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International comparability of programme

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2.3. International comparability of programme

Universities in Kosovo are adopting curricula based on the Bologna Declaration rules, and this is to achieve a better comparability of degrees in Europe (MASHT 2009). Re-structuring bachelor and master degrees requires a strong orientation in the theory-practice transfer and needs to serve the didactic methods, which for university professors in Kosovo are often an innovation. Many examples have shown that required didactic approaches have remained as statements and have prevented an authentic reform (GAP, Report 2008).

The strategy of University of Pristina is the professional advancement of nurses in Kosovo at the level prescribed by WHO (European Strategy for Nursing and Midwives Education) by providing programmes based in the European Community standards.

In the Amendment of the final report of profession qualification Vergnaud (2013) write: „(1b) 'European Credit Transfer System or ECTS credits': credits expressing the quantity of work each course unit requires in relation to the total quantity of work necessary to complete a full year of study under the ECTS system for accumulating study credits on the basis of transparency and comparability of qualifications; the quantity of work shall include not only lectures, practical work and seminars, but also traineeships, research or field work, private study, examinations and other assessment activities; under the ECTS system, the quantity of work for one year of study shall correspond to 60 ECTS credits, and one semester's study shall correspond to 30 ECTS credits“ (cf. Vergnaud, 2013, p. 24). To follow the convention of the EU, the master programme Management in health care was developed among different learning methods within integrated modules to ensure these requirements. In addition the allocation to the area codes of the EACEA this program refers to Subject codes 05.9 Isced Code 149.

Prototype for the study programme “Education in Health Care” is a master programme from University of Applied Sciences Muenster/Germany in the field of Nursing. In the project INSTEAP an accredited study programme of the University of Applied Sciences Muenster was assumed. The study programme was adapted to the needs of Kosovo. This will ensure to reach the requirement of European standard of higher education programmes and will make a reference about the comparability of the study program in Healthcare Education with one or two other (European) countries, besides the University of Applied Sciences Muenster/Germany.

Criteria of ECTS, structure of modules, contents of modules, practical and theoretical ratio and self-learning tasks of students were adapted to the requirements and conditions of Kosovo.

Regarding to comparability of the study program, following table offer the criteria.

Study programme Education in health care




Compatibility with ECTS system

30 ECTS per semester; 1 ECTS corresponds 30 hours

30 ECTS per semester; 1 ECTS corresponds 30 hours

Cooperation agreements with participating universities

Are available

Are available

Assurance of the studies and participating organizations (advisory and support structures)

Responsible teacher for the study programme,

1 teacher supports 10 students

Responsible teacher for the study programme,

1 teacher supports 10 students

Transparent documentation of studies and examinations

Documentation of the study programme is available

Documentation of the study programme is available

Consistent approach to quality assurance in study and teaching in the programme

Quality assurance: f.e. Self-evaluation, students questionnaires

Quality assurance: f.e. Self-evaluation, students questionnaires

Orientation of the course in relation to an international profile (joint degree, double degree, mandatory study abroad, foreign language course offerings, etc.)

Joint degree developed by a consortium of three international universities, foreign languages will be offered, mandatory study abroad, common modules

Joint degree developed by at a minimum of two international universities, foreign language, stay abroad, recognition of modules at the universities

Kind of structures to support the exchange of students

Support structures are give, mentor system, partner universities will support students

Support structures are give, mentor system, partner universities will support students

Number of students, who integrate a stay abroad

5-10 will integrate a stay abroad

64 of 1000 German students stay abroad (cf. Statistical Federal Office, 2012)

Number of foreign students

2,5% are foreign students in Kosovo

(Kosovo Agency Statistic, 2011)

Expected foreign students in the program: 2

24,34% are foreign students in Germany (cf. Statistical Federal Office, 2012)

Figure 4, Criteria of international comparability of study program

The Master programme “Education in health care” offers a joint degree. It is a Master program, which was developed jointly by three international universities: University of Applied Sciences Münster, University of Pristina and qeap Heimerer. The students get the facilities and expertise of all partner universities of the consortium. The teachers are international lecturers. An organized mobility of students is at the core of the study program. Modules and courses that students have graduated from the universities automatically are recognized. The students will receive either the national final of the individual institutions or jointly conferred degree. The joint degree - an international degree - is officially recognized in all the title -giving partner universities.

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