Performance bonus pay

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The following criteria must be used in order for any member of the teaching staff to qualify for Performance Bonus Pay.

  1. At the beginning of every school year, the Performance Bonus Pay Policy and Criteria will be presented to the Teaching Staff.

  1. Performance Pay will be awarded during the last pay of the contracted period.

  1. A Support Network will be established to assist teachers with questions that may occur in understanding the Performance Pay Criteria. The Support Network will consist of Team Leaders for the appropriate school year.

  1. The above policy is strictly voluntary and the Board of Directors encourages all teaching staff to participate.

  1. It is the duty and responsibility of the Administrative Team to rate teachers with regard to the Performance Bonus Pay Criteria and complete all forms.

  1. All decisions of the Administrative Team are final and may not be appealed.


Teacher Name_______________________________________
PCA Teachers who go “above and beyond” possess and demonstrate the following characteristics:

  1. ________ Commitment

  2. ________ Pride

  3. ________ People-focused

  4. ________ Demonstrates Initiative: Able to get things started or done without being told what to do or how to do it / intrinsically motivated

  5. ________ Shows Care/Concern for students & PCA

  6. ________ Problem-solver: Pull vs. Ride, Do vs. Don’t, Can vs. Can’t, When vs. Why, offers solutions rather than complaints

  7. ________ Service Oriented / Selfless

  8. ________ Big Picture Person

  9. ________ Responsible

  10. ________ Serves as an Example

  11. ________ “Doing” when no one is looking

  12. ________ Demonstrates Excellent Performance

  13. ________ Involved in whole school community, not just area of responsibility

  14. ________ Develops relationships with students, staff, and families

  15. ________ Teaches STUDENTS first, content second

  16. ________ Classroom/Office is welcoming, comfortable, and organized

  17. ________ Puts in time beyond paid work day without request for compensation

  18. ________ Team builder/ Team-oriented


In order to qualify for a bonus pay, a PCA employee must meet criteria 1 and 2 to qualify. If Criteria 1 and 2 are met, Criteria 3 also applies.

  • CRITERIA 1: An overall “Effective” DPAS II Summative Evaluation with a “Satisfactory” rating in 5 of 5 Summative Categories.

  • CRITERIA 2: Minimum score of 13 on “Above and Beyond” Description list. Award categories are as follows:

    • Above and Beyond score of 13 – 14 = $100.00

    • Above and Beyond score of 15 – 16 = $250.00

    • Above and Beyond score of 17 – 18 = $1000.00

  • CRITERIA 3: Years of Service

    • 1 year full-time PCA Employee = $100.00

    • 3 year full-time PCA Employee = $150.00

    • 4 or more years full-time PCA Employee = $1000.00


TEACHER NAME: ____________________________________


  • Criteria 1: ___________________ DPAS II Summative Evaluation Ratings

  • Criteria 2: ___________________ Score on “Above and Beyond” Criteria

  • Criteria 3: ___________________ Years service as full-time employee at PCA

BONUS PAY DETERMINATION: _______________________
Administrative Signatures
___________________________ ________________

Managing Director Date
___________________________ ________________

Principal Date
___________________________ ________________

Director of Curriculum Date


Download 33.5 Kb.

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