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Mailorder/Wholesale 1st Quarter Update 2003


  • Absemia – Morbopraxis cd (Extremist)/US $12

Goregrind with some Death Metal elements from Argentinia. This is actually pretty good. The production reminds me a lot of “Realm of Chaos” era Bolt Thrower.

  • Absu – Tara cd (Olympic)/US $14

This US band needs no introduction. Full on Black/Thrash!!

  • Adversary – Forsaken cd (Cursed)/US $12

US Death Metal. Not really fast but mid-paced most times.

  • Agony Lords – Nihilist Passion digi cd (X-Rated)/US $14

Mexican band. Doom blended with some classic metal parts. This is kinda upbeat most times making this release more rocking than the usual slow Doom.

  • Anasarca – Moribund cd (Mighty)/US $14

Intense death/grind from one of Germany’s leading bands.

  • Anphisbenah – Initiates the Horrendous mcd (So It Is Done)/US $9

Brazilian Death Metal.

  • Antropofagus – Alive is Good… Dead is Better mcd (Beyond)/US $9

Ultra heavy and infectiously brutal Italian Death/Goregrind. Fantastic!!

  • Aphasia – Arcane in Thalassa cd (Grind It!)/US $14

Complex structured technical Black Metal from Canada.

  • Artillery – Deadly Relics digi cd (Mighty)/US $14

Legendary speed/thrash album in limited edition digipack.

  • Ashen Light – Nechb Beneca cd (More Hate)/US $13

Russian Black Metal with a folk influence. This is pretty good stuff. Check them out!!

  • Astray – Alone digipak mcd (Beyond)/US $9

SymphoMelodic Black/Death Metal from Finland. Pretty impressive!!

  • Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights cd (Nightsky)/US $14

Their debut album. Still a very good release. Fast American Black/Death Metal. Features Derik Roddy on drums!!

  • Aurora Borealis – Time, Unveiled cd (Nightsky)/US $14

Impressive fast Black/Death Metal from USA. Features Tim Yeung (ex-Hate Eternal) on drums!!

  • Avenger – Shadows of the Damned cd (Breath of Night)/US $14

Great Black/Death Metal from Czech Republic. A good release…

  • Avernus – Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie cd (Cursed)/US $12

US Doom Metal. This is a collection of early and later works. If you like Doom, buy this!!

  • Beheaded – Resurgence of Oblivion mcd (Mighty)/US $9

  • Crushing, brutal (US-type) death/grind. 8,5 in Rock Hard!

  • Beheaded – Recounts of Disembodiment cd (Mighty)/US $14

Second full lenght album from the Maltese death/grind kings.

  • Behemoth – Thelema .6 cd (Olympic)/US $14

The Polish Black Metal masters are back with a new offering. Includes 4 bonus tracks!!

  • Belëf – Deathwind Legion mcd (Criminal)/US $9

This is an impressive French Black Metal band. Reminds me a little of Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” album, or at least it sounds very much Norwegian!!

  • Beyond Fatal – Sanctuary in Misery cd (Bloodsoaked)/US $13

Great thrashy US Death Metal!! This reminds me a lot of early Malevolent Creation.

  • Beyond Serenity – Product of Civilisation mcd (Self-Financed)/US $9

German Death Metal. Their sound and their songs are written in such a way that it reminds me a lot of Morbid Angel’s Altars of Madness LP though not entirely similar.

  • Bizarre Vinyls 6-Way split cd (Bizarre Leprous)/US $12

More Grind than you can ever get on one cd!! 6 great bands with over 40 songs!! The 6 bands presented here are; Utopie (Germany), Autophagia (Greece), Squash Bowels (Poland), Brutality Reigns Supreme (Holland), Twisted Truth (Czech Republic) and Decomposition (Slovakia).

  • Black Mass – To Fly With Demons cd (Elegy)/US $13

Satanic American Black/Death Metal. A good release.

  • Blunt Force Trauma – Snapped mcd (Self-Financed)/US $8

US Death Metal.

  • Blut Aus Nord – S/T cd (Adipocere)/US $14

Awesome Black Metal from this French outfit. Raw, fast and straightforward. Great!!

  • Brodequin – Festival of Death cd (Unmatched Brutality)/US $13

Brutal US Death Metal at blistering speed!! Impressive!!

  • Brutality Reigns Supreme/Gruesome Stuff Relish split cd (Bizarre Leprous)/US $12

BRS are from Holland and GRS are from Spain. Both play extreme Gore/Grind. I must say this was quite a surprise… both bands are awesome!!

  • Celestia – A Cave Full of Bats mcd (Drakkar)/US $9

Melancholic Black Metal from France.

  • Centurian – Liber Zar Zax cd (Olympic)/US $14

Brutal Death Metal hailing from the Netherlands!! A release not to be missed!!

  • Centuries of Deception – Heic Noenum Pax mcd (Blood Fire Death)/US $9

Raw Black Metal from USA. Really dirty production that gives this mcd that added eerie aura. Also, the vocals remind me a little of Attila’s efforts in Mayhem.

  • Crawl – Construct, Destroy, Rebuild cd (Olympic)/US $10

US Industrial Metal. Reminiscent to Prong.. although Prong isn’t really Industrial.

  • Cripple Bastards – Almost Human cd (Obscene)/US $13

This Italian Grindcore band needs no introduction. A collection of 7” ep, comp. cd, unreleased and live tracks. All in all 50 songs!! Now how can you beat that?!!

  • Cronic Disorder – Torture Test cd (Mighty)/US $14

A brutal and aggressive mixture of US Thrash and Death Metal.

  • Dagorlad – The End of the Dark Ages digipak cd (LSP)/US $14

Great Belgian Death Metal in a very neat packaging.

  • Dark Fortress – Tales from Eternal Dusk cd (Red Stream)/US $14

This German Black Metal band is new to my ears. I must say I am impressed. At times grim and at times melodic (not excessively, which I prefer). The grim parts can be compared to early Emperor/Nordic Black Metal… and that is also good.

  • Dark Inversion – The Land of the Dead Warriors cd (Counter Attack)/US $13

Melodic Black Metal from Bulgaria with shrieking and clear vocals and keyboards. Worth checking out!!

  • Dark Legion – Bloodshed cd (Deadsun)/US $13

Polish brutal Death Metal at breakneck speed. Technical at parts too. A good release!!

  • Deaf & Dumb/Imperial Foeticide – Uprooted…/Pandemie of People’s Decadence split cd (Epidemie)/US $12

Deaf & Dumb is like a mix between Grindcore and Death Metal while Imperial Foeticide sounds more like Death Metal with well programmed drum machine. Both bands are from Czech Republic.

  • Decomposed/Psychopathia – Overcome Fear/Meeting the Life split cd/US $12

Both bands are from Czech Republic and both are Death Metal bands. Pretty good considering the recordings were from the mid 90’s.

  • Deepred – Prophetic Luster cd (Forensick)/US $14

Awesome brutal technical Death Metal from Finland comparable to maybe Dying Fetus?!!

  • Demimonde – Mutant Star cd (Epidemie)/US $13

Great Czech technical sci-fi metal with lots of vocal variations and sung female vocals. Well-structured and well-played. Also includes an interactive cd rom track which includes the full version of their first album “The Warrior’s Poets”.

  • Demoncy – Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost cd (So It Is Done)/US $14

A very good release!! American Black Metal. This is how Black Metal should sound like!!

  • Desire – Locus Horendus cd (Self-Financed)/US $13

Melancholic Doom Metal with growling vocals from Portugal. Well produced and well-played as well.

  • Deviate Damaen – Propedeutika Ad Contritionem (Veltram!) cd (Avantgarde)/US $13

A strange Italian band from a strange Italian label. Kinda like Goth/Darkwave. Pretty eerie stuff. Comparable to maybe Christian Death(?).

  • Diablerie – Seraphyde cd (Avantgarde)/US $14

This is hard to classify but this is excellent music nonetheless!! A very modern approach to Black/Death Metal from this Finnish band. Recommended!!

  • Diabolical – Deserts of Desolation mcd (Guano)/US $9

Technical Swedish Black/Death Metal. Reminds me a little of “North From Here”-era Sentenced. Great leads and wicked snarling vocals!!

  • Diabolical Masquerade – Death’s Design cd (Olympic)/US $12

A very unique Swedish band. Avant-garde Black Metal.

  • Dim Mak – Intercepting Fist cd (Olympic/Mighty *2 versions available*)/US $14

Rising from the ashes of Ripping Corpse (US), veterans Dim Mak now offer us their second album of uncompromising, highly technical and precise brand of Death/Thrashcore!! Abundant with song structure oddities, pissed off vocals and mercilessly brutal production. Engineered and produced by Erik Rutan. This is a licensed US release of Olympic Recordings from our label, Dies Irae Productions. A must have release!!

  • Discard – End of a Reign cd (Mono-Emotional)/US $13

This sounds great!! Prong meets Godflesh type Industrial/Hardcore. I believe this band is from France.

  • Disfigured Corpse – Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core 2000 cd (Epidemie)/US $14

Great old school Grind/Hardcore band from Czech Republic. Worth checking out!!

  • Divine Empire – Redemption cd (Olympic)/US $14

  • Divine Empire – Doomed to Inherit cd (Olympic)/US $14

Very fast US Death Metal. Another great release on Olympic!!

  • Dolorian – S/T cd (Wounded Love)/US $13

Finnish depressive Doom. This is a great band… if depressive Doom is your cup of tea, that is.

  • Downfall – Meine Selbstzerstörung cd (The Drama & Sin Company)/US $10

Not too sure what to call this. Melancholic music with acoustic guitars, a cello and percussion. I believe the songs are sung in German but I’m not sure where the band comes from.

  • Drastic – Thieves of Kisses digipak cd (Beyond)/US $14

Progressive, symphonic, cosmic Black Metal from Italy with the occasional sung female vocals. A pretty good release.

  • Emancer – Utopian Illusions cd (Extremist)/US $14

Raw Norwegian Black Metal. A good release.

  • Embraced, The – The Birth cd (Aftermath)/US $14

Norwegian Melodic Death Metal. This second effort is a great improvement compared to their first album, which was already considered good during that time.

  • Embryo – The Source of Hate mcd (Self-Financed)/US $9

Over 31 minutes of Italian melodic Death Metal… really not bad at all coming from a rather new band.

  • Emperor – Live in Frostland cd (BM 66)/US $13

This is their live recording… I don’t think this is official though. But what the heck… this is Emperor!! Needs no introduction and a must have in your collection, considering this great band no longer exists.

  • En Velours Noir – Else digipak mcd (Beyond)/US $9

Great Italian outfit. Reminds me a lot of Dead Can Dance based on a different theme.

  • Enter My Silence – Remotecontrolled Scythe cd (Mighty)/US $14

A great promising debut for this Finnish melodic Death Metal outfit!!

  • Equinox ov the Gods, The – Fruits and Flowers of the Spectral Garden cd (Unisound)/US $13

Swedish medieval Gothic Metal.

  • Estuary of Calamity – The Sentencing cd (Source of Deluge)/US $14

An interesting well-played melodic Death Metal band from USA with vocal variations and folkish elements at parts. Worth checking out!!

  • Evol – Portraits cd (Adipocere)/US $13

Pretty good Italian Black Metal. Some songs are fast, some are mid-paced while others are slow and melancholic. Pretty varied… making this quite an enjoyable listen.

  • Extreme Decay – Progressive Destruction cd (Extremist)/US $12

Old school Grindcore with Hardcore and Punk parts here and there. This is an Indonesian band. Not bad at all.

  • Fermento – Three Murders cd (Ablated)/US $14

What can I say?!! This is a very impressive Spanish brutal Death Metal band at blistering pace!! Definitely worth buying!!

  • Fleshgrind – The Seeds of Abysmal Torment cd (Olympic)/US $14

US Deathgrind with sick guttural vocals. This album will leave you gasping for air!!

  • Fleshtized – Here Among Thorns cd (Mighty)/US $14

One of America’s finest Death/Grind band and best kept underground secret. Buy!!

  • Forgotten Silence – Thots cd (Obscene)/US $14

A timeless avant-garde Doom/Death Metal masterpiece!! This Czech Republicans have created an album which is ahead of its time.

  • Forgotten Victims – 3 Way Split cd (Broken Noise)/US $12

Existench is from Canada, Parkinson is from Malaysia and Irritate is from Finland. Presenting you non-stop extreme Noise/Grind/Crust/Core action in a special 8 pages booklet the size of a 7” ep sleeve.

  • Frozen Tears – S/T cd (Counter Attack)/US $13

Melancholic Gothic Black Metal from Bulgaria with keyboards. A good release.

  • Goats – Collective Unconscious cd (Bloodbath)/US $12

Thrashy Death Metal from Japan. Well-structured with some great insane guitar parts comparable to “Hallucinations” era Atrocity and maybe a little Meshuggah!!

  • Gorguts – Obscura cd (Olympic)/US $14

  • Gorguts – From Wisdom to Hate cd (Olympic)/US $14

Obscure Death Metal from this Canadian act. Awesome!!

  • Grabnebelfürsten – Von Schemen und Trugbildern cd (Ketzer)/US $13

Fast and melodic German Black Metal with a variety of vocal and musical styles.

  • Grenouer – The Odour O’ Folly cd (More Hate)/US $14

Russian thrashy Death Metal. Includes a cover version of A-Ha’s “Take on Me”… strange.

  • Grimoria/Iraven – Winds of Chaos/From the Grave Come the Storms split cd (Mono-Emotional)/US $13

Grimoria plays fast Black Metal while Iraven plays raw Black/Death Metal. Both bands are from France.

  • Guidance of Sin – 6106 digipak cd (Mighty)/US $14

Melodic yet angry Deathrock in limited edition digipak. Includes a cover song, “Killed by Death” originally by the mighty Motorhead!!

  • Hate Forest – Blood & Fire Ritual mcd (Red Stream)/US $9

Not too sure where this band hails from but this is very good raw Black Metal. Definitely worth buying!!

  • Hidden – Spectral Magnitude cd (Red Stream)/US $12

Again, not too sure where this band comes from but I have a feeling they’re from USA. Black/Death Metal is what they play.

  • Hin Onde – Songs of Battle cd (Aftermath)/US $12

Finnish melodic folklore Black Metal.

  • Horresco Referens – The Cesspit… cd (Self-Financed)/US $12

French old school Power/Thrash Metal with guitar solos… just like Thrash Metal during its formative years.

  • Icon of Hyemes – Gift mcd (Self-Financed)/US $9

New Italian act playing melodic Death Metal… another good newcomer.

  • Ignorabimus – Dab Da Zorp cd (Guano)/US $12

Estonian melodic doomy Death Metal.

  • Iniquity – Five Across the Eyes cd (Mighty)/US $14

  • Iniquity – Grime cd (Mighty)/US $14

One of my personal Danish technical Death Metal faves. Buy all their albums!!

  • Insanity – Mind Crisis cd (Muvuca)/US $12

Thrashy Brazilian Death Metal.

  • Invasion – Berserk Artillery Barrage cd (Forever Underground)/US $14

US thrashy Death Metal. Includes a cover version of Sacrifice’s “Sacrifice.

  • Irreverence – Totally Negative Thoughts cd (Stonehenge)/US $12

Italian old school Thrash Metal. Includes a cover version of Sodom’s “Agent Orange”!!

  • Jerkstore – Anti-Jukebox cd (Mighty)/US $14

  • Jerkstore – Hard Words Softly Spoken cd (Mighty)/US $14

Denmark's finest purveyor of alternative sounding, groove based Metal/Rock.

  • Jesus Anal Penetration/Oni – Split cd (Dissident)/US $14

First time I heard Jesus Anal Penetration, I was hooked. Pretty straightforward grinding Death Metal band (but effective nonetheless) with really low gurgling vocals. Oni, on the other hand, plays real fast chaotic Death Metal. Both bands are from Australia… so naturally, brutality is not compromised!!

  • Judas Iscariot – To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding cd (Red Stream)/US $14

Another new album… another truly uncompromising US Black Metal release!!

  • Jungle Rot – Dead and Buried cd (Olympic)/US $14

Really heavy mid-paced pounding US Death Metal.

  • Katar – Paradigma Digitized cd (More Hate)/US $13

This is quite an interesting Russian band. This reminds me a little of Samael’s “Passage” album… maybe a little simpler. Worth buying!!

  • Khert-Neter – Arrival of the Funeral Dogs cd (ISO666)/US $14

True Finnish Death Metal with a very good production to boot. Consider this!!

  • Khisanth – Forseen Storms of the Apocalypse cd (Baphomet)/US $14

Raw, fast and uncompromising American Black Metal.

  • KorovaKill – WaterHells cd (Red Stream)/US $14

Impressive, diverse Black Metal with some mid-paced to doomy parts!! I believe this band is from Austria.

  • Krieg – The Church mcd (Cicatrix)/US $9

Fast US Black Metal. This sounds really dirty!! Not for everyone though I still quite like it.

  • Lex Talionis – Inhuman Violence cd (Deadsun)/US $13

Real fast French Death Metal with some unique song structures.

  • Liturgia – Veritatis Splendor cd (Decade)/US $12

Melodic doomy Death Metal from Colombia.

  • Lunatic Gods – The Wilderness cd (Shindy)/US $13

Heavy yet melodic Death Metal from Slovakia. I must say I’m not such a big fan of the melodic Death Metal genre but I do like this. This is pretty diverse…

  • Lycanthropy – …As the Mourners Arise cd (Path to Enlightenment)/US $13

Sympho-melodic Black Metal.

  • Lymphatic Phlegm/Neuro-Visceral Exhumation – Wide Opened Thoraco-Abdominal Tract/Bathed in Hecatombic Concoctions split cd (Fleshfeast)/US $12

Both bands come from Brazil. Both play Gore/Grind with very raw production. Awesome!!

  • Macabre – Dahmer cd (Olympic)/US $14

  • A great comeback for this veteran US sickos!! Classifying their music as Murder Metal, the album is based on a concept of the life and times of Jeffrey Dahmer. Need I say more?!!

  • Masacre – Death Truly Death cd (Decade)/US $14

Death/Thrash Metal from this veteran Colombian act.

  • Mäso – Insanity Over Reality cd (Sonic Temple)/US $12

Slovakian brutal and aggressive onslaught of Hardcore with a pinch of Thrash Metal rawness and Cyberpunk originality!!

  • ***Miscreant – Oppressive cd (Blacksmith)

  • Monasterial Crypt – Stari cd (Meret)/US $12

Czech Doom Metal with acoustic parts, female vocals and male growling vocals.

  • Monstrosity – In Dark Purity cd (Olympic)/US $14

Great comeback!! Florida Death Metal from this legendary outfit.

  • Morbid Savouring – Autopsy Lust cd (Motosierra)/US $13

Sick serial murder rape Gore/Grind from Finland!!

  • Mournful Congregation – The Dawning of Mournful Hymns dbl cd (Weird Truth)/US $16

A collection of their works from 1994-2000. Really slow gloomy Doom Metal from Australia. This is good music for you to lay down and die in your deathbed.

  • Mystic Circle – Drachenblut cd (Last Episode)/US $14

  • Mystic Circle – Infernal Satanic Verses cd (Last Episode)/US $14

Impressive German symphonic/melodic Black Metal.

  • Necrotic Chaos/Cardiac Necropsy – Splitting the Vulva split cd (Dark Artz)/US $13

Necrotic Chaos is from Malaysia. This is a pretty good Death Metal band. Cardiac Necropsy is from Singapore. More like brutal Death/Grind. This is good as well.

  • Negligent Collateral Collapse – Reprocess Segment Database Extender cd (Obscene)/US $12

Brutal Czech Cyber-Gore/Grind with low guttural vocals.

  • Nephasth – Immortal Unholy Triumph cd (Mighty)/US $14

Krisiun & Rebaelliun watch your backs! From Brazil comes this raging death metal war machine! Nephasth (who appeared on Relapse's "Brazilian Assault") perform some of the harshest, most satanic death metal heard in a long time.

  • Nightsky Bequest – Keep the Lonely Trees cd (Counter Attack)/US $12

Bulgarian Folk/Doom Metal with female vocals.

  • Nocturnal Majesty – Orgiastic Trilogy cd (Unisound)/US $12

Raw symphonic Black Metal with keyboards from Italy.

  • Nocturnal Winds – Of Art and Suffering cd (Aftermath)/US $13

Finnish Melodic Death Metal. This is their second effort. Pretty good stuff.

  • Nocturne – Curse of Nazarene digipak cd (Baphomet)/US $14

I don’t really know where this band is from but I’m guessing it is the US. Quality raw fast Black Metal… has a Destruction cover song, “Devils Soldiers”.

  • One Step Beyond – Life Imitates Art cd (Mira)/US $12

Hmmnn… unclassifiable. This is freeform Metal music. Pretty good stuff. They’re from Australia. This is worth buying if you’re looking for unique bands.

  • Oppressor – Agony cd (MIA)/US $14

  • Oppressor – Elements of Corrosion cd (Olympic)/US $14

Impressive US technical Death Metal!! Great solos!!

  • Orkrist – Reginae Mysterium cd (KRV)/US $14

Atmospheric Black Metal from Slovakia with some folk influences and majestic parts which are comparable to Summoning.

  • Paganizer – Promoting Total Death cd (Forever Underground)/US $14

Swedish Death Metal.

  • Panzerchrist – Soul Collector cd (Mighty)/US $14

Denmark’s most violent brutal Death Metal act strikes back with their third album!!

  • Parkinson – Organism Rank 7” ep (Mighty)/US $6

Danish Electronic music… pretty interesting stuff. Comes in clear vinyl.

  • Peace Sanctuary – Defy the System cd (MIA)/US $10

US Thrash Metal.

  • Penitent – Reflections of Past Memories cd (Counter Attack)/US $13

I really don’t know how to describe this. It is good though. It’s all keyboards/synth performed by one man. I believe he is Norwegian.

  • Pik – The Heritage of Past Gods cd (Mighty)/US $14

Heavy/Doom Metal from Germany reminiscent of Candlemass.

  • Portal – Forthcoming cd (Cadla)/US $14

Melodic Swedish Death Metal. A good release…

  • Psychomancer – (si-ko-man-sur) cd (Cursed)/US $14

Interesting US band. They blend a little Doom Rock with Death Metal ala Autopsy. Great stuff!!

  • Psycroptic – The Isle of Disenchantment cd (Dissident)/US $14

Simply amazing!! Very well-played, technical and varied blackened Death Metal from Australia. This is one band worth checking out!!

  • Psypheria – Embrace the Mutation cd (Heretic Sound)/US $14

Well-played, technical and yet brutal Death Metal from USA. With some great solos and an excellent keyboardist. Worth checking out!!

  • Raunchy – Velvet Noise digi cd (Mighty)/US $14

Danish Metal band often compared to Fear Factory/Machinehead. Now signed to Nuclear Blast.

  • Sacrificial – Erect Eloquent Extinct cd (Mighty)/US $14

An aggressive mix of violent Death and Thrash Metal ala The Haunted/At The Gates from this Danish outfit.

  • Sanatorium – Internal Womb Cannibalism cd (Forensick)/US $14

Extreme Slovakian Death/Gore/Grind with deep guttural vocals. Awesome!!

  • Satans Penguins – Birds of Darkness cd (Heretic Sound)/US $13

I believe this band comes from Sweden. The band name may sound strange and a little comical but the music really is something else and it is actually very good. Quality doomy Death Metal with saxophones!! A very unique band indeed!!

  • Satarial – The Queen of the Elves’ Land cd (Beyond)/US $14

Russian Black Metal with traditional folk melodies. Worth checking out!!

  • Scornage – Ascend mcd (Self-Financed)/US $8

This German band mix melodic Thrash Metal with Hardcore.

  • Sea of Tranquillity/Pax Mortis – Dead of Winter/Defiant split cd (Cursed)/US $13

A great split release with 2 great US Death Metal bands!! Be sure to check this one out!!

  • Sea of Tranquillity – The Omegan Ruins cd (Cursed)/US $12

Their first effort. This was some time ago but it is still good.

  • Sear Bliss – Grand Destiny cd (Red Stream)/US $14

  • Sear Bliss – Forsaken Symphony cd (Red Stream)/US $14

Hungarian avant-garde Black Metal with keyboards. Definitely worth checking out!!

  • Selidor – La Costa Mas Lejana cd (Self-Financed)/US $14

Argentinian melodic Power/Speed Metal. Pretty impressive!!

  • Simargal – Meeting With… cd (Rock Express)/US $12

Yugoslavian epic Black Metal

  • Solar Dawn – Frost-Work mcd (Mighty)/US $9

  • Solar Dawn – Equinoctium cd (Mighty)/US $14

Death Metal from Sweden with a both melodic and brutal touch. Solar Dawn features members from Unmoored.

  • Sons of Chaos – Redwork cd (Bloodsoaked)/US $13

US brutal Death Metal. A good release.

  • Spite Extreme Wing – Magnificat cd (Beyond)/US $14

Amazing!! Simply amazing!! I’d call this Italy’s very own “Dissection”… only this band’s a lot faster!!

  • Squalbalkus – S/T cd (Cider Spiller)/US $12

Lo-fi Grind/Deathcore from UK. You’ll like this if you like it raw.

  • Stonehenge – Scum Brigade cd (More Hate)/US $13

Melodic Death Metal from Russia with a rather traditional Heavy Metal feel.

  • Summon – No Thoughts From the Sky cd (Blackened Moon)/US $14

US Black Metal. This band is either fast… or really fast!! Great drummer!!.

  • Suppository – Punching Out Reality cd (Forensick)/US $14

Awesome Grindcore from Holland. Definitely worth getting!!

  • Tengkorak – Konsentrasi Massa cd (Bloodbath)/US $13

Death Metal from Indonesia. This band reminds me a little of Bolt Thrower and Death Metal era Napalm Death. Worth checking out!!

  • Three Way of Armageddon – Nuclear Devastation/CSSO/Total Fucking Destruction cd (Obliteration)/US $12

Nuclear Devastation are from Italy, CSSO are from Japan and Total Fucking Destruction are from the US. All three bands play Grind in their own chaotic way. A must for Grind freaks!!

  • Throneum – Old Death’s Lair cd (Weird Truth)/US 13

Intense thrashing Black/Death Metal attack from Poland!! If you haven’t already own this, make sure you get it!!

  • Transgressor – Recollected Limbs cd (Weird Truth)/US $13

One of Japan’s oldest legendary Death Metal act… this is a collection of their early works to updated new material.

  • V/A – Legend of a Madman… A Tribute cd (Olympic)/US $12

A tribute to Ozzy featuring bands like Solitude Aeturnus, Obliveon, Oppressor, etc.

  • Veiled Allusions – Visions of the World cd (Counter Attack)/US $12

This is a project of the guy from Penitent. I don’t know what to classify this as but it does sound a lot like Endura… in other words… this is like some kind of ritual music.

  • Violet Vortex – Lure Elegant cd (Secret Port)/US $12

Doom/Stoner Rock from Greece. The music is pretty good. I don’t really dig the vocals though but then again others might like it.

  • Whispering Tears – Carmina Lacrimosa cd (Self-Financed)/US $12

Melodic French Black/Death Metal, symphonic and doomy at times.

  • Withered Earth – Into the Deepest Wounds cd (Olympic)/US $14

Deathcore with some odd parts making this an interesting band. Check it out!!

  • Xasthur – Nocturnal Poisoning cd (Blood Fire Death)

Raw American Black Metal… this is not your usual Black Metal album ‘coz this is mostly slow stuff but it does have a great feel to it. This album does work better for me than most other faster Black Metal bands.

  • Zaratustra – It Was a Night cd (Counter Attack)/US $13

Black Metal with a Gothic touch from Bulgaria. Worth checking out…

  • Amputation Magazine Issue #7 US $4

  • Ancient Ceremonies Magazine Issue #4 w/ free comp. cd US $6

  • Ancient Ceremonies Magazine Issue #9 w/ free comp. cd US $6

  • Arcturus “Fall/Rise” white print on black t-shirt US $14

  • Brainstorm Magazine Issue #3 US $3

  • Brainstorm Magazine Issue #4 US $3

  • Brutallica Magazine Issue #4 US $3

  • Celtic Dance “In Gloria” white print on black t-shirt/front print only US $10

  • Coercion “Forever Dead” white print on black t-shirt US $12

  • Dolores Records “1997” 3 color print on beige hooded sweatshirt US $25

  • Death-Core Magazine Issue #4 US $3

  • Dissection “Storm of the Light’s Bane” 4 color print on black long sleeves w/ sleeve print US $18

  • Immortal “Blizzard Beasts” 2 color print on black t-shirt US $14

  • Immortal “Nebular Raven’s Winter” 2 color on black t-shirt US $14

  • Ledo Takas Magazine Issue #6 US $4

  • Ledo Takas Magazine Issue #7 US $4

  • Mainstream Resistance Fanzine Issue #3 US $3

  • Metal Core Fanzine Issue #29 US $3

  • Mighty Magazine w/ free comp cd Issue #15 US $4

  • Monkeypee Fanzine Issue #1 US $2

  • Morbid Angel “Formulas Fatal to the Flesh” 4 color on black t-shirt/long sleeves US $14/US $18

  • Noise Floor Magazine, The Issue #1 US $2

  • Peardrop Magazine Issue #6 US $4

  • Purgatory “Bestial” white print on black t-shirt US $12

  • SOD Magazine Issue #13 w/ free Displeased comp. cd US $7

  • SOD Magazine Issue #14 w/ free Century Media comp. cd US $7

  • SOD Magazine Issue #15 w/ free Earache comp. cd US $7

  • Vampiria Magazine Issue #4 US $4


Items marked “ *** ” indicates that the product hasn’t arrived yet. It is just to keep you informed what we have coming in soon. Thanks.

If interested in anything that we have in our mailorder/wholesale, please e-mail us first to ask for availability before sending over payment. Our e-mail addresses are as follows… falmi@singnet.com.sg / dayofwrath@mailcity.com

Terms of payment : 1) Well-concealed cash in registered envelope
2) Wire transfer/Bank draft
Bank Details…
Bank name : OCBC Bank

Bank address : North Point Shopping Centre Branch

Beneficiary name : Dies Irae Productions

Beneficiary address : PO Box 337, Yishun Central Post Office,

S ( 917612 ), Singapore

Account number : 550-061444-001

Swift code: OCBC SGSG

***Very Important!!!***

For wire transfers and bank drafts, please include an extra SGD $30/USD $20. As all of you should know, it is for the bank’s commission charge. Thank you.
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