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2.2. The number of students who drop out their studies

The programme “Teaching in Health education” is a new programme and no data avalaible for drop out students.

2.3. The employment rate if graduated students in last 3 year

The employment rate of graduated students in the faculty of Medicine cannot be presented in the real numbers due to fact that mostly of graduated of different sections continue the development the professional career through the their specialization in different areas of specialization. The specialisation is professional education which is is part of responsibility of Ministry of Health of Kosova. The Development trend of medicine in general does not give to much possibility the General Doctor the employment due to fact that recently for the employment in the primary health care (Family Medicine Centre) is requested the specialist doctor from field of family medicine. The Ministry of Health of Kosova in agreement the Monetary Fund and Ministry of Finance of Kosova, from last year start the implementation the project of employment of 100 doctor specialist for each year for 3 consecutive years.

We can consider that mostly of graduated students from different sections of faculty of Medicine start the specialization in their professional career.

3. Ratio between number of Academic Staff and number of Students

In the faculty of Medicine during academic year 2012/13 the ratio between the regular academic staff and students is in average value of 1 professor for 12 students, while the ration between the numbers of regular assistants responsible for practical exercise is 1 assistant for 15 students. There are not significant differences in the ration of academic staff and students in different sections of Faculty of medicine.


Ratio Students/Professors

Ratio Students/Assistant

General Medicine









Physiotherapy BA



Nursing BA



Midwifery BA



4. The granted scholarship by Education Institution

The UP “Hasan Prishtina” continously grants the schoolarships for the best students and in this manner supports the stimulation of students to achieve the higher succes of education.

5. Organization of students within the institution

The students are organized in their organisations for representation of students. The students are represent in all levels of decison process of Faculty of Medicine and Univerisity. Students are part of Study Commision of Faculty of Medicine, the Council of Faculty of Medicine and part of Senate of University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”.

6. The students services

The student counter is organized inside of Faculty of Medicine. The counyer services working hours are from 8:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00 from Monday – Friday. In the frame of individual syllabus is decsribed in details the tutorials hours, consulatation and contact hours with students.

7.Services for career guidance and internships for students

It is essential to encourage the involvement of students in SSR projects. In this regard, is necessary that the current SSR capacities to incorporate students in the teaching program (academic program), particularly in graduate and doctoral studies. In this way, students have the opportunity to engage in various activities of SSR, especially in the implementation of SSR, which will provide an easier implementation of doctoral thesis.

Furthermore, it will enhance the communication with other similar institutions in the world, and could open the possibility that a number of these students with their doctoral thesis to join prominent international institutions.

9. Alumni Association

The University of Prishtina has established the Centre for development of competences that performs the role of Alumni Association, offering the improved communication and information for all graduated students and students about employment and career development. The practice of different Alumni Association from different Universities in other countries is practiced in UP too, taking in consideration the success of these association in process of employments of graduated students and their career development. Taking in consideration the specific nature of Faculty of Medicine and high number of students we propose the establishment of medical Alumni association.

10. The munber of PhD Thesis presented and finished in last 3 year

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