Request for Reimbursement of Tier 2 Immigration Visa Fees

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Request for Reimbursement of Tier 2 Immigration Visa Fees

This form should be completed by Tier 2 sponsored employees who are applying for the reimbursement of their initial Tier 2 Immigration visa fee’s when starting employment at the University. Please note this is the only method to claim re-imbursement for visa costs. This form is not for NHS Surcharge payments, Visa extensions and or dependant Tier 2 Visa’s, as the University policy does not cover these options.

Section 1: Employee Personal Details

Staff ID:

First name:


Job title:


Start date in role:

Contract end date (if applicable):

Section 2: Visa and expense details (Please note: Claims will not be processed without evidence of payment)

Visa number:

Visa expiry date:

Date fees paid:

Total expense amount:

Is this your first Tier 2 visa at the University of Southampton: Yes/No

Any additional information regarding the visa and expense details:
If you have paid in a foreign currency, please enter the pound sterling fee that this relates to as detailed on the UKVI website.

Section 3: UK tax assessment

In order for the expenses to be reimbursed free of tax and national insurance contributions you must not have been:

  • In the UK for any purpose in the 2 year period prior to your arrival date; or

  • Resident in the UK for tax purposes (been in paid employment) in either of the two UK tax years prior to your arrival date. (UK tax years run form 6th April to 5th April)

Date you first arrived in the UK to work:

Were you present in the UK for any purpose (for example vacation, conference, work) in the two year period prior to the date you first came to the UK to work? :
Yes / No

Were you resident in the UK for tax purposes (e.g worked in the UK) in either of the two tax years prior to the date you first came to the UK to work?


If ‘No to the above, please proceed to complete section 4. If ‘Yes’ to the above, please provide the following information.

Relevant Tax Year

Date resident in the UK in the relevant Tax Year

From 6 April:

To 5 April:



Section 4: Employee Declaration

  1. I confirm that all information provided is accurate and understand that due to UK tax rules, I may receive less back from the University than I have paid to UKVI.

  2. I understand that the University may need to disclose this information to the UK tax authorities.

  3. I understand that if I resign from the University within the duration of my Visa, I will be required to repay a proportionate amount back to the University as detailed in the table below. I agree to the repayment being deducted from my final net pay from the University.



Please forward this form, alongside any evidence of payment to the UKVI, to your Head of Unit/Department. Please note that forms will not be processed without Head of Unit/Department approval.

Faculty/Department Approval

Head of Unit/Department:


Agresso Code:


Please forward this form to Payroll, alongside any evidence of payment to the UKVI. – Please note that failure to present evidence of payment will result in your claim being rejected.

Recovery of Reimbursements

The value to be repaid will be as follows (based on visa fees as at January 2017):

Time remaining on visa

Value to be repaid (where there are two options, whichever option results in a lower repayment value)

Less than 6 months


6 months or more (but less than 12 months)

£115 or 1/6th of original reimbursement

12 months or more (but less than 18 months)

£230 or 1/3rd of original reimbursement

18 months or more (but less than 24 months)

£345 or half of original reimbursement

24 months or more (but less than 30 months)

£460 or 2/3rds of original reimbursement

30 months or more (but less than 36 months)

£575 or 5/6ths of original reimbursement

36 months or more (but less than 42 months)

£690 or all of the original reimbursement

42 months or more (but less than 48 months)


48 months or more (but less than 54 months)


54 months or more


Updated February 2017

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