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OAK MEADOW HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION (OMHOA) is seeking proposals for the painting of Oak Meadow Homeowner’s Association Complete Buildings, located in South Daytona, Florida.  Proposal scope is posted at:

If you are having difficulty with the web site, please contact Staci at

The scope of work posted on the website is the minimum requirements.  Proposals should be sealed and should include all services available. 

An actual contract must be provided with bid. 

Our property is located at Oak Meadow Circle (located between Magnolia and Nova Roads in South Daytona, Florida). Review of the Property may be done Tuesdays 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM and Thursdays 10:00 AM – 12:00PM. Questions may be entertained at these times.

Our property management company is Clifton Management (386)767-5575.

Bidders are to provide a list of current client references with contact numbers.

Bidders are to provide a list of company owners and key personnel employed.

OMHOA reserves the right to waive irregularities and to reject any or all bids. OMHOA reserves the right to negotiate with any bidder.

All questions from bidders will be provided to all bidders.

Proposals must be received by US mail or courier to:

Clifton Management

1326 S Ridgewood Ave, Ste. 14

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Submission deadline:  May 30, 2015.

Proposals will be opened and evaluated by June 8, 2015 . 

It is the intent of the OMHOA to notify the successful bidder and to approve a contract by July 1, 2015, with effective date of September 1, 2015. 




To Include:

Pressure cleaning of building exterior, fencing, Spanish tile, front concrete wall, front sign and entry sidewalks. Painting all exterior masonry walls, front and storage doors, fascia, soffits, gutters, privacy fencing, balcony rails, garbage area fencing, light fixture, 32 mailbox posts, front concrete wall and front sign.

Does Not Include:

Painting of screen doors, interiors of storage closets, painting of patio or balcony floors, or sidewalks. Pressure washing of patios, balcony floors, garbage enclosures and sidewalks other than the front entry way area are not included. Separate prices for these items will be given if requested by any homeowner. If any of these additional items are added, the work will done under a separate agreement between vendor and homeowner and payment will be the individual homeowners’ responsibility.

Pressure Cleaning:

Pressure Clean the entire building and fences to remove all loose paint, dirt, mildew, and salt deposits.

Peeling Areas:

Peeling surfaces on any items to be painted shall be scraped and sanded to a sound substrate.

Loose wood, gutters, and downspouts:

Any loose wood trim, privacy fences, etc., will be re-anchored using galvanized rust proof screws or ring shanked nails. Secure loose or sagging gutters with new gutter spikes and spacers and secure loose downspouts with new brackets and rust proof anchors where needed.


Any loose or frail caulking around window frames, door frames, lights, vents, utility boxes, etc., will be removed. A continuous bead of caulking will be re-applied.

Masonry/Stucco Crack Repair:

All masonry or stucco crack will be cleaned out, bridged approximately 2 inches on both sides and crowned in the center about 1/8 inch to allow for thermal movement using proper patching compound. Cracks larger than 1/16 inch will be cleaned and opened to remove any loose edges, sealant will be applied and a layer of compound will be applied 2 inches on either side of the crack and ¼ inch in center.

Priming of bare wood:

Any bare wood or water stained wood will be primed by proper exterior wood primer and stain blocker.

Priming of Masonry:

All masonry/stucco surfaces to be painted shall be primed with masonry conditioner. Product will be applied at a spread rate not to exceed 250-350 square foot per gallon on textured stucco.

Top Coat for trim and fencing:

All services to be painted will receive one generous coat of exterior acrylic and line with a Satin finish, applied at a spread rate not to exceed 280 square foot per gallon on smooth services and 200 square foot on rough textured surfaces.

Top Coat for Masonry Walls (SPECIAL ELAST-O-MERIC COATING):

All masonry services will be painted with 1 generous coat of Elastomeric super stretch with a satin sheen, applied at a spread rate not to exceed 100 square foot per gallon.


5 year labor/5 year product.

General Conditions:

*Painter shall supply all labor, material and any other equipment necessary for the completion of 32 buildings. Painter shall deliver materials to job site, in un-opened containers bearing the manufacturer brand name, product and color designations.

*Job not to exceed 3 months, weather permitting, from start to finish.

*The Contractor shall be solely responsible for the rectification of any damage caused by his employees. All work will be performed in a professional manner by skilled painters carried out in such a way as to minimize any inconvenience to the owners and tenants.

*The owners shall make available power and water from existing outlets without charge for the responsible use of the contractor in the performance of his work.

*Proof of Insurance: Both workers compensation and liability insurance with Oak Meadow HOA listed as certificate holder will be given prior to work start date.
Download 15.14 Kb.

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