Rajabov 4th · course Student of if-48 · group

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Doniyorbek Rajabov

4th · course

Student of IF-48 · group

Khurbanova Muhabbat

English teacher


Report to answer a task of “Practical English” course

Variant 1


I would like to point out right at the beginning that statistics given the article sounds possibility to the way of energy solutions. Nowadays, due to high level of population growth in Uzbekistan, relatively, consumption of energy as well as electricity is increasing significantly. However, people do not find this state considerable. To give better idea, even though, we can buy solar power system easily in my home town Kokand, it is hard to find solar panels on the rooftops. Maybe, this is because, the panels can’t satisfy demand totally. It would be great source of energy if projects to rise efficiency of converting solar energy to electricity were completed successfully. I hope, soon, problems of this subject will be solved and we will have opportunity of cheaper energy than todays.


  • 16x10 kilowatt hours

  • 20000 times fewer than supply of the sun

  • The sun is the source of all main forms of energy.

  • in Central Asia and Armenia

  • the power will be quite cheap if it is converted from solar.

Doniyorbek R. U.

IF-48 group

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