

  • Operating on a financially sound basis.

6.Our services provided

The GMS services provided by our GPs are defined under the Standard General Medical Services Contract. These services are mainly split into three groups:

1. Essential

2. Additional

3. Enhanced

1. Essential services

We provide essential services for our patient population who have health conditions from which they are expected to recover, chronic disease management and general management of terminally ill patients.
Our core services also include:

  • Chronic obstructive airways disease management

  • Child vaccinations and immunisations

  • Coronary heart disease management

  • Diabetes management

  • GP/nurse consultations

  • Over 75 year olds having a named GP

2. Additional services

  • Anticoagulation clinics

  • Certain minor surgery procedures

  • Cervical cytology screening

  • Contraceptive services

  • Child health surveillance

  • Maternity services

3. Enhanced services

  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

  • Childhood vaccinations and immunisations

  • Dementia – facilitating timely diagnosis & support for people with dementia

  • Diabetes Management

  • Extended hours opening

  • Hepatitis B (new born babies)

  • Human papilloma virus (HPV) catch up immunisation

  • Improving patient online access

  • Inflammatory bowel disease care pathway

  • Intra-uterine contraceptive device (IUCD) & Intra-uterine systems (IUS) fittings

  • Learning disabilities scheme

  • Meningitis C vaccination for adolescents

  • Minor surgery

  • MMR (age 16 & over) vaccination programme

  • Multi-disciplinary systems

  • Pertussis (pregnant women) vaccination

  • Phlebotomy

  • Pneumococcal immunisation

  • PPG scheme

  • Prostate Cancer Injection Therapy

  • Remote care monitoring

  • Rheumatology drugs monitoring

  • Risk profiling and care management scheme

  • Rotavirus vaccination programme

  • Seasonal influenza vaccination adults & children

  • Shingles (catch up vaccination programme)

  • Stop smoking support

  • Unplanned admissions scheme

  • Zoladex implants

Other services

  • Dressing clinics

  • Ear review and syringing

  • ECGs

  • End of life care

  • Lung testing (spirometry)

  • Medication review

  • Ring pessary replacement

  • Stop smoking support

  • Travel health advice & vaccinations

Non-NHS Services

Our Practice also provides services which are non NHS and are paid for by the patient. These services include:
• Insurance claims forms
• Prescription for taking medication abroad
• Private sick notes
• Pre-employment and HGV medicals
• Vaccination certificates

7.The range of service users which our services are intended to meet.

Smallfield Surgery is able to provide its services to all people living within our practice boundary, in Smallfield, and the surrounding areas. Our patient population includes patients of any age, gender, race, religion, belief, sexual orientation or disability.


Patients can raise a concern in the first instance by speaking to a member of staff at the surgery, in person, by telephone or by letter. Staff members are trained to pass on any concerns in a sympathetic, non-judgemental understanding manner. The Practice follows the NHS Complaints Procedure with Dr Bosch being our practice lead for dealing with complaints.

Information about how to complain is published in our practice leaflet and on our website (which is available in any language at the press of a button).

Complaints are discussed by the team at our regular Clinical Governance and staff meetings to ensure that learning points are shared and systems/services and procedures improved

| Smallfield Surgery

Statement of Purpose

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