Please let our Aldermen Mike Clement & Marilyn Ottenad know what you think. Email them at the addresses listed below

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Please let our Aldermen Mike Clement & Marilyn Ottenad know what you think. Email them at the addresses listed below:
From: Mike Clement Sent: Tue 10/24/2006 4:11 PM


Subject: Country Stone curb cuts
To all,


Please encourage CLWII residents to e-mail Marilyn and me messages of opposition. We will keep you all posted as to developments.




Mike Clement


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From: []
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 2:35 PM
To:; Mike Clement
Subject: Country Stone curb cuts


Dear Mike & Marilyn:


I've been a resident of Countrylane Woods II subdivision for twenty-three years.  Since I live on Beacon Woods Ct. (off Big Bend), I will not suffer any direct impact of an increase in traffic along Country Stone Drive with the proposal of curb cuts for the shopping center.

However, as a trustee of the subdivision, I often travel along Country Stone Dr.  Here are my observations of current traffic patterns:


Residents from Countrylane Woods I and II use Country Stone as a main thoroughfare between the eastern and western boundaries of the area.  Other Manchester residents, living north of Carman Road, use the route from Carman via Sunnytree, LaFeil, and Country Stone as a short cut to Big Bend and other points.  Anothere favored route leads us south on Weidman (La Bonne) to Mautenne (Country Stone) to Big Bend.  I know because I use these routes myself as a "short cut" for various wanderings.


If there is further incentive for these "short cuts" to be used more frequently, it would surely be the lure of less-congested access to new shopping at the new Shop N Save, the new Schnucks and the new development at Country Stone Dr. and Big Bend, should there be curb cuts along Country Stone.  Even at the questionable five percent traffic increase suggested, that will have a less than desirable impact, not only on residents along Country Stone, but the children and adults who travel to and use the playground and pool on Country Stone Dr.


Progress is inevitable but in this case, progress should be tempered with caution.  I hope the vote for curb cuts will be a resounding, "NO!"


Carol Weber



From: ERIC W RUEGG [] Sent: Wed 10/25/2006 3:54 PM
To: Mike Clement;;;;;;;;;;;
Sugject: Re: Country Stone curb cuts
Mike and Marilyn


After attending the Board of Aldermen meeting the other night I came away with several thoughts. 


The first was how foolish it was of this developer to start his development with this curb cut issue still in play.  Did he just not realize there was no cut or just arrogant and assumed he would be granted a cut.  He clearly had a different attitude at the end of the 2nd council meeting.  He stated that he would do whatever the City asked regarding street maintenance, traffic controls, a possible right turn only in and left turn only out. These are all possible solutions but could they insure that no additional traffic would go further North on Countrystone? 


If the curb cut is granted with the right turn in, left turn out regulation, who would guarantee the this would not change in the future?


The developer provided the results of a traffic study that said there would be no additional traffic on Countrystone as a result of a curb cut no matter what the turning procedure would be.  I find this very difficult to believe since I think people will cut thru from eastbound Carmen to southbound LaBonne to eastbound Mautene / Countrystone therefore putting more people on Countrystone other than just the residents of Countrylane Woods going to the development. No one ever though Labonne Parkway would be the thru street that it is today.


Some residents also believe at rush hour people coming south on Dougherty Ferry would cut thru the development, go straight into the apartments, the turn left on Countrystone to cut thru to the new Schnucks and Shop and Save.


It appeared at the Board meeting in January it was clear that the curb cut issue had been settled in court some time ago between the City and Mr. Kemp.  Case closed. 


One of the questions we need to ask are selves is what is in it for the residents of Countrylane Woods and what is in it for the City of Manchester.  Nothing other than more traffic where kids play on a very residential street. 


I would encourage all members of the Board to VOTE NO


Eric W. Ruegg

Trustee / Countrylane Woods II  (497 Homes)

897 Almond Hill Ct.

Manchester MO 63021
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