Searching for a Part-Time English Pastor

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Searching for a Part-Time English Pastor

Toronto China Bible Church (TCBC) at North York is a Bible-based, Christ-centered Chinese immigrant church. We formed in July 2004 as a church plant from TCBC, downtown. We have three services: a Saturday evening Chinese service, Saturday evening English service, and Sunday morning Chinese service.

Our Vision : More members in the family of God; more workers for the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission: Making spiritually mature, God-glorifying disciples, mission-equipped to impact the world.

Our youth group started in 2001. In 2006, our youth began worshiping together on Sundays. In 2015, we moved our English service to Saturday. Since then, the group has been growing. We often have more than 20 people attending, with a mix of young professionals and students in university, high school, and middle school. Our ministry also consists of a Friday joint fellowship with Don Valley Bible Chapel.

Our mission for the English ministry is to win the souls of the next generation and equip them to serve in God’s mission.

We are looking for a part-time English pastor to lead these youth into growth as Christians, workers for our King of kings and Lord of lords, whose lives glorify God our Father and bless others.

We are looking for someone called to serve the Lord who

  1. Believes in the Bible and loves the Lord Jesus Christ,

  2. Is theologically equipped and agrees with TCBC’s statements of faith (Please refer to for the statement of faith of VMC, our affiliated network);

  3. Has a heart to preach the gospel and has known the joy of doing so;

  4. Has a passion for equipping the saints to do Kingdom work;

  5. Is mission-minded and can work with families who speak limited English;

  6. Has experience working with young people in a church context; Experience working with Chinese immigrant families preferred.


Under the supervision of Pastor Binghai Zeng, the responsibilities of the part-time pastor are:

  1. Oversee the functioning of the Saturday English service;

  2. Develop and grow fellowships for young career and university students, as well as high school students

  3. Encourage and lead the youth to attend Friday joint youth fellowship with DVBC

  4. Grow English congregants spiritually by teaching, caring for them and by sending them out to do Kingdom work.

  5. Plan and lead outreach events for English congregants;

  6. Preach one to two times a month.

Phone: 416-844-2534; web:; email:

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