Prairie Dog Press

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6855 South Prairie Road Tillamook, OR 97141 (503) 842-8401

Prairie Dog Press

Tillamook School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

Annual Canned Food Drive

Each year, South Prairie and Liberty hold a canned food drive to benefit local food supply organizations. You can help by donating canned or boxed foods from February 27-March 3. Donations can be left at the main office.

If South Prairie students win, they will receive a special treat from the principal!

Yearbook Orders

If you haven’t already ordered your yearbook, please do so as soon as possible. The last day to order is Friday, March 24. We have extra order forms available at the main office. The cost is $10.00. This is a great way for students to remember their year!

Carnival Update

Our Annual Spring Carnival is fast approaching (May 20)! As you know, our carnival is the main fund raiser the PTC puts on each year, and the biggest money maker is the raffle. If you have anything that you would like to donate to this year’s raffle, please let us know! We are happily accepting donations at the office right now!


We will be celebrating all of our classified staff the week of March 6-10. Our theme this year is Keeping It Classy! Classified staff include all educational assistants, our secretary, librarian, the custodians, our cooks, and bus drivers. We are encouraging students to write notes of appreciation to these staff members to let them know how thankful we are for their hard work. They are amazing, and we would be lost without them!

March Dates:

3/2 Read-a-thon @ 2:25

3/2 Title I Family Literacy Night @ 6:00 pm

3/6 Classified Week Begins

3/13 Report Card Day—NO SCHOOL!

3/13 School Board Mtg. @ 5:30 pm (Dist. Office)

3/14 PTC Meeting @ South Prairie @ 3:30 pm

3/17 Family Bingo Night @ 6:00 pm

3/2 Site Council Mtg. @ 3:05 pm

3/20 Recognition Assembly @ 2:15 pm

3/23 Book Fair @ 11:30 am

3/24 Book Fair 8:00-5:00

3/24 Science Fair Open to Public 12:00-5:00

3/24 Last day to order yearbook ($10.00)

3/27 Spring Break Begins!

4/3 School Resumes

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