Peter Pevensie / High King Peter the Magnificent

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Peter Pevensie / High King Peter the Magnificent
Like or Dislike - Peter is the eldest of four children. Naturally he is a leader due to his father’s absence (fighting in the war). He is confident and has a good sense of judgment. I almost feel some sort of an attraction to this character. He is chivalrous, charming and protective.

Praise or Criticism – Peter deserves criticism for being too hard on Edmund, for pressuring him to be perfect. He is unaware that Edmund falls under pressure, and tries with everything in him to live up to his own reputation, although he deserves praise for taking the blame for Edmund’s fall. And by “fall” I mean Edmund’s betrayal and having associations with the White Witch. ["That was partly my fault, Aslan," Peter says. "I was angry with him and I think that helped him to go wrong" (chapter 12)] Peter automatically takes responsibility for his siblings when entering Narnia. He has a protective and caring heart. He learns that true love is laying ones life down for a friend. He witnesses Aslan shedding his own blood in the place of Edmund. He then leads Aslan’s army in battle and is willing to also lose his life in hopes of winning the freedom of Narnia. Peter’s present from Father Christmas was a sword, showing that he is a warrior and he lived it out in the battle between Aslan’s army and the White Witch.

Change – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is an excellent book showing a character’s change. During Peter’s visit to Narnia his courageous and management skills were increased. He takes charge of his siblings and protects them. In one incident Peter slays a wolf that attacks Susan. When Peter receives his sword he instinctively knows how to be a warrior. The book is mainly focused on Lucy and Edmund’s thoughts, but you can dig deep into Peter’s thoughts as well.
Susan Penvensie / Queen Susan the Gentle
Like or Dislike – I can relate to all four children of this book, but I can especially relate to Susan’s motherly instincts. I like that she takes the mother role when they are evacuated from London and are separated from their actual mother. She is logical, kind, and compassionate.

Praise or Criticism - Susan earns praise for mothering her siblings and looking out for them. She deserves criticism for being unadventurous and encouraging them all to return home when first entering Narnia. She also lacks courage. She does not necessarily take action and do good for the people of Narnia.

Change – Susan learns what compassion really is. defines that compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering and Susan portrays just that. She begins the journey by wanting to return home and does not feel obligated to rescue Mr. Tumnus, but then develops a love for the Faun and the land of Narnia. Susan, like Peter, is not a character who is concentrated on, but does have a huge role within the story.

Edmund Pevensie / King Edmund the Just
Like or Dislike – Edmund is a huge inspiration, he shows great strength throughout this book. I admire his transformation. The White Witch feasted off of Edmund’s weaknesses, his greed and selfishness, to lure him in, causing him to betray his family. He is completely caught up in the Witch’s curse, until Aslan’s return breaks it. Edmund was desperate. The Witch lied to him. She promised to crown him a prince, but she regarded him as a slave. Then Aslan’s love began to pour into the places where Edmund was falling apart. Edmund witnessed the Witch turn creatures to stone for enjoying a present from Father Christmas "and Edmund for the first time in this story felt sorry for someone besides himself" (chapter 11). I applaud this break in Edmund, and brings me to reminiscing my time of trouble which brought me to a huge transformation also.

Praise or Criticism – I criticize Edmund for being disloyal to his brother and two sisters, and I praise him hugely for having the strength to let go of a dark past and grasping on to a promising future with Aslan.

Change – Edmund endured the most dramatic change of all characters. He initially was a brat. Edmund complains about his stay at the Professor’s house, challenges and frustrates Peter, shows insolence to Susan and provokes and teases Lucy about her travel to Narnia. When the Witch imprisons him he is brought to the lowest of the lows where he is left hopeless. This is when Aslan steps in and rescues Edmund from his troubles. He is shown love and the in turn, is able to show love to others.
Lucy Pevensie / Queen Lucy the Valiant
Like or Dislike: I absolutely adore Lucy’s curiosity and imagination. She was first to arrive in Narnia and later lead her siblings into the country as well. When compared to reality it would be as if Lucy led her siblings into having a relationship with God. In a sense she resembles me in this way.

Praise or Criticism: Lucy deserves praise for always being honest, loyal, helpful, caring, and enthusiastic. Lucy was given a healing cordial from Father Christmas, which shows her compassion for others and the desire to help them.

Change: Lucy undergoes the least amount of change. Each of her siblings went through drastic changes, especially Edmund. Their trip to Narnia softened their hearts and opened their eyes to who they truly are. Lucy has always been expressive of who she is. She was always loving and truthful. She was more or less a leader of the other children, guiding them into Narnia.

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