Self-study 1 Task

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Self-study 1 Task

Self-study 1
Task 1.1. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate answer

1. You _____ a lot of things in _____ free time.

A) do / our B) does / your C) do / my D) do / your
2. My cat licks ___tail every evening. But my dogs never lick ___tails.
A) its / their B) its / its C) their / its D) * / *
3. I like _____ football, but my brother doesn’t.
A) play B) played C) playing D) plays
4. She likes _____ TV, but her husband doesn’t.
A) watching B) to watch C) watches D)watched
5. Her sister doesn’t _____ eating a hamburger.
A) like B) likes C) liking D) liked
6. I _____ English food. It’s wonderful!
A) am loving B) loved C) love D) loves
7. Pierre is French. He _____ from Toulouse.
A) is coming B) came C) come D) comes
8. _____ the computer at the moment?
A) Does Mr. Taylor use B) Is Mr. Taylor using
C) Did Mr. Taylor use D) Will Mr. Taylor use
9. Dave _____ a student with her work now.
A) helped B) help C) is helping D) helping
10. “ It’s very noisy” “Suzy _____ to rock music.”
A) listen B) listens C) listened D) is listening
11. What’s the name of the woman _____ was wearing the gold dress?
A) * B) which C) where D) who
12. You’re reading the book _____ I wanted to read.
A) when B) who C) which D) where
13. There’s someone at the door _____ wants to speak to George.
A) who B) that C) which D) *
14. I don’t like food _____ is very spicy.
A) which B) * C) who D) when
15. That’s the dictionary _____ Bill gave me for my birthday.
A) * B) who C) when D) where

Task 1.2. READING. Read the text and the sentences below. For each gap circle the letter (A, B, C or D) of the word or phrase that best suits each space.

A Time and Place

Figuring out a time and a place to do your homework is so important. Once you have decided when to do your homework, the 1) ............ is where to do it.

A good study area should have a desk or a table to spread out your books without 2) ............ being piled up on top of each other. You don’t want to create a mess, but you want to have 3) ............ to work.
You should 4) ............ have lots of light. Ideally, you should sit near a window with an overhead light and perhaps even a small reading lamp.
Most importantly, you need a place which is 5) ............ free from distractions. This means no TV on in the room, no brothers or sisters running past you, no phone conversations to listen in on. 6) ............ or not you listen to music while you are studying depends on your personal preference. You must ignore any phone calls, and forget the urge to go and get a snack every fifteen minutes.
Depending on your home, you may be 7) ............ to find the kitchen, dining room table or your bedroom the perfect place. If those areas don’t work out for you, maybe you can set aside a study space in your basement. Some people 8) ............ their homes too busy, and prefer to study at their local library.
Wherever you choose to be, it is 9) ............ if you can study in the same place all the time. Your pens and pencils, paper, erasers, stapler, calculator, and anything 10) ............ you often use can be kept nearby, or you can keep them all in a bin or bag that can be pulled out whenever you need something.

1. A) question B) inquiry C) point D) subject

2. A) they B) them C )they’re D) theirs
3. A place B spot C room D site
4. A too B as well C also D besides
5. A relatively B approximately C roughly D moderately
6.A Despite B Whether C But D Although
7. A capable B knowledgeable C skilful D able
8. A think B find C discover D suppose
9. A comfortable B handy C cosy D best
10. A more B another C else D other
11. Would you please ... me a favour and help me with my project in History?
A do B make C create D produce
12. We were walking along a quiet country ... when it suddenly started to rain in torrents.
A route B lane C alley D way
13. Jason usually leaves home early so as to ... the heavy traffic jams in the morning.
A pass B prevent C escape D avoid
14. Our English teacher always wants us to guess what the new words ... in Uzbek.
A stand B classify C mean D define
15. Tony was ... of having broken into a neighbor’s house to steal money and jewellery.
A accused B blamed C charged D convicted

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