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Argumentative texts aim is to change the readers’ beliefs. They often contain negative qualities or characteristics of something/someone, or try to persuade their readers that an object, product, idea is in some way better than others.

You should note that few texts are purely one type: expository or argumentative texts can contain narration or evaluative elements.

Remember that the text types refer to the meaning the writing, and they should not be confused with writing (or other materials) formats: book, article, letter, report, essay, etc.
Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic relations. A linguistic unit can enter into relations of two different kinds. The division of the language system into the two spheres (paradigmatics and syntagmatics) is not the same as its segmentation into structural levels. The approach is a bit different, the differentiation between paradigmatic and syntagmatic is based on the dichotomy ‘language :: speech’. PARADIGMATIC HAS TO DO WITH LANGUAGE, WHILE SYNTAGMATIC – WITH SPEECH.

The system of language includes the body of material units – sounds, morphemes, words, word-groups. Along with these it includes the regularities, or ‘rules’ of the use of these units. Language and speech are inseparable, they form together a discrete unity. Lingual units are grouped not at random, but according their ‘preferences’. Thus we can trace two different relationships: syntagmatic and paradigmatic.

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