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Patrick A. McNutt FRSA
Behavioural economist and business consultant, with over 30 years of work experience spanning academics, research institutes, the corporate private sector and public affairs. Irish citizen, born August 12th 1957, based in Dublin, he is engaged in research and teaching and, consults with private clients on strategy by applying game theory tools of analysis. Patrick is an Oxford graduate, and author of numerous publications; he is a Visiting Fellow at Manchester Business School. Nominated as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2012 and appointed Visiting Lecturer, Dublin City University, Ireland in 2014.
BA University College Dublin: 1975-1978. MPhil, Oxford University: 1980-1982. DPhil, University of Ulster: 1990-1992.
Private Contact Details:
Web Page:


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Career History (Academic):

Research Assistant, Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1978-1980. Lecturer in Economics, University College Galway, Ireland (1982-1994); Visiting Lecturer, University of Limerick 1986-1992; Visiting Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 1987; Adjunct Faculty, Georgetown University, Washington DC, US 1988-1989; Professor of Political Economy, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland (1994-1996). Visiting Fellow since 2004: at the Manchester Business School, UK; Appointed Visiting Lecturer at Dublin City University in 2014.

Career History (Management):

In 1996, Patrick was appointed by competitive interview to the position of the Full-Time Executive Chairmanship of the Competition Authority, Dublin (1996-2000). Subsequently, Director and Partner, Competition & Regulatory Affairs Division, London Economics-Indecon Consultancy Group (2000-2003), working with international clients across various industries. Senior Consultant to the Industries/Economic Development Committee, States of Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, 2001- 2004 and, inaugural Chairman of the Jersey Competition & Regulatory Authority, during the initial set-up period.

Private Client Consultancy:
Clients’ testimonials are available on request or a limited number of public testimonials are available on LinkedIn and through the good offices of Gerson Lehrman Group where Patrick is on a referral Panel of Experts on Regulation and Competition. The extent of some recent client work in the consultancy field, using game theory analysis, can be viewed:
In addition, Patrick’s consultancy work covers the areas of strategic advice to both national governments, Boards of Directors and CEOs; sector-specific strategic advice includes pharma, banking and telecoms sectors, breweries and health and insurance service providers; strategic high-level support at regulatory and competition agencies, merger and antitrust divestiture analysis, litigation support; bespoke executive training and Master-class and management coaching.
Most Recent Publications (complete listing on request):
Books: 2014 Decoding Strategy: Patterns & Predictions McGraw Hill ISBN 978-1-259-07106-5; 2010: Game Embedded Strategy, McGraw Hill, ISBN 978-007-128892-7. 2010: Political Economy of Law, Edward Elgar Publishing, ISBN 978-1-84844-521-5. 2008: E-book Signalling, Strategy and Management Type; Mimeo. 2005: Law, Economics & Antitrust Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK: ISBN 1-85898 785-7. 2002: The Economics of Public Choice II Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK ISBN 1-84376-066-5.
Peer Journal Articles: 2010: ‘Kantian Ethics and Corporate Governance’, Special Issue, International Journal of Social Economics. 2009: ‘The Neighbourhood of No-truth’, Homo Oeconomicus. 2004: ‘Code of Ethics and Employee Governance’ [with Charlie Batho] International Journal of Social Economics Vol 32 no 8 pp656-666. 2003: ‘Taxonomy of Non-Market Economics for European Competition Policy’ World Competition vol 26, no 2 July, pp303-332. 2002: ‘Irish Retail Banks and the Competitiveness Challenge’ Irish Banking Review, Summer Vol 2002, pp2-13.

Offices & Honours:
2012 Nominated Fellow of RSA, London. 2004 - Visiting Fellow, Manchester Business School, UK. Editorial Advisory Board: International Journal of Social Economics 1992-present, and World Competition, 1998-present. Inaugural Chairman: Jersey Competition & Regulatory Authority, 2001-2004. Research Associate: Department of Political Science, University of Dublin, 1998-2000. Member, National Committee for Economics & Social Sciences, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 1995-1998.
Member, Committee of the European Public Choice Society, 1997-1999. Rapporteur: Competition Directorate’s Advisory Committee, at the European Commission, Brussels. 1995-1998. Elected Member of the Senate of the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland 1994-1996.
Chairman of Social Sciences Research Centre, University College Galway, 1992-1994. Founding Director, Centre for Research in Economics and Law, University College Galway, Ireland, 1991-1994 & University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1994-1996. Visiting Scholar: - Department of Economics, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. USA, 1988-1989. Visiting Scholar: at the Faculty of Commerce, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 1987.
Professional Affiliations & Membership:

Royal Society of Arts & Letters, The Literati Club, Oxford University Alumni Association, Gerson Lehrman Group GLG Panel of Experts, Antitrust Institute, European Association of Law & Economics, International Bar Association, European Public Choice Society, American Association of Law & Economics, Irish Economics Association, American Economics Association.

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