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  Relevance of the topic : At present, the level of development of society is determined by the intellectual potential of that period. The intellectual potential of this period is based on the latest achievements of science and technology created by our conscious people-scientists living in it. Such intellectual potential can be a solid fundamental basis for ensuring the sustainability of the development of a particular state. It follows that the formation of the intellectual potential of the population in any country is always a matter of concern. The solution of such issues, of course, falls on the education system, and it directly depends on the quality of training of future qualified specialists.

In our country, as well as in developed countries, great attention is paid to the training of modern competitive professionals. Also, taking into account the dynamic growth of state development in our country, the solution of the problem of training future professionals for intellectual professional activity has risen to the level of state policy. A number of government documents have been adopted for this purpose. This is due to the fact that the development of society in the world is now systematically globalized, and the development of intellectual potential in accordance with them is gaining momentum. Therefore, in developed countries, great attention is paid to the further material and spiritual enrichment of society and the intellectualization based on them, and as a result, through them, the state acquires great intellectual potential. This is due to the fact that there is a wide range of opportunities for the formation of a harmoniously developed generation that can be an active participant in any civilizational process, and the training of intellectually advanced future professionals is essential.shows that it is a socially pressing problem .

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