Qahhorov nursulton’s english tasks!!! Hemis tasks tasks 4: score -5 unit 8: security and safety lesson 21. Computer threats. It security and safety. Task 1

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Lesson 21. Computer threats . IT security and safety.

Task 1. Solve the clues and complete the puzzle.

  1. Users have to enter a password to gain access to a network.

  2. A Firewell protects a company intranet from outside attackers.

  3. A hacker is a person who uses their computer skills to enter computers and networks illegally.

  4. Viruses can infect your files and corrupt your hard drive.

  5. You can download freeware from the Net; this type of software is available free of charge but protected by copyright.

  6. Encoding data so that unauthorized users can’t read it is known as encryption .

  7. This company uses description techniques to decode( or decipher) secret data.

  8. Most spyware is designed to obtain personal information without the user’s permission.

Lesson 22. Health and safety.Computer ergonomics

Task 1. Complete the sentences with the correct infinitive or -ing form of the verbs in brackets.

When I go shopping for clothes, I spend time 1 to think about what I’m going to buy. I usually can’t afford 2 to buy the brands I really like. If I spend all my money on one piece of clothing, I end up 3 regreting it. However, if I really like something, I do occasionally decide 4 to do that. I enjoy 5 looking around the shops for cheaper clothes and I always ask the shop assistants 6 to give me a discount. They usually refuse 7 to offer me one, but occasionally I’m lucky and I manage 8 to get one!

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