Press release interpack: ima dairy & food presents innovative packaging solutions ima dairy & food presents various newly developed products at "interpack 2017"

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Press release
interpack: IMA DAIRY & FOOD presents innovative packaging solutions
IMA DAIRY & FOOD presents various newly developed products at "interpack 2017". Besides machines on display visitors to the stand can also see packaging machines in action on large video walls as well as partly in virtual reality technology.
Stutensee, 7 April 2017 IMA Hassia extends its product range by adding a packaging machine for portion cups in the low output range – an ergonomic FFS machine for mini-portions. The "P100" as an entry-level machine is particularly noted for its compact design and easy handling. With a length of five metres and depth of approximately 1.3 metres it can be integrated in a space-saving manner in any production facility. The cup web is transported at an easy to use height of one metre, making visual inspection easier for the operator.
The output of the new FFS machine is up to 20,000 units per hour depending on format and product characteristics. It is specially designed for mini-portion cups so that smaller volumes can also be produced efficiently. The application range covers practically all liquid and pasty food and dairy products, from butter, margarine or marmalade in a mini-portion format such as for hotel buffets to dressings, sauces or desserts for in-flight catering on board an aircraft. The FFS machine "C100" was developed for cups based on the same machine design. This model is suitable as an entry-level machine for application rates of up to 7,000 cups per hour.
Compact wrapping machine with highest filling precision
IMA Benhil presents a new wrapping machine, the "Multipack 2000", for pasty products, i.e. butter, margarine, edible fats, cream cheese etc. This machine is also noted for its extremely compact dimensions and great robustness. Short changeover times and a broad dosing range make the fully automatic wrapping machine extremely flexible.

"Multipack 2000" produces up to 100 packs per minute depending on the product to be filled. The dosing range is from 50g to 500g. Different filling amounts and different products can be processed with short changeover times. The machine's exceptional filling accuracy is remarkable. This is s= 0.5 g for quantity < 250 g.

"Multipack 2000" can be operated in its standard design with all packaging materials currently used for wrap packaging. The machine can also be equipped for other materials upon request.
None is tighter: new high-speed filling system
Another highlight is the "Ermetika" of IMA Fillshape. The high-speed continuous motion rotary machine fills and seals pre-made spouted pouches and is of particular interest for liquid cosmetic and cleaning products. It covers a wide range of pouch shapes and sizes and can be easily and quickly adapted to different films, spouts and caps of different suppliers.
The machine works with a special filling technique ("filling through the spout"), under which the spout is sealed on the pouch before filling. The filling capacity of the pouch can be fully exploited by means of the "filling through the spout" method, which results in significant savings in materials. Ermetika is the only machine on the market able to control the sealing of the pouch.
Completely servo-driven wrapping machine with new wrapping feeding system
Corazza will present the new wrapping machine I20 for pressed cubes. It’s a completely servo-driven machine which allows to simplify all production processes and handling. Thanks to a new wrapping feeding system the overall size of the machine is 30 per cent smaller than comparable machines. A format change can be realized in 4 hours. The machine is suitable for pressed stock cubes, as well as for chocolate or milk-based products.
Modern video and virtual reality technology
Besides machines on display IMA DAIRY & FOOD also shows machines in action on large video walls. A special recording technique makes it possible to zoom in on the machine and show certain processes in "slow motion". Visitors to the stand will also be able to experience the Ermetika pouch filling machine and a pressed soup cube line in virtual reality.



IMA DAIRY & FOOD is owned by the Italian company, I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A., and is one of the world's leading suppliers of packaging machines, technology and services for the dairy and food industries. With its German headquarters in Stutensee near Karlsruhe both individual machines and complete packaging lines are developed, manufactured and sold at its seven production sites in Europe and Asia. IMA DAIRY & FOOD employs more than 950 staff worldwide.
Press contact:

Sebastian Glaser

möller pr

Tel.: +49 (0)221 801087-80



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