Reading Ex., p

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Reading Ex., p.88
1. What was the aim of the Grand Louvre project?

To handle the ever-growing number of people anxious to see and learn about art

2. What was it that made people very angry?

Many believe that this historic site was already “saturated with architectural style…” and the glass pyramid would add yet another.

3. What is the purpose of a museum according to Ieoh Ming Pei?

Museum should play a role in educating the public and be an aesthetic experience in itself.

Listening Ex. 3, p.88
a) What are the choices facing the architects?

They rebuilt and choose modern architectural style.

b) How do the expert`s views on the design of a museum compare with Ieoh Ming Pei`s?

They are similar, both of them try to built something which is depend on past and present.

Listening Ex. 4, p.88
a) How does the museum intend to encourage the frequent visitor?

Showing a limited range of exhibits and changing them

b) What will the museum do for the groups on a thirty-minute tour?

They will organize selected exhibits

c) How will this help the individual visitor?

They can see remaining artifacts in peace and quiet atmosphere.

d) According to the speaker what are the disadvantages of museum like the Louvre?

Long distance between key exhibits, disturbing by the group, it is difficult for visitors to distinguish the important and not important exhibits

Vocabulary Ex., p.89
Buildings/Architecture: arch, portico, facade, getaway, gable, spire, column

Armoury/Warfare: shield, spear, pistol, helmet

Jewellery/Clothing: necklace, coronet, cloak, bracelet

Metals: gold, bronze, copper

Wall/Floor decoration: mosaic fresco, mural, frieze

Art/Sculpture: statue, sculpture, carving

Painting/Art: etching, watercolour

Transport: chariot, carriage, cart

The Ambassador Painti

It is mural as well as all colors were chosen ideally. In addition, using colors are so durable because this mural was painted about 10 000 years ago.

Dragon Master Pendant

It is jeweller, maybe necklace. That jeweller was made with gold and designed with some unique stones. In the past, you know, people were buddhist and they preyed statue. Following that, in the center of jeweller there is a statue and it means that necklace was made in the ancient time.
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