Review of Bereket Habte Selassie's Book

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Subject: Re: [dehai-news] Book Review: Review of Bereket Habte Selassie's Book
I couldn’t get a chance to read this( hnKl hnKltey)( teret  teret) (tale tale story)of prof. Berektet  Habte slasie’s  aka ayte  BrK-ayehu Habte Medenagr.  What a con artist? (Molacha and achberbari)!

Thank you, our brothers to enlighten us with this creature and crooked brain.  If you Deki Ere (my brothers and sisters) advise me and if it is worth to read and respond, I don’t mind to buy it. In the past, I read a some books like, Ye Ertra Guday and Ertra kabey Nabey etc. which was a time well wasted for me. If professor BrKayehu Hebete Medenager believes what he believes and writes like this Hateftef, Hamimom yikonu. The time has come for may chelot or Tureta. How come some one can serve three completely different governments and two completely different nations and make up such type of disgusting tale tale story and put it in the book as a real history? How come some body changes what he stands for, from time to time? This man is not a person of truth (integrity) and he doesn’t represent us at all. I am not academics so I leave it for our intellectuals. He is nothing but a paper tiger who betrayed his people (nation) and his professionalism. How some can go so low under bottom rock? Who ever they are and if you were to write against their interest, they would say to you”profeseru abedu, neTelachewun tlew bereru and profeseru Jaju, kemotu amuamuatu plus erasun sate.

Ayte Brk-ayehu Habtemedenagr, by doing this, you can get Tre sga  as a meal, Fit Awrari as a title and  some dirty money for  a greed.

At least, in the past 100 years, our dear teKalasay people heard it all from many sources bzuh bzuh hasot, nothing is new for us zeytebahle yelen kulu halifna  dem kefilna teawitna, hji dma marsha keyrna. . The dog weeps and the camel marches.

To prof. Medenagr.

Are you really an Eritrean?

Are you really a professor?

Are you a real Historian?

What is wrong with you?

By doing this, whom you are trying to serve and what is your intention or goal?

BhaKI deKiska thadr  diha?

You are a confused man who tries to brew a problem by twisting a history. We are not confused and every body knows you plus we are well prepared.

If you have an identity crises disorder or amnesia, it can be treated. What you need is a professional help. mhret yhabka.

If you are doing it knowingly for financial purpose or for political power, that is Newri. It will not work.

Your action will not change any fact on ground for now or for future. What you wrote is hatela, your trash book will end up in garbage dump.

If I were you, I would apologize and become a FELASI. What a shame. Kbre bis (you know what I am talking about).

Give it up Hatela.

Kbrethan habthan yTfa. They shouln’t give you this name rgum

Awot Nhafash!!!

God Bless Eritrea!!!

Zelalemawi kbri nsmaetna!!!

Kbrn mogesn njeganu!!!

Tsehaie Gmariam

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