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Walters Group

500 Barnegat Boulevard North, Building 100

Barnegat, New Jersey 08005

Media Contact: Evelyn Weiss Francisco / / (201) 796-7788 /
Muddy Shoe Tour of Redesigned Sea Breeze Model Attracts Prospective Buyers

BARNEGAT, N.J., May 20, 2015 – The ReBuild division of Walters Group recently hosted a muddy shoe tour of the Sea Breeze II, a single-family home currently under construction just off Route 35 North at 68 Coolidge Avenue in Ortley Beach. Roughly 100 prospective buyers turned out for the behind-the-walls tour of the ENERGY STAR® certified home.

Walters-ReBUILD sales representatives as well as an engineering professional from EAM Associates were on hand to answer questions about building an ENERGY STAR custom home at the Jersey Shore. Walters-ReBUILD partners with EAM Associates to offer homes that maximize environmental performance and energy efficiency. For more information on ENERGY STAR, visit
Walters Homes offers standard features in their ENERGY STAR certified homes that buyers desire such as improved insulation, tighter construction, advanced window design, proper ventilation, high-efficiency heating and cooling, advanced lighting, programmable thermostats and tankless hot water heaters.
The spacious four-bedroom Sea Breeze model is one of 50 floorplans offered by ReBUILD. All of the coastal inspired designs are raised to exceed FEMA’s guidelines making them ideal beach homes, suitable for sites near the shoreline.
ReBUILD has sales offices in Ortley Beach and Manahawkin. At the Beach Haven West sales office, located on Mill Creek Road in Manahawkin, visitors have the opportunity to tour the fully furnished four-bedroom West Wind model. In Ortley Beach, the sales center is located at 1801 Route 35 north. For more information, contact the Ortley Beach sales center at (732) 793-0300 or the Beach Haven West office at (609) 597-6999. Or, visit

About Walters Group

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