Resettlement policy framework and specific resettlement action plan

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Ferghana Valley Water Resources Management Project – Phase I

Resettlement Policy Framework and Specific Resettlement Action Plan






20 July 2009

Tahlil Center for Social Research/ Social Assessment LLC.

(Team Leader Prof. Ayse Kudat)

Under Management of the Project Implementation Unit



Contents Page

1 Description of the project 9

1.1 Background to Ferghana Valley Water Resources Management Project 9

1.2 Project Area 9

1.3 Population and Project Affected People 11

1.4 Elements of Project that Affect Land Acquisition 11

2 Potential impacts 12

2.1 Project components and activities that give rise to resettlement 12

2.2 The alternatives considered to avoid or minimize resettlement and principles to be applied 21

3 Objectives of resettlement policy framework 22

4 Results of the socio-economic census of 37 affected farms 23

4.1 Introduction 23

4.2 Basic characteristics of Project affected leasehold farmers’ households 23

4.3 Agricultural activities of leasehold farms, assets, and incomes 25

4.4 Land acquisition 29

4.5 Farmers’ awareness about the Project, readiness to participate, and suggestions about the future land acquisition process 34

Risks related to land acquisition 37

5 Legal Framework 39

6 Institutional framework 50

7 Eligibility / right to compensations and assistance 50

8 Valuation of and compensation for losses 52

9 Compensation and entitlement matrix 58

10 Selection of plots for farmers, whose existing plots are significantly reduced during land acquisition 62

11 Provision with housing, objects of infrastructure, and social services 62

12 Environmental protection and management 63

13 Public participation 63

14 Integration with host communities 64

15 Grievance procedures (procedures for consideration and resolution of complaints) 64

16 Organizational responsibilities for implementing resettlement 64

17 Implementation schedule 65

18 Costs and budget 68

19 Monitoring and evaluation 77

Annex 1: Decree On Optimization of Cropping Areas and Increasing of Food Crop Production 81

Annex 2: Instruction On Constitution of a Special Committee (SC) in charge for development of proposals on optimization of farm enterprise plots 83

List of Tables

Table 1. Suggested new and rehabilitated infrastructure and links to the resettlement issues 13

Table 2. Sources of forage and pastures for livestock in households of affected farmers 25

Table 3. Year of establishment of affected leasehold farms 25

Table 4. Farming information about affected leasehold farms 26

Table 5: Officially registered indicators of performance on affected leasehold farms in 2008 (extracted from accounting books of farms) 27

Table 6. Crops structure on the leasehold farm plots affected by IDs 27

Table 7. Availability of own machinery 28

Table 8. Affected farms and future land acquisition by Raion 29

Table 9. Information about affected farms in Altyaryk raion. WUA “Katput” 30

Table 10. Information about affected farms in Rishtan rayon. WUA “Tuda obi hayot”. 31

Table 11. Information about affected farms in Bagdad raion. WUAs “Kushtegirmon”, “Sabibullo Hodji Muhiddinov”, “Dashtda dustlik bogi”, “Besh uglon zamini” 32

Table 12. Negative consequences expected by farmers from the construction of IDs 35

Table 13. Farmer’s requests for assistance/information in connection with the possible beginning of construction of IDs. 36

Table 14. Crop structure in Project farms, whose land will be acquired for ID construction (taking into account permanent crops) 53

Table 15. Estimates for compensations most common fruit trees and bushes 55

Table 16. Average annual production of crops in Project districts, 2006-2008 56

Table 17. Estimates of compensations for loss of annual crops 57

Table 18. Entitlement Framework 58

Table 19. Calculation of compensations for acquisition of lands under annual crops in 37 farms, for the purposes of ID construction 69

Table 20. Calculation of compensations for acquisition of 200 ha of lands under annual crops, for the purposes of installation of 100 km long SHD 71

Table 21. Calculation of amount of trees on the routes of interceptor drains 73

Table 22. Estimates of compensations for loss of fruit and mulberry trees during ID construction 74

Table 23. Total estimates for RF implementation, ‘000 USD 76

Table 24. M&E matrix 78

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