Progress check listen and complete the sentences. (6x2=12)

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1 Listen and complete the sentences. (6x2=12)

6, Eiffel Tower, Great Britain, popular, 674, France

Heggy: Look! We’re in Paris, (1) ________. Hoggy: Oh... it’s beautiful... streets... parks... Heggy: Wow... look... a tower... Is it the (2) ________? Hoggy: Yes... I’d like to climb the tower. Heggy: Well... it’s not easy... you know there are (3) ___ steps. Hoggy: ... OK... I see... Heggy: You know... about (4) ________ million people visit the Eiffel Tower every year. It’s very famous. Hoggy: Heggy, look: mountains... Heggy: Yes... you know skiing is a very (5) ________sport in France. They have ski schools for children. Hoggy: What school? Ski school? What do children learn there? Heggy: They learn how to ski, and they learn by playing and having fun. Hoggy: Wow... I’d like to go to ski school. Heggy: OK... now we’re flying to (6) ________. Hooray!

2 Choose the correct words. (7x2=14) Antarctica (1) have/has the coldest climate on the Earth. It is the fifth (2) larger/largest continent. Antarctica’s (3) hottest/lowest air temperature record was on 21 July 1983, with -89.2 oC at Vostok Station. Antarctica has 90% of the world’s (4) ice/forests and more than 70% of its fresh water. Antarctica (5) is/are home to penguins. Penguins are very (6) boring/ interesting birds. They can’t (7) fly/swim but they swim very well and eat (8) grass/fish ! Some penguins live in the ice and snow.

3 Read and match the texts with titles. (3x4=12)

1) Buckingham Palace; 2) The London Eye; 3) The London Underground (A) It is the world’s first and oldest tube. There are 11 lines and 270 stations today. People can travel around the city with this transport. People sometimes can see deer, bats, snakes and mice there. (B) It is the biggest Ferris wheel in Great Britain. It is next to the River Thames. The wheel is 135 m high. It has 32 cabins. A cabin can take 25 people. Tourists can watch a wonderful city from it. (C) It is in the centre of London. The Queen and her family live there when they are in London. The palace has 775 rooms. 52 bedrooms are for the Queen’s family and her guests. 450 people work there.

4 Put the words in the correct order. (6x2=12)

\1) in/Park/is/Banff National/Canada/. e.g. Banff National Park is in Canada.

2) visit/it/About four million/every/year/people/.

3) a lot of/There are/in the park/beautiful/mountains, forests, rivers and lakes/.

4) is/This/home/for 53/animals/different/. 5) can/You/see/these/from/animals/your car/.

6) are/When/you/walking/you mu
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