Request for Proposals (rfp)

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Request for Proposals (RFP)


Regional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Services (Region 4)

This is a Request for Proposals to provide planning services to the State of Wyoming for a FEMA-Approved Regional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan. Wyoming desires to transition from County multi-jurisdiction, multi-hazard mitigation plans to Regional multi-jurisdiction, multi-hazard mitigation plans in an effort to pursue planning efficiencies and encourage mitigation planning throughout ALL Wyoming counties/regions. This regional mitigation plan will cover Region 4 which includes Lincoln, Uinta and Sweetwater Counties and their 19 incorporated jurisdictions. [Please reference attachment A] Currently in Region 4, 1 county has a current, approved mitigation plan, 1 county has an expired mitigation plan, and 1 county has no existing plan. The regional mitigation plan will bring together existing risk and hazard information for all Counties in Region 4 and their jurisdictions and will analyze and incorporate their risks and hazards. The hazard mitigation planning process will provide a dynamic, living planning document which describes potential hazards, vulnerabilities and strategies to reduce short-term and long-term risks to life, property and the environment.

The Regional Multi‐Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan must meet requirements outlined in 44 CFR Part 201 and the most current FEMA plan guidance available. The planning process must result in a FEMA-Approved Regional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan, consistent with mitigation planning requirements for local governments (44 CFR Section 201.6) as well as the applicable mitigation planning guidance.
The State has received letters from each county (copies attached-Appendix C) indicating their interest in and willingness to participate in the planning process. Each county designated a primary point of contact and the contact’s phone number is listed within the attached letters. A FEMA-approved mitigation plan is required to be an eligible applicant for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Grants including Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM), Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA), and Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) grants.
You are invited to submit a proposal to be received no later than 4:00 p.m., Monday, February 29, 2016 to:
Melinda Gibson

State Hazard Mitigation Officer

Wyoming Office of Homeland Security

5500 Bishop Boulevard

Cheyenne, WY 82002
The proposal should be submitted with all information described in ‘Proposal Contents’ (below) of this Request for Proposal. Proposals should be mailed to the address above. Delays due to incorrect addressing on the offeror’s part will not result in deadline extensions.
The State of Wyoming is the lead entity for this project and will enter into a contract with the contractor whose proposal is determined to be the most advantageous to the State and Region, with all evaluation factors considered. Factors to be considered, the method used in the evaluation of the proposal and selection of the Contractor are set forth below.
While the State of Wyoming is the contracting and lead entity in this project, this is a Regional, Multi-Jurisdictional plan and the contractor’s work with all 3 Counties and 19 incorporated jurisdictions will be part of the project and contracted work. This project is being funded through a grant award from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency, Fiscal Year 2015 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) and all requirements of that program must be met. The total funding available for the project is $62,500. The funding is available through September 30, 2016, making it critical to meet timelines and all project mile markers on or before September 30, 2016.
If you have any questions concerning the Request for Proposal, please do not hesitate to contact Melinda Gibson at 307.777.4914 or
Scope of Work

The State of Wyoming is soliciting proposals for planning services necessary to complete and submit a Regional Multi‐Hazard Mitigation Plan within the approved budget and by the agreed upon completion date, with the project considered complete only upon receipt of FEMA approval of the plan.

The 3 Counties’ Multi‐Hazard Mitigation Plans will be base documents from which work will begin. The Region 4 Multi‐Hazard Mitigation Plan will address natural hazards within the Region such as flood, wind, wildfire, and geological hazards and will mirror the Wyoming State Multi‐Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Regional Multi‐Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan will meet the requirements outlined in 44 CFR Part 201 and the most current FEMA plan guidance available. The planning process will result in a FEMA-Approved Regional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan, consistent with mitigation planning regulations for local government (44 CFR Section 201.6) as well as the applicable mitigation planning guidance.
Existing plans will be reviewed and analyzed by the contractor, Local/Regional Planning Team(s) and other involved parties, reviewing and assessing existing plans for adequacy or need for revisions. It must be recognized that there have been changes within jurisdictions, new technologies are available for use, new data has been developed or identified, additional events have occurred and lessons have been learned. As such, while the existing plans will be the work starting point during this project, some aspects will be breaking new ground as if a new plan was being developed. (This is especially true for 1 County in Region 4 who does not have an existing plan.)
The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security (WOHS) and jurisdictions within Region 4 are ultimately responsible for the final mitigation plan, but will utilize a qualified contractor to prepare the plan. The Contractor will be selected based upon prior experience creating timely FEMA-approved Hazard Mitigation Plans, demonstrated ability to coordinate work by a volunteer committee comprised of public and private sector representatives, references, knowledge of the region and its hazard history and ability to complete the project within the available project timeframe. FEMA places strong emphasis upon the active participation of each jurisdiction within the multi‐jurisdictional plan, and the contractor must work with all jurisdictions to ensure FEMA requirements are met. WOHS has received notice in writing (attached) from each county within the region indicating their interest in participating in the mitigation planning process.
WOHS will have oversight responsibility for the project but the contractor will do the majority of the work. This will include providing guidance to jurisdictions in Region 4 on all aspects of the planning process including facilitating planning meetings, collecting required information from the planning committee, documenting all meetings/advertisements/public feedback, and facilitating the work of the Local Planning Team to review, update and improve the existing plan and proposed revisions. This will include:

• The Risk/Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

• Development of a Multi‐Hazard Mitigation Strategy

• Reviewing and updating existing mitigation projects

• Identifying new projects for Local Planning Team consideration of inclusion in the plan

• Compiling a finished document which complies with FEMA planning requirements under 44 CFR which are outlined and documented in the attached Review Tool.

The contractor will be responsible for plan drafting, review, and production of all documentation in electronic format. Electronic copies of the plan will be provided to the State and each County within Region 4 as a single Adobe PDF file, with hyperlinked table of contents and other electronic document navigation features, for ease of the document’s online use. Additionally, an editable Microsoft Word version of the final FEMA-approved plan will be provided to the State and Counties by the contractor. Counties and local jurisdictions will be responsible to create and distribute hard copies as they deem necessary.
Mapping features created for the plan by the contractor will be provided to the State and Counties outside of the document itself as both shapefiles with associated attribute files and as either .kmz or .kml files for use in Google Earth.
All work completed by the contractor under this project will be the property of the State of Wyoming.
Electronic copies of the existing Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans will be made available to bidding contractors upon request.
Contractor Selection Procedure

All proposals received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and county/local officials deemed necessary. Following proposal evaluation (described below), contractor selection will be made, all entities submitting proposals will be notified, and a contract will be executed by the successful contractor, the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and officials of participating jurisdictions in Region 4.

Fee Schedule

For purpose of proposal evaluation, the Contractor is requested to provide a detailed bid, including travel costs, meeting costs, labor and other costs which will be charged to the project. The proposal shall also note the total bid price and anticipated payment schedule.

Proposal Contents

The contractor’s proposal must be in a sealed envelope and must contain the following:

1. Technical Approach/Project Schedule. Describe the approach to be taken in addressing the proposed scope of work. This description is to include delineation of specific tasks to be undertaken in completing the Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan, anticipated timeframe for each task, and associated cost of each task. This should include consideration of the information contained in Fee Schedule and Scope of Work above.
2. Prior Related Experience. Summarize the firm’s experience with hazard mitigation planning in Wyoming and FEMA Region VIII in the past 10 years. Please include the name and phone number of a contact person for each referenced project. Contractor must have at least one FEMA-approved Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan within FEMA Region VIII in their experience listing.
3. Contractor and Planning Implementation Capabilities. Describe the management plan to be used, staffing configurations, and the like. A brief bio of individuals to be involved in the project must be included. Describe specific project implementation measures intended to improve the overall benefit of the plan to Region 4 residents. Describe factors such as familiarity with the geographic area of the project, GIS capability to be incorporated into the plan, meeting/discussion facilitation experience, and other planning capacities which will enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of the completed Regional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan.
4. Project Budget. See Fee Schedule above. Include total bid price, anticipated planning project milestones and payment schedule associated with each milestone within this project. Total project costs should not exceed $62,500, but the work will not necessarily be awarded to the lowest bidder.
6. Projected Completion Date. Provide an anticipated timeframe the regional mitigation plan will be ready to be presented as a “final draft” document to be reviewed by the state and then submitted to FEMA for approval. This date is important to the region as FEMA’s review may take up to the 45 days. And, although the goal is to have a document that does not require any adjustments after initial submission, revisions may be requested by FEMA and the 45 day review clock may be reset with each resubmission of requested revisions, all of which have the potential of delaying the FEMA Final Approval Date for the Regional Plan.
Factors for Award – Proposal Evaluation Criteria

The following factors will be used in evaluating each contractor’s proposal and award of the project:

  1. Technical Approach/Project Schedule 25 points

  2. Contractor Capabilities 25 points

  3. Prior Related Experience 20 points

  4. Planning Implementation Capabilities 15 points

  5. Project Budget 5 points

  6. Projected Completion Date 10 points

Region 1

Region 1 – County

Incorporated Jurisdictions

Mitigation Plan Status

Expiration Date


Gillette, Wright


November 21, 2016


Sundance, Hulett, Moorcroft, Pine Haven


December 22, 2018


Buffalo, Kaycee


October 13, 2018


Sheridan, Clearmont, Dayton, Ranchester


May 14, 2019


Newcastle, Upton

No Plan


Region 2

Region 2 – County

Incorporated Jurisdictions

Mitigation Plan Status

Expiration Date


Douglas, Glenrock, Lost Springs, Rolling Hills


February 28, 2017


Casper, Bar Nunn, Edgerton, Evansville, Midwest, Mills


September 19, 2016


Lusk, Manville, Van Tassell


December 6, 2020

Region 3

Region 3 – County

Incorporated Jurisdictions

Mitigation Plan Status

Expiration Date


Laramie, Rock River


July 7, 2020


Rawlins, Baggs, Dixon, Elk Mountain, Grand Encampment, Hanna, Medicine Bow, Riverside, Saratoga, Sinclair

Approvable- Pending Adoption

July 21, 2014

Region 4

Region 4 – County

Incorporated Jurisdictions

Mitigation Plan Status

Expiration Date


Kemmerer, Afton, Alpine, Cokeville, Diamondville, La Barge, Opal, Star Valley Ranch, Thayne


August 6, 2012


Evanston, Bear River, Lyman, Mountain View


September 30, 2016


Green River, Rock Springs, Bairoil, Granger, Superior, Wamsutter

No Plan


Region 5

Region 5 – County

Incorporated Jurisdictions

Mitigation Plan Status

Expiration Date


Lander, Riverton, Dubois, Hudson, Pavillion, Shoshoni


July 13, 2017


Pinedale, Marbleton, Big Piney, Bondurant, Boulder, Cora, Daniel


August 21, 2013

Region 6

Region 6 – County

Incorporated Jurisdictions

Mitigation Plan Status

Expiration Date

Big Horn

Basin, Burlington, Byron, Cowley, Deaver, Frannie, Greybull, Lovell, Manderson

Expired- Update Approvable Pending Adoption as of 2/5/2016

January 28, 2016

Hot Springs

Thermopolis, East Thermopolis, Kirby

No Plan



Cody, Powell, Frannie, Meeteetse


November 21, 2016


Worland, Ten Sleep


September 19, 2016

Region 7

Region 7 – County

Incorporated Jurisdictions

Mitigation Plan Status

Expiration Date


Torrington, Fort Laramie, La Grange, Lingle, Yoder


January 9, 2012


Cheyenne, Albin, Burns, Pine Bluffs


February 26, 2018


Wheatland, Chugwater, Glendo, Guernsey, Hartville

No Plan


Region 8

Region 8 – County

Incorporated Jurisdictions

Mitigation Plan Status

Expiration Date



Expired-Update Approvable Pending Adoption as of 1/15/16

February 25, 2015

The Local Mitigation Plan Review Tool demonstrates how the Local Mitigation Plan meets the regulation in 44 CFR §201.6 and offers States and FEMA Mitigation Planners an opportunity to provide feedback to the community.
The Local Mitigation Plan Review Tool offers FEMA an opportunity to provide the community with feedback on various plan sections.

  • The Regulation Checklist provides a summary of FEMA’s evaluation of whether the Plan has addressed all requirements.

  • The Plan Assessment identifies the plan’s strengths as well as documents areas for future improvement.

  • The Multi-jurisdiction Summary Sheet is an optional worksheet that can be used to document how each jurisdiction met the requirements of the each Element of the Plan (Planning Process; Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment; Mitigation Strategy; Plan Review, Evaluation, and Implementation; and Plan Adoption).

The FEMA Mitigation Planner must reference this Local Mitigation Plan Review Guide when completing the Local Mitigation Plan Review Tool.


Title of Plan:

Date of Plan:

Local Point of Contact:




Phone Number:


State Reviewer:



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