Shelton State Pilot Program Offers Summer Technology Exploration

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Shelton State Pilot Program Offers Summer Technology Exploration
Tuscaloosa – Shelton State Community College is hosting a pilot program during July 2006 that offers area high school students an opportunity to explore career options in four different technology programs.

            Dr. Rick Rogers, president of Shelton State Community College, encouraged technical division associate dean Steve Fair to develop the pilot program.  Technical instructors Jason Moore, James Logan, Kenneth Blackwell and Ronnie Guy created “Exploring Technology” which brings 60 area high school students to the campus for a two week intensive exposure to technical areas.

            “We are constantly evaluating our efforts to reach high schools students prior to their graduation,” said Dr. Rogers.  “This pilot program was an exceptional opportunity to involve students in some of the most exciting technical fields at an earlier point in their education.”

The college experience will give participants with a hands-on introduction to diverse career possibilities, enable them to better identify their career aspirations and help them understand the educational opportunities available to them.

 “Economic development in West Alabama over the last decade has resulted in industry requiring an increased number of manufacturing workers with a higher level of technical skills. This change in workforce conditions has provided Shelton State Community College with an opportunity to find new ways to meet the challenge demanded by local industry,” said Susan Miller, Director of the West Alabama Workforce Development Center.

Participating students choose an area that interests them from the four programs offered in the pilot project. Technical programs targeted for the project include: machine tool technology and computerized numerical control, industrial electronics, welding technology, and air conditioning and refrigeration. The student stays in that program for the entire two weeks observing and participating in class and lab activities. The main focus of the course is to offer all students a hands-on experience and to furnish them with as much information as possible about their educational and career opportunities.

"Our students are indeed fortunate to be able to participate in this unique program than combines the opportunity to experience Shelton State's excellent technical programs and earn college credit at the same time," said John Merrill, Director of Public Relations for the Tuscaloosa County School System.

“Exploring Technology” was open to students in the Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa City and Hale County school systems.  In addition to receiving one hour of college credit, participants are paid a daily stipend.

Students participating in the program are: (Air Conditioning) Brittany Cheatum, Northridge High School; Shonteria Tyrese Dorsey, Northridge High School; Mindy Ann Fair, Hillcrest High School; Kara Deon Johnson, Greensboro West High School; Trevoris Jae Martin, Central High School; Lance Frederick Phillips, Northridge High School; Kasey Ryan Powell, Northridge High School; Leslie Morgan Richardson, Greensboro West High School; Jacob Randall Rogers, Tuscaloosa County High School; Cory Adam Stephens, Brookwood High School; Caleb A. Stines, Central High School; Zachary James Thompson, Northridge High School; David E. Tubbs, Greensboro West High School; (Industrial Electronics) Brittany N. Averette, Holt High School; Jeffery Adam Boyd, Tuscaloosa County High School; Jordan Ross Hannah, Northside High School; John Hodge, Greensboro West High School; Roger Melton, Sunshine High School; George Anthony Miller, III, Central High School; Krystal Ciara Rhodes, Greensboro West High School; Daisha Gabrielle Ross, Greensboro West High School; Dustin Lee Sanford, Northside High School; Chase Matthew Watts, Tuscaloosa County High School; Benjamin Mathew White, Northside High School; Christopher Steven Whitehead, Tuscaloosa County High School; Alicia Kineta Wiggins, Greensboro West High School; Brandi Ziegler, Paul W. Bryant High School; (Machine Tool Technology) Byron Markeith Belle, Hillcrest High School; Stephanie Bonner, Paul W. Bryant High School; David Ryan Bryant, Northside High School; BriAna Renee Burrell, Paul W. Bryant High School; Johnathan Fredderick Clark, Northridge High School; Ethan Heath Hayes, Brookwood High School; Tyler Joseph

Lauters, Hillcrest High School; Markeith S. Leslie, Central High School; Robert Scott Miller, Tuscaloosa County High School; Jesse Aaron Montgomery, Northside High School; Cassius Marcellus Patton, Hillcrest High School; Vanessa Enolia Rhodes, Greensboro West High School; Deaudjuan C. Richards, Hillcrest High School; Luther Ryans, Hillcrest High School; Brandi O'Shea Saunders, Northridge High School; Willie James Sims, Holt High School; LaDondray Rashad Thomas, Holt High School; Jasmine Danielle Turner, Holt High School; (Welding) Jameson Lawrence Buchanan, Hillcrest High School; Christopher Blake Clark, Hillcrest High School; Corinthian N.Hedgeman, Holt High School; Robert James Sweeney, Holt High School; Caleb Ray West, Hillcrest High School; Anthony Derek White, Brookwood High School.

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