Pension to live on. My uncle Sam acquired his considerable wealth

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Execise 1

  1. The old couple had only small pension to live on.

  2. My uncle Sam acquired his considerable wealth selling cars.

  3. David never carries cash with him and pays for everything by credit card.

  4. I wouldn’t have been able to buy my boat without a bank loan.

  5. The shop won’t change any goods without the original receipt

  6. Keith didn’t like the waiter so he didn’t leave a tip.

  7. The house is not in very good condition so the rent is low.

  8. We keep all our money and valuables in this safe in the floor

Exercise 2

  1. Who do I make the cheque out to? To JB Woolbury PLC.

  2. We seem to be spending a lot of money lately. Perhaps we should try to economic a bit.

  3. The house has burnt down! What are we going to do? Don’t worry, we’ve insured.

  4. How much do you want for this drawing? Sorry, but it’s not for sale.

  5. Did you inherit this house? Yes, my Aunt Clara left it to me.

  6. Do we still owe the bank any money? Well, we’ve nearly paid it all back.

  7. Can we change money at the hotel to pay the bill? I think they accept travelers cheques anyway.

  8. Why are you putting so much money in the bank? I’m saving up to buy a neww motorbike.

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