Prediction/ Speculation

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Prediction/ Speculation






Time to think

Opening Expressions

Linking Words

Link & Expand

1)    “I think (believe) that in the future factories in China will meet international standards and certainly the government is working hard to do this.”

2)   “I hope that in the future all people will be able to live in peace as a global village.”

It’s possible that….

I can see that…

If possible I’d like to see….

we can assume that…


we should plan to…

It might be that…


I expect that…


I suppose…

it’s quite possible that…

I imagine that…

It may be / could be that…

I guess…

It’s quite likely that

It’s not very likely that

It’s unlikely that

I doubt whether …will happen

In the long run

In the future, I think

In years to come

By the year

By the time we are                   

1)   “Well compared with Beijing, Nanjing has not developed so fast, but it is more interesting and has more history and culture.”

2)   “The weather in Nanjing is better than Beijing.  It is not so cold in the winter, so more comfortable”.

3)   “Beijing is bigger and more international than Nanjing, but not so scenic”.

I think… is preferable to

Better than

More comfortable than

Less useful than

I prefer

My favourite …is

If you compare …with

1)   “If I get my degree at the university, then I will go to work in IT and maybe later start a family”.

2)   “When I get my degree, (then) I will get a job in England.”

1)   “Nanjing is a great place for historical and cultural attractions, but Beijing is more international.”

the main difference…    

one of the differences…  

similarly / likewise…   

slightly different..

in contrast / on the other hand… 

just a little different…

totally different…

whereas / while…      

1)   “I will finish my education before I do anything else.  It is very important to have the right qualifications and this is best done when you are young.”

2)   “Sports stars should get paid lots of money.  After all, they are representing a whole country and their dedication and special talents should be recognized.”

that’s why…  




what I mean is…           

you see… 

 to be honest…           

let me explain…  the reason why…

1)   “In my opinion people should work until they are at least 65 years old.”

2)   “I personally think people should have more leisure time”.

I believe that…   

I feel that…   

to my mind…  


Well, personally speaking…  

It seems that…          

from my point of view… 

as I see it…     

I am quite convinced that…   

I’m fairly certain that…

Now let me think… 

It’s difficult to say exactly, but…   

The best way I can answer is…           

How shall I put it…    

That’s an interesting question.           

Let’s put it this way.

Mmm, that’s a difficult question.

Let me see

May I think about that for a moment?

How can I put this?

How can I best say this?

Let me get this right

One of the most important things I did was to…

I did a number of important things such as…

Last year was an important year because I…

Of all things I did…









At the moment

Even though





I prefer

Both in fact

While I am studying

I think

As well as

On top of that

At first

I am used to it

And as they are


In fact

For instance

Um… that’s hard one to answer

I suppose

Preparing your talk

Giving your talk

Agreeing/ Disagreeing

Alternative Viewpoint

Giving an Explanation

Making a Suggestion

Presenting an Argument

Saying something in another way

Giving Two Sides of an Argument


I’d like to talk about…

I’ve chosen to talk about…

I’m going to talk about…

I’ve lived in quite a few places, but one place I particularly liked was…

I’ve really only ever lived in…so I’ll talk about that.

My answer

Is in the context of

That is obviously

It’s a bit hard to explain

I think/ I don’t (really) think…

I believe/ I don’t (really) believe…

Personally, I think…

In my opinion/In my view…

It seems to me that…

Yes, absolutely (because)

Certainly yes, (because)

Yes, I think we should actually, (because)

Yes, I personally like … (because)

Not really (because)

To be honest, no, (because)

I’m not sure that I agree with

I’m afraid I can’t agree with that idea (because)

Yes, I agree

I can’t help thinking the same

True enough

That’s right

I couldn’t agree more

That’s just what I was thinking

That’s my view exactly

I’m afraid I disagree

Well, as a matter of fact

I’m not sure about that

I see things rather differently myself

I don’t entirely agree with you


Well, my opinion is that

I must take issue with you on that

I’m not sure (that)…

I’m afraid I think…

Well, I don’t know for sure but…

Possibly, but…

I tend to think/ believe…


One reason is

That’s why I think



That’s why

As a result of

Because of

It’s possibly due to

It may be because of

It may come from the fact that

I think we should

It would be a good idea to

What about…?

One idea would be to

One thing we could do would be to

It is often said

On the one hand

Another point is that

Many consider



First of all

I believe that


The most important point is that


In my opinion

On the other hand


By way of contrast


What I mean is

What I’m trying to say is

How can I put this

In other words

Perhaps I should make that clearer by saying…

How can I best say this?

To put it another way

While …may be true, I also think…


It’s true that… but on the other hand…

Some people think…However, I think…


I would imagine that a pilot needs to be able to think quickly.

I suppose people who take up nursing need to de dedicated. They also need to be patient and understanding.

I’d say…

As far as I can see…

It’s probably useful for a … to be…

I think it’s important/essential for a …to be…

Question words

If you didn’t understand the question ask the examiner to repeat

If you do not understand the word ask to explain

If you cannot remember the words, describe and explain

Asking for clarification or repetition


Asking somebody for their opinion

Saying something in another way

Summing up







" I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that, could you repeat it for me, please?"

" Excuse me I didn't quite hear what you said."

" Sorry I'm afraid I don't understand."

I’m sorry, can you repeat the question, please?”

"I'm sorry I don't quite understand when you say, 'demystify', would you please explain."

"Yes, I know the words but I just cannot remember them at the moment.  What I am talking about is the little wheeled vehicle a baby is pushed around in." (a baby carriage)

I’m sorry?

Would you mind repeating that?


Could you repeat what you said?

What was that?

I’m afraid I didn’t catch that?

Excuse me for interrupting

Sorry to butt in…

Could I just say that…

Sorry to interrupt, but…

What do you think about?

What are your views on…?

What are your feelings about?

What’s your opinion?

What I mean is

What I’m trying to say is

How can I put this

In other words

Perhaps I should make that clearer by saying…

How can I best say this?

To put it another way

In brief

So basically…

In short

To sum up

So in conclusion

To summarise

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