Science Leader Professional Preparation

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Suzanne Banas, Ph.D. NBCT

Science Leader

Professional Preparation

University of Miami Biology, Zoology and Education B.A. 1981

University of Miami Learning Disabled/Emotional Handicapped M.S.Ed. 1986

Union Institute Science Curriculum/Educational Leadership Ph.D 1994.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification 1998 & 2018

2008 – Present South Miami Middle Community School, 8th Honors Physical Science (9th), 8th 7th Comprehensive Science, Environmental Club, Data support specialist, web & technology teacher trainer

2003 - Present Miami Dade College, Department of Education, adjunct professor, upper division courses education, assessment analysis and science content

2012 - present University of Miami, courtesy appointment Science Education Research with focus of impacts of youth environmental education programs in the Caribbean

2000 - 2008 Richmond Heights Middle School Science Zoo Magnet, M-DCPS, Lead Teacher, gifted and advanced science and zoology, Data support specialist/Edusoft trainer

1989 - 2000 Cutler Ridge Middle School, M-DCPS, advanced and gifted science, Data support specialist

1988 - 1989 Miami Edison Middle School, M-DCPS, general science

1987 - 1988 Glades Middle School, M-DCPS, gifted, advanced science, physical science

1988 - 1983 Summer Inner City Marine Program, DCPS, marine research and exploration


Outstanding Middle School Science Teacher -Florida Association of Science Teachers 2016

Florida State Winner for the EdSurge Fifty Sates Project 2016

NMLSTA Hurd Award Finalist 2016

PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator 2015

Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators Honorable Mention/Finalist 2014

Microsoft U.S. Innovative Education Finalist 2011

Teacher Hall of Fame Finalist 2009, 2011

Space Foundation Teacher Liaison 2011

DCSTA District Middle School Science Teacher of the Year 2009

Teacher of Honor- National KDP 2008

Fairchild Challenge Environmental Role Model 2009

Publications and Articles:

Banas, S (2016) Using Project-Based Learning To Turn Students into Responsible Data Consumers, Edsurge Fifity States Project, Florida;

Shiel-Rolle, N., S. Banas, and K. Sullivan Sealey. (In prep) YOUNG MARINE EXPLORERS: Stewardship capacity-building through a Youth Outreach Program in The Bahamas. The Journal of Environmental Education.

Banas, S. (2014) Publishing Student Research, The Florida Science Teacher Spring 2014

D. Crair, K. Peeples, S. Banas (2013) Cloud Cover’ Harvard Press-Emerging Young Investigators

Banas, S. et all (2008)Trans Alaskan Pipeline System - Fossil Fuel Transportation - Google™ Earth Virtual Field Trip, ATTEC

Banas, S & Zeiler,B (2004) The Science of Sound; Scholastic Instructor Magazine, September

Bans, S et al; (2004) The Outdoor Classroom; Media & Methods for Technology Magazine, December

Curriculum writer for Biscayne National Park, NPS., National Geographic Education;

Miami Dade County Public Schools; Insight Education Group; Illustrations for Dade County Environmental Story

Intel Innovation Odyssey, Website, 2002

Texas Instrument Success Stories Website, 2003

Synergistic Activities

  1. Fairchild Challenge (Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Miami, FL) participant for 13 years. This program was developed to engage students in science through various disciplines such as art, music, science research, communication, skits, videos. I work with my students and faculty to complete the challenges each year. My students at South Miami Middle Community Schools have been in the top 3 positions each year. I also coordinate the Summer Science Program for Middle School Students at Fairchild Tropical Gardens doing citizen science, preparing for science fair investigations.

  2. Science Fair Coordinator – South Miami Middle Community Middle School – Coordinate and support student research and teachers for district, state and national competitions such as science fair, Google Science Fair, SECME. My students have won first place and several recognition awards over the past 7 years. In 2013, several projects were accepted to be published.

  3. Florida Association of Science Teachers; Editor for newsletter and journal; compile and edit the newsletter (4 times a year) and journal (2 times a year) for the past 3 years. Active board member for over 10 years. Conference chair.

  4. International travel and exchange – last 7 years, doing research and working with schools, communities and teachers dealing with environmental concerns and education as well as preparedness. In Cairo, Egypt, Jalisco, Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Brazil, Honduras, Bahamas, Arctic Circle, Alaska. At each experience I connected with my students through live interactive video conferencing, blogs and websites. I literally ‘taught from the field’

  5. Storm Zone Program is a Hurricane Preparedness Program to teach children to be ready for a disaster through simulations, engineering challenges and Weather Expos.

  6. Community: organizer for several motorcycle/car events ( to raise money) to benefit: Zoo Miami (6 years), fallen local police officers (3 years); Miami Dade Animal Services (3 years). Pet and exotic animal rescuer for the last 30 years; Meet the Critters events all over the county for schools, police, stores and special events. Coumminity and school site landscaping

GRANTS/AWARDS (total awards $130,000.00)


Microsoft Innovative Educator/Trainer 2015

PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator 2015

Teachers for Global Classrooms Program, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) U.S. Dept. of State

Editor for Florida Association of Science Teachers – journal and newsletter

\Facilitator for Learning Communities at school site

GLOBE Program Global Precipitation Measurement Master Teacher 2014

Google Certified Teacher 2012

Teacher-Ranger-Teacher National Park Service 2010

TERC Eyes In The Sky II Ambassador 2010

Space Foundation Teacher Liaison 2011

Nominated to the governing board for NAEP; APS Frontiers in Physiology Research Fellowship, FIU 2009-2010

ATEEC Fellow (Energy) 2008, 2010

Keenan Fellow (National Botanical Society) 2006


ISTE/ National Educational Computing Conference

National Science Teachers Association, National Conference

Florida Association of Science Teachers

Florida Educational Technology Conference

Miami-Dade County Technology Conference

Education Fund IMPACT EXPO Miami Dade County

T3 International, Washington, DC and regional, Daytona, Fl.

Texas Educational Computing Conference

National School Board Convention

Florida League of Middle Schools Conference

Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development

Marine Educators Conference (FEMSE)

WLRN, Education 2000

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