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2. Study Programs

2.1. Basic data for study Program

Description (name) of the academic programme

Education in Health Care

NQF Level
(with indication whether BA, MA, PhD, other Doctorate Programme, Professional Certificate or Diploma, university course etc.)


Academic degree or certificate, spelled out in full and in abbreviated form

Master of Education in Health Care, MA

Academic degree according of Erasmus Subject Area Codes (ESAC)

Master of Education in Health Care

Subject 05,9 Kod ISCED 149.

Profile of the academic programme

The graduates in Education in Health Care developed different competencies in the study programme. Regarding to these competencies they are able to work in different job sectors:

  • Teaching in health care institutions

  • Teaching at the Universities of Pristina

  • Teaching in vocational education schools

  • Teaching in competence centre

  • Research institutions

  • Consultant in health care

Minimum period of study

2 years (4 semesters)

Type, structure and cycle

(Full time or part time)

Full time and distance learning

Number of ECTS credits (total and per year)

120/60 ECT

Program (short overview)/Courses

Health Sciences I

Public Health

Education I

Didactic models, theories, draughts psychology, diagnostic, evaluation

Law of Education

Education II

Law of Health

Employment law

Education III

Education psychology

Teaching row planning

Health Sciences II1

Case/Care Management

Requirement to learning methods regarding to special care concepts

Special for midwifery

Case/Care Management for midwifery

Requirement to learning methods regarding to special treatment concepts

Research methods I2

EbN & EbP, HTA

Special for midwifery

EbM & EbP, HTA

Education IV

School organization and quality management

Demonstration Lessons

Curriculum development

Research methods II

Qualitative Research or Quantitative Research

Research related project (Focus on profile)

Education V

Research in Education

Phase of Practice

Project Report

Master Thesis

Number of student places


Person in charge of the academic programme

Dr. Sc. Halil Ahmetaj, Full Prof.

Scientific/artistic staff (number per staff category)

Prof. Dr. – 4

Prof. Assoc – 2

Prof. Ass. - 4

Asistentë - 20

Tuition fees

300 Euro/semester

2.2. Justification of study program for employment market

The justification of the study programme is divided into the justification of the labour market in general and the justification to the professional orientated labour market.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology specified in the Education Strategy Plan 2011-2016 to improve the performance of the education system through changes and to modernize the curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment. “Continuing efforts will be made in enhancing quality in the system through systematic attention to the curriculum and intensive teacher development. (…) An on-going theme of government is a clear perspective of EU membership and thus an education system that meets European and international standards” (MEST, 2011, p. 48). Also in the Sub-Sector Programme Objectivities the Ministry also determined among other objectivities to develop quality academic and professional higher and tertiary education and research supporting social and economic development (MEST; 2011).

„Ensure that curricula reflect labour market needs that would support employability of graduates and meet employers needs and improve the image of higher education of Kosovo and be gender sensitive“ (cf. MEST, 2011, p. 124).

The master programme “Education in Health Care” considers requirements of European standard in higher education programmes, developed employees with a professional knowledge in steering health care facilities and to implement research based social and economic strategies. The new master programme Management in Health Services and Health Institutions is in line with the labour market of Kosovo.

The new programme involves the WHO strategy for the education of nurses and midwives in the region of SEE. Health 21 goals also fully meets the requirements of EU standards, as well as based on the experience of the modern education with an advanced system of quality assurance on the theoretical and practical work, by offering quality professional qualifications in the field of Nursing. The Department of Nursing and Midwifery aims to set European standards in the field of professional qualification in Kosovo.

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