Shahlo Raimova Temur Street, 69

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Shahlo Raimova

  1. Temur Street, 69

Jizzakh city,Uzbekistan


5-January,2020 year

Victor Stracci

Holborn street,26

London, United Kingdom

Dear, Mr. Stracci

I am writing to apply for the reception position in The Curtain Hotel which was published the current website. I have attached all the required documents on the website, my resume, my 2 workflow photos and my official photo as well as an application letter. Through my work experience and skills, I can say that I can be an alternative to this job.

With increasing share of tourism in the global economy, the ability to provide workforce is also expanding. I chose this field because of my great interests in the field of tourism management. In this way I would be happy If I had the opportunity to contribute to the development of the hotel.

When it comes to my personal preference, I love discipline and cleanliness. I approach every task in a spirit of creativity. I try to be approachable and always polite when communicating with people. I like learning foreign languages and cultures of different nations. I try my best to help who are both familiar and unfamiliar with my ability to communicate with people. I think I can be a strong competitive candidate with these qualities. Please, look through my resume carefully for extra information on my experience.

I can be reached any time via email at or by cell phone,


Thank you for your attention and consideration. I look forward to your reply my application and accepting my resume.


Shakhlo Raimova
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