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Cover Letter

Surname: Kawa

First Name: Mohammad Ali

Contact: 0786908300

Email: aghwordcenter@gmai.com

Address: Estgah-e-Saripul, Dasht Barchi, 13th District, Kbul, Afghanistan.

Position: _____________

V- Number: ____________________

Organization: __________________________

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, it is stated that the new opening above mentioned position in your well-regarded Organization Where I could make a significant contribution while developing my skills yet further, has encouraged me to make use of the opportunity. As I find myself the best suited for the aforesaid post, both in terms of academic qualification and work experiences:

  • District/NSP, Rural development program based on PRA method,

  • Master Trainer (Social mobilization, Capacity Building, Public Awareness, Conflict Resolution),

  • Gender Advisor,

  • Researcher, (as a team leader),SPSS data analysis skills , PRA research Method.

Facilitated Seminar and workshops regarding to human rights in Human Rights and Civil Society Network,

  • Workshops, Seminar, Training Facilitator/conductor,

  • A research curried out in India titled “cultural elements of violence against women in India”

I have the knowledge of diversity in both terms of academic knowledge and work experiences. I worked with people of different cultural backgrounds and easily can work in multicultural environment. It is not only the academic knowledge and work experiences, but diversity itself is a value for me.

As I fulfill nearly the entire desired criteria, I feel very much confident to apply for the said post, thus I am so hopeful that your kind administration would extend me an opportunity to prove my worth in a challenging, multicultural and good working environment.

My CV is attached with the forwarding letter that bears my Bio-data as well as work experiences.
Sincerely Yours,

Mohammad Ali Kawa

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Information

Name: Mohammad Ali Kawa

Contact: 07869083300

E-mail: aghwordcenter@gmai.com

Address: Estgah-e-Shafakhana, Dasht Barchi, 13th District Kabul Afghanistan.

Current Occupation: Part time working as lecturer in a higher education institute

  • Research methodology skill;

  • PRA theoretical & practical knowledge

  • Interpersonal & leadership Skills;

  • Management Skill;

  • Report writing skill;

  • Administrative skill;

  • Training conduction skill;

  • Good Communication Skill;

  • Coordination skill;

Education Background

  • M.A: (Master Degree in Sociology): Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, 2013- 2015;

  • B.A: (Philosophy & Sociology), S&SF, Kabul University, 2005- 2009;

  • 12th Grade Diploma: Ostad Abdul Ghafoor Sultani High School,Ghazni Afghanistan. 2002-2004.

  • English Diploma, ALC, Pul-e-Khomri, Baghlan Afghanistan, Fall, 2010


  • Ancient/Modern & contemporary Socio-cultural & political Theories

  • Sociology/theories of communications

  • Sociology/theories of Development

  • Research Methodology

  • Criminology

  • Sociology of changes

  • Industrial Sociology

  • Ancient, classical, modern & Contemporary philosophical theories

  • Social Problems

  • Family Sociology

  • Sociology of religion

  • Sociology of Health

  • Rural & Urban Sociology/development

  • Political Sociology

  • Sociology of arts

  • Afghanistan Social Structure

  • Sociology of Education

  • Pedagogy

  • Archeology & Anthropology

  • Ethnography

Training & Courses:

  • 07 – 11 July 2012: Communication Skills training conducted by U.K Rebuild Consultant, Kabul Afghanistan.

  • 09 – 19 October 2009: Attended 10 days training course of Monograph & Report writing at Kabul University

  • 19 Jun – 27 Sep 2009: Research methodology training conducted by NCPR (National Center for Policy Research) in Kabul University

  • 7 March – 31 -Dec- 2009: Peace, conflict resolution & reconciliation training conducted by Glincry in Kabul university.

  • 13 April – 27 May 2008: Journalism and management training conducted by “National journalist's and correspondent's union of Afghanistan”

Work Experiences
Period: Jan/01/2012 – Mar/21/2013

Organization: GRSP/NSP (Ghazni Rural Support Program/National Solidarity Program)

Position: NSP Project Manager
Main Responsibilities:

    • Making yearly action plan

    • Control and manage all field staffs activities

    • Motivate Social Organizers and technical staffs

    • Motivate and mobilize the rural elders to participate implementing program

    • Inspecting NSP Implementation in the district level

    • Monthly meeting with CDCs chairmen in the district level

    • Participating in coordination meeting in the Provincial level

    • Receive report from staffs supervised by me and giving report of work progress to the Provincial Manager
    Facilitate for the CDCs to communicate with governmental /non-governmental offices.

Period: Apr/07/2010– Dec/31/2011

Organization: GRSP/NSP (Ghazni Rural Support Program/National Solidarity Program)

Position: Admin Finance Officer

  • Coordinating and interchange all data regarding to the NSP (National Solidarity program) with the related offices PMU/MRRD & DAFBANK

  • Printing and organizing administrative and financial documentation required for maintaining administrative and financial records.

  • Filing and recording all administrative and financial documents generated in the organization.

  • Administering attendance, leaves, payments to employees and vendors etc.

  • Draft letters, Memos, and other official letters as required.

  • Provide administrative support to the Director as required.

  • Develop and maintain personnel files for the organization staff.

  • Manage staff salaries, and performance reviews, prepare payroll sheets for the project staff on a monthly base.

  • Organize and coordinate meetings with the related authorities.

Period: May/03/2009– Aug/05/2009

Organization: NCPR (National Center for Policy Research)

Position: Surveyor (Team leader)

  • Key Responsibilities mainly included:

    • Interviewing

    • Oversee research team activities

    • Collecting data through questionnaire
    Analyzing of data and writing of research dissertation


Period: Jan/23/2007 – April/10/2009

Organization: YGWF (Youth Guidance & Welfare Foundation)

Position: Gender Adviser (Part Time)

  • Presented/Conducting workshops and seminars of gender issues

  • Conducting training about gender

  • Participate in seminar/workshop and conferences related on gender issues

  • Support/assist Cultural Committee, especially regarding “Gender” Issues

  • Advise women Committee Affairs regarding to gender
Computer Skills

  • Operating Systems: MS Windows XP/Seven

  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Power point)

  • Excellent knowledge of Internet & Software installation.

  • SPSS (data analysis software)

  • Typing Skill (English, Dari & Pashto)

Language Skills:
































  • M.Eshaq Zeerak, General Director, GRSP.

  • Dr. RAMAIAH BEHEENVENI, Professor Assistant, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

  • Qudratullah Brumand, Project Officer, WCLRF

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